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by: Hyman Bailey

DiffEquationwithLinearAlg MAT2705

Marketplace > Villanova University > Mathematics (M) > MAT2705 > DiffEquationwithLinearAlg
Hyman Bailey
GPA 3.66


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 28 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hyman Bailey on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAT2705 at Villanova University taught by RobertJantzen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/230553/mat2705-villanova-university in Mathematics (M) at Villanova University.


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Date Created: 10/28/15
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use the proper syntax gt deqs 2 x1 x1t 2 x2t x2 t 4 x1t 3 x2 deqs Dx2t x1t 2x2 Dx2t 4x13 x2t 3 plot for a general rst order equation in the tx plane but now with an arrowhead to indicate the directionas well as gt r the slope 39 i v I direction eld plot Y directionfield plot with initial data solution curves inwardoutward Spirals 39 Flf you want to draw in solution curves with appropriate initial data that is easy too vary the time interval to extent the solution curves from the initial data points at t 0 in either direction the stepsize option makes the curves zsmoother when necessary gt initsx10 lx2i l x101x201 x10 lx202 DEpZot deqs x10 x20 t O 5 x1 92 2 x2 2 2 stepsize 01 inits dirgrid 20 20 initsx0 lx20 1 x10 lx201 x101x202 Y u 39N IN I r A 1 f mw 4id I f This is an inward spiral since the real part ofthe eigenvalue is negative leading to a decaying exponential amplitude Dr exact solution formulas deeayinggrowing sinusoidals We canthen look at the phaseplot of this differential equation in the x x2quotplane like the direction eld tangent line 339 Nenshndar39d Coerdincdes in IE 545 s Waa z 0F l2 f quotngobasisquot 03979 3 LI Vedas I 12 quot39 7 g 15 9 3 r raw 93V fdlouo 399 Wk smniv z a 193 V3 9quot 91P390me Ji coatd M84 Parand bm m Vt Vquot 97 A Swim g ward Phnes are Parak w 39 a Phased 410 ames a Wining 2mm x 9 vl 1 l Th8 quu i d above n 5 1 W Frank Vfbgfiwbh We a 539 o tqsi 059 31 04919 oggg h I GENETRKAL m mnou 0 New COO ZWATES OF A Vecroe 32 quot I Mhmx ommmnou a New COORDINATES OF A vecma S Augmer 39 basis vec brs x o columns cf 0 min ax bag was ma x B2 5 32 39 Now CXP CSS any vec vr Shndard Coordinabf b btz by m 817 OF 36 HER bags 1 gt s 9 2 399 in 3 b X 91VI92lt72 53 BBJCBQ 3 2 33 n A 0603 4 9 words Coeds n V2 3 5 a Solve x 89 bfmd new words 3097 each Johann Consuh one old sham coordfncACS L1 C i cu fm s vedvtx guumn iecg Hsa r if Size of a new basis Web 9 40 5 00 9 SO Hhbs 36 MG 0 and 8 ash 4Strllu fon quiude 0 9 B u S v Um39Qge new alc 00d wordsquot 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