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Humanities I

by: Caesar Reinger

Humanities I HUM 101

Caesar Reinger

GPA 3.77


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 45 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caesar Reinger on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HUM 101 at Washtenaw Community College taught by Jambard-Sweet in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/230767/hum-101-washtenaw-community-college in Humanities at Washtenaw Community College.


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Date Created: 10/28/15
ANCIENT EGYPT Ways of Death 19 Alexandria 01mm 1m B Y A TURKEY Euw editerrd aquot 3K4 w 11nd 39 a Tum E UABAI Ii 7 3 sHI LIL AMAANK Flurgh min lm39x M quotr39 SUDAN Mythology Mythology is defined as o collection of interreloted stories of 0 given culture Myths tend to describe the creation of the world and give 0 culture on understanding of the events of nature and the world around them Myths are also generated to tell the story of the first people to inhabit the earth These people are elevated to gods and goddesses which usually associate them as having supernoturol and special powers Myths also express the values or beliefs of 0 culture and every culture studied has their own myths distinctive to their group httpwwwmnsueduemuseumprehistoryegyptreligionmythologyhtm AIIIM suu mum EB f mn l I 1 l suns T ISIS 8H r umnnvs quotanus Mllllls ISIS AND HORUS THE OLD KINGDOM El 2700 2200 BCE CI ADVANCEMENTS IN ARCHITECTURE THE MIDDLE KINGDOM El 2000 1800 BCE CI EXPANDED POLITICAL STRENGTH CI BEGINS CONQUEST OE SURROUNDING AREAS CI ADVANCEMENTS IN MILITARY ARCHITECTURE THE NEW KINGDOM El 1600 1100 BCE CI ZENITH OE POLITICAL POWER CI ACQUISITION OF AN EMPIRE II I Sl HM I39IH le LII Jugl 7 lmlu hmnlu unuplugm I I mpd hum m ulw lmw hurul xhunha JIkI unuplugm 1quot Il gt Mu doquot ulwl lurul lulI hmul dumlm ulunl hlilu m Wm mmwwy 41 L 4 N rm mu IVquot 39 am i 4K ARABIA iny cmmm 52 mum Dev chum j Kmnk 1 m l r R 7 7 UPPE Nsw K dam EGYPT szn lsinrm hut Iquot n W W Huh 3 u Hm 1m mum 26672648 Stepped Pyramid of Zoser a1 Saqquara Imhoiep BCE CG 2600 BCE lmhotep Pyramid and Mortuary of Dioser Saqqora Egypt ca 2600 BCE limestone uvvv vvvv vv v lamp mm unt39myy Emnpln39 7 k4 slaluv I V r v I 51mm launkllnhs our 01 thv SONIA Ninth I ILlt 139 I39U39Iquot3939Iquotquotquot quot I vntrnnro ml festival c urtynrd Suulh Palm l39 IMHOTEP PYRAMID AND MORTUARY OF DJOSER SAQQARA EGYPT CA 2600 BCE LIMESTONE Imho rep Fogode of The North Palace Mortuary of Dioser Soqqoro Egypt Imhotep Columnctr entrance to the Mortuary of Dioser Soqqctrct Egypt Co 2600 BCE limestone 2613 2589 g BCE 26 mag 34935 o 0053 m Wm mmwwy 41 L 4 N rm mu IVquot 39 am i 4K ARABIA iny cmmm 52 mum Dev chum j Kmnk 1 m l r R 7 7 UPPE Nsw K dam EGYPT szn lsinrm hut Iquot n W W Huh 3 u Hm 1m mum Great Pyramids Gizeh Egypt Pyramids of Menkuure cu 30002920 BCE Khufre ca 25202494 BCEK1ufu ca 25512528 BCEL imestone largest Khufu approximately 450 ft high Great Pyramids Plan Gizeh Egypt WHEN ITWAS BUILT THE GREAT PYRAMID WAS 481 FT HIGH OVERTHEYEARS IT LOST 30 FT OFF ITSTOP IT RANKED ASTHETALLEST STRUCTURE ON EARTH FOR MORETHAN 43 CENTURIES ONLYTO BE SURPASSED IN HEIGHT INTHE NINETEENTH CENTURY THE INTERIOR OFTHE GREAT PYRAMID IS AS IMPRESSIVE AS THE EXTERIOR STRUCTURE ITWAS EQUIPPEDWITH CORRIDORS PASSAGEWAYS AIRSHAFTS A GRAND GALLERY ANDTHE KING S CHAMBER THE GRAND GALLERY ALONEWAS 153 FEET LONG AND 28 FEET HIGH THE GREAT SPHINX The body of q lion which measures 240 feet long and 60 feet high with 01 human face more than 13 feet wide An ancient text tells a legend of the Sphinx a young prince who was riding in the desert stopped to nap under the Great Sphinx while he slept the Sphinx spoke to him promising to make him king of Egypt if he moved the sand that had piled up around the statue The prince Thutmose IV did as the statue asked and soon after became king of Egypt THOU ART DESTINED FOR MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF YEARS A LIFETIME OF MILLIONS Ll an Al lfu A uu aL Ai mofm m a A L hn x 1 Mimi aha l mag gm f mawm g gia wmmmw Jug L mn m w 1 3 vlnww l39a lr d w LEOos wmmH at 0U be om watcl LR WM rl 2 Lot m 531 x 5 in r am J awummurm mw uw 4 How v mjgnm mt x mvgw umf fnw mnj Ewaig mnE W W i am nnigawdmiwummmmmm xi I t I In 41Lrlli l nu 4 I 2 o 5 1 III I vtnm1rurrr h i Tm quot2 o um w EFRHHEEZ 4 M anEw ui g x1n Tian 3 94 MU srv nmm mwmm v na quotBook of the Deadquot ca 1040 945 BCE Pain red and inscribed papyrus Back 0f the Dead fram Thebes Egypt ca 1040945 BCE painted and inscribed papyrus 1 3 34 in high THE VALLEY OE THE KINGS 5 r H 7 Photo by Francis z kowskx 13 Thzban Mipmrtg Prcgiecz ME Right Reserved THE TOMB OF RAMESES II IS THE I LARGEST TOMB IN THE VALLEY CORRIDORS AND CHAMBERS UP UNTIL THE DISCOVERY OF KING TUT S TOMB IT WAS BELIEVED THAT ALL ROYAL TOMBS HAD BEEN ROBBED AND DRAINED OF THEIR TREASURE Golden Shrine 1 Treasure Chamber 4 mum1 mm Entrance Steps InnermosT coffin of TUTonkhomen from Thebes Egypt ca 1323 BCE gold with semiprecious stones 73 in 39 Painted chest of Tutankhamen from Thebes Egypt ca 13331323 BCE painted wood 20 in long Death Shall Come on Swift Wings To Him Who Disturbs the Peace of the King Death Mask of Tutonkhomen from Thebes Egypt ca 1323 BCE gold with semiprecious stones 21 14 in high wlt owo mmltmZ umOum nOZZmnij ltltI Im UmnOltmlt Om Im Ogtgtw IgtU UmU mgtlt gtZU Om CZZgtCgt ngtCMmm wlt owm ltltmZltZZm UmgtIm IgtU wmmZ nOZZmnij ltltI Im nCmMm mnquimo J 1 um quot 11 i39llm 39339 II I i 1 Ah 39 In R I 39I 31 VCHEC 319 In U I R 311 VI 4 quotr f O A If 7 v quot HV 011 N mg r5 o m U s C N LN Imuwmmlv nm un Manon mr Im mmxmu mmmmn 1 39K 7 r I r f 39 39vL QSZ lrJf I 39 1v 1 v WJW 1L J r J


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