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Adult Sexual Relationships

by: Alma G

Adult Sexual Relationships Psych 2070

Marketplace > Georgia State University > Psychlogy > Psych 2070 > Adult Sexual Relationships
Alma G
GPA 3.92
Intro to Human Sexuality
Dr. Swartout

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About this Document

Hey guys this is chapter 9 of the notes on adults and sexual relationships. Check them out and get ready for the test coming up.
Intro to Human Sexuality
Dr. Swartout
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alma G on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 2070 at Georgia State University taught by Dr. Swartout in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see Intro to Human Sexuality in Psychlogy at Georgia State University.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
CHAPTER 9 ADULT SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS Lecture Notes Additional Notes Interracial Dating 0 Today s college students include largest group of mixedrace students in US history Big increase in mixed race dating 0 Blacks more open to interracial dating than Caucasians More exposure to white culture patriarchal More Caucasians available as potential partners Reduced pool of available Black men higher rates of them going to jail 0 College students prefer same race for long term relationships Short term look for attractiveness and having fun rather than personality Sexuality in Dating Relationships 0 College students have less serious relationships 0 Changing in dating norms gray area between traditional monogamy and completely casual sex Serial monogamy only with the one person until you break up and have another relationship with another person 0 Hooking up friends with bene ts sex as a way to quottest outquot a potential relationship Normal in society quick paced dating life 0 Technology increases accessibility To information partners pornography etc 0 Changing gender norms See a shift from distinct connections of sex between men and women 0 Women make less of a connection with sex now than before Cohabitation moving in together with a sexual partner 0 Advantages learn about each other s habits Share nances mature the relationshipquotnext stepquot 0 Disadvantages unsupportive family violation of expectations cut off with friends less friendship time serial cohabitation moving in with each partners and breaking up 0 70 of US heterosexual couples cohabite before marriage 3 year wait for serious couples before they get married Marriage rates were higher in high school students than those with bachelor39s degree As cohabitation increases marriage rates decrease Marriage 0 Most young adults will marry at some point First marriage ages highest age recorded in history Men28 Women 26 o Unmarried women outnumber married women for the rst time in history affects rates Many factors 0 Education longer education delays marriage 0 Ethnicity and race 0 60 of marriages around the world are arranged and tend to be happier eventually than lovebased marriages 0 Mixed Marriages 0 quotmixed marriagesquot increases form 1 in 150 in 19805 to 1 in 7 in 2010 0 Signi cant gender differences from Blacks and Asians marrying outside race or ethnicity Black men marry other races Asian women marry other races No differences in Whites or Hispanics Marital Satisfaction o Differs by gender 0 Men frequency of pleasurable activities done together Not only sex but fun activities 0 Women frequency of pleasurable activities focused on emotional closeness Not only sex but holding hands talking etc o In general selfdisclosure physical and emotional intimacy personality similarities ability to resolve con ict Qualities of a good friendship are same to qualities of a good relationship Married couples tend to be happier healthier and live longer 0 Take care of each other 0 Sex Within Marriage 0 Passion is high early in marriages but slowly dissipates 40 married couples have intercourse 2 times a week 50 do so a few times a month 0 Most couples experience a decrease in intercourse over time Marital pressures Children jobs housework money etc 0 Need to be very happy before getting married to survive dips in life 0 Positive correlation between frequency and satisfaction with sex life 0 Sex Outside of Marriage 0 75 of Americans believe extramarital sex is intolerable o 20 of women 1535 men report extramarital sex Women most disturbed by emotional in delity yet tend to engage in emotional affairs Tend to have affairs when older Men most disturbed by sexual affairs yet tend to engage in sexual affairs Tend to have affairs when younger o 90 of affairs are due to emotional needs not met 0 Comarital sex consenting of married couples to exchange partners sexually Swinging physical aspect of sex v Polyamory more about emotional connection with more than one person Swingers have quotsafe sex circlequot people they know and are negative for STls Tend to be religious middle class middle age White people 0 Found to report happier marriage and higher life satisfaction 0 IF THERE IS MUTUAL CONSENT Same Sex Relationships 0 Some research Some say that they are less stable due to commitment issues and self problems of orientation Some say straight couples have things to learn from gay couples Tend to be happier joy communicative less hostile in con ict 0 Gay men less trouble initiating sex and more sexually active than lesbians 0 Lesbian women emotionally closer relationships 0 Divorce 0 Current rates suggest 50 of marriages end in divorce Does not apply equally to all marriages Those that are more stable going into marriage have lower risk Younger uneducated parents have higher risk 0 Average early on in marriage is 8 years in 0 Couples have many reasons for staying together even though unhappy Children economic conditions religion lack imitative Reasons for Divorce 0 1985 no fault divorce no one is to blame on partners for the divorce 0 Social factors Accessibility and low cost cheaper and easier if have no children and few assets to split More acceptable religious groups less opposed than in the past 0 Predisposing factors Marry at a young age emotional immaturity Marry because of unplanned pregnancy 0 Relationship factors Communication problems avoidance lack constructive communication 0 Avoid the problems Partner feels criticized or neglected loss of sexual interest Passion decreases and give up


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