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Intro Hist Art Renaiss

by: Hoyt Ruecker

Intro Hist Art Renaiss ARTH 101

Marketplace > Wellesley College > Art History > ARTH 101 > Intro Hist Art Renaiss
Hoyt Ruecker

GPA 3.85


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hoyt Ruecker on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARTH 101 at Wellesley College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/230924/arth-101-wellesley-college in Art History at Wellesley College.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
Art History 101 Introduction to the History of Art Renaissance to the Present Wellesley College Spring 2011 Tuesday and Friday 95011 00 Conference COURSE DESCRIPTION AND STRUCTURE Art History 101 is a foundation course in the history ofart introducing the visual cultures of Europe Africa the Islamic world and the Americas from the fifteenth century until the present day This year nine members ofthe Art Department teach the course Jacqueline Marie Musacchio X2964 Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art Margaret Carroll X2654 Early Netherlandish Art and Northern Baroque Art Alice Friedman X2062 History ofArchitecture Lara Tohme X2061 Islamic Art Meredith Martin X2150 Eighteenth and NineteenthCentury European Art Margaret Rose Vendryes X2594 Arts of Africa and the African Diaspora James Oles X3752 Art of the Americas Modern and Contemporary Art Patricia Berman X2048 Modern and Contemporary Art ArtH 101 coordinator Martha McNamara X2961 Writing 125 Conference ArtH 101 meets twice weekly for largegroup lectures in Jewett Auditorium on Tuesday and Friday mornings 9501100 In addition to the auditorium lectures students attend one conference per week you must register for a conference to enroll in ArtH 101 If for any reason you are unable to attend your assigned conference during a given week you should consult with your conference instructor and make arrangements to attend another scheduled conference Tuesday 130240 Carroll Tuesday 250400 Carroll Wednesday 11 101220 Berman Thursday 9501100 Martin Thursday 11101220 Martin Thursday 250400 Vendryes Writing 125 Tuesday and Friday 11101220 McNamara Lectures PLEASE READ CAREFULLY Each lecture focuses on a select group of works to introduce important issues in the art and culture of the period and in the geographic regions covered on that day The periods and places are listed on the syllabus The data for the individual works that are shown in class will be provided on a handout at the beginning of each class session There will usually be between 10 and 20 objects shown per lecture All images will be posted on MDID see the end ofthis document for instructions forviewing the images Following each class the lecturer will send an email to the First Class Conference with a list of 45 key works that you are required to memorize for the exams We will not identify the key works for the day until after each class takes place It is therefore important that you pay attention to all ofthe material presented in the lectures The two exams will test you only on the images that we have designated as key works Throughout the course the faculty lecturers will make connections among cultures and geographies and through time by focusing on the eight themes noted below The hour examinations No 1 on Tuesday March 8 No 2 in the Final Exam period to be scheduled by the College Registrar will ask you to analyze works ofart with these themes in mind Themes of the Course 1 Art and Religion How art has evolved to meet the needs and embody the beliefs ofdifferent religions 2 Art and Politics The role ofart in legitimating the power of rulers and institutions and in shaping the attitudes and behavior of the ruled 3The Representation of the Human Form How different cultures have conceptualized the body 4 Art and Gender Class and Ethnicity How art is used to establish social status 5 Representations of Nature Different ways in which nature has been depicted and different uses to which these images and forms have been put 6 Materials and Techniques How things are made The way the availability and use ofdifferent techniques and technologies shapes a culture39s art 7 CrossCultural Encounters Ways in which the contact among diverse cultures shapes artistic forms and meanings 8 Narrative How stories are told through pictorial forms Conferences Conferences are small discussion sessions organized around the close examination of original works ofart as well as the techniques and practices ofarthistorical analysis The conference instructors meet together weekly to discuss conference content and student work and thus ensure consistency Conferences normally meet in Davis Museum 212 take the bridge towards the Davis Museum from the Music Dept side of Jewett but check your syllabus each week because some conferences meet in other places You will need to check coats and backpacks in the lockers at the entrance to the museum Two conferences will be required field trips to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston in the weeks beginning February 14 and April 4 Logistics and transportation will be announced well in advance of these trips and posted on the First Class Conference Texts The textbook forArtH 101 is Marilyn Stokstad Art History vol 2 3rd edition paperback IMPORTANT GET THE CORRECT EDITION ISBN 978013 1991408 New York 2008 available at the Wellesley College Bookstore There will also be other assigned readings on e reserve posted in our First Class conference Note that the page assignments in Stokstad are selections from longer chapters read from the rst principal subheading to the last or to the end of the page as seems most appropriate given the topic ofthe lecture You are ofcourse advised to read more of the Stokstad text ifyou want a more complete historical overview Access to Course Information and Visual Material Many works of art discussed in lectures are illustrated in your textbook All works shown in class will be posted on MDID a campuswide image server maintained by the Art Department Visual Resources Collection Instructions on howto use MDID are included at the end of this syllabus There is a First Class Conference forArtH 101 subconferences will contain the syllabus paper assignments lists of works discussed in class general announcements and ereserves Exams Papers and Grading Policy Two exams and two papers are required for this course Both exams are 70 minutes in length The second is noncumulative covering only the latter half of the course The two papers are between 750 and 1250 words in length Each test or paper counts for 2025 of your grade Participation in conference discussions is expected and will be taken into consideration when the final grade is determined Because the second exam cannot be selfscheduled please wait until the exam date is announced by the College Registrar to make your travel plans Students With Special Needs Students who require disabilityrelated accommodations are encouraged to speak with their individual conference leader as soon as possible SCHEDULE OF CLASSES AND CONFERENCE TOPICS T 125 Introduction to the Course Berman Early Renaissance in Italy Musacchio Reading Stokstad 619623 and 628640 F 1 28 High Renaissance in Italy Musacchio Reading Stokstad 659677 Leonardo da Vinci quotLetter to II Morequot in A Documentary History 0fArt ed Elizabeth Gilmore Holt Princeton Princeton University Press 1957 273275 PAPER 1 ASSIGNED CONFERENCE 1 FormalAnalysis of TwoDimensional Objects Meet in the Davis Museum Seminar room 212 just over the bridge from Jewett near the auditorium gt T21 SixteenthCentury Painting and Sculpture in Italy Musacchio Reading Stokstad 682686 and 692699 Giorgio Vasari The Lives of the Artists trans Julia Conaway Bondanella and Peter Bondanella Oxford Oxford University Press 1998 339 21 400 pm SPECIAL RECEPTION FOR ALL ARTH 101 students on the second floor of Jewett Arts Center upstairs from the Art Library Food Mocktails Meet the profs F 24 Early Netherlandish Painting Carroll Reading Stokstad 584 604 and 7289 CONFERENCE 2 Problems in Interpretation Ster and Iconography Reading Meyer Schapiro quotMuscipula Diaboliquot The Symbolism ofthe Merode Altarpiece The Art Bulletin Vol 27 No 3 Sep 1945 pp 182187 Meet in Davis 212 T28 Art in the New World The Aztecs and the European Conquest Oes Reading Stokstad 872880 and Excerpts from Fray Toribio de Benavente quotMotoliniaquot Histom ofthe Indians of New Spain 1536 Book One Chapter IV pp 5157 and Book Three Chapter Xlll pp 241243 F 271 NO CLASS Faculty at the College ArtAssociaton Conference in New York Use this time to work on your paper assignment CONFERENCE 3 Formal Analysis of ThreeDimensional Objects Meet in Davis 212 T275 Claiming Power and Beauty Benin Royalty and European Materialism Vendryes Reading Stokstad 420439 and Kate Ezra Introduction in Royal Art of Benin The Pers Collection in The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York the Metropolitan Museum of Art 1992 126 F 2 18 SixteenthCentury Painting in Germany and the Netherlands Carroll Reading Stokstad 70719 728736 CONFERENCE 4 Museum ofFine Arts Our regular conferences will not meet this week Instead we will meet at the Museum on Wednesday evening 216 and on Saturday 219 The Art Department will provide a bus on Wednesday evening On the weekend you may use the Senate bus There will be signup sheets for special conference times and information on transportation posted in the Art Department office and on the First Class conference The MFA website including driving instructions is httpwwwmfaorg T 222 Baroque Art in Italy and Spain Carroll Reading Stokstad 74351 757760 and 766769 F 225 SeventeenthCentury Flemish and Dutch Art Carroll Reading Stokstad 774793 PAPER 1 DUE at 400pm in the Art Department Of ce CONFERENCE 5 Portraiture Identity and Representation Meet in Davis 212 T 37 Istanbul Isfahan and India Painting and Architecture in Late Islamic Empires Tohme Reading Stokstad pp 817821 vol 2 294297 and 3057 vol 1 F 34 18thCentury Art Versailles Rococo and the Paris Salon Martin Reading Stokstad 793797 942951 Denis Diderot excerpts from The Salon of 1765 in Diderot on Art trans John Goodman New Haven Yale University Press 1995 volume 1 22 24 9697 and 106109 CONFERENCE 6 Prints and Print Cultures Meet in Davis 212 T 38 MIDTERM F 371 18th19 hCentury Art Revolution Romanticism and Orientalism Martin Reading Stokstad 97276 99096 10011002 10051007 and 10161021 optional Julian Barnes Shipwreck in A History ofthe World in 10 12 Chapters New York Vintage Books 1990 125139 CONFERENCE 7 Problems in Interpretation What is a Nude Reading John Berger Ways of Seeing Chapter 3 London and New York Penguin Books 7990 4564 Meet in Davis 212 T 375 19thCentury Art Realism and Impressionism Martin Reading Stokstad 10051007 101721 102531 and 103336 Charles Baudelaire excerpts from The Painter of Modern Life 1863 in The NineteenthCentury Visual Culture Reader 3742 PAPER 2 ASSIGNED Spring break March 16 March 28 N0 CONFERENCE THIS WEEK T329 181ch Century Architecture Friedman Reading Stokstad 696697 705 ron 723 745747 and 750752 331 Special Lecture Dr Ruth Morris Bakwin Class of 1919 Lecture The artist EAnatsui with scholars Lisa Binder and Chica OkekeAgulu on the art of El Anatsui see nal lecture of this class Jewett Auditorium 530 p m This lecture is mandatory for ArtH 101 students This lecture is held in conjunction with the exhibition entitled quotE I Anatsui When ILast Wrote to You about Africa which opens at the Davis Museum Wellesley College on March 30 F 41 19thCentury Art PostImpressionism Art Nouveau and Symbolism Martin Reading Stokstad 10381041 10431054 CONFERENCE 8 Problems in Interpretation Feminist Art History Reading Linda Nochlin Why Have there Been No Great Women Artists in Women Art and Power amp Other Essays Harper and Row 1988 145178 Meet in Davis 212 T 45 Modernity and AntiModernity Expressionism and quotPrimitivismquot Berman Reading Stokstad 10491054 and 10671076 E L Kirchner Manifesto of Die BrUcke 1906 ereserve F 48 Modern Art in Europe Cubism and Abstraction Berman Reading Stokstad 10761087 and 11071109 VIE Wfim Lumiere Brothers quotThe Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat 1896 ereserve CONFERENCE 9 Museum ofFine Arts Our regular conferences will not meet this week Instead we will meet at the Museum on Wednesday evening 46 and on Saturday 49 The Art Department will provide a bus on Wednesday evening On the weekend you may use the Senate bus There will be signup sheets for special conference times and information on transportation posted in the Art Department office and on the First Class conference The MFA website including driving instructions is httpwwwmfaorg T 412 Modern Art in Europe and the Americas Dada and Surrealism Oes Reading Stokstad 10881091 11191122 Marcel Duchamp Apropos of Readymades 1961 and excerpt from Andre Breton s first Manifesto ofSurrealism 1924 415 Modern Art in Europe and the Americas Revolution and Social Reform Oes Reading Stokstad10971098 1113 and 1116 Diego Rivera quotThe Revolution in Paintingquot Creative ArtJanuary 1926 xxviiXXX CONFERENCE 10 Photography Meet in Davis 212 I Tues 419 NO CLASS Monday Schedule F 422 World War II The Cold War and Existential Art Berman Reading Stokstad p xliv 1112 11311137 11451154 and 11601164 VIEW film Hans Namuth Jackson Pollock 1950 ereserve CONFERENCE 11 Film and Temporal Arts VIEW lm Dziga Vertov Man With a Movie Camera 1929 68 minutes on ereserve Meet in Davis 212 T 426 Commercial and Conceptual Art Berman Reading Stokstad 11431154 11551158 and 11601164 F 429 Black is More ThanA Color Africans in the USA Vendryes Reading Stokstad 916939 11141117 amp 11631180 Alain Locke The Legacy ofthe Ancestral Arts in The NeWNegro 1925 Reprint New Hampshire Ayer Publishers Inc 1986 254267 PAPER 2 DUE at 400 in the Art Department Of ce CONFERENCE 12 Sculpture and Environment T 53 Modern and Contemporary Architecture Friedman Reading Stokstad 1100111111671170 and 11841185 F 56 Contemporary Art in a Global Context Berman and 095 Reading Stokstad 9367 11711180 and 1183 Robert Storr The Shifting Shape of Things to Come in EAnatsui When lLast Wrote to You aboutAfrica ed Lisa M Binder exh cat NY The Museum ofAfrican Art 2010 5162 CONFERENCE 13 Architecture and Land Arts Meet on the front steps of Jewett Arts Center Final Exam Scheduled by the Registrar for a day and time during Exam Period Please do not make travel arrangements until the exam is determined We will send an email to the First Class conference as soon as the time and day have been determined Directions for using MDID Go to mdidweesleyedu Username Arth 101 Password Michelangelo101 case sensitive Do not give this password and username out Go to the Slideshows tab on the left under Resources Under Slideshow Author find Arth 101 Team Click on the appropriate lecture slideshow Clicking on the slideshow name will bring you to the viewerwhere you can look at the images and data You can also print thumbnails with this data or flash cards While in the Slideshow Viewer use the buttons above to scroll through There is a drop down menu that will bring you ahead to any slide you chose The information about the image is on the left By clicking the Info button you can have the data disappear in order to test yourself Double clicking on the image will enlarge it MDID is available off campus You are also allowed to search the image collection and download medium sized images for educational use only Images provided by the Visual Resources Collection are protected by copyright and may be used only for educational purposes Reproduction or publishing ofsaid images including on anyweb sites is strictly prohibited by US Copyright law Other resources and information may be found on the Visual Resources website at httpwwwwellesleyeduArtVisualResources A backup ofslideshows will appear on the Resources page ofour website in the event that MDID should go down Look under Art History Flashcards foryour class This backup will only appear in the week before midterms and nals You should always trust the slideshow on MDID as the most up to date version lfyou have any problems or questions about MDID please email Marci HahnFabris Visual Resources Curator at mhahnwellesleyedu or Assistant Curator Maggie DeVries at mdevrieswellesleyedu


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