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Theory Programming Languages

by: Jordon Hermiston

Theory Programming Languages CS 251

Marketplace > Wellesley College > ComputerScienence > CS 251 > Theory Programming Languages
Jordon Hermiston

GPA 3.89


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jordon Hermiston on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 251 at Wellesley College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/230945/cs-251-wellesley-college in ComputerScienence at Wellesley College.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
GNU Emacs Reference Card for Versi on 20 Starting Emacs To enter GNU Emacs 20 just type its name emacs To read in a le to edit see Files below Leaving Emacs suspend Emacs or iconify it under X Caz exit Emacs permanently Cix Files read a le into Emacs C x save a le back to disk C x save all les C x insert contents of another le into this buffer Cix replace this le with the le you really want C x write buffer to a speci ed le C x Version control checkin checkout C x Getting Help The help system is simple Type Cih or F1 and follow the die rections If you are a rstetime user type Cih t for a tutorial remove help window ix 1 scroll help window apropos show commands matching a string show the function a key runs describe a function get modeespeci c information 0000 no Ewan lt M ah ah ah ah Error Recovery abort partially typed or executing command Gig recover a le lost by a system crash Mix recoverifile undo an unwanted change ix u or C restore a buffer to its original contents Mix revertibuf f er redraw garbaged screen Cal Incremental Search search forward Cis search backward Cir ar expression search CiMis reverse regular expression search CiMir select previous search string Map select next later search string Min exit increment sear RET un 0 effect of last character DEL a ort current search Gig Use Gas or Cir again to repeat the search in either direction If Emacs is still searching Gig cancels only the part not done 9 1997 Free Software Foundation Inc Permissions on back v2 2 Motion entity to move over backward forward character Cab f ord Mib Mif line Cap Can go to line beginning or end Cia Gee sentence Mia Mae paragraph M Me Page PX Cix sexp CiMib CiMif function CiMia CiMie go to buffer beginning or end Milt Mi scroll to next screen Gav scroll to previous screen Miv scro eft Cix lt scroll right Cix gt scroll current line to center of screen Ciu Cal Killing and Deleting entity to kill backward forward character delete not kill DEL wor MiDEL Mi line to end of M70 Cik Cik sentence Cix DEL Mik Mquot CiMik CiMik kill region Ciw copy region to kill ring Mew kill through next occurrence of char Miz char yank back last thing killed Cay replace last yank with previous kill May Marking set mark here C4 or CisPC exchange point and mark Cix Cix set mark my words away Mae mark paragrap Mih mark page Cix Cap mark sex CirHz mark function CiMih mark entire buffer Cix h Query Replace interactively replace a text string P447 ar expressions Mex queryereplaceeregexp Valid responses in queryereplace mode are replace this one go on to next SPC replace this one don7t move skip to next without replacing DEL replace all remaining matches back up to the previous mat exit queryereplace RET enter recursive edit CiMic to exit Cir Multiple Windows When two commands are shown the second is for other frame delete all other windows Cix 1 split window above and below Cix 2 Cix 5 2 delete this window ix 0 Cix 5 0 split window side by side Cix 3 scroll other window CiMiv switch cursor to another window Cix o Cix 5 0 select buffer in other window Cix 4 b Cix 5 b display buffer in other window Cix 4 Geo Cix 5 Geo nd le in other window Cix 4 f Cix 5 f nd le readeonly in other window Cix 4 r Cix 5 r run Dired in other window Cix 4 d Cix 5 d nd tag in other window Cix 4 Cix 5 grow window taller C x shrink window narrower CX grow window wider C X For matt in g indent current line modedependent TAB indent region modedependen CM indent sexp modeedependent CiMiq indent region rigidly mg columns Cix TAB insert newline after point Geo move rest of line Vertically down CiMio delete blank lines around point Cix Geo join line with previous with arg next Mi delete all white space around point M put exactly one space at point MisPC ll paragraph Miq set ll column Cix f set pre x each line starts with Cix set face Meg Case Change uppercase word Meu lowercase word Mil capitalize word Mic uppercase region Cix Ciu lowercase region Cix Cal The Minibu 39er The following keys are de ned in the minibuffer complete as much as possible TAB complete up to one wor SPC c d e RET show possible completions fetch previous minibu er input Map fetch later minibu er input or default Min regexp search backward through history Mir regexp search forward through history Mes abort comman Gig Type Cix ESC 1330 to edit and repeat the last command that used the minibuffen Type F10 to activate the menu bar using the minibuffer 3 GNU Emacs Reference Card Bu 39ers select another buffer Cox b list al u ers Cox Cob kill a buffer Cox k Transposing transpose characters Cit transpose wo Met transpose lines Cox Cit transpose sexps CiMit Spelling Check check spelling of current word Ms check spelling of all words in region check spelling of entire buffer Mix ispelliregion Mix ispellibuffer Tags nd a tag a de nition Mi nd next occurrence of tag specify a new tags le Mix visititagsitable regexp search on all les in tags table Mix tagsisearch ryereplace on all the les Mix tgsiqueryireplace continue last tags search or queryereplace Mi Shells execute a shell command shell command on the region lter region through a shell command start a shell in window tshelluu 20 l gt1 Rectangles copy rectangle to register kill rectangle yank rectangle open rectangle shifting text right blank out rectan e pre x each line with a string Abbrevs add global abbrev a d modelocal abbrev add global expansion for this abbrev add mode oc expansion for this abbrev explicitly expand a V 9 gtltgtltgtltgtltgtlt 3 expand previous word dynamically Regular Expressions any single character except a newline dot z ro or more re it one or more repeats zero or one re 7 quote re ular expression special character 0 c alternative or I grouping v same text as nth group n at word break b not at word break B entity match start match end ine word lt gt buffer class of characters match these match others explicit set wordesyntax character w W character with syntax 0 SC Sc International Character Sets specify principal language s ow input methods enable or disable input method set coding system for next command show all coding systems Mix listicodingisystems choose preferred coding system Mix prefericodingisystem Ms K sets languages env ironment M listiinput emethods ca Info enter the Info documentation reader nd speci ed function or variable in Info Moving within a node scroll forward SPC scroll reverse DEL beginning of node dot Moving between nodes next node previous node move up select menu item b n e select nt menu item by number 179 follow cross reference return with 1 return to last node you saw return to directory node go to any node by name Other run Info tutorial quit Info search nodes for regexp Oval H3EE UD 2317 Registers save region in register insert register contents into buffer save value of point in register jump to point saved in register HH HH Keyboard Macros start de ning a keyboard macro C x end keyboard macro de nition Cox execute lastede ned keyboard macro C x append to last keyboard macro name last keyboard macro insert Lisp de nition in buffer DcA l Mix nameplastikbdimacro Mix insertikbdimacro Commands Dealing with Emacs Lisp eval sexp before point Cox Cie eval current efun Mix evaliregion read and eval minibu e 39 r a load from standard system directory Mix loadilibrary Simple Customization customize variables and faces Mix customize Making global key bindings in Emacs Lisp examples globalisetikey quotCicgquot gotoiline globalisetikey quotMiitquot queryireplaceiregexp Writing Commands defun commande ame args quotdocumentationquot interactive quottemplatequot body An example defun thisplineetoetopeofewindow line quotReposition line point is on to top of window with ARC put point on line ARCquot interactive quotPquot recenter if null line 0 prefixinumericivalue line The interactive spec says how to read arguments interace tively Type Cih f interactive for more details Copyright 1997 Free Software Foundation Inc y2 2 for GNU macs version 20 June 1997 designed by tep en i Permission is granted to make and distribute copies of this card pror yided the copyright notice and this permission notice are preserved on all copies For copies ofthe GNU Emacs manual write to the Free Software Foune dation Inc 59 Temple Place Suite 330 Boston MA 0211171307 USA 6


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