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by: Chesley Lind


Chesley Lind
Virginia Commonwealth University
GPA 3.57


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chesley Lind on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to INFO 202 at Virginia Commonwealth University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/230631/info-202-virginia-commonwealth-university in Science at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
Backbone Lots of things can happen behind the scene ISP Internet Service Provider send internet to the houses business etc ClientServer Client sent request to Server gt Server returns the information Client is Web browser Server is Web server Web Client Protocol rule to communicate btw ClientServer Requests web pages from server Receives web pages and files from server Web Server Runs web server softwaresuch as Apache or IIS Receives request for webpage Responds to request and transmits status code web page and associated files MIMEType MultiPurpose Internet Mail Extension 0 A set of rules that allow multimedia documents to be exchange Internet Protocols No single protocol that makes the Internet and Web work FTP FPT used to download programs and files from other servers to individual computers Email Protocols Sending Email 0 SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol TCPIP Transmission Control ProtocolInternet Protocol IP IP routes a packet IP Address unique address can tell who u r in the internet it may respond to a domain name Domain Name is also unique Domain Name System Divides the Internet into logical groups and understandable names Associates unique computer IP Browserhttpgooglecom IP address 7412595 URL Uniform Resource Locator TLD TopLevel Domain Name TLD some insights net network biz com DNS Domain Name System Associates with the Domain names with IP address Thursday January 26 2012 Markup Languages ML set of directions that instruct the browser how to display and manage a web document Tags used as directions to perform functions such as displaying elements formatting text etc SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language XML eXtensible Markup Language 0 A textbased language designed to describe 0 Not intended to replace HTML 0 Search engine will use this format to collect information HTML 5 The next version of HTML 4 and XHTML 1 Web Design Front End 0 Web Design HTML CSS JavaScript HTML Base Template CSS Styling JavaScript Functionality Back End 0 Web Programming PHP Java etc Future Internet amp Web Trends ECommerce Google Mashable Technologies Need for skilled workers IPV6 Web Services Blogs RSS Wikis Twitter Web 20 Constant Change Tuesday January 31 2012 Course Business ECommerce 0 Buying of goods 0 Selling of goods 0 Market products and services 0 Performance of financial transactions on the Internet Advantages 0 Reduce costs Increased Customer Satisfaction More Effective Data Management Customerretention OOO Reach a broader customer base 0 Potentially Higher Sales ECommerce Risks for Business 0 Need for a robust reliable web site 0 Fraudulenttransaction 0 Customer reluctance to purchase online 0 Increased competition ECommerce Risks for Consumers 0 Possible Security issues Possible Privacy Issues Purchasing from photos and descriptions Product Traps 000 Product delay 0 Possible difficulty with returns ECommerce Business Models 0 Academic I BZC BusinesstoCustomer I 323 BusinesstoBusiness I C2C CustomertoCustomer I 326 BusinesstoGovernment 0 Practical I Gapcom You I Cacom bankofamericacom The transfer of data bwt diff companies using networks EDI is not new 000 Trading Partners 0 Newer technologies ECommerce Security 0 Encryption ensures privacy 0 Decryption The process of converting the ciphertext back into its original form Encryption Type 0 Secure ECommerce transactions use the encryption technologies below I Symmetrickey Encryption singlekey encryption I Asymmetrickey Encryption publickey encryption there is no share secret I Hash Encryption o SSL Secure Sockets Layer I Utilizes these encryption technologies I Provides for secure transmission of data on the internet I A protocol that allows data to be privately exchanged over public networks I Developed by Netscape I quothttpsquot protocol I SSL provides secure communication btw a client and server Digital Certificate 0 The contents of digital certificate include I The public key I Effective date of the certificate Certificate Authority SSL amp Digital Certificates 0 When u visit an ecommerce site that uses SSL a number of steps are involved in the authentication process Order and Payment Processing 0 Ecommerce Payment Models I Cash I Check I Credit I Smart Card I Micropayments ECommerce Storefront Solution 0 Instant Online Storefront Yahoo Earthstores S hopify Tuesday February 07 2012 Learning Outcomes HTML the set of markup symbols or codes placed in a file intended for display on a Web browser page The World Wide Web Consortium HTML Element 0 Each tag has a purpose 0 Tags are enclosed in angle brackets ltquot and gt symbols I Title Tags I Body Tags I Color etc 0 Most tags come in pairs an opening tag and a closing tag XHTML o The newest version of HTML XML Syntax 0 An XML document must be wellformed I Use lower case I Use opening and closing tags I ltbodygtltbodygt I Close standalone tag with special syntax I lthrgt Document Type DefinitionDTD Thursday February 09 2012 Tools 0 Active Labs First Web Page 0 Top of web page I ltDTDgt I lthtmlgt open taglthtmgt close tag Head amp Body Sections 0 Head Section contains information that describes the web page document I ltheadgtabcltheadgt I ltbodygtfuckltbodygt XHTML 0 Heading Element I lth1gtlth1gt I lth2gtlth2gt I lth3gtlth3gt I lth4gtlth4gt I lth5gtlth5gt I lth6gtlth6gt Hot Keys 0 Ctrl C Copy 0 Ctrl V Paste o Ctrl A Select All P tag ltpgtltpgt Blockquote tag ltbockquotegt Tuesday February 14 2012 Hierarchical Too Deep 0 Be careful that the organization is not too deep I This results in many quotclicksquot needed to drill down to the needed page I User interface llThree Click Rule 0 A web page visitor Design Principles 0 Repetition I Repeat visualelementsthroughout design 0 Contrast I Add visual excitement and draw attention 0 Proximity I Group related items 0 Alignment Web Page Design Load Time 0 Watch the load time of your pages 0 Try to limit web page document and associated media to under 60k on the home page Web Page Design Target Audience 0 Design for your target audience I Appropriate reading level of text I Appropriate color I Appropriate animation Web Page Design Colors amp Animation 0 Use colors and animation that appeal to your target audience Web Page Design Screen Resolution 0 Test at various screen resolutions I Most widely used 1024x768 1280x1024 and 800x600 I Centered page content Web Design Page Wireframe o A sketch of blueprint of a Web page 0 Shows the structure of the basic Lay out 0 Place the most important information llabove the foldquot Avoid long blocks of text Use bullet Headings and subheadings 000 Short paraghphs Text Design Easy to Read Text Use common fonts Use appropriate text size 16px 12pt 100 Use strong contrast Bold text as needed Avoid llclick here Hyperlink key words or phrase not entire sentences Separate text with quotwhite space or empty space Check your spelling Be careful large graphics remember 60k recommendation OOOOOOOOOO Use alt attribute to supply descriptive alternate text Thursday February 23 2012 CSS Syntax Sample 0 Bodycolorblue o Page 78 Hexadecimal Color Values 0 is used to indicate a hex Value 0 Hex value pairs range from 00 to FF Making Color Choices 0 Monochromatic 0 Choose from a photograph or other image 0 Begin with favorite color The Fontsize Property Tuesday February 28 2012 CSS Page Layout Overview 0 W3C recommendation CSS Page Layout Advantages 0 Greater typography control 0 Style is separate from structure 0 Potentially smaller documents Easier site maintenance Increased page layout control Increased accessibility Ability to define styles for multiple media types 0 Support of semantic web The Box Model 0 Content I Text and web page elements in container 0 Padding I Btw the padding and margin 0 Margin I Determines the empty space btw the element and adjacent elements We want to look at in document HeaderFooter Margin Pictures Table Font Need to understand all the concepts for the test Normal Flow Thursday March 01 2012 Deciding to Configure a class or id 0 Configure a class I Color logo pictures 0 Configure an id I Specific to only one element on a page I Use the notation in the style sheet I Use the id attribute in the XHTML Ex abccolorred ltimggtabc Choosing a Name for a class or an id 0 A class or id name should be descriptive of the purpose I Such asnav news footer CSS Debugging Tips 0 Manually check syntax errors Use W3C Configure temporary bg color 000 CSS comments to find the unexpected 39 didid Tuesday March 06 2012 Page 312 Figure 81 Page 313 Figure 82 F 83 Page 314 F 84 Page 316 F 87


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