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Soc Studies for Elem Teachers

by: Maxime Murphy

Soc Studies for Elem Teachers EDUC 2000

Maxime Murphy
Weber State University
GPA 3.97

Alfred Forsyth

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About this Document

Alfred Forsyth
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maxime Murphy on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDUC 2000 at Weber State University taught by Alfred Forsyth in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/230811/educ-2000-weber-state-university in Education and Teacher Studies at Weber State University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
EUUC ZUUU Spring 2009 Forsyth Topic Presentations TUESDAY SECTION DR FORSYTH Before Egyptians rst civilization people were nomads wandering in search of food hunting animals and gathering wild plants Gradually people in the Fertile Crescent area between Tigris and Euphrates Rivers Mesopotamia found they could plant seeds from wild plants and grow their food agriculture They also learned to domesticate animals for food meat milk They didn39t need to wander for their food Effects of a sedentary lifestyle living in one place growing your food EGYPT 0 increased population nomadic women couldn39t have many children too dif cult to travel with small children 0 growth of towns o possibility of surplus food storing grains meant some free time people could make things and 0 things besides just working to feed themselves Led to craftsmen trade art Lower Egypt lower elevation northern part of Nile Valley vs Upper Egypt higher elevation southern part of Nile Valley E gypt39s contributions to civilization included pyramids temples dams and irrigation First pyramids were stepped Used hired paid workers not slaves to build them Temples were homes of the gods and goddesses Aswan Dam was built 50 years ago to prevent ooding and generate electricity Hieroglyphics could mean the picture they looked like or a particular sound Rosetta Stone used to decipher hieroglyphics had same teXt in hieroglyphics and Greek Women in Egypt were treated with respect Egypt lacked a monetary system they used batter trading goods directly The government collected taxes in the forms of crops goods Religion was polytheistic Egyptians worshipped many gods The pharaoh Ahkenaten was the rst to introduce monotheism belief in just one god It didn39t last Mummi cation was reserved for the rich and powerful They were buried entombed with the Book of the Deadquot a book of spells written on a 6meter strip of papyrus Men and women wore tunic s rich women wore wigs Both men and women wore eye shadow Social status according to headpieces Men and women wore jewelry many wore amulets good luck charms Most went barefoot some wore sandals Food fish wheat gs sweetened with honey Drink alcoholic beer Homes made of adobe upperclass homes had tile oors Cats were common pets for spiritual protection Boys had head shaved Children buried with their toys King Tut became pharaoh at 9 years old Boy Kingquot very little known about him except from his tomb died from broken leg Cleopatra last pharaoh had child with Caesar married Marc Antony GREECE Cretan civilization on island of Crete preceded Greek civilization Greece was not one nation but a collection of many independent city statesquot like Athens and Sparta Religion was polytheistic worshipping many gods and goddesses Zeus was king of the godsquot Gods lived on Mt Olympus real place Gods usually depicted in human form Gods were used to explain natural phenomena eg thunder anger of the gods No hierarchy in religion no popequot Had priests who could predict the future at places called oracles Rituals and animal sacri ces usually goats to please the gods Greeks believed in cremation not mummification Also believed in an afterlife Climate is mostly hot and dry Athens most famous citystate After rules by oligarchy rule by a group of aristocrats evolved to rst democracy It was a direct democracy not representative like ours all citizens were present for any decisionmaking Had judges and courts Sparta second famous city state and Athens39 rival Militaristic government not a democracy Spartan boys taken from parents at age 7 and trained as warriors Peloponnesian War fought between Athens and Sparta Sparta won showing that good societies democracies don39t always win For pets Greeks preferred dogs ROME Clothing was treeilowing robes usually white Wore sandals lnvented hats Food included fruits gs grapes wheat olives Drank beer Architecture three kinds of columns Doric simple plain Ionic with curl scroll at top Corinthian fancy with leaves at top Temples to gods usually with Ionic or Corinthian columns Family extremely important to Romans Maledominated paterfamilias Extended families lived together parents children grandparents all together Father arranged marriages of his children Only the groom could untie the knot of Herculesquot in bride39s belt Clothing different for different social classes Togas for men then later switched to lighter tunics Women wore tunica with a shawl Iewelry popular Women often dyed their hair Slaves constituted 40 of population Could save money to purchase freedom of win it as a gladiator Entertainment included races gladiator contests and ghts with or between wild beasts in Colosseum Theater also popular Architecture perfected the arch eg Colosseum aqueducts for transporting water reinforced concrete Roman baths were public meeting place originally uniseX with heated oors Built system of roads throughout Roman Empire DR FORSYTH E gypt39s favorable geographic conditions 0 The Nile ooded every summer and deposited rich soil allowing easy agriculture Egypt called the gift of the Nilequot because it made civilization possible 0 Egypt protected by naturalbarriers desert to west Red Sea to east mountains to south Mediterranean Sea to north quot features39 39 G J I 0 within easy sailing distance of Egypt and Fertile Crescent learned from those great civilizations 0 deep harbors led to Greeks becoming merchants and traders 0 not much good farmland meant that Greeks founded colonies elsewhere around the Mediterranean 0 mountains in Greece formed barriers to transportation and communication which led to formation of many individual independent citystates Competition among citystates led to improvements for all Greek people 0 r Rome39s favorable geographic conditions 0 peninsula with good harbors for easy sea trading 0 fertile fields for growing grains 0 protected on all sides seas to south east and west Alps mountains to north 0 Apennine Mountains run northsouth among peninsula no barrier to movement Reasons for Fall of Roman Empire 0 Political decline dictators frequently corrupt civil wars when ruler died to decide who would replace him 0 Economic decline large estates replaced small farms farmers working on estates had little incentive to improve methods and increase production use of slaves put many plebeians out of work 0 Social decline people more interested in personal wealth and entertainment than in contributing to the Empire more interested in self than Empire morality declined e ladiator contests sharp class divisions contributed to social unrest 0 Military decline little feeling of patriotism among people or soldiers barbarians incorporated into army to fight the Huns weakened the arm 0 Outside threats dif cult to defend Empire against barbarians to the north Goths Huns Goths were threatened by Huns from China who pushed them across t e borders of the Empire into confrontations with Roman army Roman style of ghting not good for ghting in the bogsquot vs guerrilla warfare INCA Kadee Incas are a native South American people that once ruled one of the largest and empires in the Americas Location coast of South America empire in PreColumbia history 7 2500 miles long Extended from to Also called the Land of the Mailing system delivered messages from place to place Language was called Was it written What were quotquipuquot Was the Inca landscape mountainous Desert Jungle Food in the highlands midvalleys What were quotallyusquot How did they grow crops on steep hillsides What animals did they eat What is quotcharchiquot What did they drink a kind 0fbeer They wore colorful sleeveless On their feet they wore made 0fllama leather In their hand bags men carried and What did different kinds of clothing signify What did they use to build their shelter Children What was school like for most children Did parents spoil their children Were children ever sacrificed The chief musical instrument was the Government Who was the quotsapaquot How many governors were there The capital city was Religion Monotheistic 0r polytheistic The most important gods were Did they believe in life after death How were their burials like the Egyptians Creation legend The Inca began where Tw0 reasons for the fall of the Inca Are there Inca living today UTAH S NATIVE PEOPLE The 5 main tribes in Utah were Which were related to each other Which migrated from CanadaAlaska Were the Utes settled or roaming Why did they roam Did they have horses Navajo became expert mythology re ects its importance to their culture are known for their dancing Their most famous dance is the Dance the only dance to originate with them Ute clothing was made by from T F Ute shelter was permanent Navajo homes are called made of What was The Long Walk EDUC 2000 Presentation Notetaking Guide Tuesday PROTESTANT REFORMATION Who or what was being reformed About how long did it last What were 39 A 0 r What was simony put the Reformation in gear when he nailed his quot95 Theses to a church door John Calvin and the Calvinists believed in which gave a big boost to capitalism In England King Henry VIII wanted to divorce his wife because she had borne him no sons to inherit the throne When the Pope refused to grant the divorce Henry established a new church in England the Anglican Church or church of England and proclaimed himself its head The Pope excommunicated him Ironically later it was his daughter Elizabeth who became Queen Elizabeth I the most powerful monarch in Europe COUNTER REFORMATION This was an attempt by the to reform itself beginning with the Council of The or members of the Society of Jesus were Catholic spiritual leaders fighting Protestantism The were supposed to pursue moral purity as directed by the Bible The 15 00s saw many religious wars in Europe between and among Catholics and Protestant sects INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION During what centuries did it take place in Europe The beginning of the Industrial Revolution was marked by a shift in the source of power from wind and water to and What new form of transportation was invented during the Industrial Revolution Who or what was a quotSpinning Jenny Textiles were the first mechanized industry What were quotturnpikesquot Who invented the following sewing machine steamboat mechanical reaper telephone airplane assemblyline production of automobiles What was one bad outcome of the Industrial Revolution What was one good outcome of the Industrial Revolution ABSOLUTE MONARCHS AND NATION STATES 15001800 Wars in Europe in the 1400s 1500s were about who would rule which country eg Hundred Years War between France and England or between Catholics and Protestants eg Thirty Years War Countries were consolidating their power under powerful rulers and becoming quotnation states In Spain the powerful ruler and Holy Roman Emperor died his son became King and began Spain s decline as a major power Many absolute monarchs ruled by right claiming their power came from God King of France who became king at age 5 was the epitome of an absolute monarch claiming quotL Etat c est moi quotI am the state quotI am France He built the opulent Palace of The ruling family in France was the The most famous absolute monarch in Prussia which was what was called was the Great Austria was ruled by the family whose most powerful monarch was The ruling family in Russia was the whose most powerful monarch was the Great In England the popular Tudor rulers were followed by the unpopular rulers like James I and Charles I who ruled absolutely against Parliament against religious freedom for the Puritans led the Puritan Revolution that restored the power of Parliament Parliament battles with Cromwell s successors and eventually Parliament regains power for good FRENCH REVOLUTION The First Estate clergy and Second Estate nobles the privileged classes made up only 3 of the population of France in the 1700s The bulk of the population was the merchants city workers and peasants called the They paid almost all of the taxes The underprivileged classes had little or no say in the French legislature called the In 1789 the Third Estate proposed changing the EstatesGeneral to a more representative body called the Rumors that the king tried to destroy this new body led to the storming of the hated government prison called the Other countries such as and try to restore the king s power The French king and his wife were put to death by guillotine This alarms other countries who invade France The Revolutionary government becomes very authoritarian and puts down any domestic opposition in the quot in which thousands of citizens were guillotined turning the people against the Revolutionary government The French Revolution began as a movement to promote democracy against the monarchy ended up with a military dictatorship when seized power in 1799 By the mid1800s France s government had returned to democracy BEGINNING OF THE 20T139I CENTURY A major population shift was people moving from to The new architectural wonder of the 20th century was the Who were quotnativistsquot Laws restricting the rights of AfricanAmerican citizens were known as laws The doctrine that justifies segregation in the Plessy v Ferguson case is called quot Who were quotsuffragistsquot Where are the Balkans An incident that affected America s initial in World War I was the sinking of the u fo rm of quotattrition fighting in most World War I battles was called warfare The Treaty of ended World War I Was the League ofNations a success Did the US join The Tsar overthrown in the Russian revolution was Tsar The leader of the Revolution who consolidates the Communists power was leader of the 1920S amp THE GREAT DEPRESSION In US wartime economy boomed and peacetime economy was booming because war had weakened Europe manufactured the first affordable massproduced automobiles What kinds ofjobs were created by the popularity of the automobile The 19th Amendment brought about The Amendment ended it The gangster became famous during Prohibition Who or what were Flappers In terms of entertainment the 1920s and 1930s were the golden age of and The new American music form of the 1920s was with such stars as Louis Armstrong and Billie Holliday A popular dance of the 1920s was The Great Depression began in earnest with the crash of the stock market on a date known as quot The Great Depression was characterized by stock market bank buying power and jobs The effects of the Great Depression in the US were exacerbated by severe drought in the The act that put a taX on imported goods during the Depression was the Tariff Did it help end the Depression President Franklin D Roosevelt s program to bring the country out of the Great Depression was called his Policy The Great Depression ended when the United States became the quotArsenal of Democracy during NOTES ON MIDDLE AGES ampVIKINGS MIDDLE AGES Fall of Roman empire 400AD to 1500s a thousand years Decline of civilization Barbarians destroyed Rome Decline of trade merchants stopped shipping goods because too dangerous highway robbers roads deteriorated unemployed city workers moved back to country Decline of learning barbarians were illiterate and distrusted educated people reading and writing forgotten except for Church leaders Decline of strong ventral government barbarians used to living in tribes isolated from one another Decline of cities with decline ofindustry and culture Appeal of Christianity and rise in power of the Church Increased dangers from barbarians and diseases Barbarian groups distrustful and afraid of each other Christian Church appealed to barbarians by adapting to their gods and rituals eg Christmas based on pagan ritual Christianity added idea that there was a better life after death ifyou were a good Christian ifyou listened to and obeyed the Church leaders Believed that heaven and hell were real places Decline of science and invention Church leaders said the world was perfect and that any change improvement was heresy Improving oneself through education was heresy no education needed only obey the Church Life for 90 ofpeople who were peasants had only a first name or nickname never traveled no education didn t know what day or year or century it was no need to know grew food ate slept reproduced a primitive existence Towns were often walled for protection from invading neighbors from wolves bears Social organization Hundreds of efdoms where tribes had ruled 3 classes ofpeople kings and nobles clergy local Church leaders peasants Feudalsystem replaced many fiefdoms Nobles called lords or barons gave land called a manor and protection to lesser lords called vassals who promised to fight for the lord and pay him taxes in the form of corps Peasants called serfs worked on the manor they gave most of the crops to the vassal but kept enough to live on Didn t own the land Peasants lived in huts Lords and their ladies lived in castles Noblesintraining were called squires They learned how to fight for the lord then they were called knights Castles Built on high ground easy to defend but also built with thick and high walls Built of stone Peasants huts built ofwood Wood important for building huts but also for handles for weapons and for fires for cooking heat and protection Housing for nobles originally stone later brick and halftimber Fireplace in every room for warmth Housing for peasants oneroom shared houses shared with animals first made ofwood and straw then later of timber filled with mud daub Farm land divided in 3 sections 1 planted in Spring 2 planted in Fall 3 left fallow unplanted then rotated neXt year Shared basic farm tools among many families plow wagon Food nobles ate extravagantly spoons and knives no forks heavy use of spices to hide taste of spoiled food foods preserved ifpossible vegetables pickled meat and fish smoked or dried salted Used quottrenchersquot slices of dried or stale bread as plates Manors kept bees for honey only sweetener drank mead kind of alcohol Peasant food dark rye bread stew ofpeas beans onions berries little meat Manor included castle farms churches a kind ofvillage Peasants farms on outer edge of manor least protected Castle at center most protection Clothing nobles jackets with furs and hats women wore linen dresses Clothing knights heavy armor in battle with thick linen underneath Clothing peasants one pair ofboots one change of clothing Clothing clergy monks often wore scratchy quothair shirt under robes suffering for God Catholic church as powerful as king or more so Pope at head of church then cardinals archbishops bishops priests monks amp nuns Cathedrals only called cathedral ifit had chair for bishop quotcathedraquot Layout in shape of cross long nave with transept across it making a cross top of cross called apse Crusades to recover Holy Land from the Muslims it was holy to them too Have been fighting over the Holy Land and Jerusalem ever since Israel vs Arab countries today Pope called for Crusade People willing to fight because their sins would be forgiven serfs could escape dreary life nobles might acquire new lands and riches merchants might increase trade Effects of Crusades 1 temporary control of Holy Land back to Christians but didn t last long 2 people introduced to new ideas and tastes in more developed and civilized Holy Land 3 stimulated trade and growth of towns back in Europe 4 weakened nobility and strengthened kings only kings were powerful enough to lead Crusades 5 weakened serfdom serfs could gain freedom by going on Crusade some came back with riches and bought their freedom Crusades are to Christians what Holy War orjl39hads are to Muslims killing in the name of GodAllah quotThou shalt not kill except Medicine Early surgery was often done by barbers without anesthesia Herbal also included ground earthworms urine and animal excrement Disease pneumonia typhoid poor sanitation leprosy most feared until The Black Death Black Death quotimportedquot from Asia on eas living on rats in trading ships Scientific name bubonic plague from quotboils or buboes that formed all over the body Almost always fatal Killed more than onethird of Europe s population fewer people meant less trade decline of cities Bubonic plague still exists today eg several cases per year in New Mexico Charlemagne the outstanding ruler in medieval Europe only really strong king during Middle Ages Conquered and united several weaker kingdoms in FranceItaly area Spread Christianity Was quotcrownedquot by the Pope indicating close relationship between Church and kings and the power of the church After breakup of Charlemagne s empire new invasions including the Vikings Moslem Empire During most of Middle Ages Moslems controlled Holy Land northern Africa Spain Kept Greek and Roman learning alive Highest civilization in Europe for 900 years Magna Carta 1215 King John of England was forced by nobles to sign a document stating that the king must obey the laws is not quotabove the law and people must be told of the crimes against them if they are arrested habeas corpus In uenced writers of US constitution VIKINGS quotVikingquot means quotraidingquot Polytheistic Lived in presentday Scandinavia Great warriors Expert craftsmen with wood Expert ship builders and sailors Traveled as far as NewFoundland North America Poor soil encouraged exploration Attracted by Europe s wealth invaded in 800s and 900s Settled in British Isles France Italy Adaptable intelligent highly skilled Mixed in with other civilizations adopted Christianity EDUC 2000 Presentation Notetaking Guide Tuesday WORLD WAR II Deaths from World War II exceeded After World War I rose to power in Germany filling a quotpower vacuum The first attack by Germany that launched World War II was the invasion of Aryan German people blond hair blue eyes were called the quot race The event that brought the US into World War II was The two sides fighting in World War II were the Britain France US USSR and the Germany Italy japan The killing of 6 million Iews by Nazi Germany is known as T F World War II ended when Hitler surrendered T F World War II ended when japan surrendered The US dropped on and Nagasaki in japan in August 1945 THE 1950s The Korean War was a con ict between communist Korea and anticommunist Korea The major country that supported North Korea was The major country that supported South K0 was The line dividing North and South Korea was the parallel The leader of the US and UN forces was General Where was he at the end of the war How did the Korean War end When did color television become available On October 4 1957 the Soviet Union won the quotSpace Race with the launch of the first space sat The first quotearthlingquot in space was THE 1960s AND 1970s The closest the world has ever come to nuclear war was the in 1962 On December 1 1955 refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a Montgomery Alabar bus This led to the Montgomery the 039 39 o of the Civil Rights Movement In 1963 civil rights leader gave his famous quotI Have a Dream speech The of 1964 ended legal discrimination in federal programs voting and employment When did Congress declare war on Vietnam The Vietnam War was America s war and first loss on foreign soil On Iuly 20 1969 became the first human being to set foot on someplace other than the Earth when he stepped on In 1973 the Supreme Court decision in the case legalized abortion Was President Nixon impeached because of the Watergate scandal Was he the first and only US President to resign from office In 1978 over 900 Americans died in a mass suicide in Guyana known as the Massacre 1980s 1990s AND NOW The economic policies of President Reagan to reduce spending taxes and regulation were called quot When was AIDS first recognized In 1983 became the first American woman and youngest American in space The worst space disaster resulting in the death of all seven astronauts including teacherastronaut Christa McAul was the disaster in 1986 The world s largest stock market crash in history was on October 9 1987 The confrontation in 1989 in Beijing between student demonstrators and the Chinese government was called the Massacre The Iarvik artificial heart was invented at the University of The fall of the in 1989 and the collapse of the in 1991 signaled the end of the Cold War The goal of President George HW Bush was a quot America The first major domestic terrorist attack in the US in our lifetimes was the bombing of the Federal Building in in 1995 By the 1990s one in every marriages ended in divorce The US presidential election of 2000 was finally decided by a vote of the NATIONAL SYMBOLS The first American ag was called the Flag The current US ag gained its 50th and final star when became a state in 1960 The color white on the ag signifies and The 13 stripes stand for What does the eagle on the Great Seal hold in its claws The motto quotE Pluribus Unum means quot Was quotunder God part of the original Pledge of Allegiance Benjamin Franklin thought the should be our national bird UTAH STATE SYMBOLS What does the beehive signify on Utah s state seal What is Utah s state motto Utah s sate bird is The Utah state rock is The Utah state fossil is What is Utah s state cooking pot Does any other state has a state cooking pot


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