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Exam 3 part 1 notes

by: Aashika Kushwaha

Exam 3 part 1 notes POLS 1101 096

Aashika Kushwaha
GPA 3.6
American National Government and Politics
Dr. Iliyan Rumenov Iliev

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About this Document

American National Government and Politics
Dr. Iliyan Rumenov Iliev
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aashika Kushwaha on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 1101 096 at University of Texas at Dallas taught by Dr. Iliyan Rumenov Iliev in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 74 views. For similar materials see American National Government and Politics in Political Science at University of Texas at Dallas.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
Exam 3 Notes Ch 8 Political Participation and voting 10282015 Two forms of political participation Traditional wide range of activities designed to in uence gov politics and policy Attending campaign events Canvassing Phone banking Voter mobilization Protests Digital Online political participationactivities designed to in uence gov using the internet visiting a candidate s website orgainzing events online signing an online petition changeorg Facebook events or Tweets about candidates Does Digial Technology Matter N one sense it does nut some for the elderly electorate who normally vote won t Google and Wikipedia and other search engines advertise for certina views such as censoring the internet that was one of the candidate s idea causing ppl to change their vote Voting is the single most important political act for most Americans a lot of people complaing about the gov but those are the ones that don t normally vote 15th Amendment prehiobited the right to vote on the basis of race during 3950 s and 60 s by MLK Africans demanded the right to vote In 65 the Voting Rights Acts signed by LBJ There were literacy tests that lowerd voting amount by minority 19th amendment women vote women sufferage and right to vote SUsand b Anthoney Stanton rallies and protists 26th amendment lowerd voting age 21 to 18 young ppl said they would not ght in army to help if they can t vote Costs time and resources gather political information and become informed Will my vote even matter Actual time is takes to stand in line to vote But now states have early voting so people can vote when its comveniet for their itme because they don t wanna stand in line Bene ts Favorabe policies that result in preferred candidate satisfaciton and pride of ful lling one s civic duty Factors that organize our understanding of voting in election A person s socioeconomic status more education ten to vote more Poitica eniroment in which elecitions take place such as a contestsed election banners and more publicity to vote The sate electoral laws that shape the political process each state has different voter registration laws causes controversy but has lowered fraud Gender and Participation Gender gap distinctive pater of male and female voting female vote more democrat Total women senate 30 women in house 79 Does religion matter in electiong MObilzation of religious orgaination matter curches would take ppl to vote showing people how candidate views support reliousna d moral beliefs more political in uence by interest groups issures that concern lower income of Americans my be placed on top of the agenda Vote on policy each state has polices ex Colorado legalize marijuana 0 Election day registration can just vote on the day that you register to vote In Texas go to Txas Secretary of Stet my voter page register lfyou don t show up to vote ou fnt have the right to complain


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