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by: Mae Abshire DVM


Marketplace > Virginia Commonwealth University > Radiologic > CLRS 101 > INTRO CLIN RADIATION SCIENCES
Mae Abshire DVM
Virginia Commonwealth University
GPA 3.88

Ferell Justice

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About this Document

Ferell Justice
Class Notes
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This 36 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mae Abshire DVM on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLRS 101 at Virginia Commonwealth University taught by Ferell Justice in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/230612/clrs-101-virginia-commonwealth-university in Radiologic at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
e I D 393 r o quot luncal O o 539 U V quot a 3quot e 1 y 8 IK x J I W 3 m F K ff f 9 I C1123 1 1 x 1 f L x zx 3 39 13w fl u M b y u i w 2 V l 39 A a x y quoti wA x z r L a 39 x If 39ll Lx qurhtsto c Ifdgy Top x w quot Z I V Discgveryg Xl ayrc1rcumsta he Improper use Q Q f Historical inciQ p q fslP bH g ms g x k w mf i1 iaign Conrad R0 t g quot4 V aquot 39u a a39 quota 1895discovered Early experimental tubes Experimental radiographs tests o gucted 0n pe n e fratiggwstr n unsavory ways NonMedical s 1 ereTheEYorlfd Diswifer L k i Y Radlograph made In quot 303mb Francis y Typical af ga y images dprbduced in w the pgpul39 39press WONDEEEUL NEW RAY SEES THROUGH HANDY 33 I a v 0 05 TAengu j zsrry yrvet 9ow 3014 I I c m glmal rgdla o a a I a 1 gt u a 39 39r r 3939393939 W A enerator up in business Public demonstrations THE Hl V39ITJENHMT Pquot Lfnl quotV39r l h w Mu V Early clinical settings Roentgen room 1896 cu jn J in Sin 1 d m x um i O a Soon various devices were put together for the delivery of the rays and for the shielding of sensitive tissues ughthg gioroscopy V 39TheTe ri i ble PowerOf The J 395 Gauge the strengthrofv tubes 5 quot V Perf0rm y dsmbns trations patientsbdurjng therapy 7 Cal culatean 39 quoterythema dosequotgt0n their ownhand39s Although many had noted dif culties associated with quotXray burnsquotU it was not until the death of Clarence Dally 18615 1904 39EdisQn39s longtime assistant in Xray manufacture and testing that observers nally agreed that the magic rays aceuld kill as Well as Cure R entgen 18451923 t If 7


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