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O.T. Interpretation

by: Ms. Clement Sanford

O.T. Interpretation REL 600

Marketplace > Yale University > Religion > REL 600 > O T Interpretation
Ms. Clement Sanford
GPA 3.97

John Collins

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About this Document

John Collins
Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Clement Sanford on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to REL 600 at Yale University taught by John Collins in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/231014/rel-600-yale-university in Religion at Yale University.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
Student Book Supply Yale Divinity School Booklist Fall Semester 2008 Required for purchase Highly recommended heavily used Recommended OP out of print see instructor NYP 7 Not yet published If a course is not listed here the instructor did not provide the Bookstore with a book order or provided one too late for publication Please check with Instructor for details Some texts may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control Please check in the bookstore for information and frequent updates Re 600 Collins Collins Trible Barton gtlltgtllt Pritchard Miller amp Hayes Re 601 Brown Aland Re 604 Brown Driver Briggs Elliger amp Rudolph Seow Scott Pratico amp VanPelt Murphy Re 605 gtlltgtllt Croy Metzger Old Testament Interpretation J Collins Introduction to the Hebrew Bible Does the Bible Legitimate Violence God and the Rhetoric of Sexuality Reading the Old Testament New Oxford Annotated Bible Ancient Near East Vol 1 A History of Ancient Israel amp Judah New Testament Interpretation Hultin An Introduction to the New Testament Synopsis of the Four Gospels Elementary Biblical Hebrew Hebrew amp English Lexicon to OT Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia 7 Wide Margin A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew Simplified Guide to BHS Biblical Hebrew Study Guide Pocket Dictionary for the Study of Biblical Hebrew Elementary New Testament Greek Brand A Primer of Biblical Greek Lexical Aids for Students of NT Greek Gromacki Re 618 Metzger Wallace Wallace Aland Re 652 Gornik Northcutt Pleins Brueggemann Re 656 gtlltgtllt FOX Ellul Re 661 Milton Sarna Buechner Diamant Kugel Re 673 Gunkel Westermann Hendel Re 674 Hoffer Brown Driver Briggs gtlltgtllt Biblical Greek Vocabulary Cards Intermediate Greek Lexical Aids for Students of NT Greek The Basics of NT Syntax A Workbook for NT Syntax UBS 4 Greek NT with Greek English Dictionary Scripture amp Social Ethics To Live in Peace Moral Climate Social Visions of the Hebrew Bible Interpretation amp Obedience Godly Skepticism A Time to Tear Down A Time to Build Up Reason for Being Genesis amp Its Afterlife Paradise Lost Genesis Son of Laughter Red Tent Bible As it Was Hebrew Exegesis Creation amp Chaos in the Primeval Era Genesis 1 11 Text of Genesis 1 11 Intermediate Biblical Hebrew Biblical Hebrew 2quotd ed SET Hebrew English Lexicon Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia Gundry Sharp Jenkins Sharp Hawkins Hoffer Baden Hoffer Re 679 Greek Exeg Galatians Hultin Betz Galations Lightfoot St Paul s Epistle to the Galations Martyn Galations 7 Anchor Bible Re 680 Ascents to Heaven in Antiquity A Collins Nickelsburg amp 1 Enoch Vanderkam HarperCollins Study Bible Re 681 Greek Exegesis Matthew A Collins Rahlfs ed Septuaginta Aland ed Synopsis Quattuor Evangelorium Davies amp Allison Matthew 1 7 Davies amp Allison Matthew 8 18 Davies amp Allison Matthew 19 28 Luz Matthew 1 7 Luz Matthew 8 20 Luz Matthew 21 28 Re 694 Hellenistic Judaism J Collins Collins Between Athens amp Jerusalem Charlesworth Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Vol 2 Gruen Heritage amp Hellenism Barclay Jews in the Mediterranean Diaspora Tcherikover Hellenistic Civilization amp the Jews Re 700 History of Christianity Gordon Volz Medieval Church Backman Worlds of Medieval Europe Bartlett Hanged Man LeGoff Saint Francis of Assisi Joyce Celtic Christianity Pieper Scholasticism Re 715 Kierkegaard Re 720 Hardy Hardy Holmes Gregory of Nazianzus Cyril of Alexandria Chadwick Augustine Re 725 Augustine Augustine Augustine Augustine Fitzgerald Harrison Lancel AugustineBurleigh Re 726 Rahner Rahner Tanner Volf Volf Re 728 Moreland et al Traupman Re 731 Gildersleeve et al Re 736 Intro to Christian Ethics I Simmons Fear amp Trembling Repetition History of Christian Theology to 451 Beeley Christology of the Later Fathers Apostolic Fathers in English Apostolic Fathers Greek Texts amp English translations On God amp Christ On the Unity of Christ Early Church Augustine Catechism Augustine of Hippo Beeley Teaching Christianity Confessions City of God Trinity Augustine Through the Ages Augustine amp Christian Truth St Augustine Augustine Earlier Writings Systematic Theology Volf The Trinity Foundations of Christian Faith Jesus Humanity and the Trinity Exclusion and Embrace Free of Charge Beginning Medieval Latin Johnson Latin An Intensive Course Latin and English Dictionary Advanced MedievalRenaissance Latin Johnson Gildersleeve s Latin Grammar Canticum Novum Leaver Leaver amp Zimmerman Liturgy amp Music Schalk Key Words in Church Music Re 737 German Reformation 15171555 Gordon Dixon Reformation in Germany Oberman Luther Man Between God and the Devil Vandiver amp Keen Luther s Lives Re 739 Evangelicalism Balmer Stout Divine Dramatist Stott Basic Christianity Schaeffer Crazy for God lngersoll Evangelical Christian Women Dayton Discovering An Evangelical Heritage Bartleman Azusa Street Balmer Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory Re 742 Warrior Chants amp Unquiet Spirits Townes Murray Pauli Murray Autobiography Stringfellow My People is the Enemy Cone My Soul Looks Back Segrest Born to Belonging Daloz Common Fire Re 744 Seminar on Theological Anthropology Kelsey Schrag Self amp Postmodernity Pannenberg Systematic Theology Vol 2 McFarland Divine Image McFayden Call to Personhood Farley Good amp Evil Chopp amp Daveny eds Horizons in Feminist Theology Re 771 Ethics of St Augustine Simmons Augustine City of God Augustine On Free Choice of the Will Augustine On Faith and Works Ancient Christian Writers Augustine Anti Pelagian Writings Augustine Confessions Re 772 Lutheran Ethics in a Comparitive Context Outka Barnett For the Sake of the People Tillich Against the Third Reich Bloomquist amp Stumme Promise of Lutheran Ethics Stummer amp Tuttle eds Church amp State Witte Law amp Protestantism Re 773 Religion and Morality Outka Taylor A Secular Age Heclo Christianity amp American Democracy Nussbaum Women amp Human Development Tully Strange Multiplicity Okin ls Multiplicity Bad for Women Re 779 Bonhoeffer amp King Jenkins Carson et al A Call to Conscience KingCarson ed A Knock at Midnight Bonhoeffer A Testament to Freedom King Why We Can t Wait KingWashington ed A Testament of Hope Bonhoeffer Discipleship Bonhoeffer Ethics Bonhoeffer Life Together Bonhoeffer Letters amp Papers from Prison Cone Martin amp Malcolm amp America Re 782 Foundations of Christian Worship Spinks Berger Boulton Good Against Religion Burns Liturgy Tucker amp Wainwright Oxford History of Christian Worship Re 783 Daily Prayer Berger Taft Liturgy of the Hours in East and West Woolfenden Daily Liturgical Prayer Miller Consuming Religion Re 787 English Reformation Liturgical Traditions amp the Spinks Holeton amp Buchanan A History of the Angl Lit Cons Mitchell Praying Shapes Believing He ing amp Shattuck Oxford Guide to the BCP Hatchett Commentary on the American Prayer Book Re 790 Theology of the Lutheran Confessions Rusch Kolb amp Wengert Book of Concord Gassmann amp Hendrix Fortress Introduction to Lutheran Confessions Schlink Theology of the Lutheran Confessions Kolb amp Nestingen eds Sources and Contexts of the Book of Concord Re 791 Ecclesiology Ministry Polity UCC Dunn et al History of the Evangelical amp Reformed Church UCC New Century Hymnal Gunnemann Shaping of the UCC Brown Zikmund Hidden Histories vols 1 amp 2 Von Rohr Shaping of American Congregationalism UCC UCC Book of Worship Shinn Confessing Our Faith JohnsonHambrick Stowe Theology amp Identity Old Guides to the Reformed Tradition Gunnemann United amp Uniting Re 791 Ecclesiology Ministry Polity United Methodist Kirkham Frank Polity Practice amp the Mission of the UMC Tuell Organization of the UMC UMC Book of Discipline PCUSA Book of Order 20072009 NYP Gray amp Tucker Presbyterian Polity for Church Officers Rogers Presbyterian Creeds PCUSA Book of Confessions 7 Study Ed Johnson Rogers Ramsay Re 792 Neumark Rel792 Galley Mitchell Michno Re 794 Lathrop Re 798 Prichard Ward Chapman Re 814 Arberry gtlltgtllt Cragg Esposito Schimmel Re 815 Strack amp Stemberger Schiffman Safrai amp Tomson eds Katz Selected to Serve Reading the Bible amp the Confessions Church History 101 Colloquium on Ministry FormationAnglican 1st yr Breathing Space Colloquium on Ministry Formation Anglican 3rd yr Ceremonies of the Eucharist Pastoral amp Occasional Liturgies A Priest s Handbook Colloquium on Ministry FormationLutheran The Pastor Anglican Theology amp History 11 History of the Episcopal Church A History of Global Anglicanism Anglican Covenant Christian Muslim Dialogue Koran Interpreted Call of the Minaret Islam the Straight Path Mystical Dimension of Islam Biblical Interpretation Midrash amp Theology Introduction to Talmud amp Midrash Texts amp Traditions Literature of the Sages Cambridge History of Judaism Vol IV Britton Britton Merkel Britton Sanneh Bar Asher Re 820 Locke Hume Kant Schleiermacher Feuerbach Nietzsche Re 835 Pelikan Mathews Re 847 White Vosko Foley Re 850 AligheriDurling AligheriDurling AligheriMandelbaum Virgil Re 869 Gorsuch Neuger Christie Cozad Miller McLemore Gill Austern Leslie Kristen Re 871 Armstrong Hourani Nasr V Nasr Philosophy of Religion Reasonableness of Christianity Dialogues amp Natural History of Religion Prolegomena to any Future Metaphysics On Religion Essence of Christianity Portable Nietzsche Iconography of Christian Art Illustrated Jesus Through the Centuries Clash of the Gods House of the Lord Protestant Worship amp Church Architecture God s House is Our House From Age to Age Dante s Journey to God Inferno Purgatorio Paradiso Aeneid Feminist Pastoral Psychology Introducing Feminist Pastoral Care and Counseling Counseling Women Feminist and Womanist Pastoral Theology When Violence is No Stranger Identity Crisis Global Middle East Holy War A History of the Arab Peoples The Heart of Islam The Shia Revival Willis Lara Lara Hawkins Leslie Shaker Patai The Arab Mind Re 874 Christian Evangelism Practice amp Theory Bonk Bonk et al eds Speaking About What We Have Seen Green Evangelism in the Early Church Swartley Send Forth Your Light Gateley I Hear A Seed Growing Gittens Where There s Hope There s Light Chilcote amp Warner eds Study of Evangelism Re 877 American Indian Religions amp Ecology Grim LaDuke All Our Relations Grim The Shaman McNeley Holy Wind in Navajo Philosophy Nelson Make Prayers to the Raven McCleary The Star We Know Loftin Religion amp Hopi Life Re 879 Power Religion Gender amp Violence Shaker Abdel Fatah Democratic Values in the Muslim World Ahmed Women and Gender in Islam Handousa Arab Women amp Economic Development Harrison Central Liberal Truths Schaebler amp Stenberg Globalization amp the Muslim World Sonbol Beyond the Exotic Esposito Political Islam Harrison amp Huntington Culture Matters Joseph amp Slyomovics Women amp Power in the Middle East Re 887 Covenant Federalism amp Public Ethics Ogletree Locke Second Treatise of Government Stout Democracy amp Tradition Neuhaus Naked Public Square Gamwell Politics as a Christian Vocation Althusius Politics Methodically Set Forth DeToqueville Democracy in America Elazar Covenant amp Politiy in Biblical Israel Hamilton et al The Federalist Murray Religious Liberty Re 907 Introduction to Pastoral Care Holton Flesberg The Switching Hour Fowler Caring through the Funeral Gerkin Introduction to Pastoral Care Lester Hope in Pastoral Care and Counseling Switzer Pastoral Care Emergencies Thurman Jesus and the Disinherited Tillich Courage to Be Capps Giving Counsel Re 912 Principles amp Practices of Preaching Tisdale Troeger Troeger Imagining A Sermon Taylor Preaching Life Long Witness of Preaching 2nd ed McClure Preaching Words Mitchell Celebration amp Experience in Preaching Re 962 Preaching to the Whole Congregation Through Multiple Smith Tisdale Armstrong Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom Brown You Can Preach to the Kids Too Gardner Frames of Mind Nieman amp Rogers Preaching to Every Pew Troeger amp Everding So That All Might Know Wimberly Nurturing Faith amp Hope Vanderwell Church of All Ages Re 970 Preaching and Pastoral Care Tisdale Holton Fowler Caring Through the Funeral Jeter Crisis Preaching King Strength to Love Thurman Jesus amp the Disinherited Black A Healing Homiletic Flake God in Her Midst Re 972 Youth Culture amp Christian Education Smith Bartlett et a1 Crossing by Faith Dean et al Finnegan Coles et al Schultze et al Starting Right Cold New World Ongoing Journey Dancing in the Dark Re 973 Pastoral Leadership in Community Based Systems Leslie Rennebohm Souls in the Hands of a Tender God Stories of the Search for Home and Healing in the Streets Levi Survival in Auschwitz Koenig Faith and Mental Health Religious Resources for Healing Re 985 Leadership in Public Ministry Blodgett Chambers Roots for Radicals RS 805 History amp Methods of Heb Bible Interpretation Wilson Finkelstein amp Silberman Bible Unearthed Dever What Did the Biblical Writers Know Davies In Search of Ancient Israel Childs Biblical Theology A Proposal Nicholson Pentateuch in the 20 h C Miller Religion of Ancient Israel von Rad Old Testament Theology Vol 1 Smith Early History of God van der Toorn Scribal Culture amp the Making of the Hebrew Bible Whitelam Invention of Ancient Israel Barr Concept of Biblical Theology Collins Bible After Babel Wellhausen Prolegomena to History of Ancient Israel Gunkel Stories of Genesis RS 868 Communicative Ethics in Multicultural Democracy Ogletree Audi amp Wolterstorff Religion in the Public Square Benhabib Claims of Culture Gutman amp Thompson Why Deliberative Democracy Walzer Thick and Thin Young Justice amp the Politics of Difference Habermas Moral Consciousness amp Communicative Ethics Sandel Democracy 5 Discontent Taylor Multiculturalism MacIntyre Whose Justice Which Rationality


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