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Financial Accounting

by: Corene Lemke

Financial Accounting ACC 201

Marketplace > Utica College > Accounting > ACC 201 > Financial Accounting
Corene Lemke

GPA 3.61


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Corene Lemke on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ACC 201 at Utica College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/230526/acc-201-utica-college in Accounting at Utica College.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
Managing your WebCT Course List These instructions will walkyou through hiding courses thatyou don t want to see on your course list as well as revealing coursesyou ve hidden and changing the order in which they are displayed First we must be aware of which courses are which the same represent the semester The codes are listed to the right Sometimes two courses will have name but they are for two different semesters The cour 39 digit code representing the semester The first 4 digits are the year the last two se name contains a 6 For example you may have two courses listed as ACC2017200750 and ACC2017200780 They are both Financial Accounting but the rst is for the summer of 2007 and the second is for the fall Hiding and Revealing courses 1 Login to WebCT but do not click on a speci c course 392 2 Click on the pencil icon at the top ofthe course list gt 3 p De gnsng With WebL r pram 3 Click on the check box next to each course you wish to hide from the W A 39 Groups Assignments and Asse course 11st E 4 Press the Hide button below the list E 39 TeSt course 39 UC HEID new 5 Press the OK button to con rm this action It will not remove any 15 r U 5quot 292 39 p mca m Wquot data from the course but only remove it from the Course List screen E r Teachlng with WebCT 39 Practicu 6 Courses now appear with Hidden a er the name to indicate they v p Teachmg mm WebCT Student will not be shown in the Course List Ifyou wish to add a course i V ONLiFACJOWlD 7 Webcr 5 Facuw back to the 11st s1mply press the Show L1nk button next to the l7 ONL STU72007IU WEDCF 5 Studquot course Reordering the Course List P Nf Designing Wlth Ween e Practl Hidden amusz Asslgnments and A552 Test Course uc Help Desk Utlca College Podcastlng Pr ehcr 7 Student Hldden ana Selected Above Move Selected aelaw WebCT 6 Facum Hldden View your Changes Click on the my uticaonline tab to go back to the main screen and see the results ofthese changes As a reminder the Course List will show how many links are hidden glshcw lEHldel KI gain click on the pencil icon in the Course List to get into the edit mode Check the box next to a course you wish to move up or down the list Click on the Move icon next to where you wish the checked course to go Click on either the Move Selected Above or Move Selected Below option r Test Course 7 uc Help Desk l cha College 7 Pcdcastlng PL l Teachlng Wltrl WebCF Frame r Groups Asslgnments and Asse The Groups course moved to below Teaching with WebCT a Number at nlusen LlrllAS 4 Test Course 7 uc Helg Desk Sectlarl Instrucmr James Faquot ietney Wetnenll Mlke Clewedl uuea culleqe e Podcastmq Prolect v Wetnenllr e n n uh n KHMH all thN llYl nel We Clacsadl Kathleen Randall Adam Pack Rlnliard rennet ennstlne Sledsma Teeenlng Wltn WebCl e Practlce Course malagsa Sectl l an Instrucmr We elapsed Grougs Asslgnments and Assessments e Practlce Course semen Instrunur Mlkz Clavsadl


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