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Statistical Methods

by: Anita Hettinger

Statistical Methods STAT 2000

Anita Hettinger
Utah State University
GPA 3.98

Juergen Symanzik

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About this Document

Juergen Symanzik
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anita Hettinger on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to STAT 2000 at Utah State University taught by Juergen Symanzik in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/230493/stat-2000-utah-state-university in Statistics at Utah State University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
23 Deanibing Distributions with Numhen The Menu im manilring the cehte hhdiide hedu 711Iz 1quot h Emple Mmt Wideiy Held 3mm The Coat MVimmiel Not Them hm other quotmem39 in ndd inn m the mthmetie mehh de ned nhove The Medihh fm mumdug the Gamer hhdiide hedu 1ui if39ninodd 1 Ha i hmquot Not hhd 1m in the 1quot nudist ohmntilm i I mien to the named ohmn m mm m the second named ind m on hd My em to the hrgem ohmntilm Whehwe hvemodd humheun39ohnemtinm eg 39n 11 theh Ei 6 lathe de timinfthe medim nhme the amnixm 1 tum out mhe 1m whichil the 639 M h Simihrly wheh we hm m evm number of ohmntixml the fm39LmILl nhme mm anything Emph We hnve ohmntimn I 11 51 414 101 101 11m 111 11m m5 39n5i odd Themedhnin Mun Widsly Held 3mm 1m 31 m 31g 1 132 39n15inodd Themedhnin The Can ofme V n30ineveu Themedhnin T median in um aimed by n few Mummums mum in n m m The mean is aimed by and when The mm 3 in mum n l39mlmv sumac The Range for meuuring agreed The range of 39n chiem nm 10Iquot in deumerl by 11 end in de ned n 1110 71 ie we Ingat dummm mim the unnum oh em nn Emph Mun Widely Held amm The Can MVimmie The Qnmuen 1hr memring mm A Mug right 1 oh mn ml um um Inge or eqnnl to one medinn for 01 We n m enu Q the lawn or am qnmue end Q be upper or third qnmue Emple 712 5 quotquot iA men In 4mm 41 51 7115 1o Mun Widely Held 3mm Nm Them hm two Blighdy dil emut immn mu 0139th in want by kit or had quotright at mlmlnhed mills Hnwever the m obsem nm we hm the imlle chm di iemuml cypiehlly m The Lucemdihe Range in humming lipde The h m range nf39n Olimntilml 10 Hitquot in damned by 1011 Jud in de ned u 1011 Q Qll ie he third qur minus the lim qmile Emple Mun Widely Held 3mm 1911 Note a mm mu mm mm 15 x 1011 helnw he iim qum39ie in n lupmmd outlier Filming m mgethpr Hwth gummy mi 130mm The wmmher summary mum of Minimum Q 3 Q1 Mmmnm A hmmlnf in n gnphim m mmtn m nfthene mlmhm mi in cmmmd u mums Drnw n Mimi hm hm mm the qur lm an n line in the box mm mm m medhn using n i deuming n pmlihle outlier MOM Emph Mm Widsly 1ist 3mm Hwth Summary 1011 15 x 1011 Pomihle outlier wmlld mi below Q r 15 x 1011 or nhme Q1 15 x 1011 Empim The Kaiinnee and slandaid Deviaa39en for nneaauring spread The sample varieties of a lnmple at 39n oh ervn nm 1 an ia denmad by a1 and ia delined aa Ilr 1 1quot Mari The standard deviacian ia denmad by a and ia de ned as aF i If x xV men an enu39m population of N individuals we de ne we papil lacian Valium a as 2 1 N 2 v N 20 i ll e wh e i ia be known pomladen nnean ii Clux k your pocket ukrldamr Hit lay a or a it deviden by N 1m any a m a it idea ny 39n r an iv a and a ia never negnive 1c cm he 0 mly irall hm valuea are equal v Shm txlllt imnada n nand ealmlaa39ma 551 Eu wh e 551 lurid n Sum nqulura dune allen Then the lnmple varianee ia emulated an Emph The on mvmmn39 39n so or N 30 551 Ifwe alums um N so ie this so hem men be whole pom1mm ie Allpmlihle mm we hm m mlmlhhe the popllhtilm vnrinune and mum devintiml ssm af ie 39 39 mm aquot man


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