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Non Calculus Based Physics II

by: Mrs. Charity Bradtke

Non Calculus Based Physics II PHYS 2020

Marketplace > Volunteer State Community College > Physics 2 > PHYS 2020 > Non Calculus Based Physics II
Mrs. Charity Bradtke

GPA 3.57


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Charity Bradtke on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 2020 at Volunteer State Community College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/230705/phys-2020-volunteer-state-community-college in Physics 2 at Volunteer State Community College.


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Date Created: 10/28/15
175 Resistivity A m L1 it RJ39 43 f P nquot ECS 5J I 4 rl arm47 90L A 039quot k tuft39ka vuJ rfJ n 171 4 m L In pg 535139u fg1 f u 176 Temperature Variation of Resistance For most substances there is at least some temperature range where the variation of resistivity is proportional to the temperature change 4 Lb AT 5 of byQ K gt413 N I s oxv Ana 0 d A 0 I LR Pcsis fivrly quotL Pquot quotP q 4mm 0 Hf 13739 747 d 2 quotc r l A A L9 sign 4 SF 4 III Haz ly quot 41 Kim Va 539 Example The nichrome wire in a space heater has a resistance of 144 ohms at 800 C What is its resistance at room temp 200 C Fu A J I u a Q le397og A k 39 K AT K k Tq S Ob39c o39 1yu L ILm quot K K kn d A17 R R 4 R 01 Kr L I LQJL 2 1 44157 quot I amp1 L v 39gt z 15 39 I If the diameter of the wire is 080 mm how long is the wire 2 01 J 1 V za39c It 1m finrow 12 A NfL If muchqquot 7 S 027x17h Mal4147 4 ngg s mmhi 3 u an X lrurmQgNJO 37m L 1 xlo lw eCL E In gt E ngfl 7 I JPES EA m9 2 QaZ AV brat5 AV AV Ex k kz ALJ i C 311 6 7 saclJ Q ng39z cblf W 14 KKlocA39T7 178 Electrical Energy amp Power Mumf 39c AV U39JA R 1 4 AV 1 pt 1 AVIQ 7 K Iquot lt6 r9 leK Example What are the resistance of and the current through a quot100 wattquot light bulb The quot100 W39 would be at 120 562A i 2 W J39 M 7 A new V b9331 I J K R 1wa 5 L KM 11 u a m E d o BM 4 35 lax If I k L atquot gnuquot i W rah Am x X L 155 E Field Lines We use field lines to visualize the electric field Lines are everywhere tangent to E amp hence to F the of lines per unit area is proportional to the strength of E lines start on q39s and end on q39s or at infinity lines are perpendicular to the surfaces of conductors cannot cross 156 Conductors in Electrostatic Equilibrium Electrostatic eguilibrium no net motion of charge Properties 1 E is zero everywhere inside a conductor 2 Any excess charge resides on the surface of a conductor 3 E is perpendicular to the surface 4 Charge accumulates at quotbendsquot and quotcornersquot of a conductor A Dfu l lg f bl FEJ 1 91 ch waly anal1 159 Electric Flux amp Guass39 Law De ne the electric flux 42 as a measure of the of electric field lines penetrating a suface AreazA Normal M004 Thomson HawksCale For a constant E and a fixed area A thequotflux is s hgw39l39 u Suf39Flev 39 5 40 KR talka Flux from a point charge 2004 Thorns BrooksCole 9 0 435 EA 453 lapl at 0 f t 27 t th 435 Note that the flux is constant independent of the surface depending only on the charge inside q Also the flux is or depending on the sign of the charge or direction of the field lines This type of surface a quotclosedquot surface used in relation to charges is often called a quotgaussian surfacequot Karl F Gauss recognized that the flux through E closed surface is proportional to the net charge inside and nothing else This result is known as Gauss39 law Here the Qin represents the net charge enclosed within a surface regardless of C b quotquot its arrangement 515 Note that Gauss39 law doesn39t depend on the size or shape of the gaussian surface Gauss39 law uses an quotexternalquot quantitythe fluxto probe and quotinternalquot quantitythe net charge Homework p 527 Problems 28 31a38 39 42 43 Ch 16 Electrical Energy and Capacitance 161 Potential Difference and Electric Potential This applies to displacement along a line of constant E run4 A 396 Am PE 1 Fur TJ A U affabp E I AIEgt 57 54 l A El AVEgt0 IE9 t i U A AIElt new Electric Potential Much as we de ned the electric as the force per unit charge we de ne the electric otential as the change in electric potential energy per unit charge V c Lair7c c 39Iquot Lnquot A we AV T We typically de ne the quotzeroquot of electric potential energy and of electric potential to be at in nity 5 Ex Ax AV AI g AVERAK K xi V 44 W l Field lines point in the direction of decreasing electric potential sz E szuuv r L yLIu 7 o n 04 Mk L Mquot PM 511 739 9274 Al a 91 E A bb l 31 ZipC 015 ff Ali 69 g M Us Sign P w 4 5 L M7 rl J39v 1 quot 1 439 FL I 1quot J fa L 399 AVgt quotC m 1 IA may All Iee l A FE t AV quot I quotlquot he IH 4 Um 9 cL bu 5 h 44 I L 51 411 14 4 5m 4 4x 1 4 44 A Ki AFE Z0 XIOquotT Kg 3973quot 1 39o Kin 3 39r a I If 7 I x 1 LIL u r Twach illwom 1 Us my Units 5quot Q 1 V11 T sz 31 MV v E339A3 91 y 53 L A Wok warJ7 AJ statI7 Mil u Scng l Q ditch2 I m5 3 7 glcodl39r39h I l i 4 6A e av39m 5u MIL RIP h Vc cloxJ a 1 911 I A39J quot M FtP Mnc 1 V BKIO T HW pp562 563 P39s 1 3 9


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