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Elementary Science Methods Inquiry Teaching and Learning

by: Ila Krajcik IV

Elementary Science Methods Inquiry Teaching and Learning EDU 298

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Ila Krajcik IV
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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ila Krajcik IV on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDU 298 at Wake Forest University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/230757/edu-298-wake-forest-university in Education and Teacher Studies at Wake Forest University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
Meghan Kelly Kelly Stroud Hailey Voges April 9 2008 EDU 298 Science Lesson Conceptual Plan Standards NCSCOS Third Grade Science Objectives 0 Competency Goal 1 The learner will conduct investigations and build an understanding of plant growth and adaptations o 101 Observe and measure how the quantities and qualities of nutrients light and water in the environment affect plant growth 0 102 Observe and describe how environmental conditions determine how well plants survive and grow in a particular environment Intended Learning Outcomes o The student will be able to collect and organize their own materials for planting o The student will be able to set up their planters with wicks fertilizer potting mix and seeds Relevant Websites 0 Environmental Kids Club httpwwwepagovkids 0 Welcome To FastPlants httpwwwfastplantsorgindexphp CooperativeCompetitiveIndependent o This activity is cooperative because students will be working in pairs to grow their plants However the activities can also be independent because students will be making observations and writing re ections on their own Science Processes Used by Students 0 Observing Describing Recording Measuring Predicting Communicating Outline of 5 E and Learning Cycle for Lesson 0 Engage When students see all of the materials they will immediately be interested and excited to learn about plants This will especially be engaging for students since it is the first lesson in the Plants Unit 0 Explore Students will become familiar with the planting process They will be exposed to potting soil the fertilizer the seeds the wicks etc By putting together their little planter box they will be exploring how the plant will grow and be provided with water and sunlight 0 Explain We will show students how to put together the planter box We will make several examples for them to see We will explain why we are using the wicks how the fertilizer helps the seeds and how the light from the bulbs will help the plants grow etc We will let the students know that this is the rst part of the life cycle of the plants 0 ElaborateExtension We will explain brie y how the students will observe and care for their plants over the next few weeks This is the beginning of a science unit as well as the beginning of the plants life cycle 0 Evaluate We will be evaluating students on their ability to follow written directions Activity Sheet 2 the degree to which the student is able to complete the project without help from the teacher and the student s ability to make a reasonable prediction of what will happen to the seeds based on previous observations and experiences The students will be writing in their Science Notebooks at the end of the activity They will be predicting what they think will happen to the seeds in the next 24 hours Materials Needed 0 Brassica rapa Wisconsin FastPlant seeds Activity Fla 1 Fertilizer pellets Activity Sheet 2 for each student Cardboard Trays Planter quads Potting Mix Toothpicks Paper towels Spoons Wicks Planter labels Forceps Cup of Water Droppers Sponges Dishpans of water Plasticlined trashcan Dustpan and whisk broom Time 1 hour Instructional Activities Teacher Acts Student Acts Preparation Prepare the water system and distribution system as well as the student work areas and clean up areas 5 minutes Distribute Activity Sheet 2 Teacher goes over the procedures reading it to the students Make sure to point out important details to the students and ensure complete A 139 Use marking penpencil to make marks on their instructions as reminders for themselves Ask questions if necessary Have students take out a marking pen to circle the important parts that teachers tell them for complete understanding This part combined with the materials on the back table will engage the students for the activity 7 minutes Distribution table Show students how to walk Students will be excited demonstration through the distribution to begin planting when table Tell students to pick they see the materials one person in the pair to set up on the gather the materials distribution table in the Teacher can put seed and back One student fertilizer pellets on walks through the line overhead to show size and picks up all difference and to remind necessary materials for students to put fertilizer in planting procedure FIRST Teachers will tell the students that their plants will be used for the entirety of the Plant Life Cycle Unit with Mrs Stif er The rest of the unit is an extension for the planting of the Wisconsin Fast Plants 1520 Independent Work Walks around helps Plant their seeds and minutes students when necessary follow the directions on make assessment Activity Sheet 2 Here observations This is part the students will be of students evaluation exploring the process of planting getting them prepared and excited for watching their plants grow throughout the rest of the unit 7 minutes Clean up Instruct students about how Students choose one to clean up in an organized fashion Remind students that this needs to be orderly and safe Everyone should move in the same direction If necessary instruct students to use the damp sponges and paper towels member to return plastic spoon dropper and tray to the materials station and throw out the rest of the materials in their bag The other student will bring up their plant to to clean up any dirt spills on their desks If dirt has been spilled on oor use the dustpan and whisk the light station where it will begin its life cycle Up to 10 Joumaling Remind students about Students re ect about minutes what they have learned what will happen to about seedsiwe took dry their seeds in the next seeds placed them in 24 hours in their potting mix with fertilizer Science Notebooks pellets and added water Students will be Instruct them to write in a elaborating on what prediction about what will will happen to the happen to the seeds in the plants in the next 24 next 24 hours in their hours This will incite Science Notebook The students to start to journal predictions think about how the combined with their seeds will develop into participation is part of their plants over the next evaluation few weeks Total time 44 minutes Female friendly strategyminority friendly strategy 0 Students will be randomly paired by the cooperating teacher We expect that the teachers will make appropriate and strategic pairings where each student will feel comfortable contributing in the activity Room Arrangement Safety 0 The desks will be arranged in groups of 46 students 0 A distribution station with all of the activity materials and clean up materials will be at the back ofthe room 0 Students will move in one direction when gathering materials and returning materials so as to avoid collisions and chaos 0 Make sure that students wash their hands after the activity 0 Make sure students know that the materials cannot be eaten or ingested and that they can be dangerous 0 Have MSDS safety data sheet for copper sulfate enclosed in box of materials on hand Know the procedure for eye contact and ingestion which is located in the MSDS sheet Cooperative Group Names and Roles 0 Students will be in preassigned groups of two chosen by cooperating teacher 0 Students must share the responsibilities of planting and readingfollowing the directions Students must also delegate a person to gather materials and clean up the materials Evaluation Plan Strategy for getting feedback during the lesson use the activity sheet as a guideline to check if students are ontask Walk around and help any struggling students answer questions and keep students on track Diagnostic This is the rst lesson in the unit so students will be learning about plants for the rst time generally We understand that the students may not know much about the planting process and the life cycle of the plants yet Formative Walking around the students and checking off each instruction as they go along Teachers can make a simpli ed version text only of the Activity Sheet 2 to guide their observations of each group Summative Students journal entries and predictions will be very telling of what they have learned from the lesson This will also help teachers with knowing what to review during the next lesson so as to remedy any misconceptions that students may have


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