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by: Georgianna Gusikowski Jr.

Laboratory CHM114

Georgianna Gusikowski Jr.

GPA 3.58


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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Georgianna Gusikowski Jr. on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHM114 at Wilkes University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/230987/chm114-wilkes-university in Chemistry at Wilkes University.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
Complex Formation The Method of Continuous Variation Using Spectrophotometry Name Partner Course Date Expt Performed Instructions complete the following form being sure to show the requested calculations answer all questions and attach the requested graphs and spreadsheets Purpose Data Solution Ratio Average SCN39 Fe Absorbance Spreadsheets Graphs and Calculations 1 Make a plot of absorbance vs wavelength for the complex of Fe3aq and SCN aq Identify Amax on this graph What color was the solution of your complex Does the Amax for your complex fall in the range expected Explain 2 Make a second plot This graph will have the absorbance K of your mixtures plotted on the yaxis against the ratios of Fe3aq and SCN aq present in these mixtures on the xaxis Be sure to include the pure Fe3aq solution at one end of the xaxis and the pure SCN39aq solution at the opposite end of the xaxis The maximum absorbance on this graph should occur for the mixture that has the stoichiometric ratio of Fe3aq to SCN39aq Write a reaction showing the formation of the complex from the Fe3aq and SCN aq using the smallest whole number ratios Also determine the initial concentration of both the Fe3aq and SCN aq present in this mixture prior to any complex formation Also determine the maximum concentration of complex that could be formed from this mixture Fe3aq and SCN aq all converted to complex 3 Draw tangents to the low absorbance portions of the curve plotted in step 2 These tangent lines should intersect at a point above the solution for which you measured the maximum absorbance see the Figure for the example of the equilibrium between Fe2 and ophenanthroline C12H8N2 am in the Introduction 4 Use the ratio method discussed in the example of the equilibrium between Fe2 and o phenanthroline to nd the concentration of the complex observed in your experiment Remember for the reaction FeHZO63aq n HSCNaq ltgt FeHzO6nSCNn339n aq n H3012 the concentration of the complex observed can be found from complex0bs Aobs complexhnax Ame1X and the formation constant Kf calculated from the equilibrium concentrations of all three species present at equilibrium 37 K FeH206n SCNn H30 1 FeH2063HSCN1 NOTE these absorbance values actually contain a small contribution from the absorbance of unreacted Fe3aq and SCN39aq Question respond with clarity in concise well structured sentences 1 Look at the magnitude of the absorbance of the pure solutions of Fe3aq and SCN aq Also consider the size of Kf Demonstrate mathematically the amount of error caused in Kf by not correcting for the absorbance of unreacted Fe3aq and SCN aq 2


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