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Introduction to Organic Chemistry Lab

by: Jordy Rice

Introduction to Organic Chemistry Lab CHM 122L

Marketplace > Wake Forest University > Chemistry > CHM 122L > Introduction to Organic Chemistry Lab
Jordy Rice
GPA 3.97

Marcus Wright

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About this Document

Marcus Wright
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jordy Rice on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHM 122L at Wake Forest University taught by Marcus Wright in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/230749/chm-122l-wake-forest-university in Chemistry at Wake Forest University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
55mm as 437 ES The Duals Alder Reactmn Th DnclyAldex runwn p on of he mosl mtemsnng ruan m mmi chemiurv n 15 xmcnnn huween an alkene and mmugalLd dime in wluth 2 surmcmbemd mg m formgd 4m drenophxk addm z xnnxon appears 0 mvnlvt nnlv 2 my Sltp mp musian 5mm Many Mum nmbmauom at mm m dinnuphd wquot undergo an main and m xvenmzms m an mun dIustmle a few of an gmx vanuy nr umcmrcs mm m mun 59x BUTADIENE FROM LSULFOLENE AND MALEIC ANHYDRIDE Dulsr ldu rucunrn Mm huuthn mm gmuauy p swim 0quot n pmm vmxly Made me empcmmrc a wluch mum um plnL 39 nsu m 39 H puma p 39n ndh 1n 1 m procrdnrt m k genule by men rmal decompumpn of ku folem a son of vusn mapwe rucnnn quotsellquot a a 17mm mum Appzremly z m Kemperarurz m m rcnuiun bundle xezcxs wuh malm anhdndt mum npmlv Inn u an be 1m mm m radian mixlum o o E M A740 k6 39 I o o bnumcn mm leyaldu dnucz nhydnd m p 7 we Note The methyl groups shown xnonecdy1n the product shouldbe H39s Plan to use the modmed procedure on the next page LKE nu ma an mnmssuamnuus p nduc u v 725 mL or pumicum mm Not lt1 mm a my wuh mum zo d mum pursksh Rnurm me mxnue unul iv A sulmunually um 1nd nn y zllow Uquot uluuon m 001 m an 1c ham m crysrammmn Nam Thu rmxlm39t mu huume qmlz cool Th abwrhmt cumm will prevcm walcr no mm enlenng me nk and mmmg hymn m of Lh mlluc my dude z Sinu sulfm meme mu be mum me mmm must be run m m head 0 50m plovmun must b made m absorb me fume 3 Bczuc m mum r mmem e nr mu I avoid avrrhzanng 1 me beginning m the hemng pcnod 4 mm cooling pnlnd ham c 1 5 The Snlvtmx emum km dry In 0nd avmd hydmlyzlug 1 product my me currzspondmg diund sum me ducxd e much in 5mm 1 annual b umuvm by enmumum Tim 3 houn Rekmncc 1 T E SAmpll Jl1N1L r mum enema 55 was Plan to use this Modi ed DielsAlder Procedure Using a powder funnel add 3su1folene 425 g and powdered maleic anhydride 225 g into a dry 50 mL round bottom ask Add 4 mL xylene t the ask with a condenser and add a plug of cotton to the top of the condenser Note 1 Gently swirl ask to effect partial solution Remove cotton plug and cautiously heat the mixture to a slow boi1 Notes 2 and 3 Boil the mixture for 45 minutes adding more heat during the last 15 minutes to maintain a steady re ux Allow the ask to cool for 12 minutes Note 4 and then add 20 mL toluene Note 5 Heat the toluene solution as necessary to dissolve any solids Transfer to a 125 mL Erlenmeyer ask Add heptane until a slight cloudiness persists You want a hot saturated solution for a duelsolvent crystallization Allow the solution to cool to room temperature and then in an ice bath Isolate the product by vacuum ltration Obtain a weight and melting point for the dry product


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