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by: Rosa Farrell

Pre MATH 0950

Rosa Farrell
Weber State University
GPA 3.53


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rosa Farrell on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 0950 at Weber State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/230810/math-0950-weber-state-university in Math at Weber State University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
0950 Practice Problems for Test 4 Chapters 8 9 10 1 Write the decimal number four and three hundred twentyfive hundredthousandths 2 Write the word name for the amount of a check for 404812 3 Write the decimal in fractional notation do not simplify 3562 4 Carla39s beginning checkbook balance was 9581 She deposited a check for 4999 and wrote a check for 3637 Round each amount to the nearest dollar in order to estimate the checkbook balance 5 Evaluate 07x 11y forx 002 y 38 6 You pay 4308 for a shirt with a 100 bill How much is your change 7 Write as a decimal number 156 X 105 8 Write in decimal form Divide until the answer either terminates or shows a repeating pattern If there is a repeating pattern write a bar over the repeating part L 800 a b 65 990 c 7 9 Solve 004 51 x 30 10 fa rectangle has a length that is 18 cm and a width that is half the length find the following after first writing the formulas Round answers to the nearest tenth a perimeter b area 11 Dad takes Mom and three children to the quotAll You Can Eat Buffetquot Adult meals are 789 each and children39s meals are 465 each What is the amount owed for the meal before tax and tip What is the amount of the 15 tip What is the amount of tax at 65 What is the total amount that Dad spends at the buffet 905 12 You have 875 in dimes and nickels How many of each type of coin do you have if there are three times as many dimes as nickels 13 a Write 023 in decimal form fractional form b Write 912 in decimal form percent form c Write 4 in decimal form percent form d Write in decimal form percent form 14 Write an equation and solve a What is 16 of 35 b 200 is what percent of 80 c What percent of 150 is 45 d 28 is 40 of what number 15 Write an equation and solve A coat was reduced by 56 from the original price of 280 What is the percent of decrease 16 If you borrow 400 at a simple interest rate of 18 for 3 months what is the interest 17 Is 3 4 a solution to the equation 3x 4y 0 18 Fill in the ordered pairs so that they are solutions to the equation x 231 14 Graph the linethrough the points 0 1 6 19 Graph the equations a x 1 b y 4 20 If you buy a pound of butter for 260 what is its price per ounce to the nearest cent 21 a 007 mi ft to nearest foot b 091 cm m km c 82 L mL For problems 22 and 23 use the approximation 1139 314 section 105 22 A 10 inch diameter pie costs 840 What is the cost per square inch to the nearest cent 23 A car39s tires have a radius of 15 inches How many revolutions will the tire have made after going 12840 inches 21 22 011 per square inch or 1 z a 2973 a 00023 a n 16x 35 or 56ngt280 a 370 ft 0950 Practice Problems for Test 4 Key 400325 four thousand fortyeight and 562 3 m 110 4166 5692 156000 a 000125 x 801 a 54 cm b 0065 put bar over 65 c 76 bar over 6 b 16 cm2 M 446 c 193 25 nickels 75 dimes I 23 10000 d 3612 b 075 75 c 44 440 d 0548 548 0 L b 200 n a x 80 or so 100 28 40 o d 28 40AX n or n 100 70 6 o 100 56 250 n I o m 30A 0 i c nAaX 150 45 or 150 56 or 280 100 20 18 no 0 7 12 1 6 4 a Graph a vertical line atx 1 16oz b Graph a horizontal line at y 4 b 00091 m 00000091 km 5011 T c 8200 m L 23 136 revolutions Problems included in the Final Exam not in Exam 4


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