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Applied Quantitative Analysis for Finance

by: Rose Harvey I

Applied Quantitative Analysis for Finance FIN 203

Marketplace > Wake Forest University > Finance > FIN 203 > Applied Quantitative Analysis for Finance
Rose Harvey I
GPA 3.78

Umit Akinc

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About this Document

Umit Akinc
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rose Harvey I on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FIN 203 at Wake Forest University taught by Umit Akinc in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/230707/fin-203-wake-forest-university in Finance at Wake Forest University.


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Date Created: 10/28/15
Using EXCEL Functions In Place of Probability Tables N ORMSDIST z Returns the left tail probability associated with standard normal distribution 2 eg NORMSDIST 165 950529 the area under the 2 curve up to F165 is 95 N ORMSINV P Returns the 2 value such that left tail probability is P eg NORMSINV 005 164485 about 5 ofz values are smaller than 164485 the left tail N ORMDIST a mu sigma 1 Returns the probability that x lt a for a normal distribution with mean mu standard deviation sigma eg NORMDIST 12 5 2 1 999767 This is the probability that the random variable is less than or equal to 12 for a normal distribution with mean 5 and standard deviation 2 N ORMINV P mu sigma Returns a number such that the cumulative probability up to that number is equal to P eg NORMINV 03 5 2 3950529 There is 30 probability that the random variable is 3905529 or smaller for a normal distribution with mean 5 standard deviation 2 TDIST x df tails f tails 1 returns the onetail probability for x39 if tails2 returns the twotail probability eg TDIST 1729 19 2 100024 The Idistribution with 19 degrees of freedom has 10 of the values either less than 71729 left itail or greater than 1729 righttail TDIST 1 729 19 1 05001270ne tail probability for x 1729 exactly half of twotail probability TINV P df Returns the I value with df degrees of freedom for which the two tail probability is P eg TINV 005 60 2000297 With df 60 statistic is very close to the 2 statistic Probability of Ilt 2 is approximately 25 likewise Probability that lgt2 is 25 CHJDIST a df Returns the probability that Chi Square with df degrees of freedom gt a righttail eg CHIDIST 12 5 034788 This is the probability that chiisquare value with 5 degrees of freedom exceeds 12 CHIINV P dj Returns the value of ChiSquare for which the right tail probability P eg CHIINV 010 4 7779434 This is the value of the chisquare with 4 dfso that the right tail probability is about 10 POISSON x lambda cum Returns the probability of x if cum0 for a Poisson distribution with mean lambda Returns P 0 P 1 Px if cuml eg POISSON 5 25 0 066801 This the probability of an observation of exactly 5 for a Poisson with mean 2539 While POISSON52 5 1 957979 is the cumulative probability atx 5 ie P0 Pl P2 P3 P4 P5 FDIST a dfnum dfden Returns the right tail probability probability that F exceeds some number a eg FDIST 5 2 7 044799 is the probability that the F statistic gt 5 for a distribution having numerator degrees of freedom of 2 and denominator degrees of freedom of 7 FINV P dfnum df den Returns the F value for which the right tail probability is P eg FINV 005 3 5 5409447 is the F value for which the right tail probability is 5


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