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by: Lambert Wolff


Lambert Wolff
Virginia Commonwealth University
GPA 3.79


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lambert Wolff on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHTX 604 at Virginia Commonwealth University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 92 views. For similar materials see /class/230599/phtx-604-virginia-commonwealth-university in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
Human Herpesviruses subtypes Herpes Simplex I HSVI herpes labialis cold sores herpes keratitis eye infections HSVII herpes genitalis genital herpes Varicella Zoster Virus V ZV Chicken pox rimary infection Shingles recurrence esp elderly Cytomegalovirus CMV retinitis EpsteinBarr Virus EBV mononucleosis Herpesvirus structure Envelope lcosahedral capsid 35 proteins in virus particle Large genome Linear DNA Doublestrand 100000 200000 bases Herpesvirus HSV DNA replication 93 m w r gmn Rolling circle elrwlnlwmmm mechanism Unlike cell DNA replication l quotquotquot quot quot Numerous Virus 7 speci c factors 39 39 quotWquot l Virusspecific quot quotquotquot quotquot quotquot DNA P01ym rase WM l Herpesvirus Latency Latency and Chemotherapy H HHHHHHHHHHHH 0 In general antiherpes chemotherapy can suppress or reduce the severity of recurrences but it cannot cure latent infection Acyclovir acycloguanosine ZoviraX H u quotNil l I AMI L39LKIJ39IH xn llu n lt9 hquot l 0 huhu mun Ac clovir Selectivit o o o y y Acyclov1r select1v1ty if a n l i t n l trf my 29 t 139 only sale5 392 a l l I h l ew my in m q Ears g 1 1 phosphorylated 1n H 1Lw H I if t 7 an til quot M i a 7 1 HSVmfected g pr quotEvaLan l1 12 ll 3 cells by HSVTK W 5 a l 39quot thymidine kinase Fl E l quot i L l Ma y l aquot w vu M H i 5a a salvage enzyme HHJ a wmm Hair 41a x toform q fileLama 3 TITS 39l 1 i an it EZIE mil aCyCIOGTP lquot 1 39 FLTl Ml Fi m 1 Eurmm sumw i2 Marat M I39n 5 amm L 7 u magmaaw ssure Nearly lOOOX more inhibitory toward HSVI replication than toward cell VERO replication 1 1 T4iA l Acyclovir selectivity I39n rI IJIJ nw 39 pl 2 AcycloGTP is a selective competitive inhibitor of y it w HSV DNA polymerase but not human DNA l l l at l polymerase HSVI DNA pol Ki 008 uM h i K at Human DNA pol alpha Ki 2 uM at a Acyclov1r select1v1ty ll l quotF HSV DNA HSV DNA L V I polymerase polymerase a I T3355 1r Ill Ii MAIfindJIf quot17453 v all ATCG ATCG h quot quot 2 HIquot 7 Polymerization P01 meriza ion is s a s F39sIn r y V2 1 IEH all lg A l I a El ATCGA CAgCGV cyc OVlr m quotlhAGCCTAGCTAG GT GCCTAGCTA k Ed39t39ng l N0 editing TAGCCTAGCEC o 0 V 3 Incorporated 1nto v1ral but not cellular 4 cant be remOVd from DNA by HSV DNA blocking further synthesis chain 1 POIYmGTaSG Once IHCOTPOTated 1 terminator Acyclom selecthty s Hsv DNA pulymemse hmds lEIEIx mute 0 ughuy m acydummmnated DNA md man m mm DNA md Acyclom r resxsmnce Eydvvu Magcmmmxea mcemec m MumHSVD pnlymense rDaem Hmndm a mcarpanu acyclaGTP 4955 camman Acyclovxr r Chmcal Use Onlfm 3mm herpeskentmm amp shypxesam v mum 2mm CMV mpvmmsmgmumpm lnmvennusfm CMV mus VmullsmZagumxmmmncampxmmsed Pharmacuh39nz s Shmtha lhfe msenxn 3A 475x dadymimmsuman n mrmlemzd accaamalCNS gt OLha cyclov1r u lack gar nng Au phmhurymed by HSV TK Au DNA pul mbms Dn farant ames ufcham termmahun Penmlomr Denavxr Famnduvxr Famvx gt r Fmdrugr cummed m Fannduvxr l mnrlm u harms m cells thanAcyduGTF mm D u Adrmmsuauun Y 2x May mg no m1 mm mm m Vuvwlm m Ganchcovxr Cytovme Pamcuhdy mm vs CMV mus 1 EIEIX v Acycmg om Inkavenaus ax acmanmplmt 12 effective chmn39zmxmmnhanPenmlawx i39mudm H Valacyclovxr Valtrex my aim afacydwvu mammmmm 9 Less frequent dasag 5mm magi am far Hsv vzv CMV mm deofovxr szude 5mm nuclea de maypmmmymga gym mung C 1dofov 1r Palymense mmmk pm hmn39zmummx manan m u w my byce ularhmses Rzn39slznce MummmnHSV DNA pnlymense HSV TK m mega Acydawneam sums wnh mum TK wax in be smauveta cxdufavu ream defovxr r ChmcalUse Gwean mcmv mus thmzcuh39nz ts Phwphachalm maMmhasgihrth rwezkly axbxweeklyw Tux pnmmlyxmal hyrkahmrequ ed Idoxundme mm quotagggdeoxyundma Nammnumm N a ms kmscnphan Tn lxxdmz r 01me ufm ng mm mag Emmwmydeuxyuxdmz EV DU 7 mummy gm mstud afmdnner phas stv TK


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