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Sexual Expression

by: Alma G

Sexual Expression Psych 2070

Alma G
GPA 3.92
Intro to Human Sexuality
Dr. Swartout

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About this Document

This is chapter 10 notes. Check them out. Good luck on the upcoming test.
Intro to Human Sexuality
Dr. Swartout
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alma G on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 2070 at Georgia State University taught by Dr. Swartout in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Intro to Human Sexuality in Psychlogy at Georgia State University.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
CHAPTER 10 SEXUAL EXPRESSION Lecture Notes Additional Notes 0 Masters and Johnson s 4 phase Sexual Response Cycle 0 Model of physiological changes that occur during sexual behavior regardless of sexual orientation There is critic that it does not apply to everyone 0 Four phases Excitement period of foreplay is occurring 0 Women 0 Vasocongestion increased blood flow to genitalsbreasts o Transudation vaginal lubrication o Tenting effect vaginal walls expand engorge with blood 0 Can be between minutes and hours 0 Men 0 Tumescence vasocongestive swelling of penis erection o Erection is unstable that can be lost quickly o Testicles increase in size and contract towards body 0 Can take matter of minutes Plateau Women 0 Breast size continues to increase 0 Clitoris retracts behind hood shortly before orgasm o Clitoral hood rubbing pulling causes orgasm during intercourse 0 Also involved in oral and foreplay 0 Men 0 May develop sex ush body turns red color 0 Nipple erection o Glans penis engorges with blood 0 Erections more stable see pre cum Orgasm Women 0 Vaso Pressure reaches a threshold triggering re ex of surrounding muscles o Contractions expel the pooled blood causing pleasurable orgasmic sensations 0 815 contractions rst few are strongest shudders spasms 0 Men 0 Dry orgasms are possible no ejaculation o Ejaculation muscle contractions forcing out seminal uid rst 34 are strongest 0 Multiple orgasms Need a period to recover but easier for younger men practice Resolution 0 Women 0 Preexcitement conditions 0 Multiple orgasms possible for some women 0 Clitoris can still be sensitive uncomfortable for some 0 Men 0 Glans penis decreases in size 0 Refractory period period in which men cannot be stimulated to have orgasms right after rst Solitary Sexual Sexual Fantasy 0 Normal and healthy driving force of sexuality 0 Similar across orientations except gender of partner Most people have select few 0 Women s tend to be more Passive submissive romantic Includes more touching feeling partner response and ambiance 0 Men s tend to be more Active and aggressive For frequent impersonal and visual More explicit sex acts and focus on partner as sex object lnvolve someone other than the current partner Masturbation o Historically considered perverted and mental 0 Functions Decreases sexual tensionanxiety Outlet for fantasy Allow a person to test own body and know what they like and don t like Mutual masturbation masturbation with partner watching each other 0 Cultural and religious taboos can lead to increased guilt More common for men to joke around than women Men more likely to masturbate than women 0 Women have more techniques than men Rhythmic pressure on clitoris mostly 4 mins lntravaginal thrusting G spot stimulation less common Breast play can orgasm from only that Fantasy few women can orgasm without stimulation 0 Men rhythmic stroking of shaft 23 mins almost always 0 Sex Toys 0 Vibrators 63 women 48 men Usually for female masturbation sometimes sex 0 Dildos nonvibrating in many shapessizes Usually silicone 0 Butt plugs and double ended o Strapon male and female 0 Anal beads etc 0 Oral Sex o More common in younger generations Women 4559 50 2534 83 Men 4559 62 2534 88 0 Effects of education the more educated the more people do error 0 Fellatio penis in mouth rhythmic Gagging have to go slow Spitting v swallowing no harm unless have STls o Cunnilingus vulva exploration with mouth tongue Easier and gentle to stimulate clitoris Some women only orgasm this way 0 Equal of men and women nd it appealing 30 o 69 mutual oral sex 0 Anilingus mouthtongue to anus Cleanliness important 0 Can pass infections if not careful Anus very sensitive 0 Sex in later life Reducelub cann Longer to achieve erection orgasm Need for more direct stimulation to achieve erection and orgasm Softer erection and longer refractory penod Reduce intensity on spasm of orgasms


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