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by: Clair Moen

InternatlMarket&Trade MKT2280

Marketplace > Villanova University > Marketing > MKT2280 > InternatlMarket Trade
Clair Moen
GPA 3.83


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Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Clair Moen on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKT2280 at Villanova University taught by C.Taylor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/230547/mkt2280-villanova-university in Marketing at Villanova University.


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Date Created: 10/28/15
Chapter 14 International Distribution In International Distribution Q The salts tn its nnstnmers c dimntty thmngh itS nwn salng f01f 6 indiitnntty thmn indnpendlnnt intermndl a ng ndimr nntty tmnn nntgidg distribnt inn System with reginnat f g nbat anvgragn Intermediaries a Sources fer Finding iwrennedieries a Dinnian in niree E Gevernrneniei egeneiee O Cnrnnieree g 39 0 USE Yeiinw Pages 5 Priveie eenreee 0 Trade direeinriee 0 Screening intermediaries meermenee Prefeeeieneiisnn Agents Distributors quot Foreign Direct v Foreign Direct Brokers Distributorsdealers Manufacturer s Reps Imert jobbers Factors Wholesalersretailers Managing agents 6 Domestic Indirect Purdhasing Agent s Domestic wholesalers quot Domestic Indirect EMCs Berers ETC S 7 Export Agents Complementary EMCS marketers WebbPomerenef commission agents InternatiOnal Distributi n System Moving the PI O39dUCt Overseas g Ocean shipping Air freight 39 i Types Qf39Middlernen I Freight forwarders Trading Companies f Export Management Cos Real Physical Distribution Costs Between Air and Ocean Freight Singapore to the United States In this example 44000 peripheral boards worth 77 million are shipped from a Singapore plant tot e U West Coast Cost of capita to nance inventories is 10 percent annually 2109 per clay to nance 77 million 1515 Ocean Air Transport costs 127160 in transit 21 clays in transit 3 clays lntransit inventory nancing costs 44289 Total transportation costs 76079 133487 Warehousing inventory costs 60 clays 2109lday Singapore and U 126540 Wareho 6500 Real physical distribution costs 209119 133487 SOURCE Adapted from and Adaptec39c Competitive Strategyquot Imiwccmw m mum Stplzmber 1993 p44 International Distributin Systems IV Types Q39fMiddlemen Cent 4 Piggybackng 5 Domestic eprortmiddlemen Choosing a Middleman Japanese Consumer Philosophy 0 Harmony and Friendship 146 0 Consumer 9 Brand Loyalty 0 Service and Quality Over Price 9 Small Frequent Purchases I Ul39rlIVIL G rawHi l l Cupyngm a 2002 hy The Mecmwlm Cumpmues in AU ngms reserved Retail Patterns Retail Outlets Population Employees Country 000 per Outlet per Outlet Argentina 1995 164 4 Australia 1602 111 5 Canada 1572 183 9 India 35400 253 NA Japan 15912 79 4 Malaysia 1706 109 8 Mexico 8993 96 2 Philippines 1201 547 28 South Africa 604 675 7 South Korea 7300 60 2 USA 15163 170 13 Immatmmi Data 2t 5t l Entomoth WW mild of tot 11115 Cynwtmt er 2 79 977


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