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by: Katherine Spencer

Public&PrivateMgtoftheEnvrnmnt MGT 528

Marketplace > Yale University > Business, management > MGT 528 > Public PrivateMgtoftheEnvrnmnt
Katherine Spencer
GPA 3.64


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Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katherine Spencer on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGT 528 at Yale University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/231017/mgt-528-yale-university in Business, management at Yale University.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
a 1quot I L NET IM PACT 7 SCHOOL Qf MANAGEMENT SOM S INSIDE SCOOP CAREERS IN CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY RELEVANT CLASSES r INAN39D OUTSIDE SOM MGT 528 Public and Private Management ofthe Environment with FES MGT 623 Strategic Leadership Across Sectors MGT 686 Einanci arkets and Environment S nar MGT 687FES 768 Business and Environment Leaders MGT 694a Community and Economic Development with Law FES 796 Markets Social and Environmental Certi cation and Corporate Accountabili FampES 594a Comparing Environmental Governance across Countries MGT 820 Energy Markets Strateg FampES s4za Economics of Sustainable Development and Policy Considerations MGT 864 Pro ts and Principles Managing Businesses with Multiple objectives 000000 0000 FACULTY o JonathanKoppellS01vI o NatKeohaneSOM FES o G BrewerSoM 0 Michael ConroyFES SECOND WAR IXWRTFNK F TNTEE FIELD Jessica Smi39hr CocaCola CSR Marc Hiller New F an t 39 39 39 HSBC o Bailey McCallum GE Energy Financial Services 0 Heather Stone Renewable Energy Services Ltd Nadia Gomez 7 C Sara Eisenstat 7 Overseas Private Investment Corp A aughlin o o 0 Vanessa Stewart HELPFUL ALUMNI Christine Bader 00 BP Lindsey Halverson OS SeattleNonhwest Securities Corp Er a an Kara Rodgers 05 and Kevin Boughan 06 Prax air Inc Ellen 39 L 39 CSR ooooo wuu clun r Seth Goldman Honest Tea Dara Kovell 06 Jonathan Rose Companies LLC Dee Siegel Nick Brod James Woody Michal Perlstein OOOOOO ORGANIZATIONS WITH STRONG CSR RECRUITING THROUGH THE CDO Pepsi 3M IBM Johnson amp Johnson Lafarge Microsoft DuPont General Electric Goldman Sachs OOOOOOOOO YALE UNIVERSITY RESOURCES o The Program for Social Enterprise is the school39s focal point for scholars students alumni and practitioners involved with the many different dimensions of social enterprise Program on Nonpro t Organizations also a part of the Program for Social Enterprise fosters interdisciplinary research aimed at developing an understanding of nonpro t organizations and their role in economic and political life After more than 25 years of attention primarily to the domestic American scene PONPO is now refocusing its efforts on the study of international nongovernmental organizations and the notfor pro t sector in developing countries PUBLICATIONS PERIODICALS WEBSITES Websites noteimany have regular email newsletters that you can sign up for Corporate Resources Dancing with the Tiger Learning Sustainability Step by Natural Step Brian Nattrass amp Mary Altomare Presents original case studies highlighting the use of the Natural Step framework for sustainability Case studies include by Nike Starbucks and Whistler Cannibals with Forks John Elkington Discusses whether holding corporations accountable to a quottriple bottomlinequot of economic prosperity environmental quality and social justice constitutes progress The book identi es the seven dimensions a sustainable future Harvard Business Review on Corporate Responsibility Harvard Business Review Paperback Series The Ecology ofCommerce A Declaration of Sustainability Paul Hawken Proposes a culture of business in which the natural world is allowed to ourish as well and in which the planet s needs are addressed What Matters Most How a Small Group of Pioneers Is Teaching Social Responsibility to Big Business and Why Big Business Is Listening Jeffrey Hollender Builds a case for global citizenship with indepth analysis of case histories Corporations and the Public Interest Guiding the Invisible Hand Steve Lydenberg Addresses three key questions What is the public interest that we have set corporations free to serve How can society know when corporations are in fact serving that interest How can society reward those companies that are serving that interest and impose a cost on those that are not The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid Eradicating Poverty Through Pro ts C K Prahalad Discusses the immense entrepreneurial capabilities and buying power the world s billions of poor people Shows how companies are committing their energy and resources to help the disadvantaged of the world in a pro table manner The Travels ofa T Shirt in the Global Economy Pietra Rivoli BACKGROUND ON THE FIELD Corporate social responsibility CSR de nes the obligation of a company to be accountable to all of its stakeholders in all its operations and activities The purpose of CSR is to achieve sustainable development across economic social and environmental dimensions A company s stakeholders include any party that can in uence or is in uenced by the company s actions Business stakeholders include but are not limited to employees customers suppliers community organizations subsidiaries and af liates joint venture partners local neighborhoods investors shareholders or a sole owner and the environment Since CSR spans such a large range of stakeholders there is no clear career path into the sector although increasingly companies are putting more weight behind the seriousness of engaging their stakeholders on the range of CSR issues providing multiple opportunities for job seekers


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