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Statistical Methods

by: Anita Hettinger

Statistical Methods STAT 2000

Anita Hettinger
Utah State University
GPA 3.98

Juergen Symanzik

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About this Document

Juergen Symanzik
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anita Hettinger on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to STAT 2000 at Utah State University taught by Juergen Symanzik in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/230493/stat-2000-utah-state-university in Statistics at Utah State University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
STAT 2000 Section 001 Introduction to Statistical Methods Fall Semester 2002 Dr Jirgen 5mm Um Stnte University Department MMnthmtim ma summ 3900 014 Mm Hill Logan UT 343223900 n1 435 7914mm FAX 435 19171322 emil xymamiklxuninmathmnumdu Contents 1 Iutmdnctinn What is Sta s u 1 2 Looking at Dam Distributian 1 21 Keywmdl 1 22 Dilphying Dintrihn mn with anln 2 23 Describing Dintrihn mn with Number s 24 The Notmill Distributime 15 3 Looking at Dam RAlatimships 22 31 Emma11m 22 32 Muksmuml egralixm 2s 33 Cmmim 34 Raidumm Emmi 32 35 1141mm ih C t gm39ilml Dm 34 4 ProduAing Dan M 41 Fim Shem 42 Benign MExpmimmu 31 43 Snmpling Dmign 40 44 mm Suth ml Lhiomhm 41 5 Probability The Study ofRandnnmess 44 51 52 53 54 Menu hd V rijnm or Imam Vlrhhle 55 a From Probability co Infereme 59 61 Snmpling Dintrihn mn for lenu ma Pmpmimu 59 62 The ampth Dhmhm39m or Sumple Menu 61 1 Iutmdllctinn m Inference 10 11 Ea mting with Cm deum 10 12 Tam MSigpi uuce 1 13 Ule ma Abuse new 76 a Inferem rm Distributian 1a 31 125mm so he Mm on Prypnhtixm 1s 9 Useful mm Statis u Comm m 1 Introduction What is Statistics Thea nuin topim dimmed in this chin i Simple Data Analysis method m organ39 dam 39he dun ling grnphl mm and mthem cnl denaiptixmn eg ii Data Produ m method to produce am eg how to lent umplaa and how m dmigu mpgluau eg iii simiangal Inference me eg 2 Looking at Data 7 Distributions 21 Keywords Individtm ohjexmn dumbed by the dun net eg 1mm mum 39ntix ofnn individiul eg Type of Dntn time term helnw determine our mtim39ul nnnlynin i mimtive or Gauguin dun vnrhhle t dulln 39ilml eg 0 Ln ilunn ii Quantitative hm vnrhhle hm in minimind n Discrete h Continuum iii u Univun39ete dutu due mpmle in meuured per individqu b Muitivun39ete dutu ieveni mpmm um menuied my indiva iv Distribution of Vuiiubie ten in which vnlum u miubie tube uud bbw nftm it tube time vuiuen 22 Displaying Distributions with Graphs 39 mgmiu mt mmmm grnph of the distribution of u quuutitutive miubie Empie Mmt Widely Heid Starla cm Ambuut iu sTuuy1iequemy Number of Stem Hilmgrnm Not Venixml man must nun ut o N0 mum between bun Euh bur with me width Guidslium for Wing Useful Hintogrm i Ule 1m ch inhennll rule nfthumh x J17 chum where N in the number m39 nu r mamnum ii iii Show the mm mm m hegjnning n o A cmmmmumple in iv intmnll eg v hinogrnml W39hm my nfthmel rule in vinhted mm dimmime um mdumd chm the Web um um 1 mm 5 adu nncjavahcmll nagramhm an m togrnm Note am there exist an quothem histogrnm IncaMing Hilmgrm 0mm Center and 3mm len immu um hilmgnml hnwever only useful for d 100 ch Immime or Ian Empha The Can MVimmien 7 Win or better or heat in his mph 09 lplit ng new Tiner fmm m no right 3cm 1me he unifrm i even mum in mly nvnilnhle m n sew yen mh n 1900 1990 1995 and 2000 the lpming between 1900 mi 1990 must he twim u wide a lpujng hem he yem mm Mm mpmm on time plm m nTmud Seumm Pmem Eumplel Bar ghhm mi Pie ghhm for Cntegm39icnl mt 13 hm Empie Iiehi Quiet the Iiehi Thiqu Not Venixml min must am ht o 3pm between hm Other Empiei nPie hm Empie Iiehi Quiet the Iiehi Thiqu Cmm nn Sum up numhen ehth nline in n m m niche tothl nine niche pie ie Good dmigu 39 ilim ht mm mitim M I L 1m 5m A A thhh the hm in the smegmud mi thin the mm impraliml in milluding


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