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NHM 101 Notes- Week 10

by: Alexia Acebo

NHM 101 Notes- Week 10 NHM 101

Alexia Acebo
GPA 3.7
Intro Human Nutrition
Libo Tan

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About this Document

A collection of the ninth week of notes from NHM 101 covering water and minerals!
Intro Human Nutrition
Libo Tan
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexia Acebo on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to NHM 101 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Libo Tan in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see Intro Human Nutrition in Environmental Science at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
Water 60 of adult body weight 0 higher in children 75 lean tissue 25 fat less water in females obese older Functions carry nutrients waste products metabolic reactions lubricantamp cushion for joints eyes spinal cord amniotic sac regulation of temperature maintain blood volume Body Water categorized as 1 intracellular a within cells b quot potassium phosphate c 23 body water 2 extracellular outside of cells 13 ofbody water interstitial plasma quot Na and Cl 9962 Water Balance between intake uids almost all foods end product of metabolic reactions and output urine feces sweat breathing recommendations AI 0 Men 37 L 0 Women 27 L Average intake 3 L Fluid and Electrolyte Balance Electrolytesalts dissolve and break ions 0 Cations positive 0 Anions negative When electrolytes move across cell membrane water follows Minerals Inorganic Elements 0 Contain no carbon 0 cannot be changed destroyed Major Minerals 5 or more g 0 Ca S Mg P Na K Cl Trace minerals less than 5 g 0 Iron 1 Zn Sn Cu Mn Major Maintain uid and electrolyte balance 0 Sodium chloride potassium Bone Health 0 Calcium Phosphorus Magnesium m primary extracellular cation responsible for maintaining uid balance involved in nerve transmission ampHypertension Na increases blood pressure 0 NaCl has greater effect 0 High intake of salt irreversible damage Some more salt sensitive Food Sources Processed table salt occurs naturally in some Consumption o 75 added by manufacturers o 15 added during cooking table 0 10 naturally occurring Recommendations A1 1500 mgday UL 2300 mgday Average Intake 3400 mg day Deficiency Vomiting diarrhea sweating Muscle cramps confusion Toxicity Edema hypertension Chloride Major extracellular anion o Fluidelectrolyte balance 0 Part of HCl I Maintain stomach acidity I abundant in Na Cl Recommendations A1 2300 mgday UL 3600 mgday m Main intracellular cation Maintain uid electrolyte balance Potassium and Hypertension Low potassium diets and high sodium increase BP High potassium and low sodium decrease BP DASH diet Recommendations A1 4700 mgday Food Sources Fuits veg Deficiency Increase BP Salt sensitivity Kidney stones Toxicity Overconsumption of supplements Calcium Most abundant in body 99 bonesteeth o bones calcium bank supplies blood calcium 1 body uids 0 maintain blood pressure 0 muscle contractions o nerve impulse transmissions Absorption enhance o stomach acid vitamin D Limit 0 Lack of acid deficiency high P intake phytates oxalates Adults absorb 30 of Ca ingested 0 Infants teens pregnant women absorb more Recommendations RDA adults amp older men 1000 mgday RDA men 70 1200 mgday RDA women 50 1200 mgday RDA adolescents 1300 mgday UL 2500 mgday Calcium intakes too low Food Sources Milk products Vegetables 0 Tofu Almonds Deficiency Peak mass at 30 yo Bone loss 3040 yo Osteopenia amp Osteoporosis Phosphorus 2nd most abundant bones teeth all cells ATP Provide structure to phospholipids 0 Component of cell membrane 0 Component of lipoproteins Recommendations Adult 700 mgday UL 4000 mgday Magnesium Bone muscle soft tissue 50 bone bone health needed for energy metabolism muscle contraction and blood clotting immune system Food Sources nuts legumes whole grains chocolate seafood dark vegetables Recommendatons RDA men 400 mgday RDA women 310 mgday UL 350 mgday from non food sources Deficiency Bone metabolism Heart disease hypertension diabetes


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