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Wrld Lit IIIDvlpmnt Mod Thoug

by: Dante Carroll

Wrld Lit IIIDvlpmnt Mod Thoug ENGL 2130

Marketplace > Valdosta State University > Foreign Language > ENGL 2130 > Wrld Lit IIIDvlpmnt Mod Thoug
Dante Carroll
GPA 3.78

Nathan Elliott

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About this Document

Nathan Elliott
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dante Carroll on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 2130 at Valdosta State University taught by Nathan Elliott in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/230531/engl-2130-valdosta-state-university in Foreign Language at Valdosta State University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
41111 Wednesday read The Narrow Road ofthe lnterior 603629 Quiz 552 ADKorean missionaries bring Buddhism to Japan Western worldjudaism christianity islamoriented Shintonature worship 563483 BCSiddhartha Gautama Buddha is traveling India 16001868 Edo Period Tokugawa family Japan becomes uni ed and shuts out outside influence some small trading with Dutch and English merchants isolationism 1639 Tokugawa family shuts out all but the Japanese from Japan Middle class begins to replace the aristocracy during this isolationist period new kind of literature begins to formulate more straightfonNard and realistic literature comes about Heaven accept Christ as savior sindefying the will of God Buddhism Nirvanacessation of existence universal consciousness Four noble truths life is suffering the origin of suffering is attachment the cessation of suffering is possible the path to cessation is eightfold Hell rejecting christgodallah Causing pain and suffering leads to bad karma which leadsto reincarnation over and over again Zane Zen Buddhism meditation sitting combines physical and spiritual buddhism as you meditate on things impossible to comprehend Haiku 575 format syllables 41311 For Friday 629648 Bewitched Quiz Haikus focus on 1 Season Fall Winter Spring Summer 2 Natural Object 3 What is this asking me to meditate on Departing springtime birds lament and shes too have tears in their eyes the haiku is about change the birds and fishes are looking back on their youth and realizing they are losing this youth growing up which leads to suffering and death Even my grassthatched hut grassthatched hut is the natural object the dolls represent the emperor the palace of the emperor is built to last forever but it will not Having the dolls in the grass hut represents all things being equal Detachment giving up permanence Sora composed this poem the mountain is giving up its clothes giving up attachments change comparing the mountain to a monk who gives up things hair in order to move along his path season is actually summer roses and other flowers blooming evokes another season winter snow brining all these seasons together suggests that the best way to prepare for death is to rememberthat all moments are fleeting 41511 For Monday Barrel maker brimful of Love Quiz the need for a son comes from needing to divide up the property ofthe family his love interest appears to be exotic at least in relation to the area she lives she reverses the roles by asking him to marry her uncomfortable situation wine 42011 For Friday Part 1 of Snow Country How does The Barrel Maker and The Narrow Road demonstrate Buddhism in different ways EXAMPLE Thesis Arguable Concise Clear EXAMPLE BAD Answer These two stories demonstrate Buddhism in two different ways GOOD ANSWER Barrel maker shows the dangers of attachment narrow road shows us how to become detached Aesthetic beautiful Aesthetics the study of what makes something beautiful 42511 For Wednesday The American School 25832606 Quiz No class Friday Monday May 2 Review Session your physical environments do matter author hints Japanese architect is trying to hide modern technology western society efficiency Dichotomies JapaneseWestern BeautyEf cient Spiritual NatureAppearances SolitudeSocial AestheticsScience Meditation Shadows and DarknessLight DownUp 4271 1 American School Japanese woman trying to look western American soldiers with guns they have the power but being clueless in another country has a force over him Both are being forced to conform to the point that their identities are lost Underneath it all she is Japanese at the end ofthe day chopsticks fall out of her bag 521 1 Vocal dates concepts Edo period Know the four noble truths


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