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Review Sheet

by: Alfreda Wisoky III

Review Sheet Review Sheet

Alfreda Wisoky III
Weber State University
GPA 3.61

Bus Educ

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About this Document

Bus Educ
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alfreda Wisoky III on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Review Sheet at Weber State University taught by Bus Educ in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/230814/review-sheet-weber-state-university in Telecommunication at Weber State University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Administration Course 3037 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Administration Course 3037 1418837318 Chapter 2 Answers Review Questions 1 What command could you use to View your primary UID and GID ANSWER id 2 Which of the following eld are stored in the etcpasswd le Choose all that apply 03 d UID Comments Home directory Standard shell ANSWER abcd 3 What is the default group scheme used in SLES ANSWER Public scheme 4 Which UIDs are used for special system users 90quot d 099 100499 500999 10004999 ANSWER b 5 You have added information to the etcpasswd file What command can be used to create the appropriate lines in etcshad0w ANSWER pwconv 6 Which of the following files could you edit to create groups and add members to those groups 9cm d etcpasswd etc shadow etc groups etc group ANSWER c SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Administration Course 3037 22 7 Which of the following les are used to obtain default user account settings when you create a user with the useradd command Choose all that apply a etcdefaultuseradd b etcskel c etc 10 gin defs d etcuseradddefault ANSWER ac 8 Which command can be used to change the UID of the user dgrant to 1601 ANSWER usermod u 1601 dgrant 9 What two commands below can be used to create the group research and add the user dgrant to it a groupmod 7A dgrant research b groupadd 7p research c groupadd research d groupmod 7A research dgrant ANSWER ac 10 Which of the following files contain login messages Choose all that apply a etc issue b etc 10 gin defs c etc 10 gin d etcmotd ANSWER ad 11 Which of the following lines in etcsudoers will give the user bob the right to run the useradd command on all computers a bob sbinuseradd all b sbinuseradd all bob c bob all sbinuseradd d sbinuseradd bob all ANSWER c 12 Which YaST security level is recommended for a network server a Level 1 b Level 2 c Level 3 d Level 4 ANSWER c 13 What would you type at a command prompt to execute a program called progl in your current directory if the current directory is not in your path statement SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Administration Course 3037 2 3 ANSWER pr0g1 14 Which of the following directory permissions gives the owner the ability to list the contents of the directory Choose all that apply a rwrXrX b rwrrX c rrwrX d wrwrX ANSWER abc 15 What command could you use change the owner to dgrant and the group owner to research for the le etcc0nfig ANSWER chown dgrantresearch etcconf1g 16 What command could you use change the permissions on the le etcconf1g to rwrwr using octal notation ANSWER chmod 664 etcconf1g 17 What permissions does the system give to new les and directories by default prior to applying the umask a Files receive 666 and directories receive 666 b Files receive 666 and directories receive 777 c Files receive 777 and directories receive 666 d Files receive 777 and directories receive 777 ANSWER b 18 What will the permission be on a new directory if the umask is set to 027 ANSWER 640 rwr 19 Which of the following commands will set the Sticky bit special permission on the directory pubic a chmod 1777 public b chmod 2777 public c chmod 4777 public d chmod 7777 public ANSWER a 20 What command will set the immutable attribute on the le etcc0nfig ANSWER chattr i etcconfig 21 What the four possible elds in a PAM con guration le SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Administration Course 3037 a Session type Control ag Debug mode Arguments b PAM control Module Arguments Restrictions c Password Module Restrictions Arguments d Module type Control ag Module Arguments ANSWER d 22 Which of the following are good security practices Choose all that apply a Assigning only necessary lesystem permissions b Using passwords that are 4 characters long or longer c Disabling unused network serVices d Updating network software ANSWER acd 23 What command can you use to display failed logins ANSWER faillog Discovery Exercises Using the Skeleton Directory The contents of etcskel and homebozo should be identical Deleting Users When a user is delete the UID becomes the owner of any les or directories on the hard disk When a new user is added with the same UID they inherit the ownership of these les and directories This can be useful when a new user replaces a user that has left the organization If the new user is given the same UID as the old user the new user can manage all the data files in the old user s home directory copy what they need to their own home directory and remove what they don t need Setting File Ownership and Permissions 0quot 0 3 1 umask 222 mkdir public chmod 1777 public touch publictest chown geek0sys publictest chmod 640 publictest chattr a publictest SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Administration Course 3037 Researching PAM Modules Not available 7 answers may vary


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