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Humanities I

by: Caesar Reinger

Humanities I HUM 101

Caesar Reinger

GPA 3.77


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 57 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caesar Reinger on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HUM 101 at Washtenaw Community College taught by Jambard-Sweet in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/230767/hum-101-washtenaw-community-college in Humanities at Washtenaw Community College.


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Date Created: 10/28/15
ANCIENT AEGEAN CIVILIZATIONS Th6 Acgean World 39 100 miles PAEONIA Crenides ILL I39RIA Amphipolis Pella 39 MACEDONIA Methane 39 Stagira CHALCIm39CE Potida39ea In Troy MT OLYMPUS cmyra THESSALV LEsaos Mytile39ne IONIA I De39p39h Chins EUBOEH BOEOTIA TTICA Ceos Cepha enia PELOPONNESUS 53mm Zacyn lhus So has quot Spgna Y Delos Perimhus I Byzantium ASIA MINOR Pergamum L mlA Sardis 39Smyrna Ephesus Miletus III 20004 100 EC III Tl l Minoans Produced a civilization oriented around tra e and bureaucracy witl1 little or no evidence Ol a military state One 01C tl1e great islands 01C tl1e world in midsea in tl1e Wine darlc sea is Krete spacious and ricl1 and Populous witl1 ninety cities and a mingling o1C tongues and one among their ninety towns is Knossos Here lived King Minos whom tl1e great Zeus Received every nintl1 year in Private council Homer Odyssey Faaa CompexafKnossosj Crete c ZJOOO w 1575 EC Minoan Civilization Minoan Civilization Minoan Civilization Falacc oi Knossos Crete East Wing Ca 17504 650 BO lOl I ilizat IV I inoan C M Minoan Civiiization quotnunanquot nixunr mnlmnm39l mm I iii HI I I nu l39l39xllllltlI39l39ilIIIIllIII IIXIIIIlI39l39lllgllllllillllill in I l I I I i t l Bu LcaPing Fmsw Faiacc oi Knessos Crete Ca 500 5C5 Minoan Civilization Minoan Civilization a can Civilization i it I I i gt 0 I 5P3 x gt 39mDemps 9quot n Minoan Painting conventions i elegant Arawings Z bright colors 5 Pro le omcunacacecj views 4 atterns ICrom natural gonna lots o1C Plants ancj sea liwce 5 human bocjg in motion 6 woman lighter skinnecj than males Young GirGa tiger g affron E u5 owers Thera Greece c 1700 1450 I Minoan Civilization Snake 6033655 I 6 001 8390 Minoan Civilization comm czu CMOEZ 162815CE Volcanic eruptions ravagecl tl1e islancl ol Thera modem lag Santorini causing tl lC volcanic core ol the island to collapse Mincan Civilization violent earthquakes and oods in a single day and night at mistortunetl1e island at Atlantis disappeared in the depths ol the sea Plato 43 f gt J it 4139 2 f 139 37 i u J Hm I A 7 4 I I g 39y I 1 1 z r 39 2 quot 41 W H 1 s 1 s J VJ 1 VJ w w I u xx x x g VJ III 19004100 EC II Aggrsssivs warmincl cl soci tg thCir SOCiCt was Primarily bascc on war Far thCir Icadsrs wars Csssntiang warchi 1Cs II WC know ant to nothing 01C thCSC PCOPIQ 1 air r ligion t air cultura rn morg3 t air languags ort Cir CVCFBCL BB sxp risncs ccnacan Civilization Aerial View of the ruins 01C Maccnac Ca I 600 ZOO rccnacan Civilization gMQH A lt1 if Inlaic silvsr CUP3 Maccnac 500 Gold rings with Macenasan tksmes Vaphio P acmcul Vaphio CUP P acmcul Vaphio Violant u 1 100800 15C Greek CiviliZation Q M39faf 5 59 ta Geometric Ferioc 39 quotmm 7 15 C9007OO 5C Archaic Fcrioa c 60080 EC I L E3143 Classical c 480450 EC Classical Fem C Ammo EC Late Periocl c 400625 BC The Geometric Feriod c 900 700 Funerar vase Krafer Athens c 7 50700 EC Co nve ntions 01C Geometric Pe oA i nearampeeora ons Z 1Corms simpligiecj to geometric shapes N D 42gt gt I 92 e c I rsyzgtgtgt3 1 y n 75050015C II Move trom isolated tarming communities to organized cit9states III Uni cation oi Greece atter the Dark Ages II Era oi Political innovation II Expansion due to growing Populations tl1at strained agricultural II Militarg advancements armor and ship building Kthens F Democracy The importance 01C athleticism stressed through art Tolerant but not exactly welcoming to to reigners Art ourished Women No public education Could not speallt treelg to men not even their husbands Required to stay indoors Fursued respectability Sparta Oligarchg The importance oi athleticism stressed through military training Laws torbade immigration No signi es nt artistic contributions due to lawa restricting creativity Women Public education including singing dancing and athletics Were permitted to speakicreelg to men Were permitted to go outside Owned land and managed property 5 THE ASSEMBLY EHwill H HUZKSIIIPI Evert male citieii over eighteen THE EPHORS MEMBERSHIP Five supreme magistrates one from each Spartan derne ur commune elected annually by the Assembly it39Nt39i39it3939gt 39l39n lurinulate all polity doinestii iind lurelg to declare war i39imtlude treatie elect quotH m39llw39cml quot quot3939quotquot quot l H 39quotu lmmcs Fl39NtiTlONS To initiate legislation to summon and preside over lmtli Assembly rind Council to con irul linanee and m net as a supreme civil court The eplinrs had power to impeach the kings and directed the secret pnlice lbwIrvin l THE COUNCIL OF FIVE HUNDRED Buns MEMMRSHH finens m er thirty t39limen annuallt39 by liit lilt l39miii eat39li of ten iriltes ilii the liitli L39CIIHIH39 tlie I llk L uiinlsteil iii IIIYL I triirn gen graphically scattered unnrnunes I THE COUNCIL OF ELDERS Gerri15ml MEMBERSHIP 39l39wentyweigln cuunulurs all over the age at sixty elmsen l7 lot from the nobility H39N39l39li39 To prepare agenda if the ssemblv It SUPU YISC the Administration iii dnrnestii and im eitzii lll ll S including linance and wars lts execu i t39Ntzi39iOM To initiate legislatiim and in art as the supreme criminal court tive turniiiittee was the I mml whme lil tt lHL HIlK rS changed even live eeks TH E COU RT liemm MFMIIFRSHIPC Six thnusand L39lIIIL l lS thosen by lot THE KINGS Nl39MnERs Two hereditary Fl39N l39lN 39l39n sit in tunes with wide t39ivrl jurisdie 39 HiNt i lN In peacetime primarilv ceremonial in wartime UIIL kin became Ciirninanderint liief If the army in the field tiim there were nu judges 39l39llE ARCHONS Mlzhl lzksiill39 A board of nine eiriyens eluted in ntigillv l Int TH E ASSEMBLY AprId I MEMBERSHH liven male IllCl over thirty l l39NL39I39lONSS Originally the seiiiur arelioii was ehiel Fl39NLTIONS To vote on the legislation pmpnsed by the epliur and the nuncil of Elders of state in the lilth eiitiirt39 ll39 was redut ed in ceremonial and minor judicial tlUIIC steed Home mm Emma rmai m k j s Crimesrm AJupHer CronusRhea Sky Weather A Thunderbolt HJuno CronusRhea Marriage H Peacock Neptune CronusRhea Sea Trident H Pluto CronusRhea Underworld H Rarely depicted Ceres CronusRhea Harvest Corn H Venus Zeus Dione Love H Cupidnudity Minerva Zeus Metis Wa r knowledge jj Owl Staff H Apollo Zeus Leto Sun H Chariot ll D ia na Zeus Leto The Hunt ll Animals H Mars Zeus Hera WarViolence H ShieldSword Proserpina Zeus Demeter The Dead Young worn en H Hercules Zeus Alcmene Hero H ClubLion Skin H Bacchus ZeusSemele Wine Ecstasy Ivy AresAphrodite H WingsArrows The Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses City Planning III Acropolis tortitiecl hilltop that was home to civic leaders III ora oPen area below the acroPolis usecl tor Political and communal assembly The Archaic Age Doric Order Raking Cornice Mm Cornice E ntablature Column Stylobate Doric olumns grr n 39 v 4 g r 7 3 3 V 4quot r 39 ltquotquot39 39 1 A4 39 V2 39 39 J z J 52 I 7 rh quot Freestancling statues were otter 0 litesize or larger 39 macle 0t ligl lt colorecl marlale 0 woulcl have been Paintecl in bright COlOFS 39 Arcl laic Emile Atemale statue 0t tl1is tgpe was callecl a 0relt lural karaij ancl a male was callecl a Louros Pluralj Laurel 34 Satyrs having an orgy in a vineyard on an Attic cup of about 500 BC Note their brutish facesThough their actions are homosexual except for the satyr at right about to bugger a female Sphinx this does not imply that satyrs were consistently homosexual Rather they were sexually omnivorous and always ready for copulation fig4 a 4 5 39 3 a K v Q IxJU U URJBlt 9 The rcl ai Age 3 Auxcrrc FcPlos Kore Kore Ca 5 5 5 00 39 r ar e Limestone 8 incl res 29 V2 inches Archaic characteristics DArchaic smile III Etitic Egg Ptian stance II Free staming sculptures DMaie kouros nucje II Female kore Aresseci II Clear Egyptian iniquersce Kama n copy of G rcckbronzc statue Marble 68 18 in ca 550 I Statue 0F 3 Woman 4th Century The Archaic Age Fa ris West Fediment Temple ol APl aia Herakles Ea st Fecliment Temple 01C Aphaia Ca 500 Marble 439 inChcs Ca9043985 Marble 5 I incl39les H l III Lyric Poetry III Taught Poetry music and dancing at a SCI IOOl tor aristocratic your ladies on the island oi Lcsbos And sailed to Troy Giving no thought at all To her child nor dear Parents but was led b3 her love alone Now tar away Anatoria Comes to m3 mind For would ratherwatch her Moving in her lovelg way And see hertace ashing radiant Than all the torce 01C Lgdian chariots And their intantrg in tull displag oi arms There are those who say An array 01C horsemen And others ol marching men And others 01C ships is The most beautitul thing on the darlc earth but say it is whateverone oves It is very easy To show this to all For Helen 53 tarthe most beautitul 01c mortals Lett her husband Epic Foetry h Archaic Age The Iliad and the Odgsseg The Greeks saw the Trojan War as the tirst moment in history when the Greeks came togetheras one People with a common Purpose This unitication whether it was myth or not gave the later Greeks a sense ot national or cultural iclentity despite the tact that their governments were small clisunitiecl citg states The Archaic e g3 quot J21 JJgLZLIZL EJJJ W u r I r r V 1 quot quot I k WW7 Iii17M I if K WI 11 H39LL v fluLl Hith LVNfu UHF l if I UHN39 L r39illz III3439quot 1 m in m m y a 4quot I H IHA II h L m HMquot w H I L quot yr39t 1 I 39L rUVquotS l vr nquot 1 l 391 I A I39M39I H7K unu 51 gutjw 39I39quot 1 nii39 quot391 WW


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