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Week 11 Notes

by: Lane Paulson

Week 11 Notes ART 176

Lane Paulson
Arts and Society: Visual
Vanessa Schulman

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About this Document

Notes from Wednesday October 28th in class.
Arts and Society: Visual
Vanessa Schulman
Class Notes
Art, art176, ISU, memory
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lane Paulson on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ART 176 at Illinois State University taught by Vanessa Schulman in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Arts and Society: Visual in Art at Illinois State University.


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Date Created: 10/28/15
The Politics of Memory Monuments amp AntiMonuments O Monument usually a statue or structure commemorating an important event or person intended to remind people of it Nationalistic celebrate national identity AntiMonument a site that questions the traditional forms and appearances of the monument Used in the late 20th century for events that are controversial or dif cult to memorialize In 20th century historical events are contested for the rst time Traditional Monuments Large quotmonumentalquot scale gural sculpture and exaggerated patriotism are characteristics of traditional monuments Albert Speer German Pavilion Paris Exposition 1937 o Built to glorify Nazi government Eagle symbol top 0 Sir Edwin Lutyens Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme Thiepval France 192832 Often located in sites of mourning or re ection separate from everyday use cemetery and isolated park 0 Felix de Weldon United Sates Marine Corps War Memorial Arlington Virginia 195154 0 Based on famous photograph to commemorate US Marine Corps listing the wars they fought o Represented the many faces of America provided a patriotic experience 0 Located in a cemetery Yakov Belopolsky Soviet War Memorial Treptower Park Berlin Germany former East Berlin 1949 0 Located in former East Berlin commemorating the Red Army 0 Anti Monument a site that questions or challenges the traditional forms and appearances of the monument Maya Lin Vietnam Veterans Memorial Washington DC 1982 0 Memorial is purposely set aside for re ection amp remembrance Marks passing of troops as a group 0 Government set an opencall for anyone to send in an entry to put on the wall Two Rules Had to list all of the names of the 5758000 people who died in the war amp it had to be nonpolitical a 39 r is controversial and artistic responses are gative it was the rst war to divide the Leon Golub Vietnam II 1973 0 Used traditional history painting styles to make the people question the war 0 Considered that US troops committed war crimes Ex Agent Orange amp killing civilians Mark di Suvero Peace Tower 1966 0 People can hang signs amp artwork on large scaffolding Our allies are just as brutal as the Vietcong we are ghUng 0 Nick Ut Napamed Children june 8 1972 1972 0 Eddie Adams Saigon Police ChieF Nyguyen Loan Executing a Vietcong Guerila 1968 More intimate scale lack of gural sculpture abstraction amp more openended interpretation are characteristics of antimonuments Antimonuments are often located in places of everyday use or social interaction 0 Names on Vietnam Memorial are raised for people to feel and interact with o The Holocaust is another controversial event that is hard to memorialize because 0 Do not want to cast blame on contemporary Germans 0 Many sites are inaccessible not true anymore Many sites that had to do with the Holocaust were put behind the Iron Curtain to hide 0 Traditional monuments are not effective 0 Di er Ruef Dachau Concentration Camp 2007 Tourists taking photographs of the sign quotArbeit Macht Freiquot which means quotwork will make you freequot which was not true 0 Traditional monument forms are deemed offensive by survivors and the Jewish community Alfred Hrdlicka Memorial Against War and Fascism Vienna Austria 198991 lnitial monument was so offensive that they had to take it down and replaced it Located in a popular area Very gruesome monument is full of dead bodies Degrades Jewish population by placing in a crouching position wrapped in barbed wire Seems to celebrate Holocaust o Jochen Gerz and Esther ShalevGerz Monument Against Fascism Harburg Germany 1986 Characteristics of this piece as an antimonument Interactive openended located in a public place 0 People can leave messages in the lead Nontraditional appearance neutral amp abstract Disappearance of the monument makes the concept more important than the form 0 Monument eventually sunk into ground


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