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Chapter 11 notes

by: Sophie Turner

Chapter 11 notes ECON 105 001

Sophie Turner

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About this Document

Here is the notes from chapter 11 which covers the monetary system!
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sophie Turner on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECON 105 001 at University of New Mexico taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Macroeconomics in Economcs at University of New Mexico.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
Unempienrnent e Lahair Fame Statiatiaa m Frdueett by the bureau inf ta hr Statiatiea in the LLS ieipartrnent L lii ll39 en negullar ef L hauaehlds y en attullt Papdlatien ll 1years er elder m L5 dividles palgulatian int 3 greupsz IE Emiglaared Paid entpleyeea SElf entpltt and unit I ltEi39E in farnilliluF huaineaa IE Uneminved Pele hat marking leaked r wart inn rig the peat 4 meet IE Met in the lahni tame E ueryrnne elae m The Lattertiai39ee the tetai it at werhera including the empl a II Unempinvrnent rate Id rate IE it the later three that it unempld U iatelltunen1nld ahar fnree m Lahair rte participatian irate IE t at admit prelgulatian that it in the la her ferte iilahei threatIr adinlt papdlien m Earneute the lahrteiaew u i39ate nlt papuiin l39iiEl lahei tame partie ipatien rate uaing this data IE Mutt penulati an try Lug ef amplefed 11113 miliian df nnernpl A 113 miliin H in iahair HIE 315 rnilllin L h t rile l i39lErZ113155 Uirateii113af155 1135t duit pepulati en i5 24152 Lahair farce pepzit i d ijz i t 1 In ef the Illewing happena tn the u liate D Eue lat her fat and begins aking tat a nne LI irate inereaaea IE Jeri a steell r rlter ha5 been lent atwarllt Einee hi5 mill dleaed llaat 1gearF berriea tiaeeuiragedt far wait iateu raged tlt l lEEl39S lead tn a deemeaa e in LI irate IE ank the aale earner in hi5 tarni lyr at ve juat let his 5m jet a5 a FEEHFEH Etientiat immediate time ieh at Maedenald39s until he can tind anher in his eld Unchanged heaauae aeran i5 39unernipllarjred39 whether fuil ar part time 1 What deea the U iate reail39jr rneaSLire IE The uirate i5 net a perfect indieater etjehleasneaa air the health the later market it Peaeiudea di aeauraged werhera It dea n ttistinguiah between tquot and gait time watt il39 neegle wetting part time hecauae aaai lhle Eerne peaple rniiarepnnt their rls status in LB aurare m Eyelieall Linemplagrnent the naturall e at unemipllaarment IE There i5 alwang amine unemiewnent thrnugh the in rate tluttuatea fi39arn gear ta fE i Hl TUFL IL izsi39E DF Liti EM PLD EM EZMT the narmal iate unemplngntent aieund the rate flUiIttl tEE Cytlli call Lune mplgnilnt the demat ien at unemnlarjrment fi39arn i ia natul rate m Explaining the naturall rate an aeenmiew IE Even when the eetinanrntr i5 deing well there it aeme Linemipla yrrneht including d and unemnld ll FLIII HIE IEIIIIJ I IJEIHJII39IJII39IiEl I39IPL39W WEI 11 I11 L39U all ll39m l 39hl l g IEIIlEIIEI HELPED wurkers mere ineentiue te reduces turh ester Werher qiuai39rty i erihg higher wages attracts hetterjeh applina nts inereasing qualibir ef the ii39TIS werh ferce Werher effurt i Werhers earn hard er shrink hkers are Jr39ireri if eeugjht ii if market wage is ehe ee eq rn wage there arer1 teneugh jabs te ge areundl werkers mere incentive te net shrinh I pptying the mneepts Which ef the fuliewirig weiuld he meet ik l39f i reduce frictierial emrple39fmerit A The gmrt eliminates the minimum wage EL The gem inereases unempiewnerit instirahee bene ts IE1 at new law hans laher uriiens it Mere Werhers pest their resuin39les at ljhlredlnmem arid mere empleirers use this site te ntl semeerie suitable te hire E Secterel heeeme mere ireqiuent II II nswer i


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