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Organic Chemistry I

by: Alfonso Reynolds

Organic Chemistry I CHEM 2310

Alfonso Reynolds
Weber State University
GPA 3.82

Don Davies

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About this Document

Don Davies
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alfonso Reynolds on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 2310 at Weber State University taught by Don Davies in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see /class/230796/chem-2310-weber-state-university in Chemistry at Weber State University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
DI Dames chem 23 1 0 Remew fox anal I Nomenclature l Cucle and ldenhfylhe funcnonal gong psesenl m the followmg molecule OH 0 fe O H s 2 Cucle the conecl name 01 pmv lde an l39UPAC name for each molecule Cl OH 5 V g T SH OCH 3 Promde common names for the followmg sulssnluenls Exam ple RA R R tembutyl 4 Promde common names fox the followmg compounds OH Q 11 a Theory 1 How many degrees ofunsamrauon In le molecular formula QHgN7 a l b 2 e 3 14 e 5 2 0 o g 9 sp3 5 p p 3 Whlch of me followmg compounds has me greatest dlpole moment b 0 C 0 a chl c a 3 weL H G 2 4 For me followmg molecule do me followmg NH3 a a F111 In any formal charges 13 Draw all sagm eam resonance memes and lndlc te the major conmbumr e Indlcam le hybndlzatlon on N Indlcam Whlch omle followlng ls ohe bestnucleoph e olt The elemoplnle mans mostreactlve m an 342 xeaenon ls HJCrOH h 5 c 0T5 d 0H9 7 Whmh when would be expected to gwexeanangemenl products a W b c g a OCH3 V x Whmh compound 15 most mam O Qgt b H070 a a HJCAOH 3 H E N CHJOH ofpmpane 10 me an energy dmgam fax the fenemngxeaenen MEOH heat Br ocm HEr n1 Cnnfnrma nns and Sterenchemistry 1 Draw the slaggexed Newman nmeetmns for 2R ZrbmmorAdnethylpenlan e through the C2C3 bonds Then rank them In oxdex of sl blhly wtth being least stable and 3 belng most stable 2 Draw the most stable ehan conformahons for czsrlrbmmorSrlenr bntyleyelehexane and mmrlVbomoSelenrbutylcyclohexane Label eaeh E2 ehrmnatmn the fastest Mnseanne shown below 15 a pmsonous ehesmeal found In mushrooms Indmate eaeh ehnal cents w h an astensk then asstgn R or s H H30 x N OH H a 4 Stale the Ielahonshlp between the followmg compounds as Idenhcal enanhomenc ox dlaslexeomenc Indmale anymeso compounds F CH3 an F 0H3 39 0H3 EV lt H30 Y F 539 Ev F s Tmnslnte the Newman projection to 3 Fisher pmjeamn HO H 0 MM H2 IV Reactions 1 State the conect stnmng malenal for the followmg Ieaclmn O H 1 0504 H202 2 HQ 0 H 2 ancnte the necessalyxeagenls for the followmg convemon vame 1 snbshmhon pmdncl and 2 ehmmtmn pmdncls Indmale the ma elmnatmn pmdllcl Nam lt2 Gwen the followmg bond dlsstmahon enexg Kcanol and xeaetmn do the 110 EDE maxmm a HJCV V BE Pmde a sleprbyrslep meehamsm and 1ndmale whether each step ts endethenme ox exethenme and by how much Is the ovemll xeaamn endothenmc ox exotheme By how much V OH 9 PHJVS CHJ Synthesis synthesls Hml 11 may help to woxk backwards EtOH H OEt phVS CH OEt PHJVOH VI Mechanism Include all mlen39nedmles mm charges and anneal armw pushing OH HJPO A 0 OH CH3 CH3 v11 Extra Credit 1 Cnmplele the fallnwmg synthesis gt S eps


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