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SOCY 100 Notes Week 8

by: Amanda Stavisky

SOCY 100 Notes Week 8 SOCY 101 - 0201

Amanda Stavisky
Introductory Sociology
Dr. Nancy Forsythe

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About this Document

Notes for week 8!
Introductory Sociology
Dr. Nancy Forsythe
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amanda Stavisky on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOCY 101 - 0201 at University of Maryland taught by Dr. Nancy Forsythe in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 71 views. For similar materials see Introductory Sociology in Sociology at University of Maryland.


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Date Created: 10/28/15
SOCY 100 Notes week 8 Ref Thinking Abt diversity A LowIncome student asks Am I as Good as You gt Importance of cultural capital Upper class students have skills used only by those of a certain class Ex Which fork to use at the table what to order at certain restaurants etc Know and understand that one is supposed to talk and interact with the professors for those with a different background authority means one is in trouble while for the other authority is one s friend Social Mobility gt See graph on Social mobility in Pearson book 45 of poorest stay in Q5 45 of richest stay in Q1 8 of poorest move up to the top gt There isn t mobility across the board Mobility only exists for about half of the population While half move up half cannot escape their situation Video Economic Mobility and the American Dream gt Absolute upwards downward mobility over time esp in income how much money one has Not relative to other people vs Relative mobility Concerned w a person s rank wi the income dist as a whole gt those at the bottom top of hier do not move gt Like an escalator people can move up while moving up on the escalator gt Both measures are important to understanding social mobility gt Stickiness at the ends people at the bottom top don t move much See stats lntergenerational gt changing within a generation intergenerational gt changing throughout a multiple of variations Ex making more money than one s parents absolute intergenerational mobility having a higher status in the hierarchy at end vs beginning of life relative intragenerational mobility gt What makes people move Savings aka Wealth neighborhood poverty education gt Education 5x more likely to benefit from college education than people who are in the lower quintile gt Wealth the rich get richer and the poor get poorer one can have more money than they used to have but it still makes them poor compared to everyone else but it s much harder to combat the effects of wealth People who have wealth use it to accumulate more wealth while the people who don t have wealth can t use it to accumulate more as they don t have any Savings one of the most important ways to improve economic standing gt Neighborhood living in a poor neighborhood wo resources will bring no opportunity for jobs internships that would provide economic mobility gt How to help situation We can promote education and make education get better and cheaper we can improve neighborhoods by providing resource development and therefore allowing for opportunity within poor neighborhoods and we can allow people at the bottom to invest in Wealth opportunities gt Where you start in the mobility system has a very large influence on where you end up gt Q Do we have enough mobility to call ourselves a meritocracy Is it worth the investment through public policy in order to create social mobility Some say there is enough mobility because if one has enough work ethic it s possible to have mobility based on chance and luck gt Education in its own however is its own example of having the capacity to move upward gt Relative to a point of it being good gt Absolute is there to prevent relative from experiencing too large of a change Even though there s always going to be a bottom quintile if the absolute of the bottom is going up people will have a better chance at survival The reason why we don t want everyone to stay where they are is so that the bottom doesn t stay stuck at the bottom Who are the poor Age gt Most young people today are children 15 of people under 24yo are poor RaceEthnicity gt mostly people of color Though 23rds of poor people are white 24 of African Americans live in poverty African Americans are three times as likely as Whites to be poor gt People of color have especially high rates of child poverty 388 of African American children are poor 341 of Hispanic children are poor 125 of White children are poor Genderfamily patters gt Single female heads of households greatest determinant of poverty Of poor people over 18yo 59 are women and 41 are men gt The US experiences a feminization of poverty the trend leading to women becoming increasingly poor Urban amp Rural poverty gt Poverty used to be a rural phenomenon and has now become an urban phenomenon gt Plus there is a social segregation of poor people 30 of poor people live in poor communities Article A Simple Lesson on the Social Construction of Race link on Elms The article uses height as a substitute for Race Though at a first glance it seems easy to separate people bt heights when there are only a few heights once all of humans are considered it s quite hard to sort people into different boxes This applies to all categories race class gender etc It is impossible to sort people into boxes of MF because in fact there are not clear cut lines behind the boxes into which we sort people gt People who fall outside of the norm are policed and sanctioned into falling back inside the boxes NORMAL v ABNORMAL when in fact each person s identity is valid The boxes into which we place people are socially constructed they re what we learn they re how we think When we simplify a lot of complexity of the world it hinders our ability to accept the diversity of people in our society and go along with what we see The boxes are not natural they are socially constructed as much for gender as for race Video Rachel Dolezal on Allegations She Lied About Her Race gt Says that she identifies as African American even though she s a Caucasian woman According to her she began identifying herself as Black instead ofW from an early age Acceding to news she didn t correct people even though she wasn t caucasian because it helped her meet her goals Acceding to her the situation is more complicated gt According to a WP journalist Blackface remains highly racist no matter how down with the cause the person committing Blackface is gt Why point out Allen Walkerson as her father when her real father is a White Caucasian man gt At the very least she has started a discussion about racial identity selfdetermination and the intersection of identity and race gt Everyone wants to be Black but nobody wants to be Black


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