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HSTA 255 26 October Notes

by: Rachel Notetaker

HSTA 255 26 October Notes HSTA 255 - 01

Marketplace > University of Montana > History > HSTA 255 - 01 > HSTA 255 26 October Notes
Rachel Notetaker
University of Memphis
GPA 4.0
Montana History
Jeffrey M. Wiltse (P)

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About this Document

This week is exam week, so there was only one day of notes. This goes over Montana during WWI
Montana History
Jeffrey M. Wiltse (P)
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachel Notetaker on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HSTA 255 - 01 at University of Montana taught by Jeffrey M. Wiltse (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Montana History in History at University of Montana.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
Montana during World War I 26 October 2015 I Background on World War I A Began summer 1914 1 Allies Great Britain France Russia 2 Central Powers Germany AustriaHungarian Empire B 85 million soldiers died twice as many injured C Initially America wanted nothing to do with it declared neutrality 1 By early 1917 joined allied in best interest to enter the war 2 Spring April 1918 US troops first engage in combat D War ends in November 1918 1 US involvement relatively brief limited 2 Had profound effect domestically in US especially Montana 1 Socialpolitical turmoil 2 Political repression 3 Paranoia intolerance persecution II The tumult of World War I in Montana A Social disorder 1 Draft riots 1 1917 represents huge assertion of government power a 40 national guardsmen ran through Protesters with bayonets to disperse the crowd 2 Metal Mine Workers Union strike 1917 1 50000 workers walked out on strike 2 National guard called in to intimidate workers and break up the strike 3 Lynching of Frank Little 1 Little was recruiter for IWW very radicalleftist 2 Night of 1 August 1917 dragged behind a car and hung by railroad trestle a 3777 first and last warning note attached to him i call sign of the old Bannack vigilante committee b Suspected that it was the Anaconda Mining Company B Political repression 1 Montana Council of Defense 1 April 1917 8 people appointed by Governor Stewart 2 Had power to issue orders that carry force of law a Many of these law deprive Montanans of basic rights i No public demonstration without governor permission ii All unemployed must register as vagrants 1 Unemployed not working more than 5 days a week at a useful and legitimate job iii German language not permitted in schoolschurches 1 Specified proGerman books removed from libraries 2 Censorship iv No new newspapers weekly newspapers prohibited from becoming dailies 1 Prevented new voices of dissent from being heard 2 Montana Sedition Act 1 Passed by legislature in February 1918 2 Illegal to questioncriticize war government or military a Repressed the freedom of speech b 200 Montanans arrested for violating law 47 jailed 3 Served as model for US national sedition law in May 1918 III Why did World War I create such explosive conditions in Montana A National propaganda campaign 1 Committee on Public Information CPI 1 Propaganda works too well creates climate of paranoia and intolerance a People tarredfeathers jailed lynched for suspicion 2 Three themes of the propaganda 1 Germany was an immoraldespicable foe in need of destroying for good of civilization 2 Homefront contributions were vitalcrucial to US winning war 3 There are German Spire in society trying to sway war opinions a BB ALERT B Social composition of Montana s population 1 High percentage of residents from enemy nations 1 Many from Germany suspected of being disloyal 2 Large number of IrishAmericans and political radicals 1 Many from Ireland suspected sympathies for Germany a Irish Catholics despised England 2 Many socialists opposed the war for political reasons a Industrialists drove US into the war world cost lives of many working men b rich man s war poor man s fight C Montana s economy was vital to the war effort 1 Mining 1 Copper lead and zinc crucial to war effort a Ships guns bullet casings communication lines 2 Mining strikes would seriously impair war effort a Industry had to be running at peak capacity at all times 2 Wheat D High percentage of Montanans serving in the military 1 40000 total 1 Almost everyone in MT had family member or friend in the war 2 8 percent of the state s population 1 Because of this Montanans personalized the war effort 3 Why 1 Very high population of volunteers a Young men frontier society was dominant Very high percentage of Native Americans a Higher percent than any other social group Draft board may have miscalculated MT population drafted way more men than it should have


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