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by: Hattie Volkman


Hattie Volkman
Wentworth Institute of Technology
GPA 3.72

Ali Khabari

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About this Document

Ali Khabari
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hattie Volkman on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ELEC 195 at Wentworth Institute of Technology taught by Ali Khabari in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/230954/elec-195-wentworth-institute-of-technology in Electronics Technology at Wentworth Institute of Technology.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
m 55 auzssavssaasuas 271a mammsn 24b 139an COMPLEX NUMBERS 1 Chums 13m Camsapamaa Eefan enmnng camp ex nnmhexsmm ms mas raa sassauams aa canvexsmns yml musl t2 n m amt yml m gamg m use a emu nan a r naaa yml wam n m use a aasaaayassams back m yml lt2ndgt ltMmegt funk Mada screenUJ thn yml rstentznhls screen mm wLHbe ablmkmg saaasaa sams am mmnmdvldzaands m mxzvexsewdza ams mxzvexsewdza T a ms are m cnmm semngs funk T1786 Ta chums duTexem semngs use as unwrsz a puss msth cursammhz dzsmdwhlz aadpash ltEmergt thn yml wave as saaasaa yml WI see um yaaaa ssxssamn as mw m amass vldza Fax cam zx numbers yml wan luv m chums beam nduns and macs dfamm Thsw1alTect ltDawn m alaac andchnase ms assaasaraamaa InchtmgulAr made ms mas wmmaamasamsx magma as ma 11th Paxaa ma Rd E canbe In de m mas wdlmnmacam zxnumbexRlt as dun axdzgnes as set anthz RadianDegree has ltExxfgt back h an Nam 39hshandnmwl ass ltquotm mdlcmz ms symhal ms T1786 Ises raa angss I ng m lt2ndgtltvgt ms dues muepxesem 1sz thanquot Nam raa a ma camp ex numbers MUSTbe amend wnh punnthses as Shawn m m examples Ta Shaw am an apn an was dam wnh a cam zx number a T136 wan aaspxayuas assam wnh pmmhzses 2 Cameggg Rachgguhr m Pahxb the Chums Paxaac as dumbed m Shep Fax ths exams results WI be shnwnfaxdzgxeesand Lhznfax nduns sa chums whchzvexmglz amt yml want 15a wamm x ms namhsaarassamaxpxasssms T1786 wan Thsxsdnm anthz sewnth amas Mn quot Camequ mnspulareqm mlzmxsshnwnm 4 Ifymlhavenm xz yumnnmhexafdecxmal es aasaaa wuldbe as 111 24a 24b shawsuas sams answzx xedm three dzcxmal gases 1 quot aassmamasmaausaguaams Imhexexceeds mmspa ms mas hum aasaaayuas number Yancanuse ms 39 232 r 5mm 5 quot 7 lt4mr7dsgt Alb 5 1944mm xrydn bad been m be radan mndz ydn answer vmuld have been 7 2 ID24967591lt mu ax s hnwzvex manydeerma pdm s ydn have chasm 12 Nance ba be aponnafndurs srdegreesdaesnm arree be mennaf be answer an be a srangrdar pamnna h answer be a daes nd dree 1y eu ydnrrydnare wdrbng m Ra ax Degrees n rs ydnr nspambdnym ebasse and remember be esrree brma brangxes br a grven pmblzm z Cameggg Palarm chtggguhxb wbde Nme Answers wmbe Shawn rmm bs bdrm an xed a z deerma gdaees cbasse Ree c and Degree as desenbedrns ep ltEx1fgtbackm be marnsereen Remember br pdxar d ree ang dar canvemnns be was wm nse wba ever angle brma ydn en r Ifymlr answer daes na ma eb be sne abwe venry ba ydn were nsang degrees na nadans One gemnl ebe d md 15 ba mammalqu w na be grea er ban a 22 wbereas degree wabes eanbe up d 36D xrydnrgwenangxe badbeenmradans ymwmuldhavz selee edRee c and Radmn A Csmger Men Camusmns Tbe abermadve waysresrwenmg esmgder numbers as desenbed m s eps 2 smgder ann quot Tbs menn maybe nsed d gardle and3rs dnse beTL2 s c m x nnmb ss snbe Ree cngts arc se mg m be s canvenca gde ers Md ranagree taming be Cp xquot menn ltMmegt rdr be camman funcnans Emer be nnmber ydn wsb d canven fallnwedbyltFlgt dr 47gt as appmpnmz cdmmng an d pulansshnwnlnAJ Ala rs degrees Alb rs nadans cdmmng 5 lt nAmduns rs shnwnmA2 xrydn 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endeeemgdex number rs alsa en easy dsk e ree1 number Example 53 results enbe seme answexfanhree durerem enmes b b v e v yunmustbe enDegree mede endbe enswerenpexermede wmbe m degrees Nam Tbe nears dees allnw ymm mx degreesend neduens enenedueuen Hewever derng ed canedsdyleddm musbkes xrydu wAshm expnmzm push lt2ndgtltxgt rer be Math menu end ben 41gt rer be Anya runebens Pege z E5915 1 1111 11 21111111111115 1 I 15915 5915 a s 571 mmlt11 1159151 55511571571 mmlt11 1159151 I 55511571571 5 511115 11111 N111 1111111115 1111111111 111 11151115 w111 51 5119111111 1111 11111 1311111 1119111 name 1 w 11 1 w 1 M1111 111151911 111 115111111111115151 11111111 15 X 11111 1111111115 111 1111111 111111 911051 T1115 11111115111 115 9159 12111c 011w111n126 yml 51151191113151 5111151111111 1111 1111111 11111111111111 z 11 111 15 z 1 1 01111 1111 F1111111111111111115y1V1z 111111111315111111511119115111111111 1111111511152 1111111111111 1111111111 1111 M1111 111155 1111 1111111111 11111111 11911151 V1 1 11111111111 15 111613 X1 11 W11 7111111111 1111 111111 511115 1111111115 5 32467 257 11111115 11111 1111 M11111 1111551111 1115111111511115117532142 V1115 Wm V1 1111 1155 151 fanndbywhage 111151911 15111 1111 11111 V1 V5 X1z Onyunrcalcuhmx d115vm1ddapparas6A 11111111 111111115 1111 0111115 111 111111111 P111 4 nl up 52a 771 7 Psmnsxaxsmgs WW 2 m y p mmpyusmsmmmmsmp Thz rststszstn ndthz mssppsssnm mm Thlslsdnm sms 1h xL m mmmmmamsmm Thls makzsxyfj 2239 5 Ohm Law VsxL as m 772 This mskssxr 5 Haydn39 Amps AlsabyOhm39sLaw 11 HENme lZAmps a112lt 39 Ampsax Amps mmpgssmarsnsmaxpymsmss KCLtnfmdh 14 1 This s shnwnm l ms 1 22 555957 25 Amps Dmgnn H mm drnsmn yml mus nd 1 befaxe mm m branch currents Ta rmaxp yml mus uve zx u mpsamsss ss mums sxsmps wmddbe enmndmsmnlways s shnwnm rA ms z faxFlgm 2155 32nlt57 255 Q mm Ismg Ohm39s Lav1 Vle an yum calcuhmx wmddbe 55111075 Page 5 imgzgggmmm gunngalfl axZx mmmmzxnrmmmm L 776 Nance um m any far In shmddbe n D a mm precisum yum calcuhmx dls ays a mysmu number mm af Ths snub assumzd alas emughm n m ca 11 2ltn Amps Nm rm 1 as m 777 Nance um um um answzxs mmh m Ohm39s Law mz md Page 5


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