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IntroMolecular & Cell Bio Lab

by: Nia McCullough

IntroMolecular & Cell Bio Lab BIO 214

Marketplace > Wofford College > Biology > BIO 214 > IntroMolecular Cell Bio Lab
Nia McCullough
Wofford College
GPA 3.93


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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nia McCullough on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIO 214 at Wofford College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/230992/bio-214-wofford-college in Biology at Wofford College.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
Chapter 21 Endocrine Organs At the beginning of the chapter the sections Overview of the Endocrine System Hormones and their Receptors and Regulation of Hormone Secrtion and Feedback Mechanisms serve as a concise review of concepts you learned in Bio 214 Cell amp Molecular and Bio 342 Human Physiology It is assumed that you already know this material 1 What is the relationship of the infundibulum to the pituitary gland 2 How do the two lobes of the pituitary gland differ with respect to their developmental origin 3 What are the three divisions of the anterior lobe Which of these wraps around the infundibulum 4 What structures are found in the median eminence and the infundibulum 5 What structures consist of neurosecretory axons originating in the hypothalamus 6 What is unusual about the blood supply to the anterior pituitary 7 What type of capillary is typical of endocrine organs 8 Name the four tropic hormones synthesized and secreted by the adenohypophysis 9 Name two other anterior lobe hormones that are not considered tropic hormones 10 What names were given to cells within the pars distalis based on their staining properties Is there any relationship between staining properties and secretory activities of the cells 11 What is a chromophobe 12 What is the relative abundance of somatotropes what do they secrete and how do they stain with HampE 13 What is the relative abundance of lactotropes what do they secrete and how do they stain with HampE 14 What is the relative abundance of corticotropes what is the main hormone they secrete and how do they stain with HampE 15 What is the relative abundance of gonadotropes what do they secrete and how do they stain with HampE 16 What is the relative abundance of thryrotropes what do they secrete and how do they stain with HampE 17 Can a pars distalis cell secrete more than one hormone 18 What feature located where is evidence of the previous existence of Rathke s pouch O What is the function of the pars intermedia in humans 20 Which categories of cells may be found in the pars tuberalis 21 What is the synonym for posterior lobe of the pituitary gland 22 Where are the cell bodies of the axons of the pars nervosa and the infundibulum N L What is unusual about the secretory vesicles of these hypothalamohypophyseal tract neurons N 4 What are Herring bodies What is found within them 25 What hormones are secreted from the pars nervosa 26 What are neurophysins and which endocrine organ has them N l What specialized cell seems to serve the role ofa glial cell in the pars nervosa 28 By what route are changes in emotional state capable of in uencing the physiological status in general 29 Explain how the pineal gland is visible on an Xradiograph of the brain and why this is of benefit in image analysis 30 How is the secretion of melatonin regulated by retinal activity 3 1 How is the pineal gland involved in reproductive functions 32 Which gland is most likely to be responsible for the symptoms of jet lag 33 What spherical structure is the functional unit of the thyroid gland What is found in the center of that structure 34 What cell type other than follicular cells is found in the thyroid gland What do these cells secrete 35 What is the action of calcitonin 36 What is thyroglobulin How is it formed What is its fate Figure 2114 is an excellent summary 37 In what form does iodine enter the basal side of follicular cells In what form does iodine exit the apical membrane 38 What cellular events in thyroid follicular cells are stimulated by TSH 39 Which is the more active of the thyroid hormones How is the liver involved 40 Which glands are located adjacent to or embedded in the thyroid glands 41 Which cells produce and secrete PTH 42 How are the target organs of parathormone affected by the hormone 43 How does the adrenal cortex differ from the adrenal medulla with respect to the types of hormones secreted 44 What are chromaffin cells and why are adrenal medulla cells considered to be equivalent to postganglionic neurons of the autonomic nervous system 45 How is the size and density of granules within the adrenal medulla correlated with the secretions of the cells 46 What are the 3 layers within the adrenal cortex 47 How are the cells in the outermost later arranged What category of hormones do they secrete and what is a speci c example 48 What stimulates secretion by the cells in the outermost layer of the adrenal cortex 49 What is the characteristic shape and orientation of cells in the middle layer of the adrenal cortex 50 What class of hormones is secreted by the zona fasciculata Give a speci c example 51 How do glucocorticoids affect the immune response and in ammatory responses 52 What stimulates secretion by the zona fasciculata 53 How can the zona reticularis be recognized histologically 54 What does the zona reticulata secrete Name a speci c example


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