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by: Garrett Cartwright


Garrett Cartwright
Virginia Commonwealth University
GPA 3.98

C. Buttery

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About this Document

C. Buttery
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Garrett Cartwright on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EPID 602 at Virginia Commonwealth University taught by C. Buttery in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/230661/epid-602-virginia-commonwealth-university in Epidemiology at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
1 0232007 Programs Planning foryourfinal presentation CMG Buttery MB BS MPH Fall 2008 What is a Program An institutionalized set of activities 1 o A plan or system by which action is taken toward a Goallt2gt Characteristics of Programs Aset of Specific Objectives Alimited timeframe An Owner AProgram may be limited by Law Policy Funds Personnel Ref 1Community Preventive Health Services Merriam Webster Dictionary The Reference Base Healthy People 2010 Goals Objectives Determinants of health Health status Goals of Healthy People 2010 Goal 1 Increase Quality and Years of Healthy Life Goal 2 Eliminate Health Disparities Some potential measures of community health status Life Expectancy Life Expectancy at Einh Yumnlliln same us nepamemicamm in on e ersus ltgt 10232007 Household Income and Health Status Relationship Between Household Income an 39 5 d Falr or Poor Health Stain Human m mum val m Dam mun mm at lamquotmm Ilium574m wannasuns s cnnsl saunasm mmmla mm Source Carters by Unease cam and Plevenxm Nannal Carver hr Heam Sam Manna Ream lnkrvew Survey i995 Some reasons for conducting the assessment Eliminate Health Disparities 1 Persons Below the Poverty Level All versunn A llachlldnnimcev mumwumnrme w yearso a e m in ma V Vumemumm Tmal Iml u lanannw c I Aincn mullcan H mm sandI Souloe u s oepamemm meme Bureau omecerlsus 1997 ELIMINATE HEALTH DISPARITIES 2 Educational Attainment Less mun 12 mm Tnlll I While Asrananau c 2 yum Educational lwel Mum um 12 yum ercanAmemxn a mam same u s uepamemmcamem Bursauome Census cunempopuamswey 1996 Achieving Equity The Nation s progress in achieving the two goals of Healthy People 2010 will be monitored through 467 objectives in 28 focus areas Healthy People 2010 Focus Are 5 Access to Quality Health services A l lrl lS Osteoporosis and Cl ll OI llC l1 ck conditlo 5 Cancer Chronic Kidney Disease iahetes Disability and Secondary Conditions Educational and cammunltyBase Pm rams Environmental Health Family Planning Food 3 i ty Health communication Heart Disease and Stroke Immunization and Infectious Diseases Injury and Violence Prevention Maternal Infant and Chill Health Medical Product Sale Mental Health and Mental Disorders Nutri 39 n and Overweight occupational safety and Health Oral Health Physical Activity and Fitness Public Health Infrastructure Respiratory Diseases Sexually Transmitted Diseases Substance Abuse Tobacco Us Wsion and Hearing ltgt 10232007 Determinants of Health Determinants of Health Policies and Interventions Behavior I l Efvi m 39 dw39d aml i i Bioragy Access to Quality Health Care Leading Health Indicators Leading Health Indicators I Physicalactivity I Oveniveightandobesity I Tobanca use I Substance abuse I Responsible sexual behavior I Mental nealxn I Injury and violence I Environmental quality I lmmunizaiion I Access in health care Some measures you might select cal Activity Nu Leisure Time Ph v a lean l9 lSSZ 1993 law 1995 1996 1997 was 1999 2mm 2mm me my By Budy Mass Index Virginia wen we 1992 i953 X554 1395 less l951 1995 was man 2mm zuuz v Current Smnkers Virginia 1550 1551 1992 i593 1794 i395 1596 new laws 199 mm mm 2W2 Vaquot ltgt 10232007 Alcuhuluse hrunicDrinking v a pmquot 199 9 tSSZ tSSJ t994 tSSS tSSS t997 199 t 2mm 2mm 2uu2 my Responsible Sexual Behavior Female Chlamydia Rates 2005 1 525 pm mono PnFutan m4 1549 2272 257va 1034 3er5 40 45754 5H4 55 ALE Crossing the Quality Chasm A New Health System for the 21st Century 2001 clinical decisions e 39 quot 39 39 quot quot 4 helpthem ms 039 39 39 39 quot 39 39 allwho w bene t M A U preferences needs and values and ensures that patient values guide all quotquot 39 quot time quot 39 39 for both those who receive and those who give care Ef cient care avoidswaste in particular waste of equipment supplies i eas and energy a 1 H in quality 39 characteristics such as gender ethnicity geographic location and socioeconomic status me Menumeznhmmmd SlmvsJ m SAMHSA Preventing Injury amp Violence 1 Violence Prevention Overview Child Maltreatment Intimate Partner Violence Sexual Violence Suicide Youth Violence Preventing Injury amp Violence 2 Unintentional Injury Prevention Overview Child Passenger Safety Preventing Falls Among Older Adults Fire Deaths and Injuries Fireworks Injury Prevention Impaired Driving Older Adult Drivers Playground Injuries Teen Drivers WaterRelated Injuries Environmental Health Health amp Your Environment Air Quality Biomonitoring Carbon Monoxide Poisoning AsbestosAsthma Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Climate Change Malaria dengueYellow Fever Cruise Ship Health eme Weather Conditions Health Studi s Healthy Places Mold atural Disasters Protect Yourself 39om the Sun Radiation Studies odent Contro Smoking and Tobacco Use WaterQuality ltgt 10232007 Immunization Childhood immunization is one ofthe most cost effective ofall health interventions In the past two decades immunization has prevented an estimated 20 million deaths globally from vaccinepreventable diseases Each year more than 130 million children are born worldWide who need immunization serlces While 78 of the world s infants receive diphtheria tetanuspertussis vaccine DTP3 the benchmark indicator ofannual routine immunization coverage an estimated 27 million infants remain unvaccinated Disparity Intervention Outline I Health Care AccessRelated Measures 17 I acce I I Vaccination Measures 5 Highlighted Measure Popul n Data an Sample Calculations Summary Tables Disparity Assessment at the Most Recent Data Point Change in Disparity from Baseline Data P 39 Access to Care Measures 11 Health insurance coverage persons lt 65 years 14c Specific source of ongoing care persons 3 18 years Suppl Healthcare visits in the past 12 months all ages 1616a Prenatal care in the first trimester all ages 2110 Dental visits in the past year persons 3 2 years Vaccination Measures Children ages 1935 months 1422a 4 doses DtaP vaccine 1422b 3 doses Hib vaccine 14220 3 doses hepatitis B vaccine 1422d 1 dose MMR vaccine 1422e 3 doses polio vaccine Noninstitutionalized adults ages 65 1429a Influenza vaccine in the past year 1429b Pneumococcal vaccine ever received Mid Course Assessment Figure l Healtny People 2010 Objectives Status at me Midcourse and Summary cl Progress Toward Target Attainment 39 xmnememmmargin an Muir l39mrk lm I Newman lj anl m 955 objectives and subobjectives Three hundred fiftysix objectives and sub objectives 70 percent met exceeded or moved oward the target Seventy objectives and subobjectives 14 percent met the target Two hundred eightysix objectives and sub objectives 56 percent moved toward the target Thirtyeight objectives and subobjectives 8 percent demonstrated no change One hundred thirteen objectives and sub objectives 22 percent moved away from the arget


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