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Biological Inquiry Lab

by: Nia McCullough

Biological Inquiry Lab BIO 150

Marketplace > Wofford College > Biology > BIO 150 > Biological Inquiry Lab
Nia McCullough
Wofford College
GPA 3.93


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Class Notes
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This 27 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nia McCullough on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIO 150 at Wofford College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/230994/bio-150-wofford-college in Biology at Wofford College.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
Introduction to Moodle Lesson 1 Setting Up a Course Homepage Browser Choice 0 PC Firefox or Internet Explorer 0 Mac Firefox Do not use Safari because some screens do not display correctly Go to this URL httowwwwoffordmoodlecom You now will see three course categories Choose 200909 ie Fall 2009 where we have loaded courses for workshop m 29 participants Course categories 200909 v You will see a list of courses that we have loaded into Moodle Find one Page 12 3 4 5 6 7 New of your courses and click on its name Comes Accounting 3 110 Cost Accounting l Accounting 342A Cost Accounting ll Accounting 425A Income Tax Concepts 8 Decision Art History 201A History of Western Art l An History 201B History of Western Art l Biology 150M Biological Inquiry Lab Biology 150A Biological Inquiry Lab Biology 150A Biological Inquiry Biology lSOBi Biological Inquiry Lab Biology TSOB Biological Inquiry Biolo 150Ei Biolo ical In tll iLab You Will need to login to Moodle Your Returning tows web site 1505 Emmgiaimqf Login here using yourusername and passwgd 2113 Birly Lab Conkies must be enabled In your browser usernarne e g whisnantdm Your initial Boo2123 mm in Geneva and Dev usemame Whlsnamdm Biology 2120 Intro to Genetics and Dev password Will be your W number PW iii ammo immiueeieimsanwwub Biology 212L2 lntro to Genetics and Day Lab Forguuequot ym senlame E password Biology 212L5 intro to Genetics and Dev Lab lYES help me 3909 in Biology 250A Introduction to Research Search courses39 E You can change your password once you have logged inl 1 Although you will not need to do this the process of creating an account is described in Appendix A Moodle Lesson 1 Homepage 1 June 19 2009 At the beginning your course Homepage will look something like this The Homepage has three columns 0 Left Menus 0 Center Course Information 0 Right Miscellaneous Setting Up Your Course The first thing you need to do is set up your course Click on Settings in the Administration menu People 3 Participants Activities My cu Tfrtoodie wo ordMondle gt CHEMISGOA S fltch role in DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Administration Grades i Groups 9quot Backup 1 5 Restore 739 I ii This will bring you to an Edit Course Settings page Most of the course already will be set up Two options that may be of interest are the format of the Moodle Homepage and showing the gradebook The Course start date probably will have been set to the first day of the term You can change the start date if you like Edit course settings General Category C Full name 39 C Chemistry 360A Chemical Information Retrieval Shun namequot CHEMHGOA Course lD number D 11968 Summary vLEirigv Igg xl k 33 n 1amp0ai ampesesimm eirla Gig Trebudiet v liSDt v gt1 1H l Path Formal Topics formal Number ofweeksftopics 15 v Course start date v September v 2009 v Hidden sections Hidden sections are shown in collapsed form v Enrolments News items to show 1 v Show gradebook to students Q E Show activity reports No v Maximum upload size Q 0 bytes 39 Is this a meta course No Tl39iis course already has normal enrolments Erirulrnent Plugiris Site Default internal Enrolmentl v Default role Site Default Student v Course enrollable 7 No 0 Yes iDate range Start date 1 mg Qijii iu l2 Disable End date ix iiigi iiiiiiLi l3 Disable Enrolment duration Unlimited V Moodle Lesson 1 Homepage June 19 2009 One of your choices will be to arrange your Moodle course Homepage with a weekly or topics format The default setting is topics Format Topicsinimat 5 v Number utweeksftopics 10 v Course start date 77 v ii iv 17 v Miay Hidden sections 639 Hidden sections are shown in collapsed form v Format CD Weekly lormat Number ofwee 39 7 Course start date it Hidden sections 17 May v 56097 Hidden sections are shown in collapsed form v Show gradebook to students News items to show 3 5 v Yes v Show activity reports C No v Maximum upload size 20MB v 15 this a meta course 3 No v News items to Sth C 5 v Show gradebuokto students Yes v Show activity reports 3 No v Maximum upload size 20MB v Is this 3 meta course7 No v If you choose Topics the blocks in the center section will correspond to the number of topics you specify 15 by default If you choose Weekly the center section of the Homepage will be diVided into blocks each corresponding to one week of the course it noodle wo oidttoodie y EC103 Switch mle D m eeiueeed me e v Hum editind uni Veople 43 Parlicip nls Search Furums G Adiemd seaien Adminimtjon es rtiiii eitiiiiig riri Setting 39 Assign tales oiedes 3 Files L11 Uriemal meiiem EC WE El niiiiie wondrdMnddie i ifnoodle m e loan in 5 L39lvsWhisnHHLI ncutl SWitc39niEiie in 39 ruin editing on Tonic outline Latest News 7 People g Participants gt dd 1 quot511 mm in news has been posted ll Li File s g unenieiinieiieim EC me 1 B Pinnie Weekly autiine 17 May 7 23 May 11 June 7 27 June Search Forums El 7 caming Events El Advanced seaien 3 El Q Esare rin upc ming 24 May 7 30 May El Administration El 333 es ruin editing an i 59 95 31 May 7 6 June g9 Assign roles El ecent Acuth e E GWES n Aailllil g Telugulid 3 D an up 7 El ini en 3an new since yaui last 1 Rm El 7532 14 June e 20 June El Latest News Add a new topic e news nae been posted U R entActivity Vi otivity eineeriiuisday M Ma zone 09 45 AM ull iepen ei recent activity tithing new since yeui last girl Show gradebook to students Course start ate Hidden sections 3 quott 391 II Ili quotFu Maximum upload size i Format 3 Weekly format Number of weeksftopics in 15 7 Hidden sections are v September 0 bytes v Click on Save Changes when you are finished Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage June 19 2009 We will use the Weekly format in these lessons You can use either a topics or weekly format for your courses You can specify the number of topics or weeks If you plan on using the gradebook you will want to leave Show gradebook to students set to Yes le woliorduloodle gt EC lol v Swnon owe logoee in s cheniiisneriileoeoii iole to v mi In these lessons the Homepage shows a weekly outline beginning on June 1 9 because I used a Weekly Format and June 1 as the starting date If you choose a weekly 22522 people 7 Weekly outline gg Pamclpanls 1 June 7 7 June 5 June 7 14 June Administration Tum Edllll lg on 15 June 7 21 June 22 June 7 25 June 29 June 7 5 July D Files g UHean me mm EC lul g Pmmg 6 July 7 11 July My courses 3 enemisl 350 cneniioal w 7 lnlonnolion Retrieval 13 July 7 19 July D Latest News Add a nenlopio Nu news nos been posled yell upcoming Evem5 TllElE oie no upcoming events En tn caiznnar New Event Recent Activity i7 Asliwly since Monday A May 5 2009 03 23 PM Full repun olieoenl actlvlt Nolnino new since you lost lugll l Metacourses Metacourse are just like other courses except that they enroll courses rather than students An example might be the Bio 150 sections Suppose there are three Bio 150 sections in Moodle 150A 150B and 150C You set up a metacourse named Bio 150 Meta with the three sections as children All students in the three Bio 150 sections automatically become participants in the Bio 150 Meta course Other than the names of participants information is not pushed between metacourse and the children courses The metacourse simply becomes a room to which all students in the three sections have access Sam Jill Linda Jane Bill Jim Dave Jan Bio 150 Meta I Bio 150A Sam Jane Dave I Blo lSOB I I Jill Bill Sam Bio 150 C I Linda Jim Jan Metacourses are useful if you have material that you want to distribute to all the students in all of the sections Instead of posting the material on each section s homepage you simply post it on the metacourse s homepage Because they automatically are enrolled in the metacourse all of the students would have access to the material by naVigating to the Bio 150 Meta homepage Also if you want to send out an announcement to all students in all of the sections you could do it from the news forum in the metacourse If you have the news forum in the metacourse set up so that it forces all participants to be subscribed they all will get an email message of the announcement We will be glad to set up a metacourse for you If you want to set the metacourse up yourself do it in the same way that you set up a normal course except that you answer Yes to the Is this a metacourse question When you save the course settings page for the metacourse the next screen you see is a list of all courses on the Wofford Moodle site You can select the courses from the list that you want to be children of the metacourse Moodle Lesson 1 Homepage 4 June 19 2009 Editing the Course Homepage At the beginning the Miscellaneous column on the right probably shows the latest news upcoming events and a log of recent activity Let s make some changes in this column Click on the Turn editing on button in the upper right of the Moodle window 1 SWitcii role to rates News Add a HEWt piE No news has been posted yeti D upcoming Evenij There are no upcoming events So in csienaar New Event Recent Amivity Hiding an Item from Students As a teacher you would like to see recent activity in your Moodle course but may not want students to see it In the Recent Activity block click on the open eye icon in the editing icons row below Recent Activity This will close the eye A closed eye indicates that the students cannot see this information Rec Activity Si 1 1 Activit since Wednesday 1 April 2009 0131 PM Full report of recent activity Nothing new since your last login Switching to a Student Role A quick way to view a page as a student will see it is to switch your role Click on Switch role to and select Student Ncneditingteiciler Add a new topic Note that the Recent Activity block is no longer visible When you are ready click on Return to my normal role to see the Teacher s view again If you switch to the Student role it will turn editing off You will need to Turn editing on again to edit the page 39rTurn editing on Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage 5 June 19 2009 Return to my normal role Latest News 7 No news has been posted Upcoming Events if There are no upcoming events Go to calendar w Emeni Adding a Block in the Mlscellaneous Column Let s add a calendar in the righthand miscellaneous column Under Blocks click on Add and select Calendar You will see a calendar at the bottom of the column Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage 6 June 19 2009 Upcoming Events 39 a xlt 1 i There are nu upcammg events n W In Recent Activity 7 1 Blocks 569 239 Allendance ElngMenu 2 c rseSlle Descnpnnn Global Search HTML Latest News a 3939 ae x c Add a newmph Nu news nas been pasted yen Upcoming Events 7 we x T J Tnere are nu upcummg events GL7 m eannaar New Event Recent Activity 7 39 x J Aenyny smce Munday A May 2009 03 36 PM Full repun a recent amnnly Nulhmg new smce yuur last lugm Calendar 7 119 a x lt 1 May my gt Sun Mun me m m FM 5 znn m e r rCuurse e Gmup geyser Moving a Block in the Miscellaneous Column Let s make the calendar more prominent by moving it to the top of the column Click on the arrow icon in the Calendar editing icons row three times to move the calendar to the top calendar at XQ yZUDS y 5 quot Man Tue Wed m Fri 5 Jazzy At this point a student s View of the right column would look like the picture at the right calendar May zone gt Sun Mon n The sn 5 Events Key sauna as Caurse as up at User Latest News Mn news has been pasted yet Upcoming Events Deleting a Block in the Miscellaneous Column To avoid clutter you may want to remove blocks from the Miscellaneous column In ed39ting mode clicking on the X icon in a block s editing row will delete the block from the column Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage June 19 2009 There are nu upcoming Events Upcoming Events 2 There are nu upcummg events newer em Adding a Course Summary Now let s move to the center column that contains specific information about your Week Wm course First we Will put in the course s title and brief description With editing on click on the text edit icon under Weekly outline 3 News mum In the text editing workspace enter the name of the course Designate it Summary Lang v 3 I H s quotz x2 55 n m as the largest heading Heading 1 39 l J as E El at 11 0 i E and Center the text fjg Example Course 101 Click on Save changes When you are finished Paifn body m Ml The name of the course Tfnoodle Will be surrounded by a W quot 39 quot quot rqsmwmiem v gray rectangle Text that East quotquot quot quot quot Wm has been set up With 33pm Exampiecourse 101 Heading 1 size Will be 35 739 surrounded by this m M rectangle for emphasis If you don t want the rectangle you can specify the size of the text Without specifying that it is Heading 1 at v 18pt y Lang v H 1 H 5 2 2 7 You also can add some descriptive text 5quotquot quot a y EMIqu KB 5 1EDamp1O below the tile if you should so desire was 3 ammo Example Course 101 This is an example course designed to illustrate how a course can be set up in Moodle Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage 8 June 19 2009 Adding an Image Suppose you would like to add an image that you recently downloaded from Wikipedia Commons displaying a Visualization of a portion of the routes on the Internet You want the picture to go below the descriptive text Position the cursor below the text Summary Trebuchet v 1 5 pt HI 1 1 E Immanes CD Click on the insert image ML mm Example course 1 icon above the text editing workspace This is an example course designed to illustrate how a course can be set up in Moodle ml Path body 1 In the Insert Image window that appears click on Browse to nd the image a D harkugdata When you have found the image click on Upload Lam m E E m Maudie Tmining Imemewsualxzauon gr Browse Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage 9 June 19 2009 At this point you should see the name of the image liggil in the File Browser l 993 7 Wlndg wa 1n thls 13311191115III mu mm E Hnnznnval math and case Internet was mum yam Hagm m Visualization git If you doubleclick on the 3 D name of the image its URL mm L m alum Will be added to the Image URL text box Enter alternate text for the image in the Alternate text box Click on OK When you are finished You should see the picture displayed gummy nquot quot 5307 my I E st 2 x t n m below thetexti Click onthe Center l Ql 7 gs ln 39gl0ll icon to center the image 137258 Example Course 101 Save your changes m39ud39b 39 t 39 I Path39 hadv aw Mccdle Lesson 1 7 Homepage 10 June 19 2009 Posting a Document You probably will want to post documents such as a syllabus or course schedule to the Course Homepage In the Add a resource menu select Link to a file or web site Weekly outline Example Course 101 d 5 1 June 7 7 June Tl39llS is an example course designed to illustrate how a course can be set up In Moodl 3quot Hews forum 4r 5 X lt1 i Insert a lab Compose a text page Compose a webpa e Add an IMS Content Packs e Enter the name you want to give the document for example Syllabus in the text box Click on Choose or upload a file and then Upload a file in the next window dding a new Resource General Name may Summry raT Hl slxzle39 lnm lTaaal Jx 9 l lll lglltgtl l m Link In a le or web site sud Location W Searchlurweh page Chaose or upload ame 6 Mozilla Hrefox l in limpwwwwcffnrdmoudlacomfleslndexphpldBamprhuaseIdJEierenmyalue cs lOlP Files Nam Size Modified Action U D backtlpdaia z 8MB 2 Aprzuua 0631 AM Rename Li a interneLVlsuallzanon 9t 32 ZKB ZAprZUUQ or 12 PM Choose Rename Wliil chosen les v Make a folder Select all l Deselect all l Upload a le D Maodle Docs lorthls page In the following window browse to the file you want and click on Upload this file Finally choose the document you have selected Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage June 19 2009 l To l 39Lrernrencsvalneampidz9 r r l w a L 39 rampferencevalue C8101P Files CS lO lP x Flies Upload a le Max size 20MB gt I Name Size Modi ed Action I I g Ll L J backupdata 28MB 2 Apr 2009 0631 AM Rename r mm mscenaneou yllabus do a l IliterneLVlsuallzalmn gn 32 ZKEI 2 Apr 2009 0139l2 PM Choose Rename Upload thIS le l 1 iii Syllabus dncx 18KB 2 Apr 2009 0239 PM r Rename Withhoseniles v 39 Make a folder Select all Deselect all Upload a le You now should see the name of the file in the location text box Click on Save and return to course A link to the document now will be on the Homepage You can post any kind of file Word Excel PDF PowerPoint audio Video etc Linking to a Web Site Link lo a tile or web sile Lucatiun rs am chum or upload ame Search lurweb pa l Window E Fureednwnluad 3 ij Winduw Samewinduw v Parameters Common module sening5 VlslblE HDW lD number 3 Save and return to cnurse l Save and displayl Cancail Weekly outline Exan This is an example course designed to illustrate how RS News forum Jr 5 x as 8 E11 Syllabus x as Q Add You also can add a link to an external web site Let s add a link to the Honor Code on the Wofford web site httpwwwwoffordeduuploadedFilesstudentLife0708HonorCodepdf From the Add a resource menu select PS Link to a file or web site 1 News forum Jr Hi X 35 1quot lg Syllabus Jl X t 1 June 7 June Insert a label Compose a text page Compose a web page Addp lelS C r P R an ontent SC 3 e g Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage 12 June 19 2009 General Type in Honor Code as the name Summaw Trehudiet Ham Lang Sl 2 x l AH n H Jx 9 l r lltgtl If you so desire you may add a summary in the Summary text editing workspace Enter or paste in the URL of the Honor Code web page in the Location text box Linklo a le orweh sile 3W um eduMpluadedFllessludemmemmEHunurCDdE pm 52 or upload a we Click on Save and return to course at the bottom of the page You will see a link to the Honor Code on the course Homepage News rumy 33 Syllabu s 3 Hum Curls 5 April 7 12 April Posting News or an Announcement If you would like to post a general news item or an announcement click on the News Forum link that is already on the Course Homepage NOTE If you are practicing with Moodle while you build your page 7 9 4 1 X as i for a course you probably do not want to send automatic email 5 swab quot r 5 X 5 messages to your students when you post an announcement See 3 Appendix B on how to NOT force everyone to be subscribed You can Add a resu change this when you are ready to use the Course Homepage for real Click on Add a new topic News and annumcemems IM Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage 13 June 9 9 Generai news and annnuncemenls Enter a Subject and some text describing quotuwuucusuompu the news or announcement in the suueu Allews qum Tm Message text editing workspace quot39essage39 mum vliaulv izgnzusixxzisg rim The text can include ahyperlinkto an 7 g 39 l 5quot TM 391 mngw s News Fumm announcements generally are aimed ai the class as a whole This external web Page on the SUbjea To 39 could be course business or same topic of general nterest you have found in a insert a hyperlink select the text that Will news magazine crew the web be hyperlinked click on the hyperlink icon and enter the URL of the external W the topic 5 an the web yuu can hyperlink it web page When you click on Post to forum you will see it in the list of discussions Add a newtcpic Discussion Starlet bv Revlies Lasi Dos 7 s v Dave Whisnanl Avie Forum lupin ame Niisnant u W E Aw2m m 41 FM 9 Mauuiu nucsimrms 2 yuu 515 ms is as um Calendar 1 319 a x lt 1 W16 example me Page W 315 39 will see the forum you have posted listed W m iquot under Latest News uned to illustrate iiuw a EULAst can be set up in Muudle Events Key geiunai as Cuuvse as GVDUD as User Latest News 739 319a x 1 c a Auu a newiupi 5 May 16 41 Dave Whisnanl News Fumm Tupi mum 3 Add a resuuree v 3 AddaTaclivit quot Llpcnming Events 7 39a xlt 1 J There are nu upuummg events QD Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage 14 June 19 2009 Adding a Label for a Week or Topic One of the first things we may want to do is label the first week or topics block with the topics that will be covered 1 June 7 June 5 Choose the Insert a Label resource in the week or topic block you want Make sure you use the Add a resource menu under the dates 0fthe weekyou want u Enter the subject for the week or topic in the Label text text editing workspace 7 here I simply used Example Week 1 Center the text and designate it as Heading 3 in size angvnlgs u I4m l Example Week 1 f plan Sou hi When you click on Save and return to the course you should see the label With editing gums 0mm turned off it will look like this 3 Aueudance 1 June 7 7 June Example Week 1 Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage 15 June 19 2009 Moving an Item What if perish the thought you make a mistake and place a resource in the wrong section For example suppose that you chose the upper resource drop down menu and put the label in the upper section rather than under the first week We want to move this label down This is easy to do Click on the updown arrow icon in the editing row below the label This will open up rectangles with dotted line borders in all the potential places to which you can move the label Click on the rectangle in the section corresponding to the week you want J Heus rurun Jr a x as i r smmus 9quot 5 xxx 3 Hum Lad a 4r i x at Example Week 1 qlrssxD Add a resume 1 June 7 7 June 4 Hurmr Cree 4r 5 x an Example Week 31 Add a resume yllabus Jr as x as Hunur Cuue gt Jr as x as rl 3 1 June 7 7 June Add a resume 3 Add a resume AM a resume You now should see the label in the correct 1 quot6 7 7 3quotquot place 5 Example Week 1 4r 5 x as Addaresuume v Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage 16 June 19 2009 Add an actMly Adding a Text Page An alternative to posting information in a document such as a Word or PDF file is to post it on a text page Let s post a text page in the first weekly block In the Add a resource menu select Compose a text page 1 June a 7 June 5 ursz Add an MS Camem P Example Week 1 Campase a web page Lmk ta 3 le or web SltE Dwsplay a mractnry acka e General Enter the Name of the text page Trebuchet v 15 Di v m m e Name AText Page Name mmary vLangvnIE39S39 X Eden abswses amoz ua m 1m X nn Note that the first text editing workspace is for a summary of the resource A summary of the text page Path bndv Compose a text page The text that will go on the text page is entered below in the Compose a text page section Fulltext 11 15 the eexe of the tax a w E m be Ya I 391 E we in 21 like i Asa ua am dam new age I c p sue ha just a long as you ecu 11 a 5 mm also can 1 DE in cake yea pick When you have entered the text click on Save and return to course If you click on the text page link you will see the text page Anenuanee 1 June a 7 June A Tax Page Name 5 June a 14 June Example Week 1 The summary will be displayed if you click on the Resources link in the Activities menu wo ordMoodle r EC 1m gt Resources Week Name Summary Syllabus Hunm Code 1 A Text Page Name W A summary unha text page Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage 17 June 19 2009 Activities Assignments Aliendances rums Showing Only One Week or Topic One problem with Moodle course pages is that a long list of weeks or topics with many activities can produce a very long web page Because scrolling up and down a long web page can be a lot of trouble you or your students may want to hide weeks before and after the current week In the nonediting mode clicking on the Show One Week icon for a given week will hide all weeks except that one 391 New forum lg Syllabus f3 Honnr Code Attendance El 1 June 7 June Example Week 1 A Text Page Name Jump in v Hiding a Week from the Students E 1 June 7 June 3 5 You may not want your students to see the act1v1t1es Exam la Week 21 awaiting them in future weeks If not With editing on quot click on the open eye icon in the week blocks you do WM M 3 Am Am not want them to see WWW a A The students will see Not available by the dates of the WW 39 Hm 39 weeks you have hidden lawmanme 5 J Kdda resuurce v Karim My I my une at 1 June 7 June 1 25 J r Example Week 1 A Tm Page Hami D 8 June 7 14 June Not available El 15 June 7 21 June Not available El 22 June v 23 June Not available Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage 18 June 19 2009 Moodle Docs Moodle is very well documented If you have a question about an individual setting you can 2 click on the question mark icon beside the dropdown list for the setting If you want more information about the settings on the page click on Moodle Docs for this page which will be found at the bottom of the page I have found this information to be extensive and quite useful in Maudie Docs furthls page 1e laggsumasllzvs Wm Common module settings Group mo ID number Save and return to course Starting to Set Up the Moodle Gradebook Although it is not absolutely necessary it is useful to start setting up the Moodle gradebook for your course early in the process The main thing we need to do right now is decide on the kind of activities that will be graded in your course and what each will count Don t worry about locking yourself into a particular grading scheme It is easy to make changes later Let s suppose that you plan on grading four types of activities in your class exams written assignments online discussions and online quizzes The exams will be 40 of the total grade the assignments 30 the discussions 20 and the quizzes 10 We will use these percentages as we set up the different activities in the course We will begin by dividing the zgradebook into two categories items that will contribute to the grade and items that will not Click on Grades in the Administration menu to reach the Moodle gradebooki Administration 7 39 x r i is Tim editing W Settings es Z This is a convenient trick that Jason Womick taught me It allows us to record activities in the gradebook for which we actually will not give any grades Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage 19 June 19 2009 Graner repm My rem pvefevences E Hlde averages a Hlde gmups a Hraa ranges At the point there won t be much in the gradebook except for the Example nurse m4 students names vsk name I Sunam T 7 muse huhquot a mm 9 an a 7 a line one 9 m a email mum wo ordMoudlE gt EC quot1 9 Grades ReI muse lun We Gvadervepen Outcomes vepun Overvlewvepan Usevvepun Impunlmm Click on the Choose an action menu csvma xtha Expunm Excel spveadsheet epanDacumamapraadalraal Plarmaxmla Select Categories and items from the menu XME Click on Add category to add a category of grades to the radebook E Example Course 101 as a a g I j Cuurse total 5 a g lt l Add 2399 my 39E Name the category Grades Grade category Category name Glades Choose Weighted mean of grades as the aggregation method Do NOT choose Simplest weighted mean of grades Aggregauon WEIghIEd mean ufgrades v Aggregate only nunvemply gradea39 M Aggregate Including aubcalegorles Droplheluwest39 6 None v Make sure the Aggregate only non empty grades is checked so that the gradebook My repon preferences will not count activities that have not been graded yet Aggregatlun View Default Full wew Default v Save changes Ihave been asked how the weighted mean of grades calculates the course grade See Appendix C Weighted Mean of Grades for an explanation Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage June 19 2009 Create another category called Nongraded You can leave the Aggregation for this category as Simple weighted mean of grades Save changes On the Edit categories and items page click on the Edit icon by x Category total under Nongraded Select None in the Grade type box This will ensure that the items in the Nongraded section are not counted toward the grade for the course Save changes The gradebook now will look like this Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage June 19 2009 Grade category Calegnry name Aggregation Aggregate only nunrempty grades Aggregate mctuamg subcalzgnnes Dropthe luwest Parent categmy Grade category llangradzrl Stmae watghted mean Mgvsdes v 1 Hun v Example Cnmse m L Example Course 101 3 Grades 5 1 Category 1 Nungraded as x Jl a f Categury 2 Cuulse late as Ema ll m a total ltem min ltem na me D Example Course at i and Em name Surname 1 Z calegwy uhl Jr a an OverH avenge Nungmdedr Cztegmy 2am Ir i must mm 4r Recording Attendance To set Moodle up so that you can record attendance in the section at the top of the page click on Add an activity and then Attendance Add a resource m y Assignmens Advanced uploading nf les amp Onlme lext Uplnae a srngte me 0m ctM Add a resnurce General In the Grade category menu choose 0 Nongraded if you do not plan on including attendance in the grading for the course Grades if you plan on including attendance Commquot modulese inus in the grading for the course V S D E W in nurnber 3 w ereeeeeteguw Save and return to the course Name Attendance Yuu can add unly nne mudule Attendance percuurse In this example I have chosen to record attendance but not include it in the grading You now will see Attendance included in the list of links in the weekly 5 outline Click on the Attendance link You W111 be told that no Attendance for the course Example Course 101 sess1on eX1sts for the course To add sessions click on the quotquot MW Rmquot WM Add tab No Seesnm exnsts to this course Maudie Docs fur the page Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage 22 June 19 2009 I Create multiple sessions Under Create multiple sessions enter the start and end dates of your course Suppose that your course Session start date meets on MWF from June 1 through July 30 Session and dare Session Days 17 Monday 17 Tuesday 17 Wednesday L Thursday 1 Friday J Saturday U Sunday v 2009 v v 2009 v Enter this information and click on Add multiple Frequency 1 v weekls sessions 6 Add muluple sessions ourse 101 If you chck back on the Attendance tab you WWW I m Rem Settings W111 see that the dates for the class have been lled in HE P 1 Dale Descriptiun Actions 010609ann1 Regular class session Q 5 X 03 0509 Wed Regular class session 3 5 X 05 06 09 Frll Regular class sessmn 9 9 X me 08 06 09 Man Regular Class session 9 5 X mnr nomrmn I m v n NOTE When you click back on the Attendance tab if you still see a No Session exists for this course message then you probably need to change the Course start date in the Settings for the coarse Administration Click on Settings in the Administration menu les g Glades sj Gruuos gquot Backup Change the Course start date as described on page 2 of this lesson Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage 23 June 19 2009 You also can set up nonregular single class sessions Create one session for me murse l 7 a field trip for exaInp er Session Date adv June v zuua v Description Field rup 08 06 09 Man Regular class SESSJDH 09 06 09 Tue Fleld T p 5 X Add seismq 10 us 09 Wed Regular class sessmn Allerga ce Add Reps You can specify the number of points you want to give for attendance under the Settings tab 3 5m Am Mamquot You can give a grade of O for all categories if you r F We don t want attendance to count toward the points in the 2 A A Abs course 3 L L La 4 E E Excuied Resmm derauus lumarel v u F When you are ready to take attendance click on the Attendance link the Sign Attendance tab and the green circle by the class session you want Fill in the Hum cm attendance and click on OK Anendance Attendance Add Repan Seumgs Sessinn Dale 6 April 2009 Regular class sessinll 39 i at First name Surnama E A L E Remarks 1 Jane Due 6 O O O l 2 Bubba Due 6 O O O l 3 Jam Rue o o 0 session 5 X 3 First name I Surname Note An easy way to record attendance is to click on the 1 a Jan D P link which will record all students in the class as Bum BM 7 present Then you can change the few who are absent late L or excused 3 Q Julm R06 9 w Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage 24 June 19 2009 appear as 5 hide hnk wncn yau can rust 1th on ma ddesn39t wu k then cm and paste the address tnta the address trne at tire tap nynur web prdwser wrnddn ttyatt need nstu pteasa Contact me sue admtmsttalar rr m t rnr t nrrr nrr Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage June 19 2009 Appendix B News Forum Forcing Everyone to be Subscribed The default setting on the News Forum is to force everyone to be subscribed to the forum This means that all users will be sent an email message whenever you post an announcement on the forum Forcing everyone to be subscribed may be a good thing when you are using the News Forum as part of your class 7 you probably want your students to be aware an announcement has been posted On the other hand it is not a good thing if you are testing your Course Homepage as you develop it prior to the course While you are testing your Course Homepage 1 would recommend turning this feature off With editing turned on click on the Edit icon laws forum gt beside the News forum In the Updating page change Force everyone to be subscribed to No QEUpdating Fumm General Fu name39 N mmm F mtype Newsmmm 3 mm Fumm mtmductmn Save and return to the course v angiv n amid When you are ready to use your Course Homepage you can change this option back to Yes Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage 26 June 19 2009 Appendix C Weighted Mean of Grades In these Moodle lessons we are using a course in which the exams count 40 of the total grade the assignments 30 the discussions 20 and the quizzes 10 This appendix describes how Moodle calculates the course grade using the weighted mean of grades Suppose that a student has received the following grades in the course Assignments 60 pts each 54 51 54 51 54 Percent grade 8800 Discussions 60 pts each 51 Percent grade 8667 Exams 100 100 200 pts 81 93 152 Percent grade 150 Quizzes 20 pts each 15 5 10 10 10 Percent grade 5000 Eumpla Cums nu mas unaided A5519 mu Drama m gums mum 5m mam mull mam ner new mm 2 mg mntll I I 7 Mann n E nhnrinnhn nanannm nhndnnhn nemmn manner 7 amHnm mm g 12m 3300 3557 5150 5001 3133 3133 5 mm mmuamag mm 8667 3150 3133 3133 Grades Category Ungraded Total The weighted mean is calculated as shown below 8800 30 8667 20 8150 40 5000 10 81 33 0 The course grade is 8133 as shown in the grade book aboVe Moodle Lesson 1 7 Homepage 27 June 19 2009


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