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by: Reanna Raynor


Reanna Raynor
Virginia Commonwealth University
GPA 3.6

Juliana Rasnic

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About this Document

Juliana Rasnic
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Reanna Raynor on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RELS 108 at Virginia Commonwealth University taught by Juliana Rasnic in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/230680/rels-108-virginia-commonwealth-university in Religious Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
Study Guide RELS 108 quotSpiritual but not religious This means that they follow a particular religious tradition but you believe in quotsomethingquot quotWHY not religionquot implies a negative view of religion such as religionrules They also might not want to be identified w specific ethical stances want to be an individual 4 Views of Religion 1 Religion is bad possibly evil a Neither religious or spiritual b Views religion as a major cause of war amp strife in the world c Feels religion served a purpose at one point but now humans have grown past the need of it ex Science proves and disproves ideas of why things happen and how they happen so there is no need for religion 2 Religion is GREAT the one Hope a Intrinsically motivated b Believes religion serves as an idea for humanity and that religion can motivate in a way that nothing else can c Spiritual and Religious d Ex Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr 3 Religion Who cares a Use religion as needed but not that interested These people come to church just because b RELIGIOUS BUT NOT SPIRITUAL c Extrinsically motivated Spiritual not Religious a May draw different aspects from different religions but don t belong to any of them P Religion a set of beliefs amp practices including ethics grounded in the community s experience of the Divine that accommodates various needsincuding the need for meaning Spirituality the internalization of Faith amp belief to help one s self become better you are the authority The best way to remember the difference between religion and spirituality is that religion will involve a group of people coming together sharing common beliefs and practices about the Divine and spirituality is an INDIVIDUAL trying to better one s self which might include helping someone else Methods of studying religion 1 Theologythe study of a particular tradition by believers Settingreligious andor spiritual community setting is also biased they will think in terms of right or wrong Goal is to deepen their own Faith and a secondary goal is to defend their Faith mostly for young religions 2 Academic religious studies comparative studies setting is a neutral setting Ex Would be an academy This what we are doing in this class Don t think in terms off right and wrong Study multiple religions at the same time Don t have to be a believer of the religion can be atheist spiritual or religious Goal is to understand religions from the point ofa believer Must have empathy if you re not a believer of the religion you are studying Empathy is feeling what another person feels In order to study religions outside of your own you must Temporarily bracket your beliefs 2 JUMP INTO THE RELIGION AND imaginatively enter into the tradition religion you are studying and observe it 3 JUMP BACK OUT and pick up your beliefs and make comparisons Metaphorical Language M L Religious language is metaphorical language and is multivalent meaning RL can have many meanings Types of metaphorical language 1 SymboIgt something that represents something else a Ex VCU RAMS is not referring to the actual ram but attributes of the ram like it is strong and aggressive b Symbols are partial expression 2 Religious symbolsgtrepresents the Divine a The cross represents Jesus and his sacrifice b Star of David represents covenant w Israel NETINETI quotNEITHER THIS NOR THATquot ALWAYS MORE TYPES of metaphorical language Rituals the third type of ML is a practice repeated action that is often symbolic ex shaking hands religious rituals can either lead to an experience of the Divine express history ex Passover or mark your entry into the group ex Baptism DEEP METAPHORS Are metaphors believed to be hardwired into your brain these are unconscious thoughts but metaphors 7 deep metaphors 1 Balance equilibrium and imbalance justicefairness 2 Transformation express change 3 Controlmastery or vulnerability humans need to feel like we are in control we like to think that we are in control of our lives but if you are diagnosed with an illness than you might feel powerless 4 Connectionexpresses relationships among yourself and others 5 Journey past present and future How the past present and future will affect your life a Ex I was a high school student without worries now I m a college student who is broke and has debt but I know that once I get my degree I will have a career and have money 6 Containerdraws boundaries that can either trap or protect a Example would be saying Iam a smoker vs a non smoker 7 Resourcesis anything larger than yourself that enhances your life a EX You need money for a trip you want to take your parents are more established inlife so they have more money than you and they give you the money for the trip They are a resource Examples of deep metaphor from a religious point of view Spiritual not religious sees themselves on their own path journey expect their spiritual path to change them transformation and balance their thoughts with tradition Religious and spiritual identify their self with a specific religion container their traditions show them the way to surrender control their religion feeds their spirit resources bond with the whole the whole community connection Problems with M L ConcretismML in a tradition is set and not allowed to change some religious people fear that if you change it the meaning will be lost She used the example that the in the Presbyterian Church old language Trinity The Father The Son and The Holy Spirit but in the new language Trinity the parent beloved child life giving womb Some people did not like this because it changes how you can interpret the TRINITY Scholars feels that cultures changes and if you don t meaning can be lostso scholars agree with change Literalismis when you only read the surface level meaning of ML She explain it with the peelings of a onion or you can think of it as scraping your knee when you were a little kid you only scratched the surface layer of skin opposed to damaging the other deeper layers of skin Religious examples are Genius 1 7days 7 24hours periods or God is the Father and a person interpret it as God is the father of Jesus Madien Tsar REMEMBER that Ivan was turned into a pinpositive opposed to him being stuck by the pin putting him into deep sleep which was negative MYTHS When religious scholars use myths they use them to express truths about the nature of reality Narrative about the sacred that expresses truth Ask big questions such as WHAT IS THE NATURE OF HUMANITY lumanity is in the imagine of God Imago Dei Gen1 Adam is made out of clay which could mean he is moldable fragile or breakable What is the nature of the Divine God can create in a way that people can not What is the nature of the Universe Ex Gen The world is goodthis is what God said after each day of creation What is our relationship to Divine ampUniverse Gen God has Dominion over the earth Ex Quran vanguard over Earth he safeguards it GEN 111 is mythic because it does not have a specific time or place STORIES Scared narratives that takes place in a specific time and location Ex GEN 12 it has a specific place 3 categories of MYTH Creation Myth tells how the world came to be a Often rituals reflects this myth b Ex Gen keeping the Sabbath Day for the Jewish religion is Saturday and the new creation through Jesus is on Sunday 2 Etiological Myths tell the origins of a specific phenomenonthing or practice a Aesop s Fables African tales explaining how animals got their features b Gen 3 the story the myth about Adam and Eve eating the apple and god punishes them this tells you why snakes don t have legs why women experience labor pains and why men have to work c The Ganesh a why the moon phases exist 3 Parallel Mythsmyths or elements of myths motifs that appear again and again in different cultures Type 1 cultures with Contact a Ex The flood myth is in GenNoah s Ark Epic of Gilgamesh b Ex Babylonian Resurrection Jesus Greek Myth Asclepius was killed by Zeus then brought back to life and became the god of healing and medicine c Osirisus resurrected by isis found his scatted body parts and brought him back to life d Symposium by Plato it s a etiological and creation myth about how humanity was created and the origin of love maybe a parallel myth I m not sure Type 2 cultures without contact a Popoquh Mayan creations Took three tries to perfect humanity corn ppl Brought floods to cleanse the earth Popoquh Parallels with Gen 12 The similarities Differences People are rst made of clay Clay people is not successful Creation of trees and plants before humans Creation takes three tries Creation through divine speech Divine is not perfect Flood after the wooden ppl Creation through Divine though Gen511 Divine feminine grandmother The first woman was created after man Gen1 and the EnumaElish EnumaElisholdest written creation story Similarities 1 Water is present first Creation through Divine speech First thing created was light Created sky through separating the water Divine wind breath spirit that moves against waters Has a heavenly assembly P P PF E J RIG VEDA is not a parallel Myth It s also a hymn book cosmic order is a hierarchy Functions of a story 1 Moralethics function tells you what you should or should not do Ex You should be grateful because it always could be worse 2 History function tells where you come from or gives the origin of things and gives the origin of past practices and religions 3 Identity functionexpress who you are as a person 4 What life is like functiontells you what life is like ex Life is bad because God had to cleanse the earth with a flood in order to restore order 5 Reveal the Divine function all religious stories reveal the Divine Four stories that shaped Jewish identity 1 Jacob wrestling the angel 2 Moses and the Exodus 3 Amos and God s passion forjustice 4 Isaiah 8 God s love in the Midst of Exile Stories are communicated written and orally A parable is a story that is used to teach Uses ordinary things or events to reveal the extraordinary the Divine or reveal things about yourself


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