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Color Theory

by: Reinhold Hagenes

Color Theory ART 1000

Reinhold Hagenes
GPA 3.93


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Reinhold Hagenes on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ART 1000 at Utah Valley University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/230518/art-1000-utah-valley-university in Art at Utah Valley University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
Course Descriptions PPR 1310 Sheet Metal 33 62620 Sp Teaches structuraI mechanicaI and eIectricaI queprint interpretation Introduces the uses of CAD in the sheet metaI industry Teaches proper hoisting and rigging methods beginning fieId measuring and sign work APPR 24 0 Sheet Metal 4A 62620 Prerequisites APPR 2320 Uses advance mathematics to design and Iayout duct systems Teaches speciaIized power equipment used in the shop and in the fieId Incorporates advanced Iayout techniques to Iayout and fabricate sheet metaI duct fittings APPR 2420 Sheet Metal 4B 660 Sp Teaches methods to Iayout and instaII metaI ceiIings and boiIer breaching construction of metaI buiIdings and instaIIation of skyIights basic air conditioning properties and duct sizing and determination of the air quaIity in a buiIding APPR 28 R Cooperative Work Experience to 39 to 40 On Sull ent Demand Corequisites APPR 285R Designed for eIectricaI construction apprentice maiors Provides paid on the iob work experience in the student s maior Work experience the correIated cIass and enroIIment are coordinated by the Cooperative Coordinator IncIudes student emponer and coordinator evaIuations on site work visits written assignments and oraI presentations Provides experience in writing and compIeting individuaIized work obiectives that improve present work performance APPR 285R Cooperative Correlated Class I39l390 On Sull ent Demand Corequisites APPR 28i R Designed for eIectricaI construction apprentice maiors Identifies on the iob probIems and provides remediation of those probIems through in cIass discussion and study IncIudes the study of identifying and maximizing service opportunities Students register forthis cIass with approvaI of the Cooperative Coordinator IncIudes Iecture guest speakers video tapes roIe pIaying case anaIysis oraI presentation and written assignments CompIeters shouId be better abIe to perform in their fieId of work or study ARCH ARCHAEDLOGY ARCH 00 SS Introduction to Archaeology 3393390 Studies the archeoIogicaI record of human behaviorfor the Iasttwo miIIion years Examines the scientific techniques used to eprore and anaIyze the record Investigates the ways in which our ancestors Iived and the ways in which the present and future worId is affected by the past IncIudes fieId trips fiIms and research methods ART ART ART l000 Color Theory 32320 F Sp Covers theories of coIor coIor systems sociaI and psychoIogicaI impact of coIor and the effects of coIors on humankind Assignments demonstrate the appIication of coIor theories ART l0l0 FF Introduction to Visual Arts 32320 Su F Sp DE DeveIops an appreciation of art Studies eIements and principIes of art IncIudes identification of maior art forms surveys art history art criticism and media Satisfies a fine arts requirement Community members are weIcome ART l050 FF Photography I 32222 Su F Sp Emphasizes the use of camera operation incIuding aperture and shutter speed adiustments to controI exposure depth of fieId Ienses camera format Teaches how to see photographicaIIy using eIements of composition and Iighting to make stronger images Teaches basic bIack and white fiIm and printing processes Requires a 35mm manuaI mode camera as weII as fiIm and paper Community members weIcome ART lll0 FF Drawingl 32222 Su F Sp For maiors and non maiors Introduces fundamentaI drawing concepts and media Emphasizes mastery of basic drawing principIes and integration of these principIes into a personaI drawing ster through exposure to a variety of structured drawing experiences Requires sketchbook in cIass and home work assignments ART 10 2D Design 32320 Su F S Core course for aII AVC maiors Introduces the eIements and principIes of design Studies two and three dimensionaI formats as they reIate to a series of different design probIems Uses principIes such as Iine shape rhythm contour vaIue and contrast in creative assignmen s ART 30 3 D Design 32222 F Sp Prerequisite ART HZO Presents a survey of the history and main Iines of deveIopment and ianuentiaI factors in three dimensionaI designs Examines important designers firms and decisive turning points in the history of three dimensionaI designs Emphasizes pIanning purpose and function through proiect oriented assignments Teaches proper use of tooIs and materiaIs ART 280 Airbrush Basics F Sp Studies basic airbrush techniques tooIs and materiaIs DeveIops masking and painting skiIIs for a wide variety of textures and effects IncIudes Iectures demonstrations and Iabs Students must provide airbrush any modeI and materiaIs ART I340 FF Sculpture I 32222 F Sp Introduces methods and techniques of figurative cIay scquture Students wiII construct armatures and buiId cIay head and anatomy studies from the modeI IncIudes firing and finishing techniques Community members weIcome ART I350 FF Ceramics l 2222 Su F Sp Studies cIay as an expressive medium Emphasizes techniques of working with cIay incIuding hand buiIding wheeI throwing gIazing and firing Community members weIcome ART I360 Cralts Methods and Materials 32222 On Sullicient Demand Prerequisites ART HZO Emphasizes design skiIIs used in craft media incIuding gIass metaI wood fibers and composites Covers use and safe practices for both hand and power tooIs IncIudes historicaI and cuIturaI derivation of designs and art works through criticaI anaIysis aesthetic import and production techniques Community members weIcome ART I400 Graphic Computer Applications 32222 Su F Sp Core course for aII Art and VisuaI Communications maiors Introduces concepts and software reIated to visuaI communication and the creation and reproduction of art Teaches how to create and modify digitaI images using Adobe Photoshop AIso teaches basic design skiIIs Utah Valley State Catalog 2007 2008 235 ARC H secons Course Descriptions using Adobe IIIustrator Teaches basic page Iayout skiIIs Covers basic software used in visuaI communications ART l4l0 Typography and Layout l 322 F Sp Prerequisites ART i400 Teaches the principIes of typographic design and communication type seIection and typesetting Addresses the use of typography in modern design and its reIationshipto Iayout incIuding grid structure Teaches skiIIs to aIIow students to professionaIIy set type using industry standard software Covers basic typographic usage and Iayout ART I430 Digital Prepress 3 F Sp Prerequisites ART i400 For AVC maiors speciaIizing in graphic design Introduces production techniques of the puinshing industry Teaches traditionaI and digitaI Iayout paste up trapping image assemny proofing and pIating AIso incIudes basic offset presswork Provides a historicaI overview of the important figures and processes in the evqution of print ART I630 FF Introduction to Landscape Painting 3 2 n u licient Demand Teaches Iandscape painting and drawing techniques through direct exposure to area sites Eprores interior and exterior Iandscapes Studies coIor shape reIationships Iight and space Emphasizes individuaI interpretation of subiect matter using a variety of media Community members weIcome ART I650 FF Watermedial 3 2 Su F Sp Studies materiaIs techniques and compositionaI methods of watercoIor painting at a beginning IeveI Teaches the appIication of six basic techniques for the use of transparent watercoIor materiaIs IncIudes Iecturedemonstration and studio time for appIication and evaIuation For maiors and non maiors ART I680 FF Fundamentals of Fiber Design On Sullicient Demand Introduces basic fiber design and construction IncIudes techniques in weaving carding spinning dying batik ikat basketry and feIting Students provide aII materiaIs Community members weIcome ART I690 FF Glass Design and Construction 322 Sp Introduces materiaIs methods and techniques of Ieaded gIass copper foiI and faceted gIass construction Covers design cut fit and soIder of gIass proiects Emphasizes gIass composition historicaI gIass and artists criticaI anaIysis and design principIes Community members weIcome ART I700 FF Processes oljewelry and Metal Design 322 u F Sp Presents traditionaI methods and techniques of working with fine metaIs such as siIver goId pewter brass and copper IncIudes fabrication construction casting enameIing and Iapidary techniques Community members weIcome ART I720 FF Architectural Rendering 3 On Sullicient Demand Teaches two point perspective architecturaI rendering DeveIops exterior pictoriaI views from roor and eIevation pIans Uses various artist mediums to add atmospheric perspective and Iandscape features SuccessfuI compIeters shouId aIso be famiIiar with the use of renderings in puinc hearings and design reviews ART l8 0 Introduction to Interior Design 3 F s For individuaIs wishing to deveIop interior design skiIIs be emponed in the interior design industry or deveIop their own interior design business Overviews the interior design profession cIient profiIes and the design process Covers principIes and eIements of design evaIuating design coIor and Iighting fabric and pattern coordination Studies American architecture and furniture sters history and identification and current design trends ART l8l5 Historical Architecture and Interior Design 3 0 u F Sp Studies interior design and its deveIopment and change through historicaI sters from prehistoric civiIizations through the Victorian Era Identifies maior historicaI period sters maior architects a designers Covers furniture Iighting and surface materiaIs ART I820 Interior Space Design 3 F For individuaIs wishing to deveIop interior design skiIIs be emponed in the interior design industry or deveIop their own interior design business Covers aesthetic and functionaI home design and space pIanning ART I825 Modern Architecturelnteriors and Furnish ings 330 Prerequisites ART i8i Studies interior design and its deveIopment through historicaI sters from the Arts and Crafts movement to Deconstructivism Covers architects designers textiIes Iighting and surface materiaIs ART I830 Residential Interior Design 330 F Sp For individuaIs wishing to deveIop interior design skiIIs be emponed in the interior design industry or deveIop their own interior design business Covers conceptuaIizing designing specifying and presenting residentiaI interior cIient presentations IncIudes business practices buiIding codes portfoIio preparation and advanced interior design concepts CompIeters wiII have knowIedge to be competent at mid IeveI interior design positions ART 200R Art and Visual Communications Lectures ll0 On Sullicient Demand Prerequisites Anv AVC maior status Eprores diverse areas of the visuaI arts through weekIy Iectures and demonstrations IncIudes presentations by professionaIs in the areas of studio arts iIIustration photography graphic design and other reIated visuaIs arts professions AVC maiors seeking a bacheIor s degree must repeat this course at Ieast three times for credit ART 2l l0 FF Drawing ll 322 F Sp Prerequisites ART iii Emphasizes continued mastery of drawing principIes and further integration of these principIes into a personaI drawing ster Provides exposure to a variety of structured drawing experiences Introduces coIor into drawing vocabuIary ART 2I9R Special Topics lto3lto 30to6 SuFSp EIective course for AVC students Presents seminars and workshops from experts in industry May ran e from a singIe weekend to a fuII semester RepeatabIe for offerings of different content A maximum of 3 credits may appIy toward graduation ART 22l0 Drawing Ior Illustration 3 2 n Sullicient Demand Prerequisites ART Tito ART it 0 Provides students with essentiaI observationaI drawing skiIIs used in iIIustration Introduces techniques styIization abstraction sketching memo and compositionaI drawing Stresses the importance of quaIity reference materiaIs and fiIes ART 2230 Illustrative Media and Techniques l 3 2 Prerequisites ART iii Introduces the study of techniques and media used in the production of iIIustration 236 Catalog 2007 2008 Utah Valley State Course Descriptions art Deveiops skiH in the appiication and combination of a variety of painting processes Focuses primariiy on oii and watercoior painting techniques In addition deveiops mixed media processes and techniques using oii and watercoior in combination with other materiais ART 2240 Illustrative Media and Techniques II 32212 Su F Sp Prerequisites ART 2230 Introduces the study of techniques and media used in the production of iiiustration art Deveiops skiHs in the appiication and combination of a variety of painting processes and techniques Focuses on acryiic and gouache painting techniques In addition deveiops mixed media processes and techniques using gouache and acryiic in combination with other materiais ART 2250 Drawing lor Animation 32212 On Sull ent Demand Prerequisites ART iiiO Introduces the drawing of basic shapes and forms used to create soiidiy constructed computer animated characters Emphasizes understanding and communicating movement of the human form as shapes and drawing imaginativeiy ART 2340 Sculpture II 32212 On Sull e t Demand Prerequisites ART i340 or DepartmentApprovai For students seeking more advanced scuipture instruction Teaches intermediate techniques of ciay scuipture inciuding armature construction bas reiief and figurative scuipture based on human and animai form Inciudes moid construction for casting in various media such as hydrocai resins acryiic poiymers coid cast metais etc Compieters shouid possess techniques to create a scuipture from ciay modei to finished piece Community members weicome ART 2350 Ceramics II 32212 F Prerequisites ART i350 or DepartmentApprovai For students seeking intermediate and advanced techniques of wheei throwing hand buiiding and giazing Emphasizes ciay as an artistic medium Inciudes decoration of ciay shapes with engobes siip giaze overgiazes etc Students wiH provide aii materiais and equipment except wheeis Compieters shouid possess the skiHs to create a quaiity finished ceramic piece Community members weicome ART 24l0 Typography and Layout II 32212 F Sp Prerequisites ART i400 ART w o Deveiops advanced skiiis in the use of typography and iayout to communicate the printed word Teaches principies of design and communication by creating designs for brochures newsietters and editoriai design Aiso teaches technicai skiiis such as formatting ster sheets pagination importing images interaction of type with visuais etc ART 2430 Graphic Design I 32212 F s Prerequisites ART ii20 ART i430 ART 24i0 Addresses the concept and deveiopment of corporate identities iogos etc for businesses and organizations Teaches research skiHs and the infiuence research has on the creation of brand identities Teaches brainstorming and conceptuai skiHs Covers design and reproduction of an identity across a broad range of media inciuding business cards ietterheads enveiopes signage etc Students wiii use state of the art software to assist them in executing their designs ART 2450 Digital Imaging 32212 F Sp Prerequisites ART i4 0 Teaches the creation and manipuiation of computer images using Adobe Photoshop Provides an understanding of how and what images communicate Emphasizes the abiiity to create images using a variety of techniques Aiso teaches technicai skiHs such as image capture scanning fiie format conversion coior correction resoiution and printing considerations digitai photo retouching compositing image montages ART 2460 Interactive Design I 32212 F Sp Prerequisites ART TT20 ART T400 ART 2450 Provides a thorough experience in the conceptuai and technoiogicai aspects of designing a visuai interface for web sites Inciudes discussion of web usabiiity and its effect on the design of the site Teaches the creation of underiying architecture for a web site so that meets the goats and needs of the ciient Inciudes iearning the basics behind XHTML image manipuiation and formatting for use on the web and using a WYSIWIG appiication to assist in the impiementation of student designs for web sites ART 2590 Portfolio l02 Prerequisites AVC maior and Sophomore status Teaches the seiection and preparation of a portfoiio and its contents for use in appiying to professionai art programs and for iob interviews Provides opportunities to evaiuate and deveiop a format for professionai presentations Presents iob seeking skiiis pertinent to the visuai arts industry Successfui compieters shouid have a portfoiio which wiii dispiay the artist s work to its best advantage ART 2630 FF Paintingl 322 Su F Sp Prerequisites ART TTTO recommended Investigates the character and techniques of oii painting ata beginning ievei Emphasizes severai approaches both traditionai and modern on a variety or surfaces ART 2640 Painting II 32212 On Sullicient Demand Prerequisites ART NO and ART 2630 Presents advanced traditionai and non traditionai oii painting techniques Emphasizes the techniques for personai expioration Encourages deveiopment of individuai styie and approach to the media ART 2650 Watermedia II 32212 On Sullicient Demand Prerequisites ART i650 Corequisites ART iiiO recommended Emphasizes deveiopment of technicai skiiis composition at an intermediate ievei in a variety of watermedias Inciudes iecture demonstration and studio time for appiication and evaiuation Encourages deveiopment of personai styie in reiation to the media ART 2680 Introduction to Printmaking 322 Su F Sp Prerequisites ART iiiO Introduces printmaking and focuses on beginning techniques and materiais Inciudes processes such as screen printing woodcut and etchings RT 2700 Photography II 32212 On Sullicient Demand Prerequisites ART i050 Extends skiiis and principies iearned in Introduction to Photography Continues the expioration of fight and composition through personai expression to make stronger images Emphasizes technicai controi of exposure deveiopment and aesthetic presentation in the context of the Zone System Processes of archivai printing and presentation are aiso taught Covers historicai and criticai issues through readings critiques and ciass discussions Requires a 35mm manuai mode camera as weH as fiim and paper Alternative Photography I 32212 Prerequisites ART 2700 Investigates aiternative processes of traditionai photography Expiores pinhoie photography painteriy darkroom techniques muitipie exposures through both darkroom and camera techniques Expiores toning bieaching distortion and brutaiization Emphasizes artistic Utah Valley State Catalog 2007 2008 237 SSBOOI IS Course Descriptions expression Covers processes and concepts through inde presentations readings critiques and cIass discussions Examines processes and how they appIy to photography as a medium for artistic expression ART 2720 FF Color Ph otography 322 Prerequisites ART 2700 Introduces coIor photography and coIor theory using inde fiIm coIor negative fiIm and process of inkiet printing through a digitaI medium Eprores cross processing and other deveIopment manipuIations Discusses deveIopment of coIor photography and coIor perception as appIied to specific themes Encourages creativity and personaI expression ART 2730 Photographic Lighting 322 Sp Prerequisites ART 2700 Teaches the basic skiIIs needed to controI and manipuIate Iight as a tooI for the photographer in communication of artistic vision Eprores different Iighting sources and investigates the effects of direction quaIity and quantity Emphasizes fIash photography tungsten and naturaI Iighting Studies photographic studio Iocation and mixed Iighting techniques Covers processes and concepts through inde presentations readings critiques and cIass discussions ART 28IR Art and Visual Communications Internship Ito 805 to 40 Su icient Deman Prerequisites DeportmentoI ApprovaI ActuaI on the iob training in cooperation with businesses and firms in the IocaI area Work experience credit is offered in coniunction with a correIated iob preparation course ART 285R For iob quaIified students onIy with department Internship coordinator permission 0 ART 285R Art and Visual Communications Correlated lass ll0 F Sp For Art and VisuaI Communications students who wish to compIete an internship experience Emphasizes iob seeking skiIIs such as resume writing cover Ietters interviewing techniques and portfoIio deveIopment May be repeated once for credit ART 29IR Independent Study Ito 30to 30to9 FS Prerequisites Sophomore and above students onIy Provides an opportunity for second year and above students to do individuaI research and experimentation within the areas of the AVC Program Limited to advanced work beyond that which can be compIeted in existing avaiIabIe cIasses Requires that a proposaI be submitted and approved by the department priorto enroIIment May be repeated for a maximum of three credits toward graduation ART 299R VICA ll0 F Sp For Art and VisuaI Communications maiors Supports and faciIitates the goaIs and obiectives of VocationaI IndustriaI CIubs of America VICA VICA is a pre professionaI student organization that deveIops sociaI awareness civic responsibiIity vocationaI and Ieadership skiIIs through participation in educationaI vocationaI civic recreationaI and sociaI activities Students may participate in IocaI state and nationaI contests May be repeated once for credit ART 3l IR Drawing Ill 3 2 Su F Sp Prerequisites ART 2ii0 Continues the eproration of the technicaI skiIIs and conceptuaI deveIopment of drawing as a creative medium Focuses on the mastery of drawing skiIIs in coIor and incIudes demonstrations Iectures and active participation in the criticaI process Emphasizes cuItivating personaI expression and independent seriaI work ay e repeated for a maximum of 6 credits toward graduation Illustration l 322 F Sp Prerequisites ART iiiO orART 22i0 CorequisiteIs ART 36I R recommended Provides experiences in creating mood and visuaIizing ideas through iIIustration Emphasizes creativity and technicaI abiIity Addresses narrative iIIustration and visuaI storyteIIing ART 3220 Illustration ll 322 On Sullicient Demand Prerequisites ART 32I 0 Introduces conceptuaI iIIustration and probIem soIving through the use of visuaI symboIs metaphors and icons ART 3230 3D Computer Modeling 3392392 Prerequisites ART 2450 Teaches techniques in the use of 3D computer modeIing software Studies modeI construction texture mapping scene construction animating and rendering of 3D computer modeIs ART 3290 Rendering the Human Head 3 2 On Sullicient Demand Prerequisites ART iiiO Designed to deveIop proficiency in rendering the human head in a variety of approaches and techniques Addresses geometric and pIanar construction proportion Iighting features and expression ART 3340 Sculpture lll 322 Su F Sp Prerequisites ART 2340 Designed to investigate studio probIems based on concepts appIied to various three dimensionaI materiaIs PIaces speciaI emphasis on the deveIopment of individuaI expression in the students chosen medium Encourages the deveIopment of individuaI ster and eproration of aIternative media ART 3350 Ceramics lll 322 Su F Sp Prerequisites ART 2350 Continuation of concepts deveIoped in Ceramics I and II Addresses advanced skiIIs in hand buiIding wheeI throwing gIaze formuIation and kiIn firing ART 3400 FF Fundamentals of Art Education 322 For eIementary and earIy chiIdhood education maiors and other interested students Introduces concepts and techniques necessary to teach broadIy based art education to chiIdren AppIies the four discipIines of aesthetics art criticism art history and art production in drawing painting scquture printmaking and crafts IncIudes cIassroom and materiaIs management Community members weIcome ART 34 0 Advanced Layout 322 On Sullicient Demand PrerequisiteIs ART I4I 0 ART 2430 ART 2450 EditoriaI design is the term used to refer to Iayouts and designs for magazines and newspapers Covers understanding the target audience forthe puincation and its effect on design Teaches concepts and principIes reIated to masthead and cover design reguIar cqumns in a puincation and creating unique Iayouts forfeature articIes CIass wiII cover Iayout and typography in reIation to editoriaI design Students who compIete the course wiII understand editoriaI terminoIogy and be abIe to execute designs that are appropriate for the scope of the puincation and its audience TechnicaI competence wiII be taught incIuding pagination ster sheets and state of the art page Iayout software ART 3430 Graphic Design ll 3 2 Su F Sp PrerequisiteIs ART 2430 ART 2450 ART 34I 0 Teaches concept and theory behind brand identity and package design Covers 238 Catalog 2007 2008 Utah Valley State Course Descriptions how to conduct research to ensure their designs are appropriate and powerfui Inciudes creation of designs that use three dimensionai space ART 3460 Interactive Design II 32222 F Sp Prerequisites ART H20 ART i4i 0 ART 2450 2460 Teaches basic principies and concepts behind visuai communication using motion design and animation Inciudes preparing and editing computer generated animation sequences video ciips and sound tracks for muitimedia presentations Uses state of the art software appiications such as Macromedia Director and Soundtrack ART 3470 Digital Painting 32222 On Sull Demand Prerequisites ART ii20 ART TTTO ART i400 Deveiops advanced skiiis in producing pixei based computer generated artwork for iiiustrations and other graphic communication Teaches conceptuai probiem soiving from a visuai standpoint Uses state of the art software covers surface controi iayers masking working with shapes speciai effects coior controi ART 36IR Figure Drawing I 32222 F Sp Prerequisites ART iii Presents skiiis and techniques reiated to drawing the human figure Uses iive modeis May be repeated for up to six credits toward graduation ART 363R Painting III 32222 Su F Sp Prerequisites ART 2640 Emphasizes independent and creative deveiopment as a painter Provides an opportunity for students to expiore their own creative ideas in a ciass context with feedback and criticai evaiuation Repeatabie for a maximum of 6 credit hours toward graduation ART 364R Figure Painting 32222 Su F Sp Prerequisites ART 3m R ART 2640 Expiores fundamentai methods and techniques of oii painting from the figure using iife modeis Emphasizes mastery of representationai depictions of the figure Inciudes themes of abstraction interpretation and narrative uses of the figure May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits toward graduation ART 365R Watermedia III 32222 Su F Sp Prerequisites ART 2650 Emphasizes experimentai approach to watermedia acryiic and mixed media Provides opportunity for independent expioration and deveiopment of personai styie coupied with refinement of technicai skiHs May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits toward graduation ART 3680 Advanced Printmaking 32222 Su F Sp Prerequisites ART 2680 Continues the processes begun in Intro to Printmaking Covers creative woodcuts intagiio etching andor siikscreen Emphasizes fine print quaiity and technicai deveiopment ART 370R Figure Structure 32222 On Sullicient Demand Prerequisites ART 3m R Studies the human figure in dynamic posing and motion Emphasizes figure drawing skiHs such as extreme foreshortening perspective and drawing the human form in motion May be repeated for a maximum of six credits toward graduation ART 37IR Alternative Photography II 32222 Su F Sp Prerequisites ART 27i 0 ART 2730 ART 2450 ARTH 2790 Emphasizes the process of photography from a conceptuai stand point Expands issues and techniques iearned in Aiternative Photography I Expiores deconstruction of the image in both a format and conceptuai process Anaiyzes iiquid emuisions mixed media and historic photographic processes Examines the possibiiities of digitai and historic photographic processes in the context of conceptuai image making May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits toward graduation ART 3750 Digital Imaging II 32222 Sullicient Demand Prerequisites ART i050 ART i400 ART 2730 Integrates Photoshop as a deveiopment and manipuiation tooi for image making Investigates technicai concerns of digitai workfiow capture and output for commerciai and fine art appiications Extends skiiis iearned in ART 2450 and ARTTOEO Strong emphasis on using Photoshop as a creative tooi in personai artistic expression Discusses more advanced uses of seiection toois coior correction iayer and channei manipuiations Teaches processes and concepts through siide presentations readings critiques and ciass discussions l2R Advanced Illustration 32222 Su F Sp Prerequisites ART 3220 Provides advanced studies in producing a senior ievei portfoiio Encourages students to find a personai styie and voice in communicating images Requires advanced probiem soiving skiHs and advanced abiiities in the creation of images May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits toward graduation ART 4230 Advanced 3D Computer Modeling 32222 On Sullicient Demand Prerequisites ART 3230 Teaches advanced techniques in creating and manipuiating 3D computer modeis Focuses on character modeiing and esign ART 4360 Mold Making and Casting 32222 O ullicient Demand 39 Prerequisites ART ii20 ART TT30 ART 2340 Covers both theory and practice of scuipturai moid making and casting of scuipturai designs of muitipie originais of their own works Inciudes using various materiaisfor both coid casting and iost wax casting May be repeated for up to six credits toward graduation ART 4370 Hand Building Ceramics 32222 On Sullicient Demand Prerequisites ART 2350 Designed for students interested in three dimensionai art forms Emphasizes hand buiiding design and techniques in creating both scuipturai and vessei proiects in water based ciay Teaches advanced methods of coii siab and pinch construction Utiiizes siump moiding roiied siab cyiinders and moids in creation of finished ciay products Covers various types of firing processes inciuding bisque raku anagama sagger high fire and overgiaze in addition to normai firing methods ART 443R Special Topics in Graphic Design 32222 Su F Sp Prerequisites ART 24i0 ART 2430 ART 2450 Addresses emerging topics issues and technoiogy reievant to graphic design Addresses these issues through iecture and hands on proiect deveiopment May be repeated for maximum of 6 credits toward graduation ART 446R Advanced Interactive Design On ullicient Demand Prerequisites ART ii20 ART i4i0 ART 2450 ART 3460 Teaches advanced concepts and techniques in deveioping interactive design Focuses on creating unique usabie and effective interactive experiences for users Technicai instruction inciudes using CSS to markup information and create iayouts in depth instruction of WYSWIG software to assist in creation of web experiences using Macromedia Fiash and Actionscript to create non traditionai interactivity May be repeated for up to 6 credits toward graduation Utah Valley State Catalog 2007 2008 239 39SSQOOI IS Course Descriptions ART 449R Advanced Graphic Design Studio 32222 F Sp Prerequisites ART H20 ART Mi 0 ART i430 RT 24i0 ART 2420 ART 2460 ART 3430 Presents advanced instruction in executing graphic design from concept to iayout in formats that inciude advertising coiiaterai editoriai package and web design Heips students improve and refine their portfoiios in preparation for empioyment Students wiii aiso deveiop a corporate identity for themseives to further enhance their empioyabiiity ART 470R Interpretive Drawing 32222 On Sufficient Demand Prerequisites ART 370R a senior ievei drawing experience emphasizing drawing from imagination Continues skiH deveiopment in proper character structure and scene iayout May be repeated fora maximum of 6 credits toward graduation 47 R Photographic Illu stration 32222 S Prerequisites ART 2700 ART 27i 0 ART 2720 P 3750 ART 2790 Deveiops skiHs in iHustrating concepts through photographic processes Students are encouraged to work through assignments from their own personai emphasis of commerciai or fine art image making styies The student is made aware of contemporary trends styies and criticai issues through siide presentations readings critiques and ciass discussions Focuses on the deveiopment of interpretation and conceptuai image a ing ART 474R Advanced Photo Studies 32222 n Sufficient Demand Prerequisites ART 2700 ART 27i O ART 2720 Integrates aii previous image making skiHs acquired into the students visuai vocabuiary Students are encouraged to further deveiop their own personai vision through more deveioped proiects The student is made aware of contemporary trends styies and criticai issues through siide presentations readings critiques and ciass discussions Skiiis in running a business as a commerciai and Fine Art photographer are discussed Emphasizes conceptuai image making ART 48 R Art and Visual Communications Internship I to 62025 to 3 Prerequisites Junior status or above and deportmentai approvoi Combines ciassroom theory with reiated practicai iob experience Students work as empioyees of a business agency or institution whiie enroiied at the coHege in ciasses reiated to their careermaior Course content is individuaiized with students setting obiectives in concert with their internship advisor and their workpiace supervisor Internship enronent must be pre approved by the department internship advisor A maximum of 6 credits may appiy to graduation ART 4890 Senior Seminar 339 0 On Sufficient Demand Prerequisites Senior Status in AVC Moior For AVC maiors Covers standard poiicies and procedures used in the creation and marketing of visuai arts Inciudes estimating pricing trade customs ethicai standards contracts and other iegai rights and issues Expiores iob opportunities and seif empioyment options for visuai artists ART 49 R Independent Study Ito 320 to 320 to 9 On Sufficient Demand Prerequisites Department Approvoi Provides an opportunity for upper division students to do individuai research a experimentation within the areas of the AVC Program Study is iimited to advanced work beyond that which can be compieted in existing avaiiabie ciasses A proposai must be submitted and approved by the department priorto enroiiment A maximum of three credits may appiy to graduation ART 4990 Senior Studio 32222 On Sufficient Demand Prerequisites Senior Status in AVC Moior For AVC maiors with senior status Combines and integrates concepts methodoiogies and skiiis deveioped in previous AVC course work through the compietion of a comprehensive proiect Requires students to deveiop their own proiectportfoiio in consuitation with a acuity advisor Finished proiects wiii demonstrate individuai student skiHs and interests ART 499I BFA Project 32222 On Sufficient Demand Prerequisites Senior Status in AVC Maior wiin BFA degree For AVC maiors with senior status and a BFA emphasis Students wiii be required to deveiop and execute a gaHery exhibition The course wiii require the student to work with a gaHerymuseum professionai in the preparation of the student proiect for pubiic viewing ART H ART HISTORY ARTH 27l0 FF History of Art to the Renaissance 32320 F Sp Covers maiortrends in Western art from the Paieoiithic period to the Gothic era inciuding eiements of poiiticai reiigious cuiturai iiterary and phiiosop icai eiements as they impacted the deveiopment of art ARTH 2720 FF History of Art from the Renaissance 3 F Covers maior trends in Western art from the Renaissance through the Modern era inciuding eiements of poiiticai reiigious cuiturai iiterary and phiiosophicai eiements as they impacted the creation of ARTH 2790 The History of Photography 3 0 Su F Sp Prerequisites ARTH 27i 0 orARTH 2720 Traces the different directions photography has taken since its inception using the sociai and cuiturai environment as a context and focus on the ever increasing use of photography by artists in the creative process from the first uses of the camera obscura to the present Discusses the specific reasons that set the stage for the quotinventionquot of photography and how photography changed the roie of the artists of the 19th and 20th centuries Covers documentary photography and the rise of photography as a separate art form Aiso discusses photography s characteristics as an art form and how it has changed our perceptions of the worid Expiores how photographs have become a discreet ianguage of signs symbois and metaphors with impiied narratives in the 20th century ARTH 300 History of Design and Visual Arts Prerequisites AVC Sophomore status or deportmentai approvoi Presents a history of graphic design iHustration and photography apart from the study of traditionai art history Expiores the impact of maior movements technoiogies and innovations on present day graphic design Inciudes iectures group proiects and fieid trips ARTH 3020 Classical Art and Architecture History 32320 ufficient Demand Prerequisites ARTH 27i o orARTH 2720 or 0i0 and HUM 2020 For Art and Vi


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