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Selected Topics GPU Software

by: Melyssa Aufderhar

Selected Topics GPU Software CSC 391

Marketplace > Wake Forest University > ComputerScienence > CSC 391 > Selected Topics GPU Software
Melyssa Aufderhar
GPA 3.56

Jennifer Burg

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About this Document

Jennifer Burg
Class Notes
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This 108 page Class Notes was uploaded by Melyssa Aufderhar on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSC 391 at Wake Forest University taught by Jennifer Burg in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/230721/csc-391-wake-forest-university in ComputerScienence at Wake Forest University.


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Date Created: 10/28/15
a Erigljs h 9 39 W 39 39 Masterin T I VI yrquot 9DmmMachine v ReBirth Input Device Multiple Effects Prowssors gt Combinator Devim Shelving and Parametric E05 Mas r Song Seq near 7 Pattern Sequencer 393 64 Channel Audio Output 9 64 Channel ReVWre Output 6 512 Band Vowder 7 CV Pressing Tools Full Automation 9 Total Recall propellerhsa k prapellerhe Operation Manual by Synklon Anders Nordmark V vepvoduoed ov Jo any puvpose V ABov mm m y Uademavks umm y y d 0 HEFIEEIN ECOLOOOVV DQUI mmmMMA 17 Installation Welcome About the manuals What is in the Reason package Requirements About the Audio Hardware About MIDI Interfaces Upgrading vs New Installations Installing the Software Setting Up About this Chapter First run Reason Setup Wizard About the Preferences Setting up the Audio Hardware Setting up MIDI Setting the default song Quick Tutorial About this Chapter Playing a Song Creating a new song Guided Tour Common Operations and Concepts About this Chapter Conventions in the Manual Making Settings Tool Tips Context menus Undo Window Techniques amp HEHsuN TABLE OF CONTENTS Audio Basics About this chapter How Reason communicates with your audio hardware About Sample Rates and Resolutions About Audio Levels Master Tune Nlanaging the Rack About this Chapter Navigating in the Rack Creating Devices Selecting Devices Deleting Devices Reordering Devices Duplicating Devices Cut Copy and Paste A Quick Note on Routing Naming Devices Folding and Unfolding The Sequencer Basics About the Sequencer Sequencer window handling Managing Tracks About the two Views About the Ruler Song Position and Locators Transport Controls Overview Setting Up for Recording Recording Playback and Positioning Mute and Solo What else can I do in the sequencer Introduction to the Combinator What is the Combinator device Creating a layered instrument Combi patch a tutorial About the Programmer Using Pattern Devices About this chapter What are Pattern Devices Selecting Patterns Programming a Pattern Clearing a Pattern Using Cut Copy and Paste Pattern Functions The Browser Background About the Browser Opening the browser Browser elements Navigating in the Browser Crossbrowsing patch files Using the Search function Opening files Using Favorites Handling Missing Sounds Working with Patches About Patches Selecting a Patch Saving Patches Copying and Pasting Patches between Devices Initializing Patches 101 O I 103 1 O J OOOO Ulbbb 105 106 107 Song File Handling About Selfcontained Songs Song Information Saving a Song Publishing a Song Opening a Song Closing a Song Creating a New Song Creating a Default Song Exporting as an Audio File Index amp REFISDN TABLE OF CON TENTS nsnsun TABLE OF CONTENTS 0 HEFIEEIN Welcome Thank you for purchasing Reason 3039 Version 30 is the third major update of Reason and this time We have designed the update With live playing in mind With the powerful Combinator device an updated and expanded sound bank a completely new Browser the awesome Remote technology and also a new range of mastering effect devices We think as it is on stage Replacing expensive and easily outdated hardware With easyrtoruse cool sounding software has always been our mission And With Reason 3 We feel L L 4 L x L by bnngr l r ing it on stagel A strong driving force for us at PropellerHeadOuarters is the communication With all the people around the world that use our applications for expressing themselves One meeting point for all of us is the song archives and message oards on our web pages This is a unique forum Where professionals and be ginners meet on equal terms to exchange music and ideas Even more imporr tantly it s a forum open to youl Share your experiences by communicating With nd others and by uploading your songs for others to hear We think you Will appreciate the feedback from other Reason users all over the World Just as much as We appreciate the feedback We getfrom you So see you on the Propellerhead webl Yours truly The Propellerhead Software Team wwwpropeerheadsse ampREHSDN INSTALLATION About the manuals T h g covering h L 4 procedures in Reason It also contains a tutorial section and a guided tour to help you get going With the program TL n 4 L 4 the n u a file in Adobe Acrobat quotpdfquot format This and other pdf documents are In39 stalled With the program 7 you find them in the Documentation folder inside your p The n u l 4 a scriptions of a Reason devices and commands will need the Adobe Acrobat ater Sin is o d the Operation Manual you Reader application version 5 D or some in a ouse o ity chances are you at ready have it installed on your computer If not run the Acrobat Reader installer included on the Reason program disc I has become About Mac and Windows Reason runs under Mac OS X and Windows for operating system details see below A Reason packages contain program versions for both platforms Evr erythan 2 de u L L r u Y I r u 4 If ll OS X r the Reason menu which is not present under Windows This contains the Prefr erences menu item otherWise found on the Editmenu Li quot4 Virtually all screenshots in the manuals are from the Windows ver sion of Rea on However the contents of all windows and dialogs are the same on both platforms What is in the Reason package When you purchase Reason the package contains the followmg items 9 The Program Disc CD n A r V bat format and an installer for Adobe Acrobat Reader There Will also be ad ditional files such as promotional material demo versions of other Propellerhead Software products etc The FactorySound Bank CD This contains the Reason Factory Sound Bank a large file containing samr nla L 4 I w n n r hard disk the first time you launch Reason see page 1 0 for more information The Orkester CD This contains the Reason Orkester Sound Bank This is also copied to your hard disk the first time you launch Reason see page 10 for more informa tion The printed documentation The product authorization card This contains the license number required for the installation Keep this card in a safe place in case you need to reinstall Reasonl Requirements Deio you in llllu Note that these are the minimum requirements You will benefit f f rom a fast computer with a lot o RAM since this will allow you to use more devices at the same time Mac OS X G3 G4 or G5 processor sufficiently fast to run Mac OS X 102 256 MB RAM 2 GB free hard disk space CDVROM drive Mac OS X 102 or later A MIDI interface and a MIDI keyboard recommended Windows Intel Pentium 3 or better 300 MHz or faster 256 MB RAM 2 GB free hard disk space V OM drive Windows 2000XP or later 256 color monitor or better 800x600 or larger A 16 bit Windows compatible audio card preferably With an ASIO or Dir r c drive A MIDI interface and a MIDI keyboard recommended INSTALLATION About the Audio Hardware YL 4 L 4 L r equmem 4 I mm from Reason to analog audio signals for connection to an amplifier headr phones or similar This equipment could be a standard stereo sound card a USB audio interface the builtrin audio hardware on a Macintosh or some more 4 4 4 4 L Id r 4 what Vela Regardless of which you need to make sure the hardware and its drivers are properly installed Mac OS X If you are using the builtin audio hardware of the Macintosh In this case you don t need to make any extra settings Just connect the audio output to your listening equipment speakers mixer headphones or similar and make sure your Mac plays audio properly If you are using other audio hardware You may Want to use other audio hardware With Reason eg an audio interface L 39 39 etc For r the audio hardware must be compatible With Mac OS X that is there must be a Mac OS X driver available for the card Install the audio hardware and its drivers as described in its docu mentation 2 39 iisie 9 equipment speakers mixer headphones or similar For info about ow quotr39 t L p see the Operation Manual pdf For now We stick to standard stereo connecr tions 5quot If possible 39 0K 39 With some audio hardware a test application is supplied for this purpose ampREHSDN INSTALLATION Windows 9 If possible you should use ASIO compatible audio hardware ie audio hardware for which there is an ASIO driver ASIO drivers generally provide better performance and lower latency see page 1 4 9 If there is no ASIO driver available you should make sure your au 39 card supports DirectX DirectX is a Microsoft protocol for handling audio and other multimedia as pects 9 As a last resort you could use audio cards that don t support ASIO or DirectX provided that they are Windows compatible In this case Reason Will communicate With the audio hardware via MME n a or 39 latency values see page 14 making realrtime playback of instrument de vices difficult or even impossible Regardless of which type of audio hardware or drivers you are using you should follow these basic steps L 1 39 iui 39 Please check the manufacturer s Web site for the latest versions 2 Install the audio hardware and its drivers as described in its docu mentation 3 39 listening equipment speakers mixer headphones or similar For t L how i L L output see the Operation Manual pdf For now We stick to standard stereo connections 4 If possible test that audio plays had properly with the audio hard war In h A O drivers y u or plication for quot rectX or MME drivers you can use Windows Media Player application for About MIDI Interfaces quotquot39 by playing patterns and loops only or draWIng notes and automation In thesequencer thi would not allow you to use the program to its full potential From now on sume mm 4 4 4 mu le that r typically a MIDI keyboard With a bUIIHn USB interface n i 9 When installing the MIDI interface and its drivers follow the in structions in its documentation carefully 9 While a MIDI interface with a single input is sufficient you will benefitfrom having two or more individual inputs is is especially true if you Want to manipulate Reason parameters With adr ditiona Ml quot 39 4 a I DI r n external standralone sequencer groove machine or similar ome MIDI interf SB no driver installation is re to gol m or s aces connected via U quired Just plug in the interface and you re ready 4 4 east to I 4 u d quot 4 Please consult the documentation that came With the interface for details d MIDI Connections 9 Simply connect the USB cable from your keyboard to your com uter Although many USB MIDI keyboards are plugandplay some may require a driver to be installed Consult the documentation that came With your MIDI keyboard 9 Connecta MIDI cablefrom the MIDI Out on your MIDI keyboard or Iher MIDI controller to a MIDI In on your MIDI interface This is sufficient to be able to play and record notes and controllers in Rear son from the MIDI keyboard Outfrom the MIDI interface to the MIDI In on your MIDI keyboard This is not strictly necessary to use Reason but it Will enable tworway com munication when you run the Reason Setup Wizard which a pears the first time Reason is launched see page 12 or when using Autordetect Surr faces in the Preferences Whether autordetection works or not depends on the keyboard model 39 39 um uu a o use we recommend that you connect them to separate MIDI ports or directly to the computer using USB We as Upgrading vs New Installations If 0 r recommendation is that you uninstall the previous version be fore installing the new o e Under Windows please use the Uninstall feature Under Mac 08 Just drag the program files to the Trash Uninstalling Will ensure that there is no confur sion between versions and that shortcuts and aliases point to the right files etc E an INSTALLATION Installing the Software Running the Installer Now It s tIme to Install the actual Reason software 9 Insert the Reason CD labeled Program Disc into your CDROM drive What to do next depends on whether you are InstallIng on a Mac or a Win dows computer Windows 1 0n the CDROM locate thefile called Install Reason and double did on i Under WIndows the Installer may automatIcally start when you Insert the CD dependan on your system settIngs 2 Follow the instructions on scree Before executIng the InstallatIon of the software components you WIII be 39 4 and whether 1 shortcutJaIIas on your desktop When the Installation Is complete you have the optIon of launchIng Reason dIrectly Mac OS On the Mac there Is only a folder called Reason 7 sImply drag thIs to the Appll39 canons folder on your hard dIsk About the Sound Banks ThefIrst tIme you launch Reason you WIII be asked to Insert the Reason Factory Sound Bank and the Orkester Sound Bank These each consIst of one bIg fIIe contaInIng a large number of patches samples and loops servIng as your maIn supply of sounds much Ike the sound ROM In a synthesIzer These are copIed to your hard dIsk and are requIred to run the program Launching the Program Now the Reason les have been Installed In a folder on your hard dIsk Under Wmdn L 44 Ga 4 possIbly you WIII have a Reason shortcut on the Desktop 1 Check for any ReadMe tiles in the Reason folder or on the Start menu and open and read these ReadMe les may contaIn Important last mInute InformatIon that dIdn t make It Into thIs manual 2 Launch the program by double clicking the Reason icon or by se lecting the Reason item from theStart menu ampREHSDN INSTALLATION 3 First a Licensing Agreement is shown Read It through and cIck Agree to proceed 4 You will now be asked to insert the Orkester CD in your CDROM drive The OIkesIeI L p u the Rear son Program folder DurIng thIs process thch WIII take a thle varIous splash screens are shown along WIth a progress meter 5 Next you will be asked to insert the FactorySound Bank CD in your C ROM drive The Factory Soundbank WIII also automatIcally be copIed Into the Reason Program folder 6 Fill in the authorization form that appears Your Icense number can be found on the product authorIzatIon card In39 cluded In the pac ge L J 39 1 1 WIN WW of the program at the Propellerhead web sIte RegIsterIng gIves you ImmedIate access to varIous bene ts such as free extra sounds for Reason You must have a working Internet connection to be able to register online 9 If you click the Register Now button your Internet browser will la n ke you to the registration page on the Propellerhead web site p g Allel cIck the ContInue button In the InstallatIon dIalog 9 If you don t want to register at this point did the Later button g a an rm tact menu Mac or Help menu WIndows In Reason or by goIng to wwwpropellerheadseregIster ThIs completes the InstallatIon and the program Is opened but a new dIalog ap pears named Reason Setup WIzardquot thch WIII guIde you through the basIc settIngs needed to use Reason ThIs Is descrIbed In the SettIng Upquot chapter so Just leave thIngs as they are for now and go to the next chapter 0 HEFIEEIN About this Chapter ThIs chapter TL a y r Rea on In order t g to be able to play and control Reason vIa MIDI First run Reason Setup Wizard If you followed the InstructIons correctly In the last chapter Reason should be runnIng and the rst dIalog In the Reason Setup WIzardquot guIde should be 0 en ThIs only appears the very rst tIme the program Is run Welcome To Reasanl We Iecamm m lhalyau clIck Next In sue2W hasIcAudIa and Mega KeybaaId settIngs HoweveI m pIeleI you can clIck Eancel and laleI make these settIngs m the PIeleIences dIang Epwpymwwmmg Note that any settings made in the Setup Wizard can always be changed later in the Preferences ClIckIng Next WIll take you through a serIes of dIalogs where the folloWIng hapr pens 9 The Setup Wizard will first try to find a compatible audio driver It WIll automatically select the rst compathle drIver It nds lf thIs Is the drIver you WIsh to use me If It Isn t select your preferred drIver from the AudIo DrIver poprup If you don t know thch drIver to use see page 13 9 Next Reason will try to autodetect a master MIDI keyboard If one Is found and you want to use thIs clIck Use and proceed amp HEHsuN SETTING UP 9 If Reason can39t find the keyboard you have connected or if you clicked Don39t Use you will be asked to specify a master keyboard manually ThIs Is done by rst selectIng a Manufacturer and then a model If your on thIs lIst select Other 7 see below For Reason to autodetect a device you need twoway MIDI commu nication NonUSB keyboard devices without a MIDI input can of course still be added manually Note that your keyboard model is not necessarily one that Reason knows This is especially true for older models You can still use such a MIDI keyboard by selecting other from the Manufacturer popup 9 You will also have to specify a MIDI port to use ThIs can be done manually or by playIng a few notes on your keyboard 9 Note that if you have additional remote control surface devices in your setup these will have to be added in the Preferences see page 13 The Setup WIzard WIll only establIsh a connected master MIDI keyboard der VIce If all wentwell y u qu c L Adoplayk I 4 WIN launch and brIng up the default song However If for any reason the Setup WIzard faIled to establIsh the necessary settIngs or If you WIsh to add other devIces etc you have to make settIngs In rences to dIrect MIDI Read on About the Preferences quotquot39 d u 4 39 ThIsIs menu or If 08 X menu aererereneee Page General germ Mereemmnge limwel re Appearance v Malian aw PavamelevValue Tool llD aw Au amalmn lndloalmn 9 3 Mlsoellaneaus gt m sagetlrwl m L Use ngh Resalulmn Samples Ehanges lake elleol when new Samples are loaded The Preferences dialog 5 Described herein are or inferma Dperaucm Manual y ihe most imi miam settings in t Prefer tion about other Preferences settings see the par in Setting up the Audio Hardware In case thIs wasn t done In the Setup leard you need to establlsh a connecr L n 4 L 4 L 4 n 4 L 4 m u u w r we L meaudlo hardware Proceed as follows 1 In the Prefere noes dialog use the popup menu at the top to select theAudio page aererereneee Am Ian Driver Exclaim was Sample Rate Bulls Size Bun We lsl e we mum Latency tereneemenem We 5 meme 2mm Flay m Backgmund Pull down the Audio Card Driver popup menu and select one of the options Whlch optIon to select depends on the platform and the audlo hardware If n option Is not appllcable to your setup It WIll be greyed out In the dIalog IIN SETTING UP Mac OSX 4 About Latency and other Audio Set har ln the audro n o The 39 39 39 1diti p that you have installed Lateney Windows aurrer Slze ll you are using audio hardwarelorwhich there is a specilicASlo driver you should select this Wrth an ASlO drrverwrrtten speerlreallylorthe audro hardware Reason ean eornrnunreate rnore or less drreetly wrththe audro hardware The benelrts are wareteatures sueh as nultrple outputs Sound driverlor the audio hardware Thrs rna es e on eornrnunreate wrththe hardware vla Drreet Sound a part a oggewre 3 uurpur Lulunay 52 ml r u lseml you aetually hear rt The lateney rn an audro systern depends on the audro hard ware rts dllvels and therr settrngs deyreetrorn a MlDl keyboard Vou may also notree that reaetrons are delayed when adlusllng eontrols on the deyree panels tor example rt you lower the voln ume ol a d l k as or the Mrerosolt Drreetx package Vou need to have Drreetx rnstalled on your eornputer r ware Audla erd Drryer Senplehete BullelSlze The Dlred Sound dnyertur a Creatrye SaundEllssler F39Cl 12rd selected ll the audio hardware doe Direct Sound driver availa MME driver t sn t support Direct Sound iethere is no blelorthe audio hardware select the Thls makes use or Wrndows Multrrnedra Extensrons the part or Wrndows that handles audro MlDl ete Usng MME otten results rn larger lateney valn ues see below ampe ll you expellerloe hrgh lateney values you wrll need to make adluslmenls to your eonlrguratron r l ayarlable usethe Butter Slze slrder to lowerthe lateney r l thrs rs greyed out you may be ableto lower the butter slze rn the eontrol panel tor the audro hardware 7 ollokthe Control Panel button to openthrs For mole rntorrnatron please eonsult the Operatron Manual Setting up MIDI fn Reason Mfo keyboards or remofe confrof deyfces are caffed confrof sur faces Mfo fnbuf from confrof surfaces rs nandfed by a sysfem caffed Remote Here are some of fne mafn feafures fn case you specfffed a masfer keyboard fn fne Sefub szard and you don t naye any ofner confrof surfaces you don t naye fo do anyfnfng efse Buf ff you wanf fo ad addfffonaf confrof surfaces or edff your sefffngs fnfs rs done fn fne Preferences Adding a control surface box llnnh You don t naye fo cnange fne sefffngs on fne confrof surface fo confrof dffe d o b erfo f bf f frack fo a Mafsfrom track fne confrof surface wa aufomaffcaffy adabf d for aff for b n l v fne program nandfes fne resl w 2 chi aquot you can use generic drivers se fempfafes or semngs compaffbfe wnh Note however that Remote drfvers for addflfonal control surfaces wa be added conffnuousfy e cneck our web page for rnore fnfo By default all control surfaces follow the sequencer MIDI input Tnfs rneans fnaf you sef Mfo fnpuf fo a frack fn fne sequencer fo roufe fne confrof surfaces fo fne frack s deyfce fn fne rack For example you coufd naye a masfer keyboard fnaf foffows Mfo fnpul wnffeanofnerconfrof surface fsfocked fofne maf mfxerfn fne rack Tnfs lfmes eraffon Manuaf to a specific Reason parameter or function For example you coufd overrfdermap a knob or fader on your confrof surface fo fne mfxer s rnasfer feyef fader Oryou cou d rnap buffons on your confrof surface fo confrof Reason s fransporf play slop record efc J af aH Ifmes rer 4 mm a a e fne oberaffon Manuaf ff you naye sucn a confrof surface and ff rs subborfed by Reason 3 0 you can fake fuff adyanfage ofmoforfzed faders mefers dfsbfays efc Control Surface Details y 2 If your control surface is connected via USB or if you have made a twoway MIDI connection try clicking the Autodetect Surfaces utton Reason scans aff Mfo borfs and fnes fo fdenfffy fne connecfed confrof sure faces Nofe fnaf nof aH confrof surfaces supporf aufordefecffon referees Page annafarfaees Affaened Surfaces P R We rs fne nasfef kevhaafd pUsewflhReasan V munquot u 33e Mndel Evululfan LIE 332 fausenuneasr y 3 To add a control surface manually click the Add button Tb b a drafog 4 turer popup menu Hyou can t nd H on the menu see below or menu If you can t nd ff on the menu see below amp HEHSDN SEWING UP n an s e us u 39 alo with some information text read this carefully of some contfot surfaces you need to setect a spectrtc preset to use the surface wtth Reason 7 thts ts noted here modern Membeuer tbeeprer ire Moder beeketh Whenyau use tke Daevlev Packet not wtth Reason You need to make sure that preset 85 rs seteeted and that preset 85 hasn t been changed ham the lactmy delautt Ta seteet preset as set th ta l l l where ts all and rs an Fm mare tnla pteese see the Eantmt Surlace Detatts Me n the Reason Dacumentattan latdev mp swttches an the back Name Daevler Packet pd MtDt tnvut that seteeted have connected the surfa39oe tf tn doubt you can ctrcktne Ftnd button and then tweaka controt or ptay a key on b Reason frnd b u menu You need to setect ports on at MtDt tnput pop39up menus n some cases tnrs tabeted Opttonat r then you don t have to make a setecr tron tn other cases a MtDt Output rs reourred Thts rs the case rftne controt surface uses MtDt feedback 7 rnotor fader dtsptays etc 8 If quotm 9 Click OK to add the surface a 39 mmin im mm to select a specific preset etc tn some cases n p b setttngs for you you are then tnroffned or thtS FtnaHy you return to the Controt Surfaces Preferences page where your added surface ts now hsted ampHEHSDN SElTING UP If your control surface model isn t listed tfyou can t frnd your controt surface trsted on the Manufacturer or Modet po nu menus when you try to a tt tnts means that there s no nattve s modet However the program supports genertc keyboards and controHers Here s what to do e o o 9 3 a DSIBIJ umer quotn m quotI one of the three options on the Model popup menu or rftne Manufacturer ts trsted but not your specrfrc modet aulvu uquot tn both cases the optrons are Basrc MtDt Keyboard u me nee vulul r o buy tons or faders Thts ts used for ptayrng onty rnctudrng performance controtr b b b 4 mod wneet etc 4 parameters thh thtS type of contfot surface have a MtDt controHer wtth programmable knobs buttons thhout keyboar J ou need to set up your controt surface so that the controHers send the corn 4 4 u u n 4 0 b e r v h t MtDt p b the tatton tfyour controt surface has temptates or presets for dtfferent Reason 2 5 deytces tnese can be used MtDt Keyboard wtth Controts Setect thts ts you have a MtDt keyboard wtth programmabte knobs buttons or f ders Agatn you need to set your controHers to send the rtght MtDt 00s After setectrng a rnodet proceed wtth setectrng MtDt tnput as descrtbed aboye L quot neyuua u One of the controt surfaces can be the master keyboard Thts ts ttke any other controt ur a h b 4 Reason devtce tn other words tt atways foHows the MtDt tnput to the sen quencer Tnts ts the surface you use to ptay the tnstfufnent deytces tn Reason qullu uy autu 39 39 neywam ans ts shown tn the Attached Surfaces trst on the Preferences page I select it In the list and click the Make Master Keyboard button You can onty have one master keyboard If you don t want to use any master keyboard at all select the cur rent taste now labeled Use No Master Keyboardquot Other functions 9 To edit a surface double clic in the list or select it and did I ThIs lets you change Its name and MIDI port settlngs If needed To delete a surface select it in the list and click Delete ox ThIs could be useful If the surface Is connected to your system but you only want to use It wrth another program etc You can turn off a surface by deactivating its Use with Reason checkb There is also an Advanced MIDI page in the Preferences ThIs Is only used for External Control MIDI buses and for MIDI Clock Sync ln39 put All handsron MIDI control Is set up on the Control Surfaces page Setting the default song Every n 4 talns a few devIces and sequencer data and can be played Every time yo 7 u se lect New from the FIIe menu a default template song WIthout sequencer 4 I 4 4 n L 4 4 wrth polnt for creaan your own songs Y n however decIde exactly what you want the default song to look Ilke In thefollowrng wa 1 I u r r r the General page Open the Preferences dialo g from the Edit menu or Reason menu if you are running Mac OS X at the top of remen Am Eanlml Sails2 Advanced mm liable Annnanan w PavamelevValue Taal rip snaw Ammnanan Indication S U Miscellaneous EPLI Usage tnu aux M Ueenenneeeunenm e p Ehanges lake ellecl wnen new Samples ave loaded I to select an SETTING UP a m me middle o1 this pagerhere is z seaion emined Dedzult Songquot Vou naye thvee enorees Empty Raek x Bum n and lust orn Dereuu Song 0 Empty Rack 0 Burn m Eusmm stce aneaus Se eot wnren one you want to use by ohokmg the oonespondmg radro buts ron Empty PaokrThws rs an emptyvaok WeH a most empty smoe u oomamsthe eason nardware Menace Bum n 39WHenthws rs se eo ed aunohmg Reason wru open a base demo worn the He menu wru open atemp a e song wnh a m no segueneer data Norernar u rs not bossrbxe to openthese songs by vegu av means rvwa the o n rndebendenw meres and rnus do not resrde anywnere nthe Reason roxder s s a s o a custom deraun song Any Reason song ean be use y so w you ouen ereare songs usmg the same or snnnar deyree setup you ean use a breyrousxy oveated song as the deraun song ans way aH new songs you ereare wru Haveme same deyree setup 0 3 A 2 a To selea z cusmm decaun song diokrhe Folder ioonrorherigm and browse rorhe desired Reason song Tne name or the se eoted song wru then be dwsp ayed m thetex box oereurrsond VRack Euslam 1T me ms Mreoeueneoue amen sEmNe up 0 HEFIEEIN About this Chapter This chapter is a quick introduction to the basics in Reason laid out as stepby step tutorials At the end of the chapter you will also find a guided tour de scribing the different areas and devices in the program Before you proceed with the tutorials you should have connected your equipment and made settings for audio and MIDI as described in the previous chapters I Playing a Song 1 If you haven39t launched Reason yet do so 2 Pull down the File menu and select Open The Song Browser dialog appears 3 Navigate to the Reason program folder 4 Open the Demo Songs folder and select the song Tutorial Songrns 5 Click Open The document window for the song is displayed on screen This consists of a virtual rack with devices this song contains four instrument devices and two effects a sequencer section and a transport panel 6 Click the play button on the transport panel at the bottom of the window Playback starts If everything is properly connected you should now hear Reason play The stop button The play button I ll 39l l UVEHDUH H 7 39 EPLACLE 7 Click the stop button to stop playback when you39ve heard enough Now try out some realtime mixing 8 Click the stop button again This moves the song position to the start of the song allowing you to play the song from the beginning again HEFIEDN QUICK TUTORIAL 9 Near the top of the rack is a mixer device make sure this is visible You may need to scroll the view using the vertical scrollbar to the right in the rack or the scroll wheel on your mouse if it is equipped with one The scrollbar The Mixer If you look at the mixer you will see that each mixer channel has a tape strip next to the volume fader If a device is connected to a mixer channel the tape strip is labeled with the device name In this song there are only four instrument devices so only the four first mixer channels are labeled a IETRACTOR Vs TNT i7 SAMPLE 10 Click the play button to start playback 11 While the song is playing click and drag the faders to adjust the level of each instrument device 12 Try changing the pan setting stereo position of a channel by click ing the pan knob above the fader and dragging up or down Dragging up will turn the knob clockwise dragging down will turn it counter clockwise Yo may also wanl lo add some elleds lo lne music lnlhls song lhele arelwo C t as rea mg a new song send elleels non lne mixer allowing youlo speerly now nuen ol eaen mlxel channel Signal should be sew 0 each el39eo lnlhls lulonal we will slarl wllh an enply raok lo let you add youl own devices 1 Raiselhe Aux send level knobs al lhelop o1 a mixer channel W 50W Sendl d Ldl w 4 LL l Lluli menu You ean naye seyeral song dooumems open in Reason aune sanelnne but eaen song uses some memoly and oonpuung power so ll s good praeuee lo elose songs you don t need 2 Pull down me File menu and selea Open Navigarerorne Reason program lolder and open rne Templare Doc um ems lolder Finally let s ny tweaking some oonnols on an aelual lnstlumem deyree lo 4 salad meme Emmy Runner my dick open n no rn nnd A W samewa y y 1 Normally when you creale a new song you would select New Unless you naye avery large sereen lne Sublraelor device lsrlt visible ngnl m me File menu This comma opens he damquot song see now You eould use lne solpoaHo soloH lne lack down but Hele s a quickel P199 05 The M 39 In song comm I yew devices W i way you have ser lhings up so lhal lire delaull song is Empty chlunsquot u nu nil 39 l w an innr nn 4 quotme Summon in hemck quot5 myquot ye above See page 105 lor insrruorions on selling uprne delaulr song Tne lack is automatically soloHed lo blng lne Subllaolol device into View 5 pull down me Cram menu quotd salad Mixer 1 15 Try zdjus ng some param erers whilerne song is playing A wxev device is vealed in we lack You may lor example wanl lo lweaklhe Flhel l Fleq slider lo enangelne I The remquot why you should 5quotquot Wm 2 mm device is quotm 1 sub WWW 6 5W bass 5W sequenl devices you add will lhen aulomalically be conneaed lo a mixer channel a Pull down rne ereare menu and selea Subrracror Analog Synrn That ooneludes lne lnsl lulonall Now let s move on lo oreaung a Reason song hem solaloh and men Redrum Drum ompurer You naye now added lwo lnstlumem devices lo lne lack ll you look in lne seoueneer you will nole that lwo Hacks naye automatically been added one lor lne synthesizel and one lorl e dlum machine E l in nee uems lj smouon amen oumnronu Now you could try playing the Subtractor synth live provided you have a MIDI keyboard or similar hooked up 7 5 In the sequencer click in the In column for the synthesizer track to the left of the name so that a keyboard symbol is highlighted This symbol indicates that incoming MIDI is routed to the track And since the track is connected to the Subtractor device any notes you play on your MIDI keyboard will be sent to the synth El I r I Yquot I In Flee Name MIDI routed to the Subtractor track Try playing your MIDI keyboard What you hear now is the default Init sound of the Subtractor which may not be so inspiring You could start tweaking the parameters to create a sound of your own or you could select one of the included synth patches and tweak this to your liking Click the folder button on the Subtractor panel This opens the Patch Browser dialog ITI F lEquot Ham on Lngmm Hm Trlg 039 Q Mona Ci Low EW Parlnmnnm REHEDN QUICK TUTORIAL In the Browser Locations list to the left click on Reason Factory Sound Bank This is one huge ReFiII containing a large number of patches and samples that are included with Reason when you purchase it Double click the folder Subtractor Patches This contains a number of folders with different sound categories Open one of the folders and select a patch The patch is loaded in the background you can try out the patch while play ing you keyboard without closing the Browser Try selecting other patches in the Browser to audition them Click OK to confirm a selection and to close the Browser Once you have selected a patch this way you can step between the patches in the same folder by clicking the up and down arrow but tons next to the patch display Alternatively you can click in the patch name display to bring up a context menu with all the patches in the folder 9 TRACTOR DULYFHU NI G EYNTHEEIIER v Hum III Lzw aw Lngum Hch at Mon F E ll n lnnln Pairp SYMTH 1 u lunch Fnrlnl Them may a so be dmevem panamemsemngsconne dmevem dmm soundsr amnese ser 1 Tmsopensme patch bvowseHloe dmm maornne aHowmg youto se eo a R edmm patch a dmm kn Note ma mene are coxden bu ons ov eaon dmm Drum sound chann s sound oharmeHoor mess 2 you add dmm samp es one by one and meats om own dmm kns Luau Samp ehu nns rne se g si path We ue Tne Ss s Damn hunun l warms l 311152 15 mom lheurnm sounds In dlcklnu me auumon humans at melon 0 each arm sounu channel 145elea a Re rnm pawn In me same way as you seleaea a sumac Iornatch The patches ave ooa ed m oa egomoxdenswnmn unecoxdenWednunn Dmm Ms m we Reason Fadony Sound Bank Now evs Stan bm dmg apa em By decaun me empty pa ems have smeen 5 2 5 mm eaon s1ep oonespondmg to asmeemh no e sotha me ength 0Q a pa em 5 one 44 be To make thmgs swmp e we H keepthws se mg ov new dance panel a ed oyme mrmmg LED on me step b n m loe demos pane Nommg M be nesnd smoeyou dmm beatsye 1s Cllck me Run mmon on the Re rnm The pa em wwH s1an p a ng as mdwo ounons at me o o haven t added any 3 l1 cllckrne selea puuon lor one o1 rnedruln sounds lrr Redrurn you add dlum beats lor one sound al me llme IECIckoll lhellrs sxep purron marked 1 The bullon lrgms up lndloallng a dlum beat quot u v r B luldd Choklng alrl slep bullonle lemove we bear more drunr heats pv cllcklnc other sxep puuons rlna n n n ml r r I uelodly levels depends on me saunas You can also mills me dlnarnlcs quoton me llyquot by presslns Shlit ol w n I III rldlck lol narrl heats Omlon1Alx1dlcklol 521 beats IE39IEIIJ ma 0 e Minllml km drum 21 lo sxop rne plavpack cllck the Run puuon acaln am comm Nowlry leooldlng some symh noles lnlhe sequencer n cllck ln rneln column lonhe svnrneslzerrrackln rne Sellllenoer so that rneMlDl conneaor svmpol appears 2 cllckrne record button In rnerranspon panel The calrng record slandby mode rre Fast FUNan alum DEF NF rd 3 SH bullon lrgms up rndr rre pa hlmun rs lulranua quotMEN The nemrd humquot The Slap cum The newrrd cum 14Cllcklhe plav purron ecordrng ls aclryaled andlrre dlum macmne pallern aulomalloa y s1ans News 29 When vou reuolle cllckrne sxop lumen 71 song You can also ollok and noldlne rewrrrd bullon Frnally let s record some aulornalron olasynlnesrzerparameler lnlmsexample we aulornale me culolr lreduency loe lrller Flllel 1 Fred bul you can aulo male any palamelelyou llke 2p Rewlllu rnesonc rorne peclnnlnc acaln 10 Make surerne ouerdupReplace swlrch lusx pelow the record hm ron ls In the ouerdup poslrlon vlous leooldlng M The memoReplace switch H and rnen rne plav purron ecordrng s1ans Youle heallhe recorded synlh noles belng played back 1 cllckrne record purron R 2 Cllckznd am we men Fm smer on me Summdor new meson Hymn ma the Suh rac rnr panehyuu Wm nmetha th re 5 agrsequot Vrame amund the member quotW m mdxca ss m the parameter s aummatsi 5 I7le haduhe song 292m Vuu Wm see the Vmershder mmmg may as yuu muvsi m dunng remrdmg m mncmdss m 59mm human 31quot WWWsz Guided Tour On the following pages you will find a brief guided tourquot through the program 39 s This helps you get familiar with the different devices and their use The Rack The Back If you press Tab or select Toggle Rack FrontRear on the Options menu the rack will be turned to show you the back gzlamhmk us File m Create ovum Windaw Help This is the virtual rack the heart of Reason At the top of the rack you will always find the Hardware Interface which allows Reason to communicate with the au dio hardware and MIDI interfaces Below this you can add as many different de vices ou want or as many as your computer can handle Read more about the different devices below amp HEFIEIZIN QUICK TUTORIAL l a rammima Fl m m ow WWW Help ummm Here the back panel of each device in the rack is shown As you can see con nections between devices are indicated by virtual patch cablesquot Connections between instrument devices and mixers use red cables connections to or from effect devices use green cables and CV connections Control Voltage used for controlling parameters or triggering sounds use yellow cables You can make connections by clicking and dragging from one socket to another on the back panels To turn the rack over again to show the front panels use the same command The Transport Panel The panel at the bottom of each song document window is called the transport panel It contains transport controls and settings that are global for the song such as tempo and time signature shuffle amount CPU load indicator etc The Sequencer The sequencer is located in the area below the rack This is where you record and edit notes controllers device parameter automation and pattern changes The left part of the sequencer area is the track list showing the names of the se quencer tracks The columns in the track list allow you to connect tracks to de vices route MIDI and mute or solo tracks 44 EEEEEEW The track list The right part of the sequencer area has two main modes the arrange view and the edit view When the arrange view is selected you will see the tracks lined up vertically with the recorded events indicated as colored bars red for notes yellow for pat tern changes and blue for controllers A ruler at the top of the view shows the meter positions s LLLLLU In E Er 25 25 ff E rx 5 As 4444 L LL14 r4 444 4 r44 44 I4 444 Illlllll l l ll EEEEEEEE r i The sequencer With the arrange view selected When the edit view is selected the right part of the sequencer area will contain one or several lanes showing the recorded data in detail There are specific lanes for editing notes pattern changes controller data etc ll r TTITTH l i iTl l Ti H l l i ii lT TTI The edltvlew With the drum lane velocity lane pattern lane and two controller lanes visible amp HEFIEIZIN QUICK TUTORIAL 27 The Devices The following devices are available in Reason Reason Hardware Interface This device handles Reason s communication with your hardware The upper half of the hardware interface contains settings for MIDI input allow ing you to select a separate MIDI channel for each device when controlling Rea son from an external multichannel MIDI source For standard MIDI control of one device at a time in Reason you don39t need to use the hardware interface since the MIDI signals are routed through the sequencer as described in the tutorials earlier in this chapter The lower half of the hardware interface contains audio output indicators with level meters This is where you connect different devices to different outputs on your audio hardware Reason supports up to 64 separate audio outputs How e er if you are only using audio hardware with standard stereo outputs the con 39 d39 h v nectIons to the au I ardware are automatically taken care of when you create a mixer device at the top of the rack I The Reason Hardware Interface is quotrivetedquot into the rack and can not be removed amp HEHEDN QUICK TUTORIAL Combinator V vcummnamr HI nlsfr The Combinator allows you to create new custom devices by combining exist ing devices Any combination of Reason devices can be added to the Combina tor and then saved as a Combi patch Example usage includes creating layered instruments instrumenteffect combinations and effect chains Devices in a Combi can be mapped to velocitykey zones and the Combinator also fea tures virtual knobs and buttons that can be assigned to any device parameter or function Mixer 142 This is a mixer with fourteen stereo channels four stereo effect sends and a ba sic twoband EO section By connecting the different devices to different mixer channels and the stereo output of the mixer to the hardware interface you can listen to all your devices at the same time adjust levels and pan add effects and so on just like on a physical mixer Line Mixer 62 15 This is a simple mixer with 6 stereo channels and one stereo effect sendreturn It can be used in situations where basic mixing facilities will suffice Ideal for mix ing device outputs within Combinator patches Subtractor Analog Synth TRACTOR all1mm The Subtractor is a polyphonic synthesizer laid out much like an advanced ana log synth It features two oscillators two filters and a host of modulation func tions allowing for everything from fat basses to swirling pads and screaming lead sounds Malstram Synth The Malstro m is a polyphonic synthesizer featuring two oscillators two modula tors two filters a waveshaper and a large number of modulation and routing op tions It is based on the concept of Graintable Synthesis and makes it possible to produce amazingly abstract sharp distorted undulating sounds NN19 Digital Sampler Jung w The NN19 allows you to load samples Wave AIFF SoundFonts or REX files and create multisample patches by mapping samples across the keyboard Once you have loaded one or several samples you can modify the sound using synthtype parameters such as a filter envelopes and an LFO NNXT Digital Sampler 53 m 1 m a Man swamp p u m virus 53 421 The NNXT just like the above mentioned NN19 lets you load samples Wave AIFF SoundFonts or REX files and map these across the keyboard to create multisample patches The sound can then be modified using synthtype parameters two LFOs two envelopes and a filter amp HEFIEIZIN QUICK TUTORIAL In addition the NNXT also allows you to create layered sounds where two or more samples can be played simultaneously This is done by mapping different samples across the same keyboard range Another useful feature is the possibil ity to set up velocity switched ke maps This lets you control which samples in a layered key map will actually sound depending on how hard or soft you play on your MIDI keyboard Dr Rex Loop Player l l l buzllllll lllllll IIIIIII IIIIIIIII The DrRex Loop Player plays REX files audio files created in ReCycle another Propellerhead Software product ReCycle is a program designed especially for working with sampled loops By slicing a loop and making separate samples of each beat ReCycle makes it possible to change the tempo of loops without af fecting the pitch and to edit the loop as if it were built up of individual sounds After loading a REX file into the Dr Rex Loop Player you can play it back in vir tually any tempo make settings for individual slices extract MIDI playback data and process the loop with the builtin filter LFO and envelopes You can also playthe individual slices via MIDI or from the sequencer each slice has a spe cific note number 01 for the first slice C1 for the next and so on A number of REX files are included in the Reason Factory Sound Bank amp HEHEDN QUICK TUTORIAL Redrum Drum Computer lian y a u 8 3 0933 a 3 an The Redrum is a samplebased drum machine with ten drum sound channels You can load samples Wave AIFF SoundFont files and REX slices individually for each channel or open patches which are complete drum kits a number of which are included in the Reason Factory Sound Bank Each sound channel has settings for pitch level velocity response etc There is a builtin pattern sequencer allowing you to create classic drum ma chine patterns complete with shuffle and flam options It is also possible to use Redr m as a sound module playing it live from an external MIDI controller or from the main Reason sequencer You may for example have the pattern se quencer play a basic drum pattern and add fills and extras in the main se quencer As with the DrRex loop player each drum sound has a specific note number 01 for drum sound 1 C1 for drum sound 2 and so on MCIass Mastering effects 39e cumbinator MCIass Mastering Suite Combl The MCIass Mastering effects consists of four high quality sound processors suitable for but not in any way restricted to use as mastering ef39fects ie to pro cess the final mixed output from Reason The MCIass effects can selected as a Combi with all four ef39fects chained or as individual effects The Factory Sound Bank contains MCIass Combi patches with settings optimized for various mas tering and sound enhancement applications The MCIass series of effects con sists of the following effects MCIass Equalizer This is a twoband fully parametric equalizer with added high and low shelving bands and a low cut rumble filter In addition there is a curve display giving graphic feedback of your settings MCIass Stereo lmager user definable allow ing you to adjust the stereo width independently for the low and high bands A typical application is to make the high band wider and the low band more nar row mono MCIass Compressor This is a singleband compressor with features such as sidechain input soft kneequot compression and adaptive release It also differs from the COMP01 in that it doesn t have automatic makeup gain allowing for other applications than simply keeping the level even MCIass Maximizer This is a loudness maximizer allowing you to significantly raise the perceived loudness without risking clipping distortion It consists of an input gain section a limiter section with a look aheadquot function a soft clip section and a level meter BV51 2 Vocod er The BV512 is an advanced vocoder device with a variable number offilter bands and a unique 1024point FFT vocoding mode equivalent of 51 2band vocod ing for very precise and high quality vocoded speech By connecting the BV51 2 to two instrument devices you can produce anything from vocoded speech singing or drums to weird special effects Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit Scream 1 uunn nssruuc39nau mm m 9 This is an extremely versatile sound destruction device featuring various kinds of distortion signal warping and transformation effects There are three main sec tions Damage where you select a sound mangling algorithm and make set tings Cut a three band EO and Body a resonant body or cabinet simulator excellent for making the sound come alive RV7000 Advanced Reverb The RV7000 is a high quality reverb processor with nine different reverb and echo algorithms ranging from rooms and hallsto special effects The RV7000 also contains an equalizer and a gate section making it possible to get virtually any kind of reverb character including gated reverb amp HEHEDN QUICK TUTORIAL Thls s a vevevb elleol wnh ten dlllevenl vevevb slgomhms Yanglng lvom th aha CFIOI ChorusFlannel E4317 The Chm does double duty as ehoms my makmg lex uves heh aha sWhTy DDL Dlaltal Delay Line Thls Tss bask dlgllal delay uselullov echoes sstbseh doubhhg etc The delay hme esh be set h s1eps based eh aha synohvomzed to the ounenl Song tempo 0 Th mllllseoondslov heemhhg delays The maxlmum delaynme s 2 o seer ends The DH s a shhble but thhTy elleolwe demmOh devloe lhal esh comen meh lems ov bobs etc ECF42 Envelope Controlled Filler Thls s a synlhrswle yesOhsm We wnh lhvee dweyem We modes You esh eh se u as a 51am huev aha vavylhe llllevlvequenoy Oh the de e devloe 01 use the meHh envelope to oveale example be mgr a geved by a dvum msehhe 01 the Malle pallem sequence QUICK In Town m T HT elleols leolov rmxev PH90 Ph asel The Wee s a s1eveo phase elleol n has sTx pavamelevs avallable Oh the de Vloe bsheh shows you to oveale both subtle Sweepmg sounds aha ex veme swhhg speolal elleols UNIG Unison The Uer a slmulaleslhe sound ol seveval deluned voloes playlng the same aovosslhe s1eveo held w you We COMP0 Compressor Thls s a eombhed oompvessov aha hmmev h Wm alleol the dynamlos ol the some by booslmg low levels aha allenuallng loud sounds Use u lov keepmg levels eyeh horn Tndeual devloes onhe whole my lov sadhg punch aha boweno chums etc PEQ2 Two Band Parametric EQ image 2 39 Imomm While the mixer device has basic twoband E0 on each channel sometimes you may need some more precise control over the tone color For this purpose you can use the PEOQ Th39 quot 39 39 two independent 39 I39 with controls for frequency gain and Q value w y Spider Audio Merger amp Splitter This is not an effect device but a utility With the Spider Audio you can merge up to four audio input signals into one output as well as split one audio in ut signal into four outputs This makes audio signal routing much more flexible and allows for very creative patching and connections Spider CV Merger amp Splitter swam LVI Again this is not an effect device but a utility With the Spider CV you can merge up to four CV input signals into one CV output as well as split CV or Gate inputs into several outputs one of which can be inverted One use for the Spider CV is to split Gate and Note CV to control several instrument devices with one Matrix The Matrix Pattern Sequencer The Matrix is a standalone pattern sequencer somewhat similar to a vintage an alog sequencer A Matrix pattern can have between 1 and 32 steps and for each step you can specify which control voltage levels should be sent out from the three separate CV outputs on the back of the device If you like you could view this as having three separate pattern sequencers in one By connecting the Matrix to eg a synth device you can have the pattern se quencer play the device for a repeating synth pattern or control various param eters for rhythmic effects that you cannot obtain using the synth device alone ReBirth Input Machine This device allows you to use Reason in conjunction with Propellerheads clas sic ReBirth application The audio from ReBirth will be streamed via the Re Wire protocol into Reason By routing the different outputs on the ReBirth lnput Machine to different mixer channels you can mix the sound of ReBirth with the sound of Reason add effects to separate ReBirth sounds etc amp HEFIEIZIN QUICK TUTORIAL nsnsun OUICKTUTORIAL 0 HEFIEEIN Common Operations and Concepts propellerhsas 5 About this Chapter Making Settings ans onapt p reat atmost erd b methods and b d throughoutPeason ttatsocontatnssometermtnotogy usefutforbetterunderr H d w tnerrreat p ers standrng or tne program and tne manuat To make your work wrtn Reason as efr syntn knobs transport buttons etc How to make adrustments to tnese rs den b Wev mm no r b p roreaontype rparam t to r Conventions in the Manual Reason Wherever the verstons dtffer thts t3 ctearty stated tn the text About Key Commands tn tne manuat oomputer key commands are rndroated by braokets For exampte press snrrtHor woutd mean hotd down tne snrrt key and press tne o1 ey t Weve s 0 computers res speotryety wneneyertnrsrst ecase tne manuatseparatestneoommandswrtn Mao and Wrndows rndroatrons amp m COMMON OPERATIONS AND CONCEPTS Knobs To turn a knob pornt at rt chck tne mouse button and drag up or down as tr vtce versa ml Mun auntrim rm Igher precision You can atso adrust tne knob preotston wrtn tne Mouse Knob Range setr ttng on tne Generat page tn tne Prererenoes dtatog Tnts dtatog ts opened rrom tne Edtt menu or rrom tne Reason menu tryou are runntng Mac os X any Mm ma Rang To reset a knob to its default value usually zero oenler pan or sim ilar press Command Mac or Ctrl Win and click on it Sllners mmmmcmmgmMammy mmquot YaucznMsachmznyvmeveanmeshnevmmmmwmwemeMn memmm mm Hyauvmsslsmmznnang meshnevwmmwesmwuzuwwmg mvmghevvvemsmn Mum Mode Selectors Savevamaersa wvuumsea uremsaemmm quotwerewoer emg whu Evrsemzlnrso hs m Reason Wm Mr W 4 mm mm Mm mmwm m m m m mam mm mmgm Wm mm mm M mg gm MWquot and m mm by thm W st Mr W 4 mm mm w my mm mm M M m m may m mm mm am an w my my Euuons MW mg and mm arecumruhad by mug mm mm Mme m m m sasonmvea bum w an mummy whetherlhe mus was ml erlczl value m Mom mmera mg m mm m Wm readout W 39Svm mntmb mm mm humus on nestle wens mm ways mange mmwg Eyusmgmeuvnnnnwnn unsanmeivmcamv magnum msng ammoquot ns vormwnamwbmn m 59m avaha mm nm m mmquot mm mm and Ev 9 mm mm mm 3 quotmm WWWWWWymmmgW W mman the Manse Dunnquot mm m am wum mg marse dhsvwems very u mmmcamm szwsuuszn my samenmamemvsmm 119nm numwnumemmg mmwammsm wmmscmzmv wzuemvm We Wsnnn mg on quotEmma mmquot m be any byduublec nkmg m vag a new mgquot Tool Tips p enl atoot ttp wtu appeav Tnts dtsptays tne name ot tne pavametev and tts eun tyatue preierenoes eneml page tometet Value Tool Tip on n Context menus Context menus ate tattoted to eontatn tne teteyant menu ttems ort y auowtng you to wovk outeket and move etttetentty wttn Reason 4 To bring up a context menu dick with the right mouse button Win dows or press cm and click Mac ate ustng a Maetntosn wttn atwo button mouse you may want to set tnts up so tnat ohokmg tne ngnt mouse button g nevates a Ctvtlrohok Tnts u ean tht39ohokto pnng up oontegtd men s e y u aw Devtte Lack ta zyotunon Home mt Tne eontents ottne context menu depends on wnete you ohok BastoaHy thetotr towtng dMevent context menu types ate ayattapte amen COMMON OPERAHONS AND CONCEPTS DeVIce Context Menus tt you ohoksomewheve on a deytee tntne va0kbut not on a oontvo tne context Cut Copy Paste and Detete Deytee ttems auowtng youto veanange and A Go To submenu ttsttng aH deytees eonneeted to tne eunent deytee Sen teettng a devtoehom tne Go To submenu sovoHs tne vaokto pnng tnat den ytee tnto ytew A duphoate ot tne Cveate menu auowtng you to oveate new deyt H tne deytee ts pattem39based theve wtu be yanous pattem tunett Cul CopyPaste cteat SHWL Pandomtze etc Tnese atteet tne eunentty se39 e n n e deytee uses Patches theve wtu petunettons tot managmg Patches Dependtng ontne deytee theve may atso be yanous devtoe39speomot nor ttons ayattapte F01 examp e tne dvum maentne deytee nas tunettons tot mar t ete ees ons Parameter Context Menus tt you ohok on an automatapte e nttot a syntn pavametev knob ataden eto tne oontegtd menu wtu eontam tne touowtng ttems Funottons tot eteanng and edtttng tne veoovded automatton datatottne eon ttot Funottons tot assoetattng compute keyboavd eommands ando MtDt mes sages totne pavametev anowtng you to vemote eonttot pavametevs horn a MtDt deytee o tne eompute keyboavd Empty Rack Context Menus tt you ohok tn an empty seetton ot tne vaok tne context menu wtu eontatntne toquot towtng ttems A Paste Deytee tem auowtng youto paste any eopted 010m deytees tnto t e t A duphoate ot tne Cveate menu auowtng you to oveate new deytees Sequencer Context Menus tt you ohok tntne seoueneen tne context menu wtu eontatn ttems tetated to edtt39 tn vaoks Gvoups and Eyents Tne ayattapte ttems wtu dMev dependtng on tn wnten avea 01 tane you ohok Tvaok hst Key Edtt tane e e a epen whethev you ohok on an eyent 01 not F01 examp e t e seouen eontatn tunettonstot msemng 01 vemovmg pats addtng Hacks and gvoupmg enangtng 01 detettng eyents Seetne Opevatton Manuat pdt tot detatts A Undo viiiually all aotlons in Reason ean be undo and leoldellng oi devloes inine Pack palametel ne inis lnoludes eieaiion deleiion yalu e ine sequenoel and iemboiime Slgrlatule adlustmems aotlorls e adlustm nis edltlrlg Vou ean undo Upto lo lt you now select Undo youi latest aeiion ineiembo enange Will be undone a m y d to a Redo llst uuuo REDO 4 Change pan 3 Adiusi Attack 2 Crate Synth Dew2 To undolhelzlest mion i u u u Pressc mmn mm l Create Mdeioeyiee 5 Adlusttempa Tne aotlorl to be undone l5 lrldloated next to llne Undo eommand onllne Edlt Fo nl it menu Will say Undo Delete Deyiees menu i m llne Pack llne Ed Edit Eleate thlans Wlndaws edo uioeyiee mm a To redo the IIS undone mion undo the undo operationquotselec1 Redo lrom the Edit menu or press Commznt CtrHY similaily ine aeiion to be iedone is snown onine Edlt menu About Multiple Undos Tne eoneebi oi muliible Undos may ieoune an emlanatlorl Vou ean undo Upto io aeiions oi in oinei Wolds Reason Has an Undo Hlstoly Wiin up to ten steps Let s say you naye beiioimed ine iolloWing aotlons 1 Created mixer 2 Created a synin device 1 Adjusted ine Amp Envelope muckiime on the synin 4 Changed the pinning tor the synin device in the mixer 5 Adjusted ine playbacktempo in the trznspon pznel Alleillnese live actions llne Undo Hlstory Will look as lollows uuuo merit um um mmo EEEMMI IHEMMEI lt you now select Redo the last Undone aotlori wlll be ledorie lri thls case youl pannlng adlustment Will be benoimed agalrl and added to ine Undo Hlstoly agaln 4 Change pan 5 Adiusiienp uMDo mm 4 cnangepan a Adiuei Attack 2mwmwo IIHMMII i cieaiemieioeyiee 5 Adiueiienpo At ins boini you stlH naye ine optlorlto Redo ine tempo enange But ii you in stead would beiioim anoinei aeiion e g enangeine level oiine synin devloe in ine mixei iniswould beeomeine aeiion at ineiob oi ine Undo Hlstoly r andine Redo llst would be eleaied nguo empiy COMMON OPERAHONSAND CONCEPTS Window Techniques Using more than one Reason Song window You can have several Reason Songs open at the same time Each will appear in a separate Reason window complete with rack sequencer and transport bar ar eas Each window can be moved minimized and resized using standard Mac Windows procedures Window Help Stay On Top Detath Sequenter Window y Lambrackmnsfquot Document 3 Escape From Harlem selfcantms amp HEHEDN COMMON OPERATIONS AND CONCEPTS Views Panes and Dividers On screen Reason is divided into different areas or panes The most obvious example is the rack and the sequencer area but you will also find that the right part of the sequencer area can be divided into several horizontal lanes for edit ing different aspects of your recordings E mg Mler Egg The borders between the lanes are called dividers You can adjust the height of the lanes by clicking on their divider and dragging up or down Enlarging the up per lane will shrink the lower and vice versa a HEM Millviii E v i a l k 0 9mm lt22 W D EI 77 el l L i In Re Name El ll lm J L l g Malsimml m g A 1 Fans 316 c a m liG E E 3 Eellullck Eg ll Slums NEE Detaching the sequencer You can detach the sequencer pane and turn it into a separate window This al lows you to make the sequencer wider than the rack and use the width of the computer screen more effectively See page 60 Scrolling and Zooming Reason offers a few different options for scrolling and zooming In the rack and the sequencer Scrolling with the scrollbars Whenever there is information outside the screenquot horizontal andorvertical scrollbars Will appear For exam le if there are more devices in the rack than can e sh w tone time you Will be able to scroll the rack up or down by using the vertical scrollbar to the right of the rack Scrolling with the Hand tool In the sequencer you can also use the Hand tool for scrolling the view Just see lect the Hand tool and click in a lane keep the mouse button pressed and drag in the desired direction Scrolling the Key edit lane With the Hand tool 6 You can scroll in any direction Innquot quotquot 39 quot quot quot39 Ve locity lane for example is only possible to scroll horizontally By holding clown Shift while you drag however you can limit the scrolling direction to horizontal or vertical only Zooming with the magnification sliders 39 quot y u to zoom in or 39 Fiihar click the or r magnification icon to zoom in or out respectively or click and drag the magni cation slider u vidually u the v 1002 v m he sequencer there are separate VleW controls for the Key edit lane and the ln t Controller larie Zooming with the Magnifying Glass tool Another way of zooming in the sequencer is to use the Magnifying Glass tool This tool lets you zoom in and out both horizontally and vertically just like the magni cation sliders do However the Magnifying Glass tool offers a few more possibilities The followmg applies 39 39 39 39 39 39 vnii 1nnm same amount as when clicking the icon on the mag the tion slider twice zoom outwith the Magnifying Glass click while keeping 0p tion MacCtrl Windows pressed You ll notice that the sign in the Magnifying Glass tool changes to a a sign 9 If the lane has a vertical magnification slider as well clicking with 39 39 39 also zoom39 39 satire 1 Y l amount as when cliding the and icons on the mag cation e slider onc By holding down Shift when clicking you disable vertical zooming amp HEFISI COM MON OPERATIONS AN D CON CEPTS You can also click and drag with the Magnifying Glass to create a selection rectangle The view WIII then be zoomed In so that the selected area lls the lane Ehclosthg these notes in a selecttoh rectangle th zoom in so that they hit the vtew Scrolling and zooming with the mouse wheel l L L 4 for the folr Iowmg scrolling and zooming operations 9 Scrolling up and down in both the rad and in the sequencer 9 By simultaneously holding down Shift you can scroll left and right in the sequencer 39 vnII can zoom in and out Vertically in the sequencer I you can zoom in and outhorizontally in the sequencer amp REHan COMMON OPERATIONS AND CONCEPTS 0 HEFIEEIN About this chapter This chapter contains some useful information about how audio is handled by Reason Some of it may seem a bit technical but we recommend that you read it to get the most out of Reason How Reason communicates with your audio hardware Reason generates and plays back digital audio a stream of numerical values in the form of ones and zeroes For you to be able to hear anything this must be converted to analog audio and sent to some kind of listening equipment a set of speakers headphones etc This conversion is most often handled by the audio card installed in your computer on the Macintosh you can use the builtin audio hardware if you don t have additional audio hardware installed To deliverthe digital audio to the audio hardware Reason usesthe driver you have selected in the Preferences dialog see page 13 In the rack on screen this connection is represented by the Reason Hardware Interface u are in EEEEEHE IEEEEEE lm The Hardware Interface Is always located at the top of the rack I If you are using ReWire Reason will instead feed the digital audio to the ReWire master application typically an audio sequencer pro gram whi in turn handles the communication with the audio hardware This is described in the Operation Manual pdf The Reason Hardware Interface contains 64 output sockets each with an indi cator and a level meter Each one of these indicators represents a connection to an output on your audio hardware or a ReWire channel to another application if you are using ReWire see the Operation Manual pdf amp HEFIEIZIN AUDIO BASICS However the number of outputs available depends on the number of outputs on your audio hardware For example if you are using a standard sound card with stereo outputs or the builtin audio hardware on the Mac only the first two out puts will be available In the Hardware Interface device the green indicators are lit for all currently available outputs v iiii i i i iz i H iiiii if J J 1 r 39 i r 39 39 r r i r a 7 iii iii Here an audio card wrth eight outputs Is used To send the sound of a device in the rack to a specific output you route the de vice output to the corresponding socket on the Hardware Interface This is done by using the virtual patch cablesquot on the back of the rack as described on page 51 In most cases you will want to connect a mixer device to the Stereo outputs outputs 1 and 2 About Sample Rates and Resolutions gualiiy oline sound Genevally audio quality but also laigei audio liles and nignei demands on oompulel pev39 loimanee and audio naidwaie lnis table snows some eommon sample iaie iesoluiion eombinaiions 22 05 kHz 5 bit About using Reason nas ine eapabiliiy to play back samples win piaeiieally any iesoluiion lnis means inai il loi insianee 24bit samples aie loaded in a samplei oiine Per dlum playback 0H e samples ean be in 24bit iesoluiion as well ll you aie usr ing suen samples and want Reason to playi em backlrl ineii oiiginal nign v llnl n m d l H igli resolution audio Open and lect the General page Under Miscellaneous at the bottom oi the page make suretlie option Use High Resolution Samplesquot is checked l l Slze is moie impoiiani inan audio quallty suen sound tiles on line meme i etc 441 kHz is bit lnis is ineloimai used on audio CD5 olien ealled CD Quality audio 441 kHz 7 24 bit lnese aieloimais used in piolessional studlos 95 kHz and nghrerld ieeoiding eguipmeni Ru Usage lell aux l klcnangee take elleel when new Samples aie loaded 1 ll inis is aotlvated and il youi audio eaid suppons iii Reason Will play back nign iesoluiion samples in ineii oiiginal iesoluiion ll inis optlorl is not aotlvated Pear lenhll v llnl n gt To eaiei loi all dilleieni situations Reason suppoiis multiple sample iaies and iesoluiions lnis applies to ine lolloWing aieas Playing back Howevel ine iesoluiion ol ine output audio is deieimined by ine audio Havd39 waie lnai is d b olution Exporting au Reason ean emon audlo i e le downine song oi a seeiion ol ine song as an audio lile see page i 06 loi details wnen you do tHlS you Will be asked to lesolullorl and il you naye a l Brblt audio cald audio Will be in l Brblt iesoluiion lne playback sample iaie ean be speeilied in ine PlelelerloesrAudlo dialog acr eessed liom ine Reason menu oi Edlt menu depending on wneineiyou aie Vurl39 ning Mac os x oi not Sample Rate Bullei Slze Note inai ine ayailable optlorls on inis popup menu depend on wnien sample iaies aie suppoiied byine audio naidwaie Most standald sound eaids suppoii 441 kHz and yaiious lowei sample late in wnien ease you snould seleei 441 kHzlol best audio quality U 1m should sa er a ioirnar that is suppoiied birthc applicarion ll you re uncertain 1e bit441 kHz is a safe bet Importing audio wnen loading samples oi ReCyele liles inioine samplels ine dium maenine den yiee oi ine loo playel Reason suppoiis liles ol a laige numbei ol sample iaies and iesoluiions Vou ean use liles ol dilleieni loimais in ine same devloe n on dium sound ean be an B39blt sample ine next a l Brblt sample eie we About Audio Levels resullrng rn elrpprng drgrlal dls10morl 0 assumes a 0 run on e T r m rilnhl The rndrcalor wrll slay lrl lore snon warrant is make rl easrer lo spat ping doesn t ligni up on playback You eould also use lne MClass Maximizel to ensure inal elrpprng neyer 0039 eurs athls rs desollbed rn lne Opelatlorl Manual pdl Noie inai ii doesn t rnauer il lire level rneiers on lire individual de vices elleas mixer channels elc hit lire redquot Clipping can only occur in lire Hardware lnierlace Tne leennreal reasonlor inrs rs inal lnlelrlaHy Reason uses nrgn re rng point plooesslng wnren ensures nrgn audro dualrly and y iuaHy lrrnrlle neadroorn lnlne Audro Hardware devloe inelloalrng polrl a lne resoluron used bylne au If you are using multiple outputs em deyrees connected to drllerenl outputs rn lne Hardware lnlerl dro Out Clrpprng lndloaiol lrgHs up you snould play backihe see n wnrle eneeldng lne Hardware lnlerlae Eaen out m socket nas a leyel metel39 lne red metel segment lrgnls up lne output rs elrpprng Lowerlne output leyel ol eurs lne deyree connected to lne elrpprng output unlrl no elrpprng oe Cilpplnganihestereaauipuis If you are using ReW e ll you are sheam ng audro to anolner apphoatlon usrng lne Perle proloeol n pdl lor rnore rnlorrnalron abou Perle aquot rune was solulron Hoar rr t udlolsoonveltedto dro Haldwale and that s wnere elrpprng rnay oeeur aee ll line Au inrsrs beeauselne eonyersron lrorn lloalrng o apphoatlon See lne Opelatlorl Manual Master Tune R d r rrlr rnrddle A olner rnsirurnenls you rnay want to adlus1 inelunrng 1 Pull down lire Edii menu or Reason menu under Mac os x and select prelerences Use lire popup menu ai lire lop loe Preierences dialog lo selecz lire Audio page l Adjusi lire global iuning with lire Master Tune oonirol H l h player 0 HEFIEEIN About this Chapter As you have seen by now the central part of Reason is the rack This is where you create and configure your devices and make parameter settings This chap ter describes all the procedures for managing the rack that is procedures and techniques common to all devices Device parameter specifics are described in the Operation Manual pdf Navigating in the Rack If the rack contains more than a few devices the whole rack will probably not fit on screen To scroll the rack up or down use one of the following methods gt Use the scrollbar to the right of the rack to scroll continuously up or do v If you re using a mouse equipped with a scroll wheel you can use it to scroll up or down Use the Page UpPage Down buttons on the computer keyboard to move the view one full screenquot up or down Use the Home or End buttons on the computer keyboard to scroll the top or bottom of the rack Pull down a device context menu and select another device from the Go To submenu The rack scrolls to the device you select When y selr son will alumna Note that you can enlarge the rack area by clicking its lower edge the divider between the rack and the sequencer area and dragging downwards This will shrink the sequencer area and make more of the rack visible alternatively you can detach the sequencer from the rack altogether This is described on page 60 You can also make the rack fill the window by clicking the maximize button above the scrollbar to the right The rack maximize button amp HEFIEDN MANAGING THE RACK Creating Devices To create a new device select the desired item on the Create menu This menu is available both on the main menu bar and on the context menus see page 38 for an introduction to context menus Sequencer Track Gu Tu r l Create Sequencer new Malstmm 1 Create Me by 51mm Patches Emmy Wk Camile Create Devlce by Brawslm Patches amhlnatm Llne Mlxu a 2 Suhlvama Analmz Weslzev Mlxev n 2 tram Ga lntabhm elzel Llne Mlxev 6 2 3 Suhlvactm Analmz Syntheslzev NW Advanced sewel Malstmm Gvalntahle Syntheslzev m REX LmD Player llng olglzel Sampler R alum Drum mums NW Advanced Sampler m L Fla e l Mal me Sums omhl V Stream 4 Dlstmtlan avslz burial Winder ve natal Revert Dbl Mel Delay me Dr Ft baclestarhm N7 qullal Revevh Ecmz Envelave walled Fllter DDLrl qullal Delay Llne Hm ChumsFlang l39 wean pheeel R BVSIZ qultal vamdev o zcmz Envelave annulled Flllev ums unsan Hm havusFlanev oMPm empleswmlzel wean Phasev PEQez l wn Band pelemezlle EQ ums Unlsarl comm amvvessallllmltev 59 Mquot MW Wm WM Twa BandPavametvlc EQ SDlderCVMelqevkiPRLev The Create menu on W pl e u la eleel pl el menu bar and on a c spleelcvmeeelespllel menu Matle Pattern sewage Re lvth 1mm Mamlne Matle Pattern sequeneel Re lvth input Mathlne gt The new device is added directly below the currently selected de vice in the rack If no device is selected the new device is added at the bottom of the rack gt When you add a new device Reason attempts to route it in a logical For an introduction to the autorouting features see page 51 gt A new track will automatically be created in the sequencer and routed to the new device The track will have the same name as the device MIDI input will also auto matically be set to the new track allowing you to immediately play the cre ated device via MIDI see page 54 gt By default this only applies to instrument devices not to mixers or effect devices If you hold down Option Mac or Alt Windows when you create the de vice the opposite is true ie mixers and effect devices get new tracks but in strument devices don39t 1 5amp7 fan can Selecting Devices Some operations eg cutting copying and d 39 g 1 you select one or several devices In the rack This is doneaccording to the folloWing rules39 9 To select a single device click on it in the rack The selected device is displayed With a colored border based on the color scheme selected for your operating system T 39 7 7 TRACTOR m 9 To select several devices hold down Shift and did In other Words Shiftlrclicking a device selects it Without deselecting any other selected devices 9 To deselect all devices click in the empty space at the bottom of the rack 1 i 1 u on it Any other selected devices remain selected You can also use the up and down arrow keys on the computer key board 39 quot quot 39 39 auwe u below quot 39 ed one When you use this method Reason Will automatically scroll the rack so that the selected device is fully visible This is a quick Way to step throughquot the r W devices eg halfrWidth devices such as the effects are or dered leftrtorright ie pressing the doWn arrow key Will step through the de vices from left to right before moving on the next device roW f ou hold down Shift when using the up or down arrow keys the currently selected device will remain selected This allows you to selecta range of devices Adjusting a parameter in a device Wi automatically select it In other Words you never have to select a device before making settings Deleting Devices TJIb IA 4 t select L ods 9 Hold down Command Mac or Ctrl Windows and press Back space or Delete 9 Select Delete Device from the Edit menu or the device context menu ou can 39 d 39 tracks If ere is a single sequencer track routed to a device and you delete this track you Will be asked Whether you Want to delete the device as Well see page 63 If you delete a device connected between two other devices the connection between these is automatically preserved The Hardware Interface device at the top of the rad cannot be re moved Reordering Devices You can rearrange the devices in the rack by moving them in the folloWing Way 1 than t quot If you cnlnrt the devices N Click in the handle area of one of the devices For full Width devices this is the area to the left and right of the panel be tween the rack fittings for smaller devices you can click anywhere outside the actual parameters 3 With the mouse button pressed drag the devices up or down in e rac A thick red vertical line indicates Where the devices Will be positioned Note that the red line can be to the left ofa device indicating that the moved device or to L L d dicating that the moved device Will be inserted after the other device REHEEN MANAGING THE RACK In this example an RV7 reverb device is moved In this case the red line Indicates that the reverb device Will be inserted to the left of the phaser 4 Release the mouse button The devices are moved to the new position and the other devices in the rack are adjusted to fill up the gaps Note that if you start to move a device but change your mind you can abort the operation by pressing Esc while keeping the mouse button pressed 9 If you hold down Shift when you move a device Reason will at tempt to automatically reroute it See page 51 for more info on autorouting amp HEFIEIZIN MANAGING THE RACK Moving devices in the rack does not affect the order of the se quencer tracks and vice versa Duplicating Devices To make a copy of a device in the rack hold down Option Mac or Ctrl Win dows and drag it to a new position 9 If you hold down Shift when you duplicate the device Reason will attempt to automatically route it just as when you move devices See page 51 Cut Copy and Paste Selected devices can be moved or duplicated using the Cut Copy and Paste Device functions on the Edit menu or device context menu For example this al lows you to copy one or several devices such as an instrument device and all its insert effects from one Reason Song to another The following rules apply 9 Cut and Copy affects all selected devices and work according to the standard procedures That is Out movesthe devices to the clipboard removing them from the rack while Copy creates copies of the devices and puts these on the clip board without affecting the rack 9 When you Paste devices these are inserted into the rack below the currently selected device If no device is selected the pasted devices will appear at the bottom of the rack 9 If you Copy and Paste several devices the connections between these are preserved 9 If you hold down Shift when you Paste a device Reason will at tempt to automatically route it The rules are the same as when moving or duplicating devices by dragging See page 51 A Quick Note on Routing I This section only describes the basics in ro scrI tions of routing procedures and possIb tion Manual pdf g For detailed de hes see the Opera extremely g tween the devlces In the rack Baslcally routing can be done automatlcally or manually Automatic Routing A t 4 In one go A 4 L r r Y performed when you create a new devlce and when you move dupllcate or paste devlces w h Shlft pressed 7 If smallesbsg azato a0au ng is azaictmatmally time if Creating Mixers 39 uevice win be routed the Hardware Devic See the Operation Manual pdf for details Routing a device to the Mixer When you create an 39 chine or loop player mixer d1annel hIs makes It Immedlately avallable for use lrument device synth sampler drum ma s automatically routed to the first available Routing a Send Effect to the Mixer 9 When you have a mixer selected and create an effect device it will be connected as a send effect to the first free Aux SendReturn Exam Ies of 4 verb delay and chorus Routing an Effect directly to a device Insert 9 Whe 39 39 and t that effect will be connected as an insert effect That is the signal from the device will pass through that effect and to the mixer r phaser Routing an Insert Effect between the Hardware Interface and another device 9 If you select the Hardware Interface and then create an effect the ffe will be connected as an insert effect between the Hardware Interface and whatever device was connected to the Hardware In terface inputs normally the outputs of a a Mixer device n a to connect th Mf ombl at the very end of the slgnal chaln Autorouting Devices after they have been Created I the rack 9 To reroute a device already in the rad you can select it and use Disconnect Device and Autoroute Device both on the Edit menu 9 If you delete a device connected between two devices the connec tion between the two remaining devices is automatically preserved A typlcal example would be If you have an effect devlce connected as an In39 L 4 If A I I w I the synth wm be routed dIrectIy to the mlxer 9 When you move a device connections are not affected If you n mu 4 4 to Its new locatlon In the rack hold down Shlft when you move It 9 When you duplicate devices by dragging or use copy and paste 39 are not autorouted at a I Ifyou would IIke them to be automatlcally routed hold down Shlft when you perform the operatlon REHSDN MANAGING THE RACK Manual Routing To connect devices manually you need to flip the rack around to see the back This is done by pressing Tab or selecting Toggle Rack FrontRearquot from the Options menu REDRUM H mm mm limer 1 On the back of each device you will find connectors of two different types audio and CV Control Voltage used for controlling parameters see the Operation Manual pdf Audio inputs and outputs are shown as large quarter inchquot jacks while CV input and output jacks are smaller For now we stick to audio connec tions Audio connectors CV connectors When the back is shown you can still navigate in the rack by scroll ing by using the computer keyboard etc see page 48 amp HEHEDN MANAGING THE RACK There are two ways to route audio from one device to another by connecting u I k c u L 1 and by I r39 v a from a popup menu Using Cables For the cables to be visible the option Show Cablesquot must be acti vated on the Options menu See below I Click on the desired input or output iack on one of the devices and drag the pointer away from the iack with the mouse button pressed A loose cable appears quot r 0 P Drag the cable to the iack on the other device ove the cable end over a jack of the correct type audioCV in putoutput it will be highlighted to show that a connection is possible 9 Release the mouse button The cable is connected If both input and output are in stereo and you con nect the left channels a cable for the right channel is automatically added Dragging a cable to make a connection can be aborted by pressing Esc while keeping the mouse button pressed B1 To give a be tar overview oi the connections the cables have differ ent cola nneciions to or from effect devices are sli esent shades of green other audio connections are different shades or red and CV connections are different shades of yellow 9 These cables are green indicating effect device connections indi atinn a between instruments and mixer devices CV connection You can change an existing connection in thesameway by clicking on one end of the cable and dragging it to another connector Using popup menus 1 P 9 3 Click or rightclick on a connector A popup menu appears listing all devices in the rack Move the pointer to the desired device the device to which you want to create a connectio A submenu appears listing a suitable inputoutput connections For exam ple ifyou clicked on an audio output on a device the hierarchical submenus will list all audio inputs in all other devices Disconnect ardwaie lntmlace 1 gt 39 r gt H Mal If a device is greyed out on the popup menu there are no connec tions of the suitable kind Select the desired connector from the submenu The connection is created Disconnecting Devices Again there are two ways to disconnect devices 9 Click on one end of the able drag it away from the iackand drop it anywhere away from a iack Or 9 Click on one of the connectors and select Disconnect from the context menu that appears Hiding and Showing Cables You can choose whether you want the patch cables to be visible or not by acti vating or deactivating the Show Cables item on the Options menu When the cables are hidden connectors in use are indicated by a colored dot Checking Connections You can check to which device a jack is connected This is especially useful if the patch cables are hidden but it is also practical if you have a lot of cables or if the two devices are far from each other in the rack 9 Position the pointer over a connector and wait a moment A tool tip appears showing the device and connector in the other end a EHEDN MANAGING THE RACK Routing MIDI to 3 Device Th ere are several Ways to send MIDI from a control surface to a Reason device as described In the Operation Manual However in this book We stick to the most common method to route MIDI via the sequencer 3 Hum yuui inasiei to one of the tracks in Reason s sequencer The sequencer Will then pass it on to a der vice in the rack the device to which the track is routed This Way you can select different devices for MIDI playback by directing the incoming MIDI to different tracks in the sequencer Proceed as follows 1 In the sequencer locate the track that is connected to the device you want to If you are uncertain you can pull down the Out popup menu for each track a renewquot a Banyan D We 2 Click in the In column for the trad keyboard symbol is displayed indicating that this track Will receive MIDI from the Master Keyboard l D Eella lick l Fiench Hm I iii niii 3 Play the master keyboard to hear the sound of the device 0n the panel of some insirument devices you will find a Note On in dicator This blinks to indicate incoming MIDI notes 39 If your master keyboard have knobs or faders try moving these For most keyboard models these are automatically mapped to the most useful parameters on the Reason devices a owing you to tweak the sound of instrument devices while you re playing There are also many other ways to use control surfaces to control param eters and functions in Reason see the Operation Manual amp REHEDN MANAGING THE RACK Naming Devices Each device has a tape stripquot showmg the name of the device When you cre ate a new device it is automaticall named according to the device type With an index number so that thefirst Subtractor synthesizer you create is called Synth 1quot the next Synth 2quot and so on lfyou like you can rename a device by clicking on its tape strip and typing a new name up to 16 characters d to a mixer h 4 For 4 on channel faders Similarly tape strips below the Return knobs show the names e effect devices connected to the corresponding Return inputs Note that the meer channel tape strips show the name of the devIce dIrectly connected to the meerl ThIs means that Ifyou have an Instrument devIce routed through an Insert effect the meer channel pe strIp WIII show the name of the Insert effect devIce as thIs Is the devIce dIrectly connected to t e meer chan nel ln thIs case you may want to rename the Insert effect devIce to IndIcate the connected Instrument TRAC T ER The relation between device names and track names When you create an Instrument devIce It automatically gets a track In the ser quencer WIth h 4 quot name n 4 quot 39 W correspondIng sequencer track and vIce versa If the folloWIng condItIons are met The devIce and Its track has the same name There Is only one track connected to the devIce Often havIng the same name for the devIce and the track Is the most practIcal arrangement sInce It makes It easIer to keep track of thch track plays what IIquyu a d 4r 4 quotyo ne OdIS39 connect the track from the devIce rename and connect ItagaIn How to connect a track to a devIce Is descrIbed on page 62 Folding and Unfolding If you don t need to make settIngs for a devIce you can fold It to make the rack m manageable and avoId havIng to scroll a lot ThIs Is done by cIckIng the ar row to the left of the devIce I I nun uuum ll quotumours 5 To unfold the devIce cIck the arrow agaIn 9 In rack quot 39 wium 39 placed to the left of the leftmost device and affects all devices in the row 9 If you hold down Option Mac or Alt Windows and click the ar f d row un ol ed evice all devices in the rack will be olde Conversely OptIonAltrcIckIng the arrow ofa folded devIce WIII unfold all devIces F0 a I routing adjustments on the badside of the rack as long as the de vices are fo However Ifyou want to make a connectIon to a folded devIce you can drag Ilmlpruramumemquot quot 4 to automatIcally unfold and let you make the connectIon 39 mnvnd like unfolded devices rUI Iulueu Illuue as well 9 Playback is not affected by folding amp snsuu MANAGING THE RACK nsnsun MANAGING THE RACK 0 REFIEEIN propellerhsas 5 About the Sequencer The sequencer is your main composition tool in Reason This is where you record notes controllers device parameter automation and pattern changes In this chapter you will find descriptions of all basic procedures recording play ing back and handling sequencertracks For descriptions of editing quantizing using groups etc please referto the Operation Manual pdf The relation between the Sequencer and the Rack In the sequencer data is recorded and played back on tracks much like tracks on a multitrack tape recorder The tracks are listed in the track list mm C Malslmmi D Falls C m Bella lick Recorded A trackcan be connected to an instrument device in the rack so that data on the track is sent to the device on playback Each track can only be connected to one device at a time but it is possible to have several tracks that all play the same device Note also that when renaming a sequencertrack see page 61 the de vice to which it is connected automatically gets the same name and vice versa Max 390 a Dismnnstt We 1 Delay 1 ChorusFlange J Redraw v ass Dr X NNAXT Sampler T I r L39LJ j El 5 Li lawmanqu The icons in L39 type each 39 39 amp HEHEDN THE SEQUENCER BASICS It is possible to have tracks that are not connected to any device Notes on a dis connected trackwill not be heard on playback since there is no device to play them Similarly it is possible to have instrument devices without sequencer tracks The Main Sequencer vs Pattern Sequencers As described in the chapter Using Pattern Devicesquot the main sequencer inter acts with the builtin sequencers in pattern devices in the following ways lt The sequencer and all devices use the tempo as set on the trans port panel If you start playback for the main sequencer on the transport panel all pattern devices will automatically start as well That is provided the pattern sequencer isn39t disabled for a device see page 78 Av Pattern changes will always happen at the start of a bar in the main sequencer regardless of the pattern lengths This only applies to pattern changes made live on the device panel Pattern changes played backfrom the sequencer will happen at their exact position See the Operation Manual pdf For details see page 78 Sequencer window handHng The sequencer area below the rack TL m lua i v inu39 v 39 Reason havequot quot is a quick runthrough 39LA page 40 Here e You can adjust the size of the sequencer area by dragging the di t vider between the sequencer and the rack Clicking the maximize button in the upper righ the sequencer area fill the whole document w m4 murmur I ll 1002 v E LJ The sequencer maximize button t corner will make ndow When editing the contents of a sequencer track the right part of the sequencer area can be divided into different lanes Typically you would view the note information in one lane controller cune in another lane etc You can adjust the size of the lanes by dragging the divid ers between them I ml I I iquot 39 lllllquotll39 III II I III mm J Here the key lane velocity lane and a controller lane are shown llllllllll lllllllllllg You can scroll and change magnifi on in a number of ways in cluding standard scroll bars and horizontal and vertical zoom con trols as well as with the Magnifying Glass tool the Hand tool and a mouse with a scroll wheel see page 41 Where applicable different areas in the sequencer have separate scrollbars and zoom controls up we v n max V E m You can also adjust the horizontal magnification in the sequencer area by holding down Command Mac or Ctrl Windows and pressing or 1 on the standard part of the computer keyboard not on the numeric ke ad CommandCtrl zooms in while CommandCtrl zooms out amp HEHEDN THE SEQUENCER BASICS Working with the sequencer in a separate window The sequencer window can be detached from the rack and used in a separate window This could be useful for instance if you are working with a large number of tracks or if you are viewing many sequencer lanes at once Detaching the se quencer will then make it possible to view all tracks or lanes at once without hav ing to resize the sequencer or scroll the view up and down to focus on a certain track or lane The separate sequencer window can be positioned and resized freely both hori zontally and vertically using the basic windows techniques described on page 40 gt To detach the sequencer from the rack either click the correspond ing button in the top right corner of the rack or pull down the Win dows menu and select Detach Sequencer Window Click this button to open the sequencer in a separate window II D amp HEFIEEIN THE SEOUENCER BASICS gt Similarly to reattach the sequencer window to the rack either se lect Attach Sequencer Window from the Windows menu or click the button Note that the button for detaching the sequencerwindow is only available in the rack The button for reattaching the sequencer though is available both in the rack and in the sequencer I1 7 ll El IIIIIEEI v 1 1002 v 5 4399 5 3 II I IIIIDEDI a The Attach Sequencer button on the sequencer and in the background on the rack Another way of reattaching the sequencer window is by closing it Note also that the rack is still the main window for the song which means that closing the song will close the sequencer window as well About the Transport You ll notice that when detaching the sequencer from the rack there will be two instances of the transport on the screen one in the rack and one in the se quencer window This is for convenience since it allows you to control playback and recording regardless of which window is the active one Should you wish however you can fold one ofthe transports in the same manner as with any other device in Reason Folding and unfolding devices is described on page 55 in We make the reek er the sequencer the active wimtdew wheh they are separated yeah cah use the key commands Comahdtutt Macy Ctlrlllnft windows and Commentade Mact h t 2l thows teshectfvey A note about using Reason with two monitors If you have a computer system WIth two monitors you can do the folloWIng 9 Use one monitor for viewing and managing the rad only monitors to the sequencer only Ics card that supports It Please refer to the documentation for your operating system and possIbly the graphics card for Instructions on how to set up your system for usIng two monIr tors Managing Tracks Creating Tracks As descrIbed on page 48 tracks are automatically created when you create ln39 strument devIces In the rack Still you may need to create addItIonal tracks eg for 4 g 4 39h Operation Manual pdf 9 To create a new sequencer track pull down the Create menu and select Sequencer Track or select Create Sequencer Track from the co text menu in the sequencer The new track WIII appear below the currently selected track In the track list Initially It Will not be connected to any device see below 9 You can also create a new sequencer track spedfically for a device by using the Create Sequencer Trad for Device item on the device s co xt menu This works the same as when creating a new devIce Ie the new track Is connected to the device and has the same name Naming Tracks In a new name Note 39 Avirn 39 39 TypIcally after creating a new devIce you can rename Its sequencer track automatically changing the name of the devIce The reverse Is also true That Is renamIng a devIce Will also change the name of Its sequencer track Selecting Tracks To be able to manipulate a track or edIt Its contents you need to select It You select a track by clIckIng on Its name In the track list L Rhodes Selected tracks are highlighted in the MM Selecting a scroll 4 4 vIce Into vIew ampREH DN THE SEOUENCER BASICS 39 39 39 39 g me up and down arrow keys on the computer keyboard 9 It is possible to select several tracks by pressing Shift and did ing This allows you to eg move or delete several tracks In one go However you can only edit the contents of one track at a time the top selected track Will e edited 7 see the Operation Manual pdf Don t confuse selecting a tradt with routing MIDI to a track see be low Routing MIDI to a Track The normal Way of routing MIDI to a device in the rack is to go via the sequencer When MIDI is routed to a track in the sequencer the notes and controller data quot h dto r quot quot m the track is connected 7 see below 9 To route incoming MIDI to a track did in the In column the key board icon to the left the tradt name T e keyboard symbol lights up indicating that the track Will receive MIDI provided that you have selecte a IDI Input port for the sequencer in the PreferencesrControl Surfaces dialog as described on page 15 Only one record enabled indicated by the Record symbol lighting up in the Rec colr n 33 You can re or enable several tracks for automation recording rials is ties bed brie y on page 66 Disconnecting MIDI In You can turn off quotquot39 39 L by clicking on bol so that it is grayed out Connecting a Track to a Device To the right of mm minmn when ou lay Reason via MIDI this setting determines to which device each track Will send MIDI data amp REHEDN THE SEOUENCER BASICS 9 To connect a track to a device in the rack pull down the popup menu in the Out column and select one of the deVIces NewliackZ mm The symbol in he om column Indicates to which device type each track IS connected 3 When you areal instrument 39 e a Wadi I13 aiitcmainmliy are meal and was was to the new vaze Moving Tracks To move a track to another position in the list click on the track name and drag it up or down To move several tracks at once select them click on one of them d drag I The order of the tradts in the sequencer is independent of the de vice order in the radt Duplicating Tracks To make copies of tracks complete With all recorded data use any of the follow ing methods 9 Hold down Option Mac or Ctrl Windows and drag the track to a new pos39 39 e track list Bring up the context menu for the tradt and select Duplicate Tradt To bring up the context menu Ctrllclick Mac or rlghl39CIICk Windows on the track in the track list original u um um uacns on other device to avoid double notes etc Deleting Tracks To deleie one oi seveial tlaoks seleei inein and piess Backspace oi Deleie vice ine lollowing alen message will appear f Delaie device 2 Thu nods yau aie elmui In delnle vim iiie rim 3 Sandie named quotSeiwlei iquot ND olnei luck Ii amined tn the device Wald you iii In deleoe lha devise a wet Cams Seleei one oi ineiollowing opiions Option Desai lion Deleie Deleie boin thetlaok and ine eonneeieo oeViee Keep Deleie thetlaok but keepthe oeViee inine lack Caneel Do noi deleie thetlaok oi ine oeViee About the two Views wnileine leii pth oiine sequenoel alea always contains thetlaokllst ineie aie Vou swiien beiween ine iwo Views by choking ine button inineiop leii eoinei oi ine sequenoel alea Tne button enanges appealanoeto illusiiaiewnienwew is sea leeieo Arrange View The Arrange 7 iiewseleeied ln ine Alvange view all hacks sie shown wiin eoloieo bals indieaiing ieeoioeo events Use inis mode io gei an ovelvlew oi youl allangemem and wnen you song eie new f iiewei eeiei oglllml WLWWHE39 a E My 9 9 Elul ES in nee Name Q new Cl DlREX 55 FEE E G w N we I in ine Eoii view you gei a closeup look at ine ieeoioeo events on a single hack a a iiine wnenine Eoii view is selected ine iigni psii oi ine sequenoel aies owioeo inio seveisl noiizonisl lanes snowing oiiieieni iypes oi events noies REX shoes oinin sounds eoniiolle 5 eie inis is ine View mode oi i o Veoovdlng to wnenyonwaniiooiaw notes 00er ei events manually i i i For deiails aboui ediiing seethe Operaiion Manual pdl we About the Ruler Song Posmon and Locators a n top 01 the sequence dLspLay Tm LnchaLes the mete posmons that s the per smons m bays and beats 39 u u u y no u ma magni calion At a medmm zoom semnd odd bays Wm be ShWn wnn a be numbev and even bats Wm be mcha ed by a mavk AM h you havE zoomed any eacn bavaH be numbened and every 137 noLe posmonwm be mcha ed by a mavk Wag Tms S hE End malkev Tms anovms Reason abom wheve yom song ends seemenoLebeLow l The S hE song posmon Lnchahng at Wmch posmon pLayback nappens I Iquot W1 quot9 l The S hE ngm LocaLon wnen usngme WI Tms S hE Len LocaLov When usmg he m L m m y govemsthe sLan posmon ov me Loop onne Loop 9 The End E malkel indicates Qheend offhesongJ eprogmm uses misinformation when exponing the song as an aurilo me and when you so all horizonmlly in e sequencei area Playback m lecolding will norstop at the End Inalkev Ensuu THE SEQUENCER r BASICS Tan Ls wheve you acuvate p ayback vecovdmg as ovwaIdvewmd etc Heve Ls a one ovevwew of the conuo s o neLp you hndyom way m the vecovdmg and May Fas1 Forwan s1op R ewmd R ecovd Loop Orvoquot see pwe ea n Invinnua 15 emu Song Posmon OvamubR ep ace swncn 22 m Len and mom LocaLoy posmons s 7 see e as he boundanes oune Loop page 6E nanspon Key commands poH uncuons lFumm eycumman t p 0 on the numenc keypad ov Retum PLay Emev on the numenc keypad Togg e StopWay Space bay Go to pvewous bayRewmd 7 on the numenc keypad Go to next bayFast Forwan B on the numenc keypad Recovd 1 on the numenc keypad ov noLd Command Mac 01 cm Wmdows and mess Retum Go to Lth Locate Loop sun 1 on the numenc keypad Go to mom Locate Loop End 2 on the numenc keypad Setting Up for Recording Recording Tempo and Time Signature 1 Makeslue MIDI Is mmea mneaesnea mck see maesz Thetrackwnh wow mpm sa ways aummahcaHy remrd enab s oluzl Innate m 39empu mu m m rgM aHms yuu m ungun me empq My Maps m w moo hpm mmmmm mu m bvm hem g mm mm p mrlerurc nkdvacw We Nbr 3 Von may mm to sum a w mmwxm gemmem m vamp m numerl mypau Von sellhelmesunzlule hyspecnymg z numemor e vzlue z enomnzmmum value held m numeramrwsthe numh rm heats p r ban mm aemmmamrwems the length ma heat 3 me seb ed Click When yuu remrd m 5 men nwsary m havesumesun m mmmmgmem h p yuu kw Mme Theeasest wa s m M the m m metmnumec ck s samwa39si yuu Wm hearachckun each hm wnh an mmquot the m chck s playsi hackdwvvg rsmrdmg m playback When duwnhea m each bar Vuu can mm the vu ume m the chck w mm m leve mu a drum rrnrlusle Inner a lenemncs n mtg be eager H mm mc galkl The remrd human hgh39s up to ndcat Pemrd smany rude Cllcklhe Dlzy hlmon owes Enter on me numenc keyma Recumg suns 5 when you are done clxklhe ov hlmon or piss olon me Mr menc Kenna w w fu 4 DJ 5 mm WWWwa w a m a red mm pm yuu maywamm muveth sung pmnnn m m hegmmngu he re mrdmg by rewmdmg m by muvmg he mug mmquot marmr m m mm m meme p a human as hsten m whatyuu Emma Van can mm remrdmg n yuu Me n salso possmlem zanme lemme aunng vhymekc puncn 39x by svanmg Dhyhackznd men my me mm hlmon Ny yuu can deadwa39e rsmrdmg wmhm 5mm playback punch a mmmms Recording more tracks Once you have recorded something you can continue recording on other tracks while hearing the first recording play back Just remember to route MIDI to the desired recording track You can change the MIDI routing during recording if you like This is especially useful when recording in loop mode record the first track then click in the In column for the next track you want to record and so on Everything you record Will be p ayed back on the next loop lap For more info about the loop mode see page 68 Recording more on the same track Overdub Re ace If you like you can continue recording over the same area on the same track Th h g 39 to a loop or 4 part of an urn for u bk aka Whether the previous recording is kept or removed depends on the Overdub Replace setting lt 7 H 1 HE 39szpi ai 9 In Overdub mode the new recording is added to whatever was on the Track before When you play back you Will hear both recordings This is the mode to use when you want to add elements to an existing recording eg add controller data to recorded notes 9 In Replace mode the new recording replaces any previously re corded notes Only the notes in the actual recording area are replaced u p uuuly avoid removing material by mistake n w i i com trollersl See the Operation Manual pdf for details amp REHEDN THE SEOUENCER BASICS Replacing a section of a previous recording If be redone you can use Replace mode for this 1 Select Replace mode 2 Start playback at a position before the faulty section 3 At the start of the section activate recording 4 Rerecord thesection 5 At the end of the faulty section deactivate recording or stop Record enabling several tracks r3 ReDium a g mm Melady Although only one track ata time can have MIDI input it is possible to record enr Ie any number of tracks by clicking in the Rec column for tracks The purpose of h 39 L 39 a time This allows you to send controller messages from a control surface or to parameters directly on the front panel to record automation for devices connected to these tracks even though they do not have MIDI input Automation recording is described in the Operation Manual pdf Playback and Positioning 39 is using nsiims tlzllSDOlI iuiaiois Ell he izialea Weir i you s ther zDDllmtlon See the Ovemtlon Manual Dd Play and stop s to may hackliomtheclinentsolli posiioi click the may mm or piss Enter 0 the iiiisic mm Io 5 09 Playback click the stop button or 976 0 on the numeric keypad iysi sisiissisp iiisi wisi is ssig is siisssi sisppss is ssig pssisi is imss swam tuthemibwmg iss iis ssig pssisi is s is nghtmthe isi beamn i is imss is is s in ssisi s Adlllst the song DOSIIIOII i unsmzli III the value dlSDle below the tmnsvon buttons ris sung pusmun is shwwn as i iss dgns hars isais sis sixissmi imss iissispsiisiiiiii sisisiisssig iis ssig pssisi is s is sisi misssis imiiig isppsis This issis ysi ssi sways sisiiwssi is sisp human ii sisp isssis isiii s is isgiiiiigmisssig Positioning E ris sung pusiisi is indcatsi by theve cai iis wii is maiisi ii is iiisi There sis severa ways is wave is sung pssini use the iswma and izsiioiwzm 00nth oi the mispoil Dzne riis mass is mug pusiisi ii stepsmune bar mm is current pssini That is iysi instcickunueun is swims isiwaiu iiisii is sung p0 si isi Wii is miss examiyune bar hackDHDNard Tu mmethesung p0 si isi several harsi cickand isu is msi himun use the tmnSWn ley commands on the iumsnc keyma ass is tahie si pegs 64 s Cllckznd any the P quotBiker III is mlsr or cickaisai III is ruler at the assisa song posnm ris issiiiig sung pssini miss is Snap isms ii s mums as deicrihsi hem iissispssisiisisiimimississ sispissiisisi sisi spssiis pssiiisis is s sspsssii issiii wisi ysi sissdiiiig ii is s isissi mg issiisisissiiig sisiissisi iii iiiiisisssiissiis ssiiim i is sisps pmssdssisim i piiaowmisSizpmiipiisiisiassi miis iiysi ssssi ysi wiii siiy issisis imsiisssig pssiisi sis is giiiiig si has iissiisispisis issiim imsisii siismisspsisiig issisiss 2 misssizpiycimiiiisimi isxiioiispoiipiisi m s m i iiiisssisssss smissisii simsssims iismswissimsis sssssisiimassiisssisisiii as iissssisisiiiisics Using the Loop ln loop mode lne seouencerwrll lepeal a seollon ovel and ovel agaln dulng playback or leooldlng Vou specrly lne seollon lo be looped by senrng lne lell and rrgnl looalol e c m r in lire ruler or b ruler Ser lire riglrr locaror lire end oi lire loop by dragging lire R marker in lire ruler oryou can nold down Command Mac or All Wlndows and clrckrnlne ruler l Mme inar Snap applies when moving lire locarors inrlre rulerjus1 aswirlr lire song posirion Born looalol poslllons can also be adlusled numerrcally on lne llanspon panel up or userlre corresponding k On a Mac inrs rs Mr undel Wlndow ey command s ll s Hr born on lne numerrc keypad nen you play backrn loop mode and in lol ll will lmmedlalelylump backlo lne le lne looalols will be lepealed comrnuous e song posrlron reacneslne rrgkrl locan ll localor ans way be area belween ly 0 Playing back in loop mode is useiul lorry oui mixes and arrange menrs rehearse lakes eic Recolding in loop mode can be uselul lor adding elenrenls lo 3 gr cove one layer a a im e Just remember lo s eci Overdub mode ii you are lecording several layers on lire lrack39 rams THE SEGMENCER n BASlCS Mute and Solo To mule allaokmeans lo srlence ll solnal no dala rs senl lrom lne lrack dulng playback inrs can be vely uselul wnen you alelrylrlg our dlllelenl yersrons or an rr rm m nr elo To solo allaok means all olnerlracks are muled Tlne noles and eyenls on llne muled lrackwrll nol be lneard on playback ALI Ared m bulan rndrcelese nu To unmule inelrackr clrck al lne sa mer rn wnrcn case you ca led lrack llne M bullon agarn Sevelal lracks can be muled melr masler M bullon rn llne M column ln n unmule inem all by clrckrng lne eadlng To solo a irack dick lire corresponding Solo 5 burron To mm solo oll clrcklne green Solo bullon agarn ln Rel Name 7 a mu Here lhelrack 39edmml rssoloed rndrcaled bye green 3 burlon Sevelal lracks can be soloed al be same llme rn wnrcn case you can lurn oll Solo lor all ol inem by clrckrng lne maslerl s bullon mine 8 column neadrng What else can I do in the sequencer This chapter has only touched briefly on the capabilities of the sequencer In the u 4 4444 rx thLlll quencer functions andyprocedures Recording pattern changes and control automation Rearranging recorded material in the Arrange View Editing recor ed notes controllers and pattern changes Ouantizing and using grooves Manual creation of notes and controllers Using groups Importing and exporting MIDI files ampHsnsun THE SEQUENCER BASICS HEHsuN THE SEOUENCER BASICS 0 HEFIEEIN gt Introduction to the Combinator propellerhsas 5 72 What is the Combinator device u mwup chmhinator The Combinator is special device that allows you to save and recall any combi nation of Reason devices instruments effects mixers etc and their internal connections A saved Combinator setup can be loaded as a patch called a Combi The Combinator device itself acts as a container for the devices in a I The basic idea behind the Combinator device is simple but ver powerful Being able to save multiple devices as a Combi enables you to instantly recall any type of setup however complex as simply as loading a patch Some typical applications of the Combinator e Create split or layered multiinstruments Add any number of instrument devices Subtractors NNXT s etc and play them as a single layered instrument Instrument devices in a Combi can also be assigned to specific keyboardvelocity zones Save instrumenteffect combinations Save an instrument together with your favorite ef39fects Create multieffect devices You can create and save complex effect chains as Combis INTRODUCTION TO THE COMBINATOR About the Combi patch format The Combinator saves files in the Combi cmb patch format When you load a Combi patch all devices included in the Combi their corresponding parameter settings and internal audio and CV connections are instantly recalled The FactOIy Soundbank includes many preset Combi patches divided into vari ous categories There are two basic types of Combis Instrument and Effect Combis Effect Combis typically contain a chain of effect processors and are meant to be connected to devices outside the Combi as an insert or send effect Instrument Combis contain one or several instrument devices and are meant to be played like standard instrument devices Instrument Combis can also contain effect devices How to create Combinator devices There are several ways you can create a Combinator device e By selecting quotCombinatorquot from the Create menu This will create an empty Combinator device e By Shiftselecting several devices in the rack and then selecting quotCombinequot from the Edit menu This will create a Combi containing the selected devices The devices are re moved from their original locations in the rack into the Combinator holder e By selecting the Create device by browsing patchesquot menu item from the Create menu This allows you to browse for Combi patches if you select a cmbquot patch a Combinator device will be created containing the devices saved with the Combi About external and internal audio routing L Kquot R Gumbl Input 6 Lf f n comm outnuz External Rnutlnz f L rquot 5quot F F m nu c Iil l At the back of a Combinator you can find the following audio connectors 9 Combi LR Outputs This is the output of the Combinator which is internally connected to the From evicesquot connectors This output connects with devices outside the Combi normally a mixer device 9 From Devices LR inputs This is where outputs from devices in a Combi are connected A mono or stereo output can be connected 9 Combi LR Inputs This is the input to the Combinator used for effect Combis only Internally connected to the To Devicesquot connec ors 9 To Devices LR outputs These connect to an input on a device in the effect Combi amp Normally all audio connections to and from devices in a Combi should pass via the To From Device connectors While it is entirely possible to directly connect the output of a device in a Com i to the input of a evice outside the ombi this is called an External outingquot connection and should be avoided if the Combi is to be completely selfcontainedquot 9 If any device in a Combi uses external routing this connection will not be saved with the at As a warning an External Routingquot indicator will light up if such a connec 39 39 ade For example if a Combi contains three Subtractors but no mixer there would e three mono outputs coming from devices in the Combi the Subtractors As there are only two From Devicesquot inputs there is a problem The solution is to include a mixer device in the Combi and to connect the Subtractors to this If the output of the mixer is connected to the From Devicesquot input all three outputs from the Subtractors and more device outputs should you so wish can be passed via the Combinator interface without external routing Please refer to the Operation Manual chapter The Combinatorquot for a complete description of the available features Creating a layered instrument Combi patch a tutorial In this stepbystep tutorial we will show you how to create a simple Combi patch starting with an empty Combinator device The objective is to create a layered instrument Combi that includes both instrument and effect devices 1 To make things easy to follow start with an empty rack 2 Select a mixer device from the Create menu either a 142 or a Line mixer it doesn39t ma er 3 Create a Combinator by selecting Combinator from the Create menu An empty Combinator device is added to the rack and a Combinator se quencer track is create LaMIwA39ruM if f amp The front panel consists of a narrow top panel with a patch name display quot 39 39 39 39 39 quot and below is the Controller panel This panel contains amongst other things virtual knobs and buttons that can be assigne to any device parameter orfunction contained in the Combi see page 75 t The empty space at the bottom is the Combinator rack where de vices added to the Combi will be located It is also used for adding devices to a Combi via drag and drop ampHEHEDN INTRODUCTION TO THECOMBINATOR It you tlipthe rackaround the Combi outputs have been autorouted to inputs on 5 Select a Line Mixer 62 device from the Create menu the mixer device but as the Combi is currently empty there are no connections The mixer is added to the Combi The master output of the Line mixer is auto routed to the From Devicesquot connectors to the From Devicesquot inputs yet AIJDIL ii Now we have a good starting point for adding instrument devices the added in struments will be autorouted to the Line mixer device in the Combi For sake of example let39s make a simple layered instrument Combi using two in strument devices a NNXT and a MalstrtSm 6 Select the Line mixer by clicking it in the Combinator rack or click Let39s continue by adding a Line Mixer t0 the Gombl in the empty space at the bottom of the Combinator so that the in sertion line appears 4 Lc hpty space at the honorquot 0f the combmator so that a Either method will ensure that the next device created will be added to the This is called the insertion line When this line is shown the Combinator will Combquot be the target destination for new created devices The insertion line amp HEFIEDN 74 INTRODUCTION TO THE COMBINATOR 7 Select a NNXT from the Create menu The NNXT is added to the Combi with its LR Master outputs autorouted to the Line mixer As you can see the area below the Combinator Controller panel encloses the devices in the Combi like a rack within the rac quot A so notethat when an instrument device is added to a Combi in this way no cor responding sequencertrack is created forthe device as the incoming MIDI is routed via the Combinatortrack it is however possible to manually cre ate independent tracks for devices in a Com I Vcnmbinatur mm mm mm my Mum m Mm mm mm mm man my 8 Select a patch for the NNXT for example a Piano 9 Repeat step 6 and select a Malstro39m device from the Create menu 10 Select a patch for the Malstr6m for example a pad sound So now we have a Combi with three devices a Line mixer a NNXT and a Mal stro39m 11 With MIDI directed to the Com binator track play a few notes As you can hearthe two instrument devices are now layered lt Try experimenting with different patches for the devices Many interesting textures and sounds can be created using layered instruments Naturally you can layer more devices as many as you like using the same basic technique Next let39s add an effect device to the Combi Given the setup this could be done in two ways If you select one of the instrument devices and then create an effect it will be added as an insert effect to that instrument device If you select the mixer and then create an effect it will be added as a mixer send effect 12 In this case let s add a RV7000 reverb device as a send effect se lect the mixer and choose the RV7000 effect from the Create menu The reverb is autorouted as a send effect to the mixer You can now add a touch of reverb to the devices by tweaking the Aux send for the correspond ing mixer channels 13 Finally save the setup as a Com bi patch The next time you open this patch the setup will open exactly as saved About the Programmer The Combinator also features a Programmerwith key and velocity zone mapping and modulation routing capabilities This section briefly describes the various el ements of the Programmer lt Click the Show Programmer button on the Controller panel to bring up the Programmer panel 39 39wmbinatur The Programmer panel appears below the Controller panel To the leftyou can find a Key Mapping area with a list showing each device currently in the Combi Clicking on an instrument device in the list selects it lt Instrument devices which receive MIDI Note data are automati cally assigned a key and velocity range By default the entire available keyvelocity range is set 02 G8 O127 ampHEHEDN INTRODUCTION TO THE COMBINATOR 75 76 39 39 39 n pressed The horrzoma smps m The area be ow The keyboard re ec s The se Key Ran e for the correspondrng rnstrurhem deyrce Y u can a 30 c r m 3 a 3 a ge anges To rns rumem deyrces rn a Corn r you can crea e where e rower oc aves wru pray a bass sound and The upper ranges pray a ng pad rnrhr nr rm errrot velocity range for a selected instrument device g rang ror rayere de ermrne whreh deyrces wru sound aoeordrng To how hard or son you pray ampnu INTRODUCTION To THE CDMBINATDR AH The parame ers ora se ec ed deyree are ayarrabre by chckmg n The Tar ge co umn Se echng a paramaer assrgns M o The correspondrng Rotary knob or bunon Bunons are used To ToggTe be ween Two va ues e g onomr u 1 n r specmed range The comro s can be assrgned rnumpre funcnons e g a knob can change The hher frequency for one deyrce and The mas er vdume for arr o her devxce e c Checkou The rnc uded Combx pa ches m The Fac ory Soundbank for more rdeas and ups on how The Combma or can be used Fora comp e e deserrpuon or The Combma or prease rerer To The Combma or chap erm The Operanon rnanua pd 0 REFIEEIN propellerhsas 5 About this chapter Aseuns wnund Peasun mcmdei twu pattern based denudes the nednunn dnunn mmpu39er and the Matrix pauann Sedueneen Laddnnna pattern dendes nna he added n upmmmg nensnnsy wnue these Iwu devnes ane very dmerent n must ways they hand e patterns m bwmgthesame has rules as descnued s c apt z romeraus about me vespeaweaevuoes see me opemuou Mau Ilzl m4 What are Pattern Devices n pattern sedueneen UnMe the nnan se dueneen m Peasum a pattern sedueneen nepeanadn ways hacka pattern ma specmed length Theiypcal examp em the real wand as weuas m neaseny s a dnunn nn wnucn pays dnunn pauanns usuauy me Dr Iwu bars m ength Havan the sanne pattern repea hmughuut awhule mug may uenne n mme cases u must men yuu want sunn vanamns rne suhmun s us create severa dmerent pauanns and pmgram pauenn changes Laummam swm vmg nunn une pattern to anmnen at the desued pusmuns m the mug acnne How paneuu De es teglate with the main Sequence rne uuu n pattern sedueneenn apa emdevmem39eramswmh themam Peasun sedueneen n themHmmg ways s New Seton lhelmnsvorl Danel x used torzll Playhch s u you stall Playback for me mam seq Hence on me muspon mnebn an pzueuu ewes wlll zlnollumzll 1er as wequot pmmeu lhelrmnern sequencers haven39t been named rsee below You an muteznd solo Dane aeuoeuacle u lhesequenoer ua auann dewue nas atrack n the sedueneen and yuu mutethxs track the pattern dewue Wm autumatDaHy he nnued as wen Tms s mdxcatsi by a Mute mdmafnr an the dewue pane Nate that n severa nacvs are mu named 5 uswe umer DEWZES also mu 2 Dane ewe semmemwuuouu stalling me uauuseuue oeuormueruaueruaemes hycuduuuuue Run hlmon on me dev u I rns starts the bum m pattern sedueneen m thedevne Tusfnp p ahack dcmne Pun hmth agan urchckthe Smp human an the Transpu pane rna nun bumquot an the Pedmmdmm wmvmer s quotyou aueruuuuuu 2 Dane deuce SemmteWznd 5er Dlzyhzdi of me mam sequeu r me mueru ewe wlll anomalsz nesuan u enoer Paneru chznaesmn he muuoueu hy mnau cuauue eveucs u me mam sequeuoer n mherwurds yuu can end urcrea39e pattern changes n the nnan se dueneen and have them mcur at the mrmrl pusmun an playback me name device has 2 uumuu sound souvoesucu as Redrlllm lhlsmnzko he a e1 Imue quotum sequeuoeuorva MID v umhmethe hum n pattern playhackwnh playhacktmm the nnan a Mum Funexannpeuns a bws yuu us add vanath mus Us ase pessuae m dsame the pauenn muenuertmaw mnvemng the de vmem a pure suund mmu e Th s s dune w deamaung the Emma pauann Syrian swnch Man ua pdn Selecting Patterns rhe Eankand Men We vur e NMquot Pattern seamen hlmon 1 as hyeu Men yuu can aaagn mmputerkeymmmands and0r Mum neaaagea u cahenn aeemcn Seethe Operatmn Manua can Ioseledz Dane m znmherhznk um dxklhedeslmd Banknuc mu A B c m and men clxklhe Panequot hlmon N mug h c 5 MN yuu chckth p quote n human rhe pattern change hahea ehem en the next wwnheat acmnanng m the hne ag name set w thetranspun pane The Pa em Enable switch Men we anch h the Ram and the ha Next mthe Eankand panen hu uns yuu wnuhnc an addhtnna swhmh whnch a numahyacwa39ed Hymn chcmha we mm A mhe pattern playhackwm ceca next dawn t E hamng auhe exam aa nycu hadsels si an empty en pattern Fcnexanncenhna can he ussi mr hnngmg dmerent panenncewcea m anc nut cuhe mix cunng waghack Programming a Pattern Laee the 0p cemem Hnweven acne caac pnnmp ss ane cennnnen mr au panenn dew an smmanumhermdxscretesteps Fureach atecyeucanenhena nme a CV Va ue en vamus pnecemea cecencnng en the devme When yuu run the pa ern each st pwhH he playsi hack m turn anc wnu 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Mg 992 mm byoehwgausueemhmtstmnum MMMEQMVV mg II II Wl i l li i ii mm mg mquot w my lulumum yquot Won wmmymmmmsym myuwymmy waitemma Patemdetm ymmmmmgym sse gbbaanMVEVa em smme mntm on Emma my I y I 7 z Mmmmmmym M mmymwmmmy m ng Clearing a Pattern m c sarlemvw a Mammy n m use money mm mm on E Ednmenu cream May New v mnmnmnng 2 mm mannan mm mm his I m a sum gammy Using Cut Copy and Paste Ev 5mgny om oovyam mm mm mmmsun e mmnum vmcoma mermyv umnmeorduwub mm bmndag Mme 5 WW ye Mbwmg mg 2va n unmwnn quotunlitum an m m pm nunmm m 5019 me as um pemm cow Vatem m then caymm mu mm m asmnrn m unlitum 5 WM mm m sum W Yhswemyms e mg waiterquot wnhmeoneunthechvbmru tangeran mm heme Hanson sung y Wu Wm envy mm bemaendnerem Reason SongSy you sec w m m I m Sui6 2 saunaannual Myanmmw a samc w mm m m Emmum m In mmmnhxlmum Voucanabu hold ommnnd Mac mom wmwsy and press 01m mW o Mum m smgzuvn m s dare by mug m mesong Way or w sea rg mesong m a mum may Voucanabu hold ommnnd Mac mom Mummy and press Mm mW ny uwmvhustiamamimnaln mysangsmmm u mamvmmn gnaw mxnmaammwmkems m M mqum mm smm m mmusommw I05 Pattern Functions L r 4 4 y u l 4 r on A t Raln of pattern functions are listed However the exact names and functionalities de pend on the device type 7 refer to the Operation Manual pdf for details Shift The Shift functions move the notes in a pattern one step to the left or right or trans oses them one semitone up or down dependin on the device This function can be used for interesting rhythmic or melodic effects or as a way to rectify patterns for which the first step isn t on the proper downbeat Randomize starting points and help you get new ideas Alter The Alter functions modify existing patterns Note that there must be something in the pattern for the function to work on 7 using an Alter function on an empty pattern Will not do anything ampREH DN USING PATTERN DEVICES 1 nsnsun USING PATTERN DEVICES 0 HEFIEEIN Background About ReFills A ReFill is a kind of component package for Reason which can contain patches samples REX files Soundfonts and demo songs If you like you could compare ReFills to ROM cards for a synthesizer On your computer ReFills appear as large files with the extension rflquot All sounds included with Reason are embedded in two ReFills Reason Fact0iy Sound Bankquot and Orkester which were both copied to the Reason Program folder during installation Additional Propellerhead ReFills are available for pur chase You can also download ReFills from other Reason users on the Internet purchase them from other sample manufacturers etc C Sainiale s Wave anti MW les are mmpregseil about half their original file size when siorea in ReFills ln Reason you can use the Browser to list and access the embedded sounds and other components within the ReFills just as ifthe ReFills were folders on your hard disk Clicking on the ReFill In the Browser Locations list amp El lemmws 5m Wm Name 7 M WALL Elle2i Patches 2mm ii i2 ii Malian o DiRexDiumLaaps mm m Desktop o iRexlnsliumenlLaaps mm m Reason Fuldei o any Rex Peimission tam 2mm n i2 n U y pnmmk o l Malsiiam Patches mm H i2 n gt MElass Masleiing Patches Music Low am Smnd aux El sasnnF y j n ikmieiSuunstnk a 2mm mi 2 vmnn Patches s am i Patches Dela s Audition m is m Rpmquot mm mm Rank 7 H mm m Fish is opens it for navigation Just like a folder Furthermore if a song makes use of components from ReFills Reason will tell you which ReFills are required amp HEFIEIZIN THE BROWSER Reason File Formats The following table lists the file formats that you can browse and open using Reason s Browser Song Published Song Combinator Patch Subtractor Patch Malstro m Patch NN1 9 Sam pler Patch NNXT Sam pler Patch Redrum Patch RV7000 Patch XWV smp th drp n7 This is the main document format in Reason It contains your music and the setup of the rack along with references to any used samples and loops or it can contain the actual samples and loops ifyou have made the song selfcon tainedquot A published song is a selfcontained song in tended for playback only It cannot be changed its components cannot be extracted and it is not possible to export it as an audio file The Combinator see page 72 for an introduction to this special device can storerecall combina Oombis will save all panel settings as well as sample references if used for all devices that are part of the Combi In addition all routing audio CV between devices in the Oombi are included in the patch This is a patch for the Subtractor synth device containing all panel settings You store your synth sounds by saving Subtractor patches This is a patch for the Malstro m synth device con taining all panel settings You store your synt sounds by saving Malstrom patches This is a patch for the NN19 Sampler device con taining references to and settings for all used samples along with panel settings This is a patch for the NNXT Sampler device containing references to and settings for all used samples along with panel settings This is a patch for the Redrum drum machine de vice It contains information about which drum samples are used along with all drum sound set tings In effect a Redrum patch is a stored drum kit This is a patch for the RV7000 reverb effect con taining all panel settings Scream 4 sm4 Patch REX files rx2 rcy or rex Samples wav or aif Soundfont sf2 Bank This is a patch forthe Scream 4 distortion effect containing all panel settings REX files are created in another Propellerheads application the ReCycle loop editor They contain audio loops chopped into slices with one slice for each significant beat in the loop By loading a REX file into the Dr Rex Loop Player device you can play backthe loop in virtually any tempo with out affecting the pitch manipulate individual beats in the loop extract timing info etc Note that you can also load REX files into the samplers and the Redrum drum mac ine The NN19 Sampler and the Redrum drum ma chine play back samples in Wave or AlFFformat with support for a large number of resolutions and sample rates You can use files of different for mats in the same device one drum sound can be an 8bit sample the next a 16bit sample etc The Soundfont format was codeveloped by Emu Systems and Creative Technologies and is used with many audio cards and software synthesizers SoundFont banks store wavetable synthesized sounds allowing users to create and edit multi sampled sounds in special Soundfont editing pro grams The Soundfonts can then be played back in wavetable synthesizers typically on audio cards thereby effectively turning an ordinary sound card into a samp er The NNXT and NN19 Samplers and the Redrum drum machine allow you to browse and load Soundfonts Regardless of which editing program was used to create them these banks are simi larly and hierarchically organized with folders for instruments presets samples etc The NNXT NN19 and the Redrum lets you load individual samples and presets from a Soundfont bank but nofthe complete Soundfont About the Browser Seanth Euiieanalde l1 Seatewatt El toemas s Nae t Madtited ate 1 2nntn23t222 28MB Aulamalsakimg tps 2mm n 23 t2 22 as K t My Dacuments auiNates tps 2mm n 23 t2 22 n2 x a Ream FEW Sam Bank tndttstttat insect tps 2mm H 23 t2 22 an K Dikestev 5mm 3W Maya tps 2mm it 29 t2 22 t 9 MB iMelmmalian rtaatttm tps 2mm n 23 t2 22 Mahllsludia tps 2mm n 23 t2 22 3 x Mystte tps 2mm n 23 t2 22 55 x sewage Elk Blueihenivs 2mm 23t222 22x me Mme Reason ms 2mm n 23 t2 22 2st x Realization tps 2mm n 23 t2 22 mt x tth the green men Dluta tps 2mm n 23 t2 22 t MB TheAdiusleH s 2mm 23t222 3U7K What more Reason ps 2mm n 23 t2 22 333 x ww Red tps 2mm n 23 t2 22 33 x New Favorite ttst lnla Detatts Audition w ha aided a nurremus amount at 2 stngtes and re albumsl The tatest ED Essentials was tagged as a milestone by the music pesst All samples taken ham Ahzliacl HiDHaDVNu Diieclians a must A Mt Dllechnn by YME ms havei WW e lab segt i hamAbstractHipHaprNuDiieclians l A l Select Previous ngh 5min tss rem 125mm t Ll aeteatNext Slgnahue tt The Browser is a special file dialog that appears when you open songs or load patches samples or REX files from within a ReFill orfrom regular file folders Apart from standard file folder browsing the browser dialog offers you several useful functions a Search for files by name andor type see page 92 Use crossbrowsing to search for patches belonging to any type of device For example you open the browserfrom a Subtractor device to browse for a suitable patch But instead of limiting the Browserto show only Subtractor patches you can chose to browse for any type of instrument patch If you se lect a patch with a different format than the device you started browsing from the original device will be replaced by the new device See page 90 Av Create Favorite Lists containing shortcuts to your Favorite files for instant access See page 93 Av Audition instrument patches audio samples and loops on the fly Av Save shortcuts to various locations on your local drives See page 89 amp HEFIEDN THE BROWSER Opening the browser Browser elements You can use any of the following commands to open the Browser dialog what a file types you can browse for depends on which method you used to open the 5mmquot Ewemrm 5 5mm W Browser dialog amp law 3 W W mm lt By selecting Open from the File menu News lMadmed slzel l D 3 o a3 znmiznswaz w This opens the Song Browser where you can select to open a saved Song znmiznswaz Manasynlhs 2mm l2 as w 32 r lt By selecting Browse Patches on the Edit menu with a patch de 3331ij vice selected or by clicking the Browse Patches button on a de gAmaSaw 1w 233333 SEEMS vice panel salsa 3w znmiznswaz 52ml This opens the Patch Browser allowing you to browse patches for the se 5 me lected deVIce You can also use crossbrowsing see page 90 to select aslcsnuainyv znmiznswaz l l3 cm mm znmiznswaz 5 23 3 patches for other deVIce types a aligns znmiznswaz smile a Huhknack 1w 2mm l2 as w 32 sis hm lt By selecting Browse Samples on the Edit menu with a sample de W iyarjcafzfv EEEijEEjfff SLEEVE M Vice selected or by clicking the Browse Samples button on a de Wu We MW vice panel a 3 3y slum This opens the Sample Browser where you can browse for samples in the 0 suppo39led aUdiO formats39 rmysdak lElZDDEPiapelleiheadSallwaieAB l l SeleclPievmus lt By selecting Browse ReCycle REX Files on the Edit menu With a gjggfawm dgaxgjiyema 3153mm Dr Rex Loop Player selected or by cli ing the Browse Loops WW button on a device panel This opens the REX File Browser allowing you to browse for REX loops lt By selecting Import MIDI File from the File menu The Pam Bmwse dial 9 Thls Opens the MIDI Flle Browser allOW39nQ YOU to browse for MIDI f39les Regardless of what browser mode is chosen songpatchsample etc the By selecting create device by browsing patches from the create Browser dialog basicallycontains thesame main elements although items may me be grayed out if not applicable The dialog contains the followmg elements This allows you to browse patches for any device When you select a patch in the browser without clicking OK in the browser dialog the correspond ing device is automatically created in the background together with a corre File and folder list sponding sequencertrack if an instrument patch is selected See page 91 Madllled l slzel l aniznswaz A aniznswaz 7 WWW znmiznswaz l amcmwm aniznswaz 52mm gm Leadl 1w 2mm l2 as w 32 sis hm BA l aniznswaz mm BAmdSawZzw aniznswaz EAmd Suuaiel 2w ZEN lZ HE N 32 EZEI We a l sq w aniznswaz 3M3 aniznswaz mum quot am Sizuaie Zyp 2mm l2 as w 32 sis bytes 3 my um 1w 2mm l2 as w 32 m2 We 5 ram lead up 2mm l2 as w 32 sis hm arm3m p aniznswaz mum mammal 1w aniznswaz mum am lf J om mm This is the main browser list showing the contents in a selected root folder see page 88 amp HEHEEIN THE BROWSER Show popup menu 5m SubTIaclur patches I an add 2 Sue zumI zns 14 32 gm 2 IE I 32 m bytes ThIs Is only avaIlable In the Patch browser It Is otherWIse grayed out It deterr L L quot lder lIst patches canrbe selected See page 90 Where popup menu Seamquot IIemryaaa a if SublvauwPalcha 1 Desk l W My umzr mam l 7 wan ngram es R3 Reason A Heawn FealuIy Suunu enlx a A Subrvaclm Falnhex 5 And saw 1 an Th e erld root fold er By clIckIng In the eld a popup menu Is shown alloWIng you to move up In the folder hIerarchy search results and FavorItes lIsts however are shown as at lIsts WIth no folder hIerarchy BackForwa rd buttons Search in EuIIentFnldeI These arrow buttons allow you to move between the browser locatIons opened thle browsIng much lIke pages In a web browser When the browser dIalog Is closed the locatIon lIst Is cleared above the le and folder lIst dIsplays the name of the currently selected Locations list L you umanlx Elanaan Factnw Snund ank E 1 a Dime 5mm Bank ThIs Is a lIst of shortcuts to dIfferent locatIons You can manually add any locar tIons on any ocal drIve to thIs lIst SelectIng an Item In thIs lIstWIll open the correspondIng folderReFIll as the root In the maIn flies and folder lIst 7 see page 88 Favorites section FavaIIles I Shnwcase a My lay a The be mule th 4 39 um g to patches samples or song les 7 see page 93 Search popup and text field These Items allow you to specIfy a search locatIon and to enter a text strIng to search for respectIvely The Search functIon Is descrIbed on page 92 ampREHEDN THE BROWSER Info and details Wm B ElallS Tell an 1 OD 100 RPM Si Size 3 5 3 k8 uncompressed 3 1 Sweden Sounds an a as lrcensed from Dublab Denmark erLAB Sweden and The Info section in the left corner can show SongReFill splash images and the Details section will show information about the item currently selected in the file and folder list Exactly which information is shown depends on the file type For example samples or REX files contains information about the file format and length of the selected file while a selected song file can display comments from the author Song Information see page 103 etc If the selected file is part of a ReFill this will be indicated regardless of the file type Audition section Audmnn 4 7 42 4 This section contains controls for auditioning samples and REX files see page 89 Select PreviousNext arrow buttons A Select Previous V Select Next These buttons allow you to move the current file selection up or down in the list In the Patch or Sample Browser a selected file patch or sample is automati cally loaded in the background Loading indicator This icon will light up to indicate that a patch or sample is loading amp HEFIEDN THE BROWSER Navigating in the Browser Searchquot rjwemrave lv 5mm it r39sunanm patches Shaw gunmen mm N m lMadrlred mm znmtznswaz n znmtznswaz My Dan BManaSymhs 2mm 2 n5 N 32 umenls asan Faclmy Saund Bank FIRE Am cum Mad my name Sauna Bank a g Shaw252 New Favmue Lrsl quot39 N 1 39 I tit Select Prevraus lrcensedlmmDuhlahDenmarkeLAB lv SeleclNext Here the Patch Browser was opened from a Subtractor device allowing you to browse for Subtractor patches When navigating in the Browser items are shown as a hierarchical list in a se lected root folder just like in your computer finder All folders and subfolders within a root folder are shown but only files of the rel evant type ie songssamplespatches etc can be viewedselected in the Browser For example if you have selected to browse samples for a NNXT de vice only audio samples will be shown in the Browser Click on the plus sign Winarrow Mac beside a closed folder to open it If the folder contains files of the relevant type these will be shown Doubleclicking afolder in the list opens it as the root folder in the Browser The Name Modified and Size columns show the name of the folder or file the modified date files only and the size files only respectively Clicking on a column header sorts the files accordingly ie alphabetically by date saved or by file size You can use the BackForward buttons to move between different locations you have opened in Browser When you close the Browser this location list is cleared The Select PreviousNextquot arrow buttons allow you to move between files in the current list Folders are skippe The Where popup list allows you to move up in the folder hierarchy when the Browser points to a specific folder location see About hierarchic and flat listsquot below About hierarchic and flat lists In certain circumstances the Browser Will display a flat listWIthout any folder hl39 erarchy In such cases there Will be an extra Parent column displaying the par ent folder location for all files The Where poprup Will then contain a shortcut to a selected file s parent folder Flat lists are shown in the folloWIng cases When the Browser is shoWIng a search result 7 see page 92 When the Browser is shoWIng a Favorites folder list 7 see page 93 When the Browser I Inn h 39 t t quot for a r1 I song 7 see page 93 rinaa Using Locations To help you to find your files quickly you can add shortcuts to the folders used to store your samples patch files etc to the list in the Locations section By der fault the Locations list contains five fixed locations the computer Desktop the Documents folder the Reason Program folder and the FactoryOrkester Sound Banks Selecting a Location in the list opens it as the root folder in the Browser To add a location select a folder or ReFill in the main browser list and drag it into the Locations list with the mouse button press Any new locations Will bea ded elow the list of fixed locations Manually added locations can be reordered by drag and drop to a Name E Escape tum Hailem in Lambiack in aw Documents Reason Faclaiy Sound Bank nugget Sound Bank Maxulalai in o sum 5 m WWW a Shlwcase To remove a location select it in the Locations list and press Back The default locations cannot be removed Manually added locations are stored in the Preferences If a stored location has been removed or is unavailable a warning trianglewith an exclamation mark is shown before the location name in the list Selecting and auditioning patches IntheP L 39 L iau ie With the Browser dialog still open This allows you to preview patches be fore confirming a selection by clicking OK in the Browser For In trument natcha 39 A b i L g laya i selecting a new patch to audition it or effect h can ac iv r the Patch Browser from the effect Once the Browser dialog is open you can browse to a folder containing compatible patches and step through them to hear how the patches affect the sound 39 quotw patches191 anyiiists iiinemer the omwser Genuine tilesquot on page so Selecting and auditioning samples For 4 hr bk r me aur This is done in the folloWIng Way Select the file in thefile list and click the Preview Play button to the right The file is played back During playback the Play button in the Audition sec tion is relabeled to Stop 7 click this to stop playback Aurlitun lDD l BMW 4 lt0 You can also activate the Autoplay checkbox and simply select the fileyou want to auditi I1 Anain r stop playback About browsing large patches r theseareau tomatically loaded in the background when selected Most of the time this hapr pens instantaneously Bear in mind however that some files especially big Combinator patches which can contain any number of devices and samples can take several seconds to load If you select a particularly large patch by mistake you can abort the loading by simply selecting another patch amp REFIan THE BROWSER Selecting multiple files It is possible to select multiple files In the Browser by using standard Shift or Ctrl WINCommand Mac selection techniques This however does not mean t at the selected files can be loaded There are basically two instances Where selecting several files in the Browser file list is relevant 9 It is possible to load several samples simultaneously into the NN d NN19 sampler devices See the NN19 and NNVXT chapters in the Operation Manualquot pdf for de tails 9 You can select several files to add them to a Favorites list in one go see page 93 lartad 39 n a in the Browser is grayed out Cross bl OWSI ng patch fi les Crossrbrowsing patches is a powerful feature of the Patch Browser It allows you to browse for any type of patch instrument or effect 7 see below regardr less of which device you opened the Browser from 39 A be loaded the OK button About instrument and effect patches Crossbrowsing an example 1 N You are playing a Subtractor device butfeel that the sound isn t quite what you had in mind so you open the Browser to d1ed out some other patches After browsing Subtractor patches for a while you still haven t found the type of sound you wanted so you click the Show pop up and select All Instruments from the menu u can select instrument patches for any device You decide to 4 L con ining Next buttons to step through the files in the selected folder As soon as you select a Malstro39m patd1 in the Browser a Malstro39m device replaces the Subtractor in the badground the Browser is still open The sequencer track which was previously connected to the Subtractor is now connected to a Malstrom With the patch selected in the Browser loaded Note de 39 changed to reflect the new device This may or ma ot matter If the track was named Bass and it is a bass sound you are looking for this obviously works fine But if the track was named Subtractor 1quot and you end up With another device connected it might be better to rename the track to avoid confusion You can continue to browse patd1es and play your keyboard to au dition them Each time you selecta patch type belonging to a different device a corre sponding instrument device is created in the background replacing the pre PH uuum quot r 1 L kno nai r ofpat h 5 T l use nafrhe and effect L differr em 4 4 u r 4 Ayou would logically browse for one or the other but not both 9 When browsing patches from an existing instrument device the options on the Show menu are39 XXX Patchesquot Where XXX is the device type you opened the Browser from e NNVXT All Instrumentsquot Will show patches for any instrument device When browsing patches from an existing effect device the options on the menu are XXX Patchesquot Where XXX is the device type you opened the Browser from o All Effectsquot Will show patches for any effect device that uses patches In39 cluding Combi patches amp HEHsuN THE BROWSER When you have settled on a patch for whatever instrument device click OK to confirm the selection and close the dialog Clicking Cancel Will return to the same state as when opening the Browser If you use crossbrowsing for an effect patch it works in the same way selecting an effect patch of a differentformat will replace the current effect in the background with a device of the selected for Special instances of crossbrowsing lead to lost connections 9 When quot 39 39 39 tions may be lost An example is replacing an NNVXT which can use up to 16 outputs With a Subtractor which only has one output quot by another 39 quot39 con 9 When a device is replaced by another device type CV connections on the back panel may be lost The only 4 1 Control CVGate In If you encounter sud1 situations and you want to restore the origi nal connections use the Undo function Browsing back to the original device patch will not restore lost connections Create device by browsing patches This allows you to browse for any kind of instrument or effect patch This is es sentially the same as crossrbrowsing except that you do not start With an exist ing device 1 Select Create device by browsing patd1es from the Create menu The Patch Browser opens 2 0n the Show popup menu there will now be two options All In struments and All Effects Select an option according to the type of device you wish to create When you select a patch a corresponding device is created auto matically together with a corresponding sequencer track MIDI inputWIll be automatically set to the new track so that you can audition the patch by playing your master keyboard 4 The device will be autorouted according to standard rules Eg if it is an instrument device it Will be connected to the first available mixer channel 7 see page 51 5 Click OK when you have found the patd1 you wanted to confirm the creation of the new device and to close the Browser About patch formats and sampler devices As both the NNVXT and NN19 sampler devices can load patches in the NN19 smp and REX rx2rcyrex formats there has to be certain rules regarding crossrbrowsing 9 The basic rule is that the Browser will load such patd1es into the original device type the device you opened the browser from e ssible Thus when the patch format is NN19 smp or REX rx2rcyrex and you w 4 4 u pa 4 many othe 39 types 9 If 39 I v r will be loaded into a NNXT device If you are using the Create device by browsing patches function a N19 smp patch will create a NN19 device and a REX patd1 will create a NNXT device REHSDN THE BROWSER Using the Search function gemquot Iummalm III 5mm p mwm rm MyDocumenls M 5m Redmmpalches I The Search function allows you to search for les by name andor type Search criteria The Browser mode patch song etc determInes what le types you can search for Just as when you are manually navIgatIng In the Browser The Search in popup menu n p y u to select h h T 3 folr lows Local dIsksquot WIll perform a complete search of all local drIves User LocatIonsquot WIll search all folders and ReFIlls stored In the LocatIons lIst except the Deskto Current Folderquot WIll lImIt the search to the currently selected root folder In39 cludIng subfolders The Search For text field ThIs Is where you can enter a text strIng to search for 9 You can spedfy one or several words whole or partial u 4 L L y u y u specI ed words Text search Is not case sensItIve m an i 3 Note that you don t ham to enter text to U59 the Search Function Depending on the seizcied Browser Pate e 5 t you mu also simply search for lites of the con l esponzdlng type in the se lectec locatim s HEHS N THE BROWSER Executing the search 9 Clicking the Find button will execute the search according to your specifications After the search the search result Is shown as a at lIst In the Browser and the Where poprup eld reads Search resultquot SmFm muwehhku x Sam M vl sm Rednlnpalches lvl Nm Ipm Imam I 5 24 I 1 EhIckWethnr mm dip Jan zaname in 35 872 bytes I DIthIckW hKII am Is mum m 35 m we EhIckWethnDl mp Hmslull 2nm1245n735 End12s I hmkWehmaz am new My 2mm 7 35 872mgs 9 A new Parent column also appears listing the name of the parent folder for each file quota a a r quotI r r r select Go to Parent folderquot 7 thIs opens the parent folder for the selected le The name of the contaInIng folder Is also part of the search result gIven that It contaIns les of the approprIate type ThIs means that If you are searchIng for GuItar all samples or patches WIth GuItar In the fIlename WIll be shown but also all samples or patches contaIned In folders WIth GuItar In the name u patuues that match the seard1 criteria by selecting to show All Instru ments opup ThIs WIll extend the search result to show all patches that matches the search text Note that you do not have to repeat the search to do thIs Opening files hen you have navigated to the desired folder on your hard disk or Within a Re Fill and located the desired file you open it by double clicking it in the file dlS39 play or by selecting it and clicking the OK button A 4 L a I Y L 4 39 39 4 4 4 quot u on selection so clicking OK doesn t actually open the file it simply confirms the selection and closes the Browser dialog About browse lists When you click OK to open afile from the Browser the file and folder list shown at that time is memorized for that device This is called a browse list Note that if you opened a patd1 after having used crossbrowsing see page 90 or used the Search function see page 92 the active 39 39 I 39 39 and an i through patd1es from the device panel could change the device type Using Favorites Favorites provide a way to group and order files that may be physically located anywhere on your local drives Any file that can be loaded in Reason songs natrha 39 a umesiuiuei are added 7 the original files aren t moved TL r u u By adding the patches you need for a given situation to a Favorite list you can determine exactly which patches 4 can L quot For patches and this list 4 tionality 9 7quot m changing 39 the 39 uum a N You patch selectors on a control surface It is also the active browse list that is shown on the patch list opened by clicking in the patch name field for a device For samples 39 rhanuinu 39 the NextPrevious Sample buttons on the front panel of a sampler device What can a browse list contain 9 quot quot quot on 39 39 39 g 0K in the anwnr 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 all currently open folders in the Browser If you open the Browser again for the same device the same file and folder structure is shown 9 If you save the currentsng and reopen it the items in the browse will be shown as a flat list and the Where popup field will show Document Browse Listquot In such cases the Browser Will show the Parent column listing the names of e containing folders The Where poprup Will also contain the item Go to parent folderquot for a selected file rowse list could also be a Search result or a Favorite list A b Favorite Lists provideaway of controllingfiltering which patches or samples Will be available on a browse list for a device 7 see belowl p through 39 buttons on your MIDI keyboard or control sur face device See page 94 for a practical example of this 9 To add a New Favorite List did the New Favorite List button An empty folder is created named New Favorite Listquot The Browser list rer lf 4 L39 39 39 the folder you can type inanew name for the list 9 To add a file to the Favorite List selecti I1 the Browser and drag it to the Favorite List folder so select multiple files using standard selection techniques 7 Shift andor Ctrl WinCorm1and Mac 7 and drag these into thefolder the same way N THE BROWSER By selecting the folder the currently selectable contents of the Fa vorite list is shown in the Browser 39 W at is selectableshown depends as usual on the current Browser mode Ifyou select a Favorite List folder that contains samples these Will only be shown if the Sample Browser is selected Seeich In I m SI Muiky wav achinel wav Ream my cal an Desklav Reasan Foldei umenls Ream Faclaiy Sound Bank a Dikeslei Sound Bank aReam my V Fal wav Ream my ciIVerRaueiz wav B 2 Favmiles Ream my a Showcase My lave 4 Wham 9 When a Favorites list folder is selecte the Browser an addi tional 39 o n quotquot listinn the name of the containing folder for each file in the list Files In a Favorites list have an order and can not be sorted by clicking the column headers However they can be reordered by using drag and drop To remove a file from a Favorite list open the list select the file and press Backs ace This removes the shortcut only 7 the original le isn t affected To remove a Favorite List select it in the Favorites section and press Backspace Using Favorites a practical example Here follows a practical example of how you can use Favorites for patch les You are preparing for a live gig as a keyboard player You know the songs and L L L39 r 4 each song You want to use Reason but you want to able to sWItch to the right patch for each song using your MIDI keyboard and not have to worry about ddling With the computer during your performance Here is how this can be done by using Favorites ampnsnsnn TH E BROWSER Set up a Reason song with a mixer device and send effects if de sired Create an instrument device for example a Combinator It doesn t matter which instrument device you choose at this point Just make sure that MIDI input is set to this track in the sequencer Open the Patch Browser from the instrument device Click the New Favorites List button A new folder appears in the list Doublerclick it and type in an appropriate name Select to show All Instruments on the Show popup Now you can start locating the patches you need by navigating in the Browser When you have located a patch that you need for the gig drag it from the Browser into the Favorites folder If L L format than vice of this type Will replace the original device Favmiles a Showcase 39 IaEllecl Device Faiths k a o I a s IQPaIIem Based a a de znmiznsw o Banaanapie e 39 Buvgan maaaaxrpama Amaem panequot Fe m Bealhax LEcml7 n e zanmnm New Favaiile Lisl m e Continue to add the patches in the same way until you have all the p t es you need When done select the Favorites List folder The folder is opened in the Browser listing all the patches you added 5 10 Use drag and drop to order the patches according to the set list Select the first patch in the Favorites list and click OK The browser closes With the patch loaded If you L control 39 buttons you can assign a button to Select next patch on the de VI This is described in the Operation Manual pdf Save the Song At the gig open the song and the first patch will be loaded When the first song is finished use the next patch button on the deVIc or on your MIDI keyboard and the next patch in the Favorites list will be loaded Handling Missing Sounds Sampler patches drum machine patches and Soundfonts contain references to samples files on your hard disk The same is true for songs that contain sam ples in sampler or drum machine devices or REX files If any of these files have been moved renamed or removed when you try to open the patch or song Rea son will alert you that files are missing Some sounds could not be found If 39 them to UlilGi 39 39 394 try Search 8 Proceed If you want to continue without the samples click Proceed For more details click El pen Dialog Search 3 Proceed I Proceed Open Dialog Cancel I Click one of the four buttons I Option I Description Search amp Pro Reason will search for the missing files in all Locations added ceed by the user and in all known ReFills If all files are found the song or patch will be opened without further ado If one or more files cannot be found the Missing Sounds di alog will appear see below Note that the file search will look at the file names only files that have been renamed will not be found Proceed The song or patch will be opened with sounds missing This means that sampler patches drum machine patches andor loop players will not play back correctly On the device panels missing samples are indicated with an asterisk before the file names m n The Intruder sample is missing Open Dialog Opens the Missing Sounds dialog see below Cancel Cancels the operation ie no song or patch will be opened The Missing Sounds dialog Missing Sounds Same almdscauldn l he yam pmb ahly because files have been moved m ienamed e n when disk Use thehuttnns below theme term seal2h rm missing files locate them manually m downloadlhe iequiied Rememm me lntemel Lj Dawnlned rm Replace Aula Seal2h Cancel Helv This dialog appears ifyou clicked the Open Dialog button in the previous dialog or if you clicked the Search amp Proceed button but the program couldn t find all missing sounds The main display in the dialog lists all missing files The four columns show the following properties I column 1 Description Device Shows the name of the device in which the missing sound is used along with a device type icon Sound Shows the name of the missing file Part of Re If the missing file is part of a ReFill or a Soundfont within a ReFill FillSound this column shows the name of the ReFillSoundfont If there is an font URL Internet address associated with a ReFill you can download the necessary ReFis from this dialog as described below Status When the dialog appears all files will have the status Missing Files that are found by the autosearch function or manually re placed will be indicated as Replaced amp HEFIEEIN THE BROWSER Seleclln rno Repbce no Search noonono nunoono nooo noon no DENumvm on ms non cm n n no o non m a bvs you no mo ono ms nononn nnooooon nnno mos nouo noon ononm onoo outan no noononon noon vrugm no mhemls ounononuny am shv no oo onno ms msumzllhnlmm Man I51 youoonoonoononooo 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nk OK We son wn sooon nnno sooonoo nooon land as ounooonon onn norm nonoonoouno o pa ma Rom nos v utad nnno PmmREFm mooo mhlw and nono o o no unn nnnonon moon nonno Ran L youoon oynooo no Rowdan non W5 dnbg Wow you have awomrg nnnon non onnooonn n samnnoomnnnsnmuoomno youonouo 070 5291 seem sounoo nnoy no no oono Rom c moK noonouononunyooono noooynooooo ReFmand monono p dung Maw yonnnyou oononoyno 0K nunnon no onoono oooo am ooonno song onoonon Nmo mun Iasym mnnnsuusmmmnunmmm In sumquot no sung on who Houooon you 1 no goo no no on non nonno ononoo no heme yonnononn my 55 mbimmmnuoK msmnm mlsngln no mum Sononnonyounoyuonnno vmawnhmumsmssmgnir non omo onoyooonoounoo nonnoooooo yonono nnnonoynnoooo mown woo nnno moomnuoou ynn mo n ooo o no onoono monwnononnooooononn no nooonoonyononwn non be oyooo 0 REFIEEIN propellerhsas 5 About Patches nl rn urnrn chaplel The Blowsel patches can ertnerpe separatetrlesonyour nard dlskol llles embedded lrl aR eFlll Eight device types use patd1es Snmrzaor Sr les r m 51ml Batches oohtzlh all seatlnusoh the de vlce panel Selecllng a patch bllngs up anew sound lus1 llkewhen selectrng ploglams or patches on anardware syntnesrzer ltgt NNI Sr NNXY sampler Batches oohtzlh lhlormztloh about Wlllcll samples zre used and lllelr se lll s K91 szDln r lunlll r 91 Plus the parameter se lll s on llle e39lllce panel plesr only rntormatron about wnrcn sample trles are used ltgt Re rum drum oomnuter Batches oohtzlh a complete drum kllquotthzt I t nmlrt rwllll the parameter se lll s lot and drum sound Agaln lhe actual samples are not Included rntne patch only trle reterences see lectrng anew patcn wrll not attect the patterns rn tne devlce s spenIrre neque paheI Selecllng a patch bllngs up anew sound lus1 llkewhen selectrng ploglams or patches on ahaldwale ettect devlce the complhator compl patch Iorrhat saves all settlhns an the reterehces Ior each neque In the normal anhn wIth the Comhlnz tor s own settIhns kewrrelocltv nones rhonuIatIoh routIhn etc Any audlo or cv Ioullng tromto devlceslhal are part ot the Combl rs also Notethat patchesIornerrIoes Ithnnen In a compI re hot saven Ih nIrnnuaIIv en II a compI Ithnnes a suptractor am you have tweaken Its settIhps these settIhps wIII pe saven wIth the comm put will not he sat as a separate sumractor patch unless you no so Irom wIthIh the compI see page W Apan Irom compIs patches no hot IthuneIhtorrhatIoh apont ahv rontIhp none on the pack o1 thenernce gm wonKlNewllH we Selectan a Patch cIIck the IoIner puttoh In the Patch sectIoh oh thenerrIce paheI Note on the paheIsoItheRenrum NNm ahn NNxI nerrIcesrthere a Mak IIr nIspIaIm select the Browse Patches Item oh the EnIt menu or nerIoe context menu you must selecttne devlce tortne conespondlng Browse Patches rtemto appear on the Edll menu patch on the held dlsk or wrtnrn aR eFlll patches In the sarheIoIner pvuslhn the arrow puttohsoh thenerrIoe paheI Note that swllchlrlg patches on adevlce can aso change the actual devlcel See About blowse llsls on pwe 93 r W m l39klt r39 nl l l r39nn s llyou click onrne parcn name display on me device panel a popup menu will appear lisring all parcnes inrne currem browse lisr see page a inis aHows you to ouiekly seieot anolnei palen Wilnoui naying to step iniougn eaen one lrltum TRACTOR 39 upen cioweei Eiackwalki 2w Eiackwalk 2 zy vaiues stoled in lne palen and lne name ollne palen Will be snown inlne palen name display As Wiln any enange you make inis opevatlon ean be undone see page as 1 Any paramerer adjustments you make onrne device panel alrer se lecaing a parcn will not med rne zduzl parcnlile lorrnis you need lo save me parcn see below If referenced samples are missing As deseiibed above palenes loi lne Redium Nle and NNXT contain Yeiev39 enees to samples Just like palenes samples ean be independent liles on lne naid disk oi elemeniswvnin a PeFlH Howeyei ii sample liles nave been moved y not be aooulat lilnis is lne ease wnen you seieot a palen lne piogiam Will leii you so Vou ean inen enooselo eilnei manually loealelne missing liles to nave lne piogiam seaienloi inem 0H0 pioeeed Wiln missing sounds Foi delails see page 95 sulrs in 39 nu19nnxTrespecaively Savmg Patches Saving device settings In a song wnen you save a Reason song all settings loi all devices aie automatloaiiy inr eluded in lne song lile rthele is no need to save lne palenes sepalateiy 1 It s im ponznt to realize H1 it s the actual settings H1 are saved in me Song n01 relerences lo parcnes on diskTne neid lime ou open rne song all devices will be ser asrney were when you sa regardless ol wnerneryou have removed or edired any parcnes on disk Saving device settings as patches on disk Evenlnougn lne device settings aie stoled inlne song you may want to save any settlrlgsyou nave madeioi a device as asepalate paleniile inis allows you to uselne palen in olnei songs and iets you try out olnei palenes in youi song Wilnoul iisking to lose youi sound TR ACTOR a an also seieci a device and use me Export Patch command on Ie menu in me lile dialog inar appears specily a locarion and namelorrne parcnlile and click Save o Underwindmu extensions inese aie zyP Subtlaotol paleniiles xwv Maistlom palen liles p N 719 palen liles sxt NNVXT palen liles omb Combinatol palen liles and dip edium palen liles Flie extensions aie automatloaiiy added by Reason wnen you save Undel Mac 08 a 2 Windows 4 ll you have selected a parcn modilied ii and wanr lo save ii willirne modilicarions you could eirner save a separare m odilied version ol rne parcn wir a new name or simply ovenivrirerne old parcn lile on disk As usual you Will be asked wnelnei you ieally want to ieplaee lne existing palen lile WORKiNG wmn PATCHES Note that you can save a patd1 under the same name and location without havin the save dialog a pear by holding down Option MacAlt Windows and clicking the oppy disk button on the device panel Be aware that this overwrites the original patd1 39 quot 39 quot 39 ReFilll 39 39 you have opened a patd1 from within a ReFill modified it and want to save it you need to save it as a separate file Preferably you should also rename the mo i e patch le to avoid confusion Copying and Pasting Patches between Devices A quick way U nan iei devices of h r Copy and Paste Patch functions The result is exactly the same as if you had saved a patch on one device and opened this patch on another device 7 this is Just a quicker method bk Copying and Pasting settings is possiblewith all instrument device types except the Dr Rex Loop Player Proceed as follows antihr make 2 Select Copy Patch from the device context menu or the Edit menu 3 Select the other device of thesame type in the same song or an ther song 4 Select Paste Patch from the device context menu or the Edit menu he settings of the first device including Redrum and NN19NNXT sample references are applied to the second device to another Adjusting the settings on one of the devices will not af fect e other neither are the settings connected to any patd1 file on disk ampREHSDN WORKING WITH PATCHES Initializing Patches Sometimes it is useful to startwnh a clean slatequot when creating a synth sound a drum kit or a sampler patch This is done by selecting Initialize Patch from the device context menu or Edit menu This sets all parameters to standard values NNXT nr Rex or I n nmpl file references allowmg you to start from scratch 0 HEFIEEIN About Selfcontained Songs A 4 all settings In the rack as Well as everything you have recorded In the sequencer However this is not always sufficientl Should you open your song on another ou would also have to bring all samples and REX files To make this ea er Reason allows you to create selfrcontained songs A quot 4 g hiital n the files themselves You can choose exactly which files should be included in the selfrcontained song With the folloWIng exception I 39 a R song If your song contains samples or REX files from a ReFill other users must have the same ReFill to be able to play the song To specify which files should be included in the song proceed as follows 1 Pull down the File menu and select Song SelfContain Settings A dialog appears listing all samples and REX files used in the song This sang ieleiencesxaunds m the Reason dalabase Checking the sounds belnw will include that dare m the song itself making the song sell contained 93 K Reason FaclmySmmd K i mugAmusixz 259K paaaygawa a m K rig Basssli may 1 Emmi UncheckAll Eancel Help 2 Tick the d1eckbox in theSound column for the files you want in cluded in the song 9 You can use the Check All button to activate all checkboxes in one Similarly the Uncheck All button deactivates all checkboxes a R F39quot 39 quot39 quot instead of a checkbox since they cannot be included in the song file The rightmost column indicates to which ReFill each such file belongs 3 When you have selected the desired sounds dd 0 e next ti i K The dialog is closed Th me you save the specified sounds Will be In39 cluded in the song file 39 Ullu quot1ch llldll the original song file However 39 quot t 39 quot song are automati i u u u 1 mean ng tained song will still be a lot smaller than the original song and the Unselfcontainingquot a Song If you have opened a song that is more or less selfrcontained ie contains one or several sounds embedded in the song file you may Want to extract these soun n e the song refer to them on disk as usual This is done in the folr loWIng Way Select Song SelfContain Settings from the File menu The dialog appears N Locate the sounds you want to extract from the song tile and deac tivate their d1eckboxes or click Uncheck All 3 Click OK to close the dialog Now the program Will check for each extracted sound file Whether it is available at its original stored location or not 9 If the program finds the sound file at the location stored 39n the song sim y removed from thesong file and the al file reference path is used u an y u own cuiiipuiei iiemu eu me 4 1 m g 9 If the program doesn t find the sound file a file dialog appears at lowing you to select a folder and name for thes und file The extracted file Will be saved in the specified folder and the path in the song Will be adjusted This would be the case if you got the selfrcontained song from another user for example Song Information Selecting the F39 4 39 h h you can supply various information about the song Sung Inlnlmahnn Text W Wmdow Tllle l Mme lnlmmalmn Add text about Sony have Sang splash l X i sWaW Splash an Song Elpen Aulhm s Web Page WWW youislle have Lam Biowsei Aulhm s Emall Adam W Cancel Help For example if you plan to send the song to other Reason users this dialog alr lows you to add contact information comments about the song etc Further more the song in quot h 4 a r 104 quot be extracted by the web archive engine and displayed With the song file The dialog contains the followmg items Text in Window Title The textyou add here Will be displayed directly after the file name in the song Window s title bar More Information This is where you add notes and comments about the song Song Splash Allowsyoutn arid h g n p u 4 p39 4 h the song is opened To add a splash picture click the folder button at the upper right corner and lo te and open the picture file in the file dialog that appears Splash 39 jyg wiu a size of 256 x 256 pixels To remove the splash picture from the song click the cross button Author s Web Page Allows you to specify your web site The user can go directly to your site by clicking the Browser button to the right provided he has a working Internet con nection Author s Email This is where you specify your email address if you want other Reason users to send you their comments etc ampREH DN SONG FILE HANDLING Saving a Song To save a song proceed as follows 1 Set up the selfcontained settings as desired see the previous page N Pull down the File menu and select Save or press Command CtrlS If this Is the fIrst tIme you save the song a regular fIle dIalog WIII appear 3 Specify a name and location for thesong and did Save Once you have saved a song selectIng Save WIII simply save It under the same name and In e same location WIthout showmg a dIalog If you want to save a song under another name or In another locatIon select Save As from the FIle menu to open the save dIalog Publishing a Song lf ou want to make yqu L r 39 eg for d 39 g thelnternet L for thIsA quot 4 u HIPS L u 4 Ing restrictions The user cannot save any changes to the song Copy Cut and Paste Is dlsabled It Is not possible to use the function Export SongLoop as AudIo FIle If the the song has been changed In any way In a word published songs are locked They are meantfor playback only 7 no elements can be added removed or extracted Furthermore L39 L 4 contaIns Information about which ReFIlls are required If any T L4 4 ull down the F39 39 PublIsh Song Specify a name and locatIon for the published song In the fIle dIalog that apr pears and clIck Save 9 Note that you don t have to make selfcontained settings all files except ReFill components are automatically included About the Reason Song Archive On the Propellerhead web site wwwpropellerheadsse you WIII fInd the Rear son Song Archive ThIs allows you to share your musIc WIth other Reason users by uploading your songs amp HEHsuN SONG FILE HANDLING Opening a Song 1 Pull down the File menu and select Open The Reason song browser WIndow appears 2 Use the browser to navigate to the desired folder on disk or within a ReFill See page 88 3 When you have located the song file select it and click Open or double click on thefile The song appears In Its own document wmdow a some time I you We This oak cs I songs wry and 32 enhance 3 You can have several songs open at rt allov 7 0 gay and paste ea l IN gt snug you don t iin or 5 you It a want 10 r If the Missing Soundsquot dialog appears REX fIles and moved or re quota 4 r g Inai l cannot fInd all fIles You can then choose to eIther manually locate the mIssIng fIles to have t p u For details see page 95 Closing a Song T Irm Ilk Ile menu or L Inuo If h g you are asked of h g d whether you want to save the song Creating a New Song 1 Mavigateto the song you created earlier select it and dick 0K Tne name or lne song appeals lnthetextb doeumenl wrndow appeal Ev delault the new song will contain a mixer and an MClass Mas tering Suite Combi you ean euslomrze your delault song as desollbed below 59H program alder Creating a Default Song llyou olien slarl ollwrlnrnesame set or deyrees palenes panelrls and senrngs you may want lo ereale your own euslom delault song Plooeed as lollows lo speerly a song as me delault 1 Select Mewlrom the File menuto create a new song documentwin dow a Addremove devices nd make settings as desired Typreally you may wanu e delault song lo eonlarn your enoree or deyrees and possibly some paiielns Vou could also make some speeral roulrng be tween deyrees or even add some sequenoel data a Save the song anywhere you like and underwnatever name you like to keeptnings organixed you might want to savetne song in tire Reason program lolder 4 Open the prelerences dialog lrom the Edit menu or lrom tire Rea son menu il you are using Macos x 5 0n the General page dick the radio button to select Custom in the section called Delault Songquot a Click thelolder iconto the right to open thelile browser r ENDLV Rack 8 We ulde Sang in DJ new song doeumem wrll eomarnlne deyrees and semngs you made amen


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