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by: Cleo Bode DVM

ComputerOrganization CEG320

Cleo Bode DVM
GPA 3.6


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cleo Bode DVM on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CEG320 at Wright State University taught by MichaelRaymer in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/231078/ceg320-wright-state-university in Computer Engineering at Wright State University.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
CEG 320520 Computer Organization instructor rravisDaamPno a inussrnginaaringcanlar 7 5751 travis doquermt aau Laelwe lida created my Dr 7mm Loom and Mchael Raymer fmuxe m WSU CEGJZO Some image 2mmp12 andxdeaxcawlexyoftexbaok 5 Dr Parr Wakyrly Mam Bryan and other mar i mania unpummmu meirrrsrv mm X m aeeanpnr enerixaaaum What is a computer a rnaraaramany sarts areamaatmg aavieas tnayrall lntotwo eatagarias 7 Amalagmarmmastnataraavraananswarmatmeasvassamarammvavsanvsiral Waverlysuchasdlstarlcellghtlntens vmryaltag Examples 7 Dlgltal marmmastnataamarmramavtatiamsavmamavlazmganxaanmtasatar elements Examples 7 YhdlfflmlOWlthanalagdzvluSlsthatltlsvuyhardtalntrzaszthzlratmraw a aararamaaarnaigitaleampatarstna masteammana a mach aaaingmaemnas 7 Addlngmachlnzsvzrfarmzxanlyanzsanafavzratlml irras wara Maaarn ganaralparaasa aigital eamaatars alsa aarrarm ana aparatian but tnairaaaratian is ta aeeaat a sat at instraaians tnattall it hith aa any sart ar eamaatatian main mumyunyml nnK munSan IIEI m rr mamramm mammarsv How do we get the electrons to do the work We describe our problems in English or some other natural language computerproblerrisare solved byelectrons The principle of design abstraction o General model forEnglneerlng layrna1992l Alteration flowing around insidethe computer Reverse m mmnk can a It is necessaiyto tmnsform our problemfrom a natural Engneeririg cep m F languagelo the Vollageslhal influencetheflow of Abxtmmon m u Efv En w s 7 a electrons This transformation is really a sequence of systematic Dag redeer Dug transformations developed and improved overthe last 50 yearswhich combineto give the eomputertlie ability to mamas ain t impiememarn car out what may appear to be very complicated tasks In realitythese tasks must be simple and slraighlforwar Existing System Target System men A 3 quot quot Equot quot L a m v 339 a Filmii 39 rat a Levels of a bstraction in digital com putation Black Boxes The Pmblem Sa wm 12 sz Computer Science 1 cs 24x 4xx Hmml Computer Engineering l cm zzu lSA amp Miem architecture Logic 2le CampmarElan Engneu39ing l cm 2 am an moi mama ampmanna money m y a aeearaianr unseen Every level of this hlerarchy thatyou don t hnx The Problem undersmndlsa t Vou are alreadyfarnlllarwld l the mgnlevel la bove oil Alanquot was nguage level or absaaeaonand a a Theoblecuveofihlscours i eblackr bo b undarydo to Mlcroarchltecturel 7 SA E55 ritially tnalawlavalt at a SAamp Marmara partieula eamputar parrar Asequence ar suchtasks may parrarm a nignlaval t a ieraarenitaetura lmplamantatian ufthEiSA c mms thces s IhlscourseWilllargelytreatclrculmiedevlcesas maglc oia Ko ii i i as mauversmma morequot m ateo mam The instruction set is HighrLevei Language 7 c 3 or Java A o i c o isA Levei e MmorerrznsferEquivzient Mule e Memiais Memici MemitAouie MemlEAu lo Memimni e Lowrievei ianguage eouiyaient e sembiynumanreaoabie Ex Maeninerorasimpieareniteoture LaadR2B EZEADE LaadR3C ESEAJU we more U223 s we FZEAUU v Executed as one step in an oyeraii aigorionm to soiye a probiem on a r generairpurpose digitai compute wnik m moo ulnamutual aasmiso mm x m a uyIxlmmqumK Universal computing devices exactwtne n Thus any given problem is either eornp rnhle a Turing sThesis Computer scienusB beiieye matANVTHiNo thatcan o bec mouteo can be omouteo by acomouteroroyioeo tnat it nas enougn time and enougn memory e Whatdoesthis im E e Aii oomputers from tne ieast Expensiveto tne most Expensive are eapabie oreom uting EXACTLV tne sametnings iF tney are yen enougn time and enougnmemory e someeomputers ean oo tnings raster but noneean oo moretnan any otnereomputer e All eonipot rx xzmelhingx quotIS may he computable but still not lmxihle NFC a This murse toeoses on one camputer tneLca but the eoneepts m wnllmwuxmyunymInnl ammo m mumom onem utahle or it is not mmputahle Exponential growth o 103 Number orstudents in one coiiege or engineering o 10 Number or studenB enroiied atWrightSmte Uniyersity a miniooi number oroarociesinone uniyerse a 10mm Number ofpossibie soiuoons to oayeiingsaiesman1oo e Traveiingsaiesman100iscomputobebutitisNOTfeasibie MA mmnmmnon anonmanual minim m a uyIxlmmqumK CS Realities Why study Computer Org mp w e integers oating point numbersrounoing range prEEisiDn strings or enaraoters instruotions You ve gotto understand how a madline processes instrunions e Thestack You have tn undemand mama e Memory rererenees pointers Cnmpmersdn moreth n executeyour program 7 io interruptsmetworkbenayior in snort Vou need to understand weiitne iimitations ortneieyei or abstraotion oireotiy beiow yourroeus or errort e Peopie who ieast some idea or What tne unoeriying hardwareis iike Otherwisethe p gamstnattney write Wiii be pretty weiro rDanaid mom ine art orproeammnz moxmyuhsmu nn mom a tyim onenor ma moon are moretnan easuaiiyinteresteo in oomputers snouio nayeat In


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