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Week 9 notes

by: Trevor Meed

Week 9 notes Phil 111

Trevor Meed
GPA 3.86
Multicultural Philosophy (Diversity)
Dr. Jordan Curnutt

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About this Document

Multicultural Philosophy (Diversity)
Dr. Jordan Curnutt
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Trevor Meed on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Phil 111 at St. Cloud State University taught by Dr. Jordan Curnutt in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see Multicultural Philosophy (Diversity) in PHIL-Philosophy at St. Cloud State University.


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Date Created: 10/28/15
Study group notes Tao ideas and philosophy 0 A government official in 6th century became upset with Chinese society he left A gatekeeper stopped him and made him write down his thoughts these writings became basisforthe Tao teachings 0 There is no single writerofthe Tao instead it is a compilation of ideas and thoughts over200 years of Taoist philosophers traveling around China lookingfor nobles to use their ideas 0 Fundamentals ofTaoist Philosophy 0 What is the Tao o The transcendent creator ofall things no beginning orending is Omni present 0 Tao is not super person like God has a personality not answers prayers o The Tao is all things it isthe source of all names but nameless the Tao is limitless and inexhaustible 0 Way of Tao o Weakness submissive becoming one with nature accepting the flow of life Strong people are worn down by the weak submissiveness of people like waterthrough a valley 0 Emptiness to be avoid ofangerand aggression to not be controlled by desires 0 Water and women are expressions of weakness and loneliness the Tao 0 Be submissive and lonely passive resistance can control strongest men 0 Followingthe Tao o Shen Jen the sage is a person whofully understands the Tao and acts in accordance with it 0 Wu Wei NonAction or without action not mean do nothing but do not do unnatural things No act contrary to nature let it take course 0 To practice is to act naturally without aggression or high activity be quiet and calm idea of quotgo with theflow The following isfrom the reading assignment and we will talk about the ideas and concepts behind each listed chapter 0 Tao Te Ching 0 CH 1 o The Tao that can be told of is not the eternal Tao o Tao is above and beyond our language and capable of understanding transcends our language 0 The Tao created allthings andis its Mother 0 CH 2 0 Good and evil cannot have one without the other the contrast ofthese two items is what is needed in orderforthem to exist 0 Boasting prideful the sage accomplish his task but refuses to claim it then people do not focus on accomplishments but the selfcentered ness ofthe person 0 CH 3 The ideasfor government are to not exalt no compete no treasures and keeping the people quiet and still is necessary for peace CH 5 The sage heaven and earth are bellows all things are straw dongs humans Straw dogs made to be destroyed but the sage heaven and earth are not humane or inhumane but neutral they simply are humans are straw dogs to show that we are not something special CH 60 Ruling a big country is like cookinga small fish ifwe give it too much attention itfalls apart CH 4 The bowl it refers to the Tao its referto us accepting to not get aught up in life quotto go with the flow CH 6 Water and women symbols spirit ofvalley isTao all analogies referring to the Tao what the Tao is CH 8 Be lowly not exalting to be nearTao CH 11 Utility the usefulness where is the nonbeing Things need the nonbeing to be successful It is the space between the spokes ofa wheel orthe space between the ends ofa fork the space of nonbeing the Tao which makes the items work CH 22 Be like the beach grass submissive giving into the wind go with the flow Be empty is be filled with the Tao Plenty is perplexed so many show what to watch To have little or to have one is the best and way of the Tao CH 42 Puts metaphysics into align with the Tao quotdualismquot CH 25 Describes the Tao Characteristics END OF TAO


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