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by: Verdie Hauck PhD


Verdie Hauck PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University
GPA 3.55


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Verdie Hauck PhD on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to STAT 314 at Virginia Commonwealth University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/230673/stat-314-virginia-commonwealth-university in Statistics at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
ChiSquare GoodnessofF it Test in SPSS STAT 314 A machine has a record of producing 80 excellent 17 good and 3 unacceptable parts After extensive repairs a sample of 200 produced 157 excellent 42 good and 1 unacceptable part Have the repairs change the nature of the output of the machine Use SPSS with a 005 Enter the data into one variable Quality 1 Excellent 2 Good 3 Unacceptable so that there are 157 Excellent 1 42 Good 2 and 1 Unacceptable 3 This method enters raw data Enter the category values into one variable and the observed frequencies into another variable see left gure below Then weight the category values variable by the observed frequencies variable see two right gurer below This method enters tabulated data Weuuhtcam nE at mm Data Iranxtnrm mum 5 DE 0 2 0ualllylualllyl 0 Dn nntwelqht case weight case by rruuuuncyVanamz t Frzuuzntvl39rzul current Status nu mtthlth case suluctcaxux Weuuutcaxex Select Analyze 9 Nonparametric Tests 9 ChiASquare see le gure below Select Quality as the test variable and enter the values for the null hypothesis proportions in numerical order by category value le PExcellent 080 then PGood 017 then PUnacceptable 003 See rlght gure below ausuua restVanaule llxt Qualltvlllualltyl r quotmm um mmnvum 7 6 6211mm data 0 All catEanIE Equal ammummnut E Two Proportion ZTests in SPSS STAT 314 In a test of the reliability of products produced by two machines machine A produced 15 defective parts in a run of 280 While machine B produc ed 10 defective parts in a run of 200 Do these results imply a difference in the reliability of these two machines Use or 001 1 Enter the group values Machine 1Machine A 2Machine B into one variable the quality values Quality 1Defective 2Acceptable into another variable and the observed counts into a third variable see left gure below Then weight the category variables Machine Quality by the observed counts variable see two right gures below V w Data Transfnrm Analyze E anDatE 0 Dn nmwelameaxex wemm cases by 39mm lmacmr 6xxalllyhuallly freuuentyvariahle ycnumlcnunq Currentstalux welqhtcaxexhvcnunt Iranspuse Merge Files Select Analyze 9 Descriptive Statistics 9 Crosstabs see lople gure below Select Machine as the row variable and Quality as the column variable Click the Statistics button and be sure that Chi square is selected see bottom figure below Click Continue to close the Statistics Window and then click OK to perform the analysis see loprighl gure below cuuntlcnuntl quotW Ma lmachlv Descriptives Mum General Linear Mndel Quahm Ilualllyl quotemu llayzrln39l l Ne l Classify Data Reducliun scale C Nonparametric 39lests f survwal ElDlxulaycluxterenharchart DSuuurExxtahlex 5mm Crosstabsstatistics Echivxquars El cnrrelatinns Mammal ormnal u Cnntmgellty mmmm 3 Gamma 1 Phi and Cramer s v E Somers39 a lamb mst quotEquot Dchertaimy cnefnclem DKendall39s tauE Nominal by Interval 3 Kappa El Eta J Risk Cl McNemar El Cuchran s and MamelHaenslel Statistics lrvltl mmmm ml w mum ChiSquare IndependenceHomogeneity Tests in SPSS STAT 314 In a retail study the traits of salespersons that were considered most important by sales managers were listed These sales managers were also asked what traits they considered most im ortant in a sales manager The results are given in the analysis below Are the two independent Explain Test at the 5 significance level 1 Enter the row values Manager 1Reliability 2Enthusiasm 3Other into one vaiiable the column values Salesperson 1 Reliability 2Enthusiasm 3Other into another vaiiable and the observed counts into a third variable see left gure below Then weight the category vaiiables Manager Salesperson by the observed counts vaiiable see two right gures below ith case w nuan maquot ll Q Do notwemht cases FrequenEYVarlIhle E l 15 Frequency cumt A reqatem s lit rile select Cases Weight Cases Currenlstalusz Welth cases by cnunt IE Select Analyze 9 Descriptive Statistics 9 Crosstabs see topaleft gure below Select Manager as the row variable and Salesperson as the column variable Click the Statistics button and be sure that Chisquare Contingency coefficient and Phi Cramer s V are selected see bottomaleft gure below Click the Cells button and be sure that the Observed and EX ect d are selected see bottomaright gure below Continue to close the Statistics window and then click OK to perform the analysis see toparight gure below g a 9 O W neuuencylcnu RnwS a Manaaenra E nlumnS Salexuerxnn n l layer I an Descriutives General Linear Mudel rl39elate l Nut l Classify Data Reduction S NunDarametric Tests 7 Survive D DISDIaY clustered bar chart D Suppress table a cmsquare El Cnrrelatlnns Nnminal orninal quot5 Ecuntmgentycnef cient Gamma mm BODSEWE IQ Phi arm Cramer39s V I Sumers d B Expected 3quot j Lambda Kend 39 tau D Uncertainty memcient I Kendall39s tau Percentages nesmuals Nominal uy Interval 7 D Kappa I Rnw Unstandarmzen DEta Husk DCqumn DStamtarlJized D McNemar Brutal DAMstandardized El Cochran39s and MantelHaenszel Statistics am mammal mm mm mm l MannWhitney Test in SPSS STAT 314 Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test in SPSS The test scores shown in the table below were recorded by two different professors for two sections of the me c urs Using t e Mann7Whitne Test Wilcoxon Rank Sum est and a significance leVel of a 005 determine if the locations of the two distributions are equal le if the medians are equal ProfessorA 4 8 68 2 6 69 l 4 ProfessorB 75 80 87 81 72 73 80 76 1 Enter the Values into one Variable and the corresponding sample number 1 for Professor A 2 for Professor B into another Variable see left figure below Be sure to code your Variables appropriately 2 Select Analyze 9 Nonparametric Tests 9 2 Independent Samples see right gure above 3 Select Test Scorequot as the test Variable and click Define Groups F r Group 1 enter 1 o Professor A and for Group 2 enter 2 Professor B Click Continue to close the Define Groupsquot window Be sure the Test Typequot selected is Mann7Whitney U and then click See the two gurer below sztvarlahl wn Inneuennemsamulexmne G39nllu may E MannWhllnE nlmn nrnv Smlmnv Z YU El K E a Mm Extrsz rzactlnn D WalnWnllnwltz run


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