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Humanities I

by: Caesar Reinger

Humanities I HUM 101

Caesar Reinger

GPA 3.77


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 58 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caesar Reinger on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HUM 101 at Washtenaw Community College taught by Jambard-Sweet in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see /class/230767/hum-101-washtenaw-community-college in Humanities at Washtenaw Community College.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
MESOPOTAMIA Requirements for Civilization III Urban revolution III Political and Military Structures D Social Structure based on economic power El Complex technology D Writing III Distinct religious structure U Artistic and cultural activity El Agriculture flMk Sen Buglmlkiiy Crisrim Sea A N AT 0 L I A rag 3 lt9an I Iuyuk Nineveh quot quotquot quot M 1 D 1 A alhu ASSYR 1 A Illlkll Aim 39 OJern M ESO O39I39AM IA 8 4 Pup45 Mui39 a I l39hnmna H A M A lg K A l miphun 39 gm war I SuppIr Jamdal Nan 39 m I rumrm buII Ihl yhm Irl Mhn mum in gt s u M l R 1393 E Uquot k L Irncpnl r 39 4 1mm quot1quot quot quot 500 mlln EC Y PT 300 Momma 39 I Malatya r K Lgt 0L J ODiyarbakir Hat a r si gggo ffg oGifgfaMep KMquot MM H I quot Lagoyrnna I quotquot 9 v 1 39 Zamano 39 39 osul 39 Ggtlrbil We QKirk kf t CIPRO VQLimassol 7 J 3 39 U8 0 l 39 Damasco quot Mumquot dei 136535 39 9 I R quot 39 u f 1 i quot PBm jerrd 5 7 IVQKhorram b d Najaf b doaggq I t AV Remix Bag dad ILxsgn 39Edr o L A Ira Iquot quot77777 dln11 i1Amman 39 e d39 gt Iquot 39dquot c 35 s ISTAELEj39 aw v p 39 39 mama ll Cairo gt V A I III Three successive civilizations flourished in Mesopotamia for over 1500 years I Sumerians II Akkadians II Babylonians III 30002350 BCE III Writing a lunar calendar mathematical computation system medical and scientific discoveries architectural and technological innovations II Sumer was different from all other earlier civilizations II Advanced cities I Specialized workers Il Complex institutions I Record keeping II Advanced technology III Developed citystates III Food surplus increased population which expanded trade and led to expansion of Sumerian society III Polytheistic II Wrote myths Epic of Gilgamesh III Had social classes I Priests and kings were at the top I Slaves were at the bottom III Women probably couldn t attend school but had many other rights III Advances in mathematics I Number system based on 60 60 secondsl minute III Various urban centers in the Mesopotamian bosin were called citystates III Very competitive with one another III Theocrocies III Polytheistic III Remains relatively consistent in Mesopotamia despite power struggles and the rise and fall of civilizations III Gods represent natural forces and in some cases abstract ideas like truth or iustice Genealogy of Later Mesopotamian Gods Sumerian names gven1urs1Akkadnan last Nammu th39mn m to mm mm 2v cw Ammat W W I l Anu cztvmmgwo uu1 I Ema f Ea Nmsun I Slrzur Luga banda ngu Ttamat Abzu 4w magma um M 0m mum and marine comm Samoan 39b39 Me39une39 mm ElfMet m3 Goddez Mahmoudmazm Mm kum 1am I 39zu39nra 0mm awn remwaaoda Saunam in means r I I I Elm rummwxm Cogfmmumedmn Mummu Lahml Lahamu Klngu Dumuzj I 6 m asylum mama mm 60069351 cw 606560 my 35 Tame Gilgamesh m J menmrme giseccas 1n Er Tammuz glaze me 0m 01 U110 Anu Nammu mummy 549 mwg myj 91mij ham639 Ish mi Klshar Anshar mom manna Ishtar Nunshubur 39EWWW WWWUMMM mamw Mug mmmueaw EdenBlvd wu wmd so ww39m mmqu nanny 5m 033930 Ki Anu Nammu son loony m a N I mgr2am cooaessoramm quotWWWVW J W3 Smahsolmnu Mush mufn r 3211 a Sham Lula Enk Msogtm dysww wquot 39 Godcglma cameraman was was 05mm 39 l I I 23 mm mmquotquot quotm Emquot NW En 53 Nlnglkuga Tutu Nanshub I Asanudu Icbd lgtm jbtda39r9xid WNW seem Longamen woolenm 4391an WJ39rqol geodessd SWMGMS Hangouts Nunser Asanuhhl I Zerpamlu I Ema quotawn KM Enku Marduk W 1 quot 3 m I maroousta NW N r I rtquot r N39 k quot8 waif sage mNanngog ggl ngal 39 39 weumim h i In dour pozlue Enk mummww mg 5 Q qrrgrgq quotwowtorn mama or u 39 NEWS A a Utuf E hki 1 alaan Una z39 res ga Gug mm enk lmm Gma I I M nurta quotan Shamash Badman Great 6 0 SM I etapan Nabu GHQ modem WPW WG 1mm Nergal Laz maven auus mam goddvnzam WVWW SW SW 0 m 339 mquot Tashmetum wt rvgjo or 9 lnannal m 39 quot quot4quot Bum Layman lhen mar9d Enlva Ishtar Beam seeth Ea god of water wisdom magic and art Shamash sun god Ziggura r A pyramidal remple structure consisting of successive platforms with outside staircases and a shrine at The Top The ziggurat at Ur as it appeared c2100 BCE Ziggura r cut Ur modern Tell Muqayyor Iraq co 2100 BCE mud brick Dedicafory Statues from the Abu Temple Tel Asmor Iraq Sumerian Ca 2950 2900 BCE III One of 30 or 40 cities in the Sumerian ca 5000 2350 BCE section of Mesopotamia III Discovered in 1922 by the British archeologist C Leonard Woolley Ur was abandoned when the Euphrates River changed its course away from the city Bm l Sm Cuxpiml Syd lhxghah iy ANATOLIA MEDIA Fdrsu 39 Niwh nm sluuukm 1 Caml Hlly k claim 0 Ahhkh M E50 I OTAAW 1A Mui 39 1 pm 414 luhnunlm A I KA D lcsiphnn 31mlquot 39 hmd Nan Babylun iirsu 39IJEBI I l39cncpulh At39dilz39rmumu 5M Tr Kzlui ll V 1 r lzrndu39 Bhlhlp l J iChn 150 500 nulu 300 inhuman F G Y I T III The science of separating metals from their ores and then working or treating them to create obiects III Begins in Mesopotamia about 4000 BCE D Marks the end of the Stone Age and the beginning of the Bronze Age uwziwl39 39 39 I f y 1 ml l in v 39ru39lf t l 9911 r lWPf W 52 39 il39 urul r Hfl s ur may 395 I tsuwuuiyx 1m 12 1 a j d J pw III The Epic of Gilgamesh gulf 11 1 I I If 5quot P 39 I rotogonlst With 1 53 quotSpunr5 quot39 mg v Wye mkmr 0 name and personality 39 39 57 51 14 id di f mg tmmn Lquot lt A 33 39 r 59m wm rfi zr u 7 Mar 1 r39 gastz iy rg39quot warrantMr r hquot 39 411 t 39 mapInwar r 1 nrrmuuuw39 rnr It fof J t r 39 nu J39f 39 Jarvi F39 Huang pulp I r39r r fu Il The oldest known written I i MM 391 r I39guw lnjrgupkf war L l I m 39 7 4 39 m rzz story I r erd r 1r39lrquotV Jill I Epic 1L1 I39 J 39 39 m 1 IIVI V f v1ur r I rur 39 rtv J Epic An extended narrative poem recounting actions travels adventures and heroic episodes Characteristics of the classical epic include these I The main character or protagonist is heroically larger than life often the source and subiect of legend or a national hero El The deeds of the hero are presented without favoritism revealing his failings as well as his virtues l The action often in battle reveals the morethanhuman strength of the heroes as they engage in acts of heroism and courage l The setting covers several nations the whole world or even the universe The episodes even though they may be fictional provide an explanation for some of the circumstances or events in the history of a nation or people El The gods and lesser divinities play an active role in the outcome of actions All of the various adventures form an organic whole where each event relates in some way to the central theme httpwwwvirtualsa ltcomlittermshtm Components of an Epic Hero III Unusual circumstances of birth sometimes in danger or born into royalty III An event sometimes traumatic leads to adventure or quest II Hero has supernatural help III The Hero must prove himself many times while on adventure III When the Hero clies he is rewarded spiritually THE GEMETARY III Unearthed in 1928 III 1840 graves dating from 26002000 BCE III Among them was the elaborate tomb of King Mesklamdug and Queen Puabi D 3 d 1 M M mnmm 5 i Au 4 U 1 V 1 394quot K 5 I 4 I I I f y W W Lagash ca 2500 BCE To fill with ioy the Temple court And chase the cities gloom away The heart to still the passions calm Of weeping eyes the tears 1390 STOY c we 39T99 06039lt06902gt 39 u e zxmxm x v 42254 was 73 x lquot i b r quot v u A N v 39 1quot V v 1 e 1 y 4 ll J 39 1 llllr Hz V o o c7oaowoon o oooo 39 Ill 1 quot 3quot Egg agave m an 39 A 0 1 l quot 39 V V vava vmwnvyvv vvvv n ngn rut u A Sfcndcrd of Ur from Tomb 779 Royal Cemetery Ur modern Tell Muqayyor Iraq ca 2600 BCE wood shell lapis lazuli red limestone o roximotel 8 x 19 in mUm ooom Ou cOtMEam 20 80 3 96 12005 Ogto W 933 a K E I 5 1 1 d 39 19 411 1 D I 35 F b r quotIII 7 41091 3quotquot a Ill ay n wwuadw1 u3 1110 141411 1 D17 57 gtIgtD A gtgtgtI 1 a 4rltr A 0 r 55 3g ef nglon 94w f o W 6 i39 904 139 39 aemmg Cn The world39s oldest agricultural manual is a Sumer document that tells how to grow barley waif aw 39 vv qgv 9quotsz 7quot vVvsvv v All quotquotA AAA A n g xOA AAAA x a a Amr m i l39rquot v gs 9 Bullheaded lyre from Tomb 789 Royal Cemetery Ur modem Tell Muqayyar co 2600 BCE wood gold leaf lupls lazull approximer 65 In high This tomb is known as the Great death because so many bodies r m were found There were 74 bodies 68 of them women van 1 quot VAquot v V V w v39quot quotv V V R h I A t m4l nzcae I l f When you pour out the filtered beer of the collector vot It is like the onrush of Tigris cmol Euphrates Ninkosi you are the one who pours out the filtered beer of the collector vat It is like the onrush of Tigris cmol Euphrates From The Hymn to Ninkosi 1800 BC Sumerian Inventions III Wagon wheel III Potter s wheel shape containers III Number system III 12 month calendar El Metal plow III Sail III Some of the earliest known maps El New architecture III At the height of Sumerian power Akkadians conquered all of the cities in Mesopotamia III Sargon Sargon the Great 23322249 BCE III Move from citystates to regional monarchy III Dominated for only a short time 23502150 BCE v a S rele of Naramsin from Susa 6 6quot Sandstone Akkadian 22542216 BCE Akkadicm gt Sumerian III Come into greatness under Hdmmurdbi 1792 1750 BCE III Fell from power ca 1500 BCE D Babylonian literature was well developed and records have been found of highly developed religion history and science Medicine chemistry alchemy botdny zoology math and astronomy were procticed quotto promote the welfare of the people to cause iustice to prevail in the land to destroy the wicked and the evil that the strong might not oppress the 1 Law Code of Hammurabi King of Babylon ca 17921750 BCE Mesopotamian Code of Hammurabi If a man has destroyed the eye of another man they shall destroy his eye If he has broken another man39s bone they shall break his bone 19697 Book of the Covenant If any iniury occurs you shall take life for life eye for eye tooth for tooth hand for hand foot for foot burn for burn wound for wound beating for beating 212325 In paragraph 282 of his code Hamurabi decreed that a brewster or a barmaid was to be drowned in beer if she watered down her liquid wares She met the same fate if she charged for her potion in silver coin If she served spoiled beer she was to be forcefed with it until she expired from asphyxiation Like all good dictators Hamurabi was not too fond of free speech and public expressions of political opinions He simply forbade all political debates in drinking establishments What did Mesopotamia Contribute to Humanity Agriculture Irrigation systems wagon wheel metal plow Metallurgy Political institutions Codes of Law Religious institutions Writing Poetry literature Math Developments in art and music potters wheel ElElElDElElElElEl Beer anisri nrni 5139 quot3 TM 0quotquot Ancient Mesuputamian and Sumerian Artifacts fur Sale ALWAYS AUTHENTIC GUARANTEED FOREVER Cuneiform Tablets I From LlrlllZ OO1500 BC quot39 Wquot quotw 39d W An authentic example of the rst form of writing in the warld Roman coins 39 Me 45 x 34 gt Greek mm mm 1 34 x 1 six inches A handsinscribed From the anions Mesdpdtarnian city of ur 7 m iw I V V V V Rumquot mm 5100 recording bundles 0f reeddr barley issued seal 7 impr ssicnis Average size around 1 34quot creek artifacts 51quot each Celtic and Gaul Sgy ana fads lnnev fgvul r mm I and Ancient Emdari Artliacts Huly Land 21 Blbllcal Cams 1 areracts Click any image for Larger View


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