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by: Ariel Gaylord


Ariel Gaylord
Wentworth Institute of Technology
GPA 3.97


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ariel Gaylord on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMP 566 at Wentworth Institute of Technology taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/230956/comp-566-wentworth-institute-of-technology in ComputerScienence at Wentworth Institute of Technology.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
Boston Folio User Manual ntroduction The user manuai is organized starting with the navigation bar on the home page Each ofthe iinilts corresponds to a section in the manuai From those iinilts the manuai wiii describe the iinilts on that page To iocate the topic you are have a question with referto that section in this document Overview 11 Intended Readership This manuai has been written keeping in mind the enduser who uses the appiication and which this mainiy acts as a reference manuai 12 Applicability Statement The current software reiease version 10 With new requirements coming up and with each reiease ofthe product the reiease versions are iiilteiy to change This manuai describes the software its current state reiease 10 131 Purpose The purpose ofthis manuai is to provide you the enduser with the necessary and information to use the BostonFoiiocom to its fuiiest potentiai and to get your site oniine in the shortest amount oftime possibie 132 Purpose of the Software The purpose ofthe software is to provide an WebBased imeiuet lUi area p i ilaii u quot to dispiay and show their art to the worid 133 DperatingEnvironment The system wiii operate over a ciientserver architecture The ciient wiii consist ofa user s web browser and the server wiii be Windows Server with ASPNet and MSSQLServer as the database baciltend 14 How to use this DocumentThis document is intended to get up and running with BostonFoiiocom To use it reference the section which describes the topic you need heip with The purpose ofthe BostonFoiio appiication is to provide an oniine artist community where n I to eii meii um m we worid atiarge 20 Navigation BOSIIIIIHIIi i 21 Browse Artists Username rst Name Last Name BRa bidou Ben Ra bido u gregsnow3 Greg Snow Headshox Ben Rabidou toim Tom Schoder Vaedyn Sam Giroux Dispiays a iisting of currentiy registered users Ciick on the username to dispiay the artist site 211 View Site Headshox s Personal Homepage View Salem ll mudnnwml hairI39M im mm maummmu as f mnwrnnm mu alumhumus mesa Displays the artist39s personal site which is visible to the public 212 View Gallery Tile Name dgel Description A aridge quot Satagory B dge 3rice 1 00 eguest Information IIe Name dgeZ Description rdge 2 Category rdge 3rice 2 00 Reguest Information Displays a listing of images in the gallery and shows details including price and category 213 Request Information Request Picture Check Information If the information is currect continue primary Contact i EMail Method 39 Phone Requestlnforrnation Sends an email to the artist indicating you would like information 22 Search Enter Search criteria to find a piece of work or a site of a registered artist Search image ii Picture When searching by user anly emerme users rm L351 ar Usemame Returned 1 results Name Clicking the name will show the larger image 23 Help A link to the user manual 24 Signup Create New Account usemame i E passmm Passwm 3 Name39 i Address y i Addnss 2 Siganp Enter the required eids to create an account with us To see if a user name is aiready in use enter your choice and ciick check Each eid is required to ensure we can contact you 241 Create Site Once an account has been created you are prompted to create a site Plck Vuur lemplate i i iai Site Information Site Name EimHtst Dnzrlminn isome Puma Bi sume Image I age m icwsersieregmucumeii Eyuwse 25 ModhAcmunt Modify Account Momfy swe Dame swe Monfy GaHery De ete GaHery Mom Images mew Ewe mew GaHeu noter Vnu must have an actwegaHew and sue m manage one From me Mccm account nptmn we see 3 me npnnns 251 Mcmsne Modlfy Slte 95mm A Can 513 Infomatlnn Blnzk 1 Infnmatinn Blnzk 2 Imag mfnrmatmn They can a sn change thew ngn 252 Delete Site Deletes the active site Gallry Nam Gveg s images Gallery Drszrillllun Palatlngs far 5312 i dit the Name and the Gallery s description 2531Add images let Filetu Uplaad Image Name Bndge1 A Price Description Name aswell as a image oft e e A Enter h pi ee s images are added a list of images inthe galley are displayed 254 Delete Gallery Deletes yaureurrem gallery 253 Create Gallery Create Gallery Gallery Name Gregsnnw Gallery D zrinlion Image An artist can create a new gallery and add a description ofthe images in the gallery 254 View Site Allows artist toview their public site 256 View Gallery Allows artist toview their personal gallery 26 Login Bostonfolin Username Password Dunk have an acmunt ring r n 5 993 P m rg5 Login page to access membershiptools and personal profile 27 LogOut Safely destroysthe session and logs the user out


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