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Biology Concepts and Method

by: Nia McCullough

Biology Concepts and Method BIO 104

Marketplace > Wofford College > Biology > BIO 104 > Biology Concepts and Method
Nia McCullough
Wofford College
GPA 3.93

George Davis

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About this Document

George Davis
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nia McCullough on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIO 104 at Wofford College taught by George Davis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/230989/bio-104-wofford-college in Biology at Wofford College.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
Class Notes from 17 February 2009 Questions and Powerpoints on Arabidopsis with corresponding pages from Sadava et al Life The Science of Biology 8th Edition General Information Getting approval to do experiments with animals vertebrates from Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee IACUC We have submitted an ACUC protocol to use turtles alligators and crocodiles in the second half of this course Institutional Review Board RB is the official entity that provides approval for experimentation on human subjects Reviewing the powerpoint on Terminology Need definitions and examples of angiosperms Sadava p 638 and gymnosperms Sadava p 634 Concise summary of names and characteristics of land plants in Table 281 p 612 Clarification of sporophyte and gametophyte Sadava p 633 and 614 Board diagram ofa plant with apical root and lateral meristems Sadava p 745 748 753 755 Cell division mitosis in meristems Determination of cells omnipotent vs totipotent vs pluripotent Differentiation Maturation Above topics are in Sadava Chapter 19 p 429 430 Board diagram of shoot with leaves apical bud petiole leave blade nodes and internodes Function of xylem and phloem Sadava p 617 Plants are sensitive to light Sadava p 456 via photoreceptors phytochromes Sadava p 812 Examples of positive and negative phototaxis Sadava p 803 Hormones in animals testosterone as an example Hormones in plants auxins Sadava p 803 and gibberellins p 801 2 Reviewing the powerpoint on Germination What are the specific conditions required for the germination Sadava p 798 800 of Arabidopsis ABA in seeds inhibits germination Over time the ABA slowly degrades until the concentration reaches a point where no longer is germination inhibited and if other conditions are appropriate and permissive the seed will germinate Adavantages of seed dormancy Sadava p 799 Scenarios for a germinating plant no all seeds germinate at the same time Slow to germinate Iaggards may not get enough sun or nutrients and thus not compete well Might even die But if frost comes and kills the early germinators then late germinators Iaggards would have the advantage Check Sadava p 799 figure 311 for anatomy ofa seedling Reviewing the powerpoint on Ecotypes and Species Sadava Chapter 22 p 486 Check glossary for definition ofa species Sadava Chapter 23 p 508 Try to simplify definition Hints about ecotypes Sadava p 502 503 What quotreproductive isolation means Sadava p 510 Binomial nomenclature genus specific epithet in Latin by C Linneas based on physical appearance morphology can be misleading example sexually dimorphic Red Winged Black birds Sadava p 509 510 But Latin names eliminate confusion of different common names in different locations How one species become two species Simplest explanation is allopatric speciation Sadava p 511 Natural Selection vs Artificial Selection examples dogs and pigeons for artificial selection Sadava p 488 Simple definition of evolution a change in gene frequency Natural selection survival of the fittest AND reproduction of the fittest which over time leads to a change in gene frequency which is evolution Sadava p 497


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