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Review Sheet

by: Alfreda Wisoky III

Review Sheet Review Sheet

Alfreda Wisoky III
Weber State University
GPA 3.61

Bus Educ

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About this Document

Bus Educ
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alfreda Wisoky III on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Review Sheet at Weber State University taught by Bus Educ in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/230814/review-sheet-weber-state-university in Telecommunication at Weber State University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Administration Course 3037 31 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Administration Course 3037 1418837318 Chapter 3 Answers Review Questions 1 Which command can you use to View the le systems supported by your Linux kernel ANSWER cat proc lesystems 2 Which of the following are joumaling le systems that can be created using the mkfs command Choose all that apply a JFS b eXt2 c ReiserFS d ext3 ANSWER ad 3 What information is stored in the inode of a le Choose all that apply a File ownership b File time stamp c File data d File name ANSWER ab 4 What is the maximum size of the eXt2 eXt3 and ReiserFS le systems ANSWER 16 TB 5 Which of the following are advantages of using ReiserFS instead of eXt2 Choose two answers a Faster disk access b Larger supported le size c Better block utilization d Dynamic inode allocation ANSWER acd 6 What inode number is used for mount point directories ANSWER 2 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Administration Course 3037 32 7 What device le refers to the third primary partition on an IDE primary slave hard disk ANSWER devhdb3 8 Which of the following are good practices when designing partitions for a new Linux system Choose all that apply Plan for future software additions Create less than 256 MB of swap Use SCSI hard disks where possible d Create a partition for the and boot directories at minimum ANSWER acd 90quot 9 How many primary partitions may be created in total on a hard disk ANSWER 4 10 How many partitions may be created in total on an IDE hard disk ANSWER 63 11 Which of the following commands could be used to create and manage partitions on the second SCSI hard disk a fdisk devsdb b fdisk devhdb c fdisk devsdc d fdisk devhdc ANSWER a 12 Which command would you use to check a ReiserFS file system for errors ANSWER reiserfsck 13 Which of the following files could you edit to mount a new file system at system initialization a etcmtab b procmounts c etcfstab d procf11esystems ANSWER c 14 How many volume groups are typically used in an SLES system ANSWER l SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Administration Course 3037 33 15 Which command can you force the unmounting of deVhda3 from the data directory ANSWER umount f deVhda3 or umount f data 16 Which command can you use to determine how much free space is available on mounted lesystems ANSWER df 17 You have enabled user and group quotas on the le system that is mounted to the Var directory What les contain the quota limits Choose two answers a varaquota group b varaquotauser c aquota group d aquotauser ANSWER ab 18 Which command can you use to modify the quotas for the geeko user ANSWER edquota u geeko 19 What tar command can you use to backup all les in the etc directory to the device devnst0 ANSWER tar cvf deVnst0 etc Discovery Exercises Creating Partitions and File Systems Answers will vary depending on the hardware and partitions used The option to tuners that converts from eXt2 to eXt3 is j Configuring User Quotas Once the etcfstab le has the usrquota option the data lesystem is mounted from its entry and the quota service is turned on you can create the dataaquotauser and dataaquota group les and use the quotacheck mavug command to index le ownership Next use the edquota u geeko command to set the appropriate limits for the geeko user and the edquota t command to set the grace period to 3 days The repquota data command can be used to test the results SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Administration Course 3037 34 Archiving Data The commands for this section include tar zcvf r00tdatabackuptargz Mata tar ztvf r00tdatabackuptargz cd tmp tar zxvf r00tdatabackuptargz


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