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by: Madison Trantow


Madison Trantow
Virginia Commonwealth University
GPA 3.65

Nancy Scott

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About this Document

Nancy Scott
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Madison Trantow on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HONR 190 at Virginia Commonwealth University taught by Nancy Scott in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/230684/honr-190-virginia-commonwealth-university in Honors at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
Elliot Roth 1182011 Honors Seminar Outline ntroMy name is Elliot Roth and am a biomedical engineering and chemical and life sciences engineering major at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virginia I hope to minor in math All this education will go towards my goal of becoming a doctor and figuring out a way to put myself out of business as one The reason for this goal is twofold firstly the object of any profession is to do the job so well that you won t have to perform it again and secondly wish to change the world in some wayMany mentors and past experiences have influenced me in reaching this decision and I hope to outline them in this writing Education has been an integral part of my life so far since my elementary school growth in curiosity to the persistence in studying science now My dad s work as an engineer and my mom s guidance and the support they ve given me has been a large part in my motivation towards being successful further on in lifen middle to high school I really began to understand who I am as a person The influence of my friends and role models that I ve adapted qualities of have shaped my personality and led to many of my odd quirks I know that life may not always lead in the direction you plan so I m interested in so many things as contingency plans so that I know that wherever am and with whatever I m doing will be happy in some capacity The personal philosophy that I have enables me to interact with many others in such positive ways and always see the glass halffull was involved in so many activities in high school it is amazing to see the extent of possibility in college and the vast amount of things to do and be involved in I want to do my best to fulfill all expectations asked of me as well as working to become a professional researcher in the medical field School When did education become important to me a Bailey s Elementary i Ms Newell 3rd grade 1 treat others the way you want to be treated 2 Ask questions The more questions you ask the smarter you become ii Pravabat 1 difference is good Spanish immersion b Glasgow Middle School i EnglishAvent 6th 1 More outgoing and love of poetry in all things 2 Taught me to act with enthusiasm no matter what ii MathGiberson 7th 1 llHow will this help us in our livesquot question iii HistoryStevens7 h 1 Soooo much work but very rewarding 2 Study skills and ability to make connections star trek iv ScienceLeonard8 h 1 It is not only important to be good at something and to love it but it is also important to be humble and to work with others c JEB Stuart High School i Seeing the progress from the beginning of high school to when I graduated is astounding ii This was the place where I figured out who I wanted to be 1 ChemKolnik10 h12 h a Showed me how awesome science could be i llElliot You blew up another beakerquot 2 MathDeSouza 10th a With enough work and a detailed plan you can accomplish anything 3 HistoryTOKRogers12 h a The brain is such an interesting organ b It is possible to do anything as long as you say quotpleasequot 4 BiologyKinne 11m 12 a Hard work is the means towards success b When you really care about something you should give 100 always c Biology is amazing in so many different ways i She wrote my recommendation and has to be my favorite teacher of all time With her support I began to understand that I sometimes bite off more than I can chew but I will always be able to do anything if I plan well enough d Virginia Commonwealth University I figured out that everyone feels lonelyalone because we re all new and freshmen here so I ve been making new friends quite readily 1 It s a lot of fun and really exciting to be making my own choices Steve Kaplan 1 A Senior BME major whose been giving me advicehelping me have fun iquot Dr Fong 1 Definitely a role model and someone who is guiding me towards what I want to do in the next 4 years iv Frisbee dudes 1 When I want to relax and have fun I hang with these guys I Major influences in my life a Parents i Mommy main cheerleader She s a teacher and always trying to show me or tell me something new or something she s found that she thinks I might find Vl interesting My mom taught me to be curious with the world never to be satisfied and to always search for something new and different ii Dadhe s always happy and friendly to everyone he meets He is also very methodical in processes checks to make sure everything is correct before proceeding My dad brings out the perfectionist in me and constantly shows me that I can always be improving in a good way b Friends i Sane Asylum my band ii Crew iii Marching Band c Grandparents i My grandpas died when I was 3 and 16 respectively so my grandmothers have been there to see me through adolescence into a blossoming adult These people have carried me and given me advice and help whenever it was needed even without me asking sometimes d Concepts and quotes that have influenced me i i Religion Judaism 1 The Jewish philosophy of TikunOlam or llhealing the world has always appealed to me because it meant that you had to be your own savior rather than just waiting 2 don t really believe in God Educational Goals a Students Strengths i LoyaltyWhenever make a commitment to others I will continue until it is fulfilled in some capacity ii FriendlyI am able to make friends in nearly any place i IdealisticCreative I am able to conceptualize and create quite easily I b Weaknesses i Distracted I often times do too many things at once ii Bad at seeing the little picturedetails iii Paralyzed when going after the things that mean the most Courses and Activities a Courses i Engineering Practicum EGRB 101 ii Honors Math 200 iii EGRB 102 iv Rhetoric 200 v CLSE 101


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