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by: Mr. Sydney Wiza


Mr. Sydney Wiza
Virginia Commonwealth University
GPA 3.7

Gina Kovarsky

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About this Document

Gina Kovarsky
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Sydney Wiza on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RUSS 102 at Virginia Commonwealth University taught by Gina Kovarsky in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/230633/russ-102-virginia-commonwealth-university in Russian at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
RUSS 102 FINAL EXAM SUPPLEMENTARY REVIEW SHEET On the assignments page you ll nd a list of things to keep in mind and speci c WB exercises to review before the nal exam In addition the following overview may be helpful It goes into some of the technicalities l genitive case endings in singular and plural one needs genitive case when using numbers 2 3 4 gen sg nBa cTona nBa cnoBapsr nBa OKHa Luge ra3eTL1 Luge J39IeKLIIIII 5 gen pl HSITL CTOJ39IOB HSITL ra3eT HSITL cnoBape HSITL OKOH HSITL Menu1171 one needs genitive when speaking about a quantity OF MHOFOMaJ39IO CTOJ39IOB CKOJ ILKO CTOJ39IOB you will also need genitive to talk about someone s having something V Eopnca eCTL KpaCHaSI MaLHHHa Boris has a red car V TaTLHHLI eCTL cHHee l39IJ39IaTLe Tatiana has a blue dress genitive is also used to convey something s or someone s nonexistence or absence V Te61 HeT MalllI bL You don t have a car 2 dative case to give someone s or something s age T0 Ivan is 22 years Ivan is 22 years old IIBaHy 22 roua when you need an indirect object I gave as a gift the book to Boris 51 HouapIIJI KHHry Eopncy after the preposition Ho KHHra no pychOMy ncKychBy KHHra no meanaJ clco Junepaiype KHHra no oprammeclco ngpm to use with impersonal constructions Bopncy Hauo 3aHIIMaTLCSI V Hero 3aBTpa KoHTponLHasr Boris has to study He has a test tomorrow Mame HymHo OT LIXaTL OHa pa6oTaeT Bce BpeMsr Masha has to restrelax She works all the time 3 prepositional case after the preposition o to mean about MBI r0BopHM o pyCCKo JIMTepaType We re speaking about Russian literature 0 I M TBI yMaeIlIL 51 uyMan o pychOM 3Lme About what are you thinking I m thinking about the Russian language after B or Ha to give the location that is to mean in or at quotTue TBI ce qac quot51 B Mara3mle quotFae TBI 6B1na BIIepa quot51 6B1na Ha J39IeKIII I 4 accusative case when you need a direct object for example OH IIIITaeT pOMaJl He is reading a novel 51 BIDKy Emma remember that the accusative ending of an animate masculine noun looks like the genitive masculine ending I see a hedgehog Mama roToBHT mmuy Masha is preparing pizza after B or Ha to indicate motion towards that is to mean to Kyua TBI II lb 51 Hay B Mara3ml To where are you going I m going to the store to ask or tell someone s name KaK 30ByT Bamero oma KaK 30ByT Bamy MaTB KaK 30ByT TBOIO co aKy That s because those sentences literally mean How do they call your father your mother your dog so father mother and dog are all actually direct objects Those words receive the action of the verb they call Note that father is an animate masculine noun so its accusative ending is identical to the genitive ending of masculine and neuter nouns Also note that in singular regardless of whether they refer to people or things feminine nouns acquire the endings y or 10 in the accusative case 5 Review how to write out the numbers 0100 6 You ll have to be able to write the days of the week in Russian and to use the accusative case after B to indicate the day when for example B l39IOHeLIeJ39ILHIIK B cpeny B BocerceHBe 7 Review also adjectives of color 8 In addition to reviewing the speci ed WB exercises I recommend that you read over the glossaries for Lessons 6 and 7 That will help keep the needed vocabulary active 9 When changing a word remember that Russian words have endings that are either hard not palatalized or soft palatalized Unless the word is an exception and unless a spelling rule is in e ect you can expect the ending to re ect the basic hardness or softness of the word as manifested in the dictionary form of the word always given in the nominative case Thus CTOJ I is hard and its endings will be hard N CTOJ I A CTOJ I G cTona D cTony P cTone one cannot write 3 at the end of Russian wordsithere are only very rare exceptions to that rule when Russian has borrowed a French word N CTOJIBI A CTOJIBI G CTOJ IOB D CTOJ39IaM P cTonax But remember the three spelling rules see the Appendix in Fonoca because they trump the above more basic rule REVIEW SHEET ON AGREEMENT AND PLURALS IN NOMINATIVE CASE 1 AGREEMENT Russian adjectives and special modi ers like possessive modi erspronouns and demonstrative modi erspronouns agree in gender and number with the nouns they modify Mark the nouns as singular S or plural PL mark their genderiif relevant as masculine M feminine F or neuter N then create noun phrases in the nominative case in which all the elements agree KHHra KHIIFII nnaTLe nnaTLsr IIeMoaH I1eMoaHL1 Mannma MaIlIIIHLI cTyn CTyJ39ILSI 6paT 6paTLI Hpotpeccop Hpotpeccopa qu qua My3e171 My3e11 panno panno OHKH CHOBapL cnosapn Me6enL HOqL HOqH OKHO OKHa 06megtKHTHe 06megtKHTH1 HeKHH neKuHH KyXH KyXHH DAaTL MaTepH ueuyunca He yIlIKII NGULAR PLURAL MASC SING xopomn 6oan0171 KpaCIIBLI cTapLII71 HOBLI FEM SING xopomasr 6oana1 KpaCIIBaSI cTapasI HOBa NEUT SING xopomee 6oanoe KpacHBoe cTapoe HoBoe PLURAL ALL GENDERS xopomne 60J39ILIlIIIe KpaCIIBLIe CTapLIe HOBLIe II FORMING THE PLURAL OF NOUNS To correctly form the plural nominative case of nouns you ll need to remember the basic plural endings Then you ll have to note whether the noun has a hard stem or soft stem Depending on whether the stem is hard or soft you will have to add the hard or the soft plural ending that is you ll have to choose between LI and n Then you ll have to remember the sevenletter SP rule which overrules the logic of hard and soft endings Finally remember that some nouns have special plural endings Those must be memorized Usual plural endings of masculine and feminine nouns LI n CTOJ39I CTOJIBI Mannma MaIlIIIHLI HpenonaBaTenL HpenonaBaTeJnI My3e171 MyBBII HoIIL HoIIII Spelling rule in uenced pluralizations KHnra KHIIFII KapaHnaIn KapaHnaLHII Plural endings of neuter nouns a o6megtKHTHe o6megtKHTHI l39IIICLMO l39IIICLMa A limited number of masculine nouns take plural in a or a LIOM noMa Some nouns change their form slightly or even totally when they go into plural npyr npysba cTyn CTyJ39ILSI pe6eHOK eTII IIeJ39IOBeK J39IIOHII


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