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by: Zoie Hoeger

Participation THE 100

Zoie Hoeger
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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Zoie Hoeger on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to THE 100 at Wake Forest University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/230709/the-100-wake-forest-university in Theatre at Wake Forest University.


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Date Created: 10/28/15
B i CLASSROOM TO COURTROOM A Fourth Grade Social Studies Lesson Mrs Anton s class April 23 2008 Vocabulary Judicial branch The branch of government that decides if people are following the law Judicial means judging Civil case A conflict involving large amounts of property or money Criminal cases A case where the act is considered harmful to others and is against the law Usually is punishable by fine imprisonment or community service Misdemeanor A crime that is not very serious Example Traffic violations Felony An offense more serious than misdemeanor Example Armed robbery or murder Defendant A person or people who is accused of criminal offenses Example the bank robbers Plaintiff A person who starts a legal case against someone else Example North Carolina in this case Jury A group of citizens that listen to both sides of a case Citizens can be randomly called to jury duty It is a way to participate in civic affairs Today all of you will be acting as members of a jury for our erv case Court Facts Just like our national government has a judicial branch so does each state government including North Carolina Courts are located in each of the 100 counties of North Carolina Having courts in each county makes it easier for people to settle important questions or arguments The duty of a court is to decide if a person business or even a government office has broken any state laws There are different kinds of courts in North Carolina District Superior and Higher District courts decide if a person is guilty or innocent in criminal cases which can involve misdemeanors A misdemeanor is a crime that is not very serious People found guilty of a misdemeanor are not punished severely Examples of misdemeanors include speeding and traf c violations Superior courts listen to cases about con icts dealing with large amounts of property These are called civil cases Superior courts also listen to criminal cases called felonies A felony is a serious crime such as armed robbery or murder Punishment for people found guilty in civil cases and felonies is more severe than punishment for misdemeanors Ajury is involved in most superior court cases Ajury is a group of citizens that listen to both sides of a case The jury then decides if a person is guilty or not Today your class will be the jury for the case of the Friedman Wilson robbery North Carolina has two higher courts that work with appeals from district and superior courts One of these higher courts is called the North Carolina Court of Appeals and the other is called the Supreme Court of North Carolina The Supreme Court is North Carolina s most powerful court From Living in Our World North Carolina Grade 4 MacmillanMcgrawHill School Press June 1998 Justice and Fairness American Character When you think of justice do you think of our government the Supreme Court or a courtroom full of people Well justice and fairness certainly are important in those places but justice is also an important character trait for everyday life Can you think of a time when you thought you were not treated fairly Maybe you were not recognized for something you worked hard at or maybe someone accused you of doing something you didn t do Wouldn t it be nice everyone were treated fairly in this world Well you can start that right now Do you treat your friends and family fairly Do you ever cheat a little when you re playing cards or any other game When you share something do you always take the bigger half What a friend of yours was accused of stealing Would you listen to both sides of the story or just assume that he was guilty because someone else said so Doing those things isn t very just Being fair in everything we do in our lives will help us build character Others will trust us and know that when they re dealing with us they will be treated fairly North Carolina Studies Weekly V01 9 Issue 2 Second Quarter Week 10 Bank Robbery FacTs Use observaTion and lisTening skills during The video To answer These quesTions Where did The robbery Take place When did iT occur April 2008 aT approximaTely pm Were The robbers holding guns circle one Y N Who commiTTed The crime WhaT did They look like Give specific deTails How much money did They Take Since This was an armed robbery iT is considered a AfTer The video answer This quesTion How does The bank robbery affecT oTher ciTizens WhaT kind of ciTizens do you Think The robbers are IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE FOURTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR FORSYTH COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA Plaintiff v CASE NO 99 666 CF SALLY NOBODY and JANE NOTHING Defendants STATEMENT OF FACTS At 528 pm on April 15 the defendants Sally Nobody and Jane Nothing entered the Friedman Wilson Bank on the campus of Wake Forest University The defendants were dressed in all black clothing with stockings covering their faces They walked right up to the bank counter with small guns and demanded all of the bank s cash The bank teller nervously put money in the bags given to him by the robbers and handed them back The defendants took the money and ran out of the bank The police responded to a 911 call placed by the bank after the robbery and took the bank s inside and outside security camera tapes Officers were able to identify the defendants from the footage on the tapes The defendants were brought in to court on one count each of armed robbery which is a felony in the state of North Carolina The entire amount of money stolen has been recovered and returned to the Friedman Wilson Bank During the hearing of the case at Vienna Elementary School in Pfafftown North Carolina the people of the state of North Carolina attempted to bring justice to the community of the Friedman Wilson Bank The prosecution alleges that the defendants stole 200000 in cash from the bank and demand they return the money as well as face criminal consequences which would involve bank time The lawyers showed evidence that attempted to prove their guilt including a stocking worn during the robbery footage from the security tapes at the bank and one of the bags used in the crime that was found in one defendant s home The defendants argued that they were not guilty Their lawyer called up a witness that saw the defendants in their Science class at the time of the robbery It is now up to the jury made up of citizens of Forsyth County in North Carolina to decide on the nature of the citizenship of the defendants Jury Duty is lmpo anf m MHer me mumn mum 1 paragraph 10 r m 1uWM m w W m m u wry um m mpnmmm u hum 2 u M Wquot nm N m m mange c mummn a may a m AM dmum x mm 7 W n 3 yum mm 439 MW nllvnr mlm nm 4 nu m mwml M gum or mun mum m mglv my Wm 01 Imluury pvrmnur l x um 9 or and Why 31quot w ammo ulml am m rlmmrrvrnhn m mm mm as WNW l uwunmvywwmvovnnkoummm Vim r 1 v A my may Pabhcanmu 2002


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