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by: Julian Sporer

PoliticalLife PLS200

Julian Sporer
GPA 3.95


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Julian Sporer on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PLS200 at Wright State University taught by DecemberGreen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/231101/pls200-wright-state-university in Political Science at Wright State University.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
Undergraduate Academic Program Review Name of Program Political Science Name and contact information for person completing the review December Green 317 Millett Hall 7754817 decembergreenwrightedu Indicate whether the program is X on campus online both NCA Criterion 1 Mission and Integrity NCA Criterion 2 Preparing for the Future NCA Criterion 3 Student Learning and Effective Teaching NCA Criterion 4 Acquisition Discovery and Application of Knowledge NCA Criterion 5 Engagement and Service I Program Mission NCA Criterion 1 and Criterion 5 7 program mission statement should identify constituency served 1A 1B The Department of Political Science is a part ofthe social sciences constituency ofthe College of Liberal Arts ofWright State University Our primary mission is to promote an understanding of governments and how people behave in their relationship to government To ful ll this mission the Department supports research and instruction baccalaureate and graduate level as mutually reinforcing activities In its study of how cultural historical and economic forces affect the evolution of governments and mass political behavior the Department of Political Science endeavors to promote greater understanding of ourselves and others It promotes scholarship and learning while serving the community at the local state national and international levels by preparing an informed constituency x consistency with university mission 10 1E As Wright State University is a catalyst for educational excellence in the Miami Valley promoting lifelong learning and service so isthe Department of Political Science Not only does it provide access to scholarship and learning in the eld of Political Science it promotes leadership in human services and international and cultural understanding while fostering collegial involvement and responsibility for continuous improvement of education and research 7 consistency with college mission 1C 1E The College of Liberal Arts seeks to provide a quality general education undergraduate and graduate experience and the Department of Political Science contributes to all of these goals Not only do Political Science faculty teach PLS 200 CST 251 and a number of other general education Regional Studies courses the Political Science Department supports both a BA in Political Science and several interdisciplinary programs the MA in International and Comparative Politics as well as the MA in Undergraduate Academic Program Review Draft Template Page 2 ofll Humanities Moreover Political Science faculty engage in creative innovative and applied scholarship and professional service in the region and beyond thus re ecting the missions ofthe University and College 7 consistency of goals learning objectives with program mission 10 The goals ofthe Department of Political Science are re ected in the program mission to help students secure employment in their chosen field or in graduate or law school for graduates to be prepared to assume their roles as effective and informed citizens This is also the case with the Department s learning objectives for students to have strong critical thinking skills and be effective writers able to produce policy analyses 7 extent to which program prepares students to quotlive and work in a global diverse and technological societyquot 40 The Department of Political Science supports the internationalizing of the university s curriculum by offering numerous courses in comparative politics international relations international theory and women in politics In addition Political Science faculty members have conducted eldwork and taught abroad in countries such as Sweden Argentina Brazil Spain China Bosnia and Herzegovina and Iraq They have also led the WSU Student Ambassador program in Japan and Brazil 7 extent to which program through its curriculum and cocurriculum fosters civic engagement and social responsibility 5A 50 Through its curriculum the Department of Political Science fosters civic engagement and social responsibility A variety of courses in American politics international politics and political theory as well as experiential learning opportunities internships at the Ohio legislature and various county prosecutors of ces as well as participation in the Model United Nations and Moot Court support these goals The following gure illustrates how PLS professors Schlagheck Kantha and Luehrmann have led the Wright State Model United Nations team to success over the last seven years Figure 1 Model United Nations 2000 2007 Year Country Other Represented I 39 a quot Award Position Paper Award 2000 Germany InterParliamentary Union Outstanding Germany Outstanding All Distinguished IPU 2001 Bosnia and None Outstanding Bosnia Outstanding All Herzegovina Distinguished US United States of America 2002 People s Rep None Honorable Mention Outstanding of China 2003 Norway International Save the Distinguished Norway Outstanding All Children Honorable Mention ISC 2004 Italy Doctors Without Borders Outstanding Italy Outstanding All MSF Distinguished MSF 2005 France None Outstanding Outstanding Undergraduate Academic Program Review Draft Template Page 3 ofll 2006 India I None I Honorable Mention I Outstanding 2007 Japan I None I Outstanding I Outstanding x extent to which program fosters lifelong learning 4A The Department of Political Science fosters lifelong learning by providing students with the tools of critical thinking and analysis It prepares students to assume their roles as effective and informed citizens while laying the groundwork for promoting international understanding Exit interviews and alumni surveys demonstrate a high level of satisfaction with the preparation PLS students receive here as they enter the workforce Political Science grads from Wright State have found careers in the US Congress the US Foreign Service the Department of Homeland Security the Federal Bureau of Investigations the National Air and Space Intelligence Center the City of Dayton the City of Beavercreek and the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce as well as with a variety of employers in the private sector Students and alumni indicate satisfaction with how their Political Science major has prepared them to adapt to a changing world interrelationship with general education 10 4B The Department of Political Science continuesto play an important role in the general education program Sections ofour Area Ill general education course PLS 200 usually ll at 100 students While it is not a writing intensive course PLS 200 with its interest in dissecting political power relationships in contemporary society helps students develop the critical thinking and other analytical skills necessary for understanding the complexity of human behavior and institutions Political Science faculty also regularly teach other general education courses that are writing intensive such as RST 262 271 281 Area II or VI and CST 251 Area II or VI These courses directly support the goals of general education For example RST 262 Regional Studies China meets the requirements of Area II as a culturalsocial foundations course in that it is designed to introduce students to the historical cultural economic and political reality ofthe world s most populous country It highlights the cultural contributions of China s rich history not only in the creation of modern Chinese culture but its impact on other Asian cultures as well RST 262 serves the goals of Area VI as a college component course by providing foundational information and concepts that students can apply in other elds especially Political Science and Sociology but possibly History and Economics as well There are many conceptual lessons from this course that provide fruitful ground for comparative analysis in other coursework Beyond offering these courses several PLS faculty further support the goals of general education as they work in collaboration with learning communities both those run by University College and the College of Liberal Arts for rst year students Examples include the University College UVC 101 courses Gender and Relationships around the Globe Learning Community linked to CST 251 and Global Issues and Current Events Learning Community linked to CST 251 and PLS 200 interrelationship with other WSU programs 10 Undergraduate Academic Program Review Draft Template Page 4 ofll The Department of Political Science offers courses supporting eight graduate and undergraduate interdisciplinary majors Criminal Justice International Studies African and AfricanAmerican Studies Social Science Education Liberal Studies Women s Studies the MA in Humanities and the MA in International and Comparative Politics PLS also offers courses that are crosslisted with other departments such as Religion English Philosophy and Urban Affairs Some ofour International and Comparative Politics MA students have jointly pursued MPA or MBA degrees Five PLS faculty members currently serve or have recently served as the directors ofthe following interdisciplinary majors Liberal Studies International Studies the MA in International and Comparative Politics Social Science Education and Criminal Justice Such service is a benefit to the Department College and University but it does involve some costs The Political Science Department is below Ohio Board of Regents recommended staffing levels because each director of an interdisciplinary major receives as part oftheir compensation a two course teaching load reduction With three PLS faculty currently serving in this capacity this equals a six course reduction each academic year nearly the equivalent ofone fulltime teaching position community engagement 5C 5D Members of the Department of Political Science are actively involved in community engagement Most PLS faculty members share their expertise with local national or international media most notably CNN and the BBC Three PLS faculty members teach and serve as consultants on a regular basis at the Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and another teaches continuing education seminars for attorneys In addition PLS faculty members serve as volunteers and participants in a variety of clubs and organizations in the community such as the Dayton Council on World Affairs and the Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Dayton Political Science faculty work closely with faculty from Sinclair to promote and run the Dayton Model United Nations program Political Science students have won internships in an assortment of of ces and organizations including a variety of Congressional District Of ces as well asthe Ohio General Assembly the Prosecutor s Of ce of Clark County the Montgomery County Public Defender s Of ce and the Greene County Public Defender s Of ce In Washington DC PLS students have interned at the League ofWomen Voters and Polaris an international nongovernmental human rights organization II Program Description NCA Criterion 2 brief history of program emphasizing past seven years eg changes in administration change in quot quot new quot a minors or certificates de or reactivation of program including recommendations of any previous internal andor external program reviews In the last seven years there has been no change in administration or signi cant alteration in program direction However seven years ago Political Science offered fewer but signi cantly larger sections of PLS 200 often 400 student sections Today all ofour PLS 200 sections are considerably smaller with no more than 100 students and we Undergraduate Academic Program Review Draft Template Page 5 ofll routinely offer ten or more sections of the course each quarter This course is now offered online as well Our course offerings in the area of criminal justice and international politics have expanded over the last several years A new MA in International and Comparative Politics moved from the Applied Behavioral Sciences program where it was housed since its inception in 2001 to Political Science in Fall 2006 Nearly all PLS faculty offer courses that serve these students as well as seminars open only to the MA students This new MA program has enjoyed tremendous popularity As of early 2007 there were 62 continuing students in this program each of whom will write a thesis or project In fact the program has had to turn away applicants because at current staf ng levels the Political Science department could not both maintain the high level ofquality expected of us and effectively meet this demand As a result in 2006 the MA program accepted 15 of 35 applicants In addition the undergraduate interdisciplinary programs led or recently led by PLS faculty have enjoyed enormous growth since 1999 For example the number of International Studies majors has more than doubled in this period Criminal Justice led for several years by PLS Professor Funderburk is the fastest growing major in the College of Liberal Arts Since its inception in 2002 the Liberal Studies program has grown from 0 to more than 140 majors As Figure 2 p6 illustrates PLS faculty also offer a large number and variety of courses that serve as a foundation for these interdisciplinary majors 7 number of students served As mentioned previously the Political Science Department serves not only its own students but also students across the University From Winter through Fall 2006 we taught approximately 2800 students through our general education courses alone In 1999 we taught approximately 3040 students in general education courses such as PLS 200 RST 262 RST 270 RST 280 and CST 250 This slight decline may be explained by any number of factors including the reform ofthe general education curriculum 7 number of majors In 2006 the Department of Political Science had 160 majors with 47 intending in 2000 we had 157with 60 intending The total number of majors since 1995 has hovered at around 200 It is likely that we lost a number of majors with the creation ofthe BA program in Criminal Justice since before the establishment of this program most students who planned to work in this eld sought Political Science degrees Although we attempted to count the number of upperlevel credit hours PLS earned when including the students from interdisciplinary programs such data was not readily obtainable not even from the Academic Data Series However the following gure offers some indication as to how central Political Science is to the curriculum of these other majors Undergraduate Academic Program Review Draft Template x x Page 6 ofll Figure 2 Number of PLS Courses Listed on Approved Course Lists of Other Majors I IS International Studies LS Liberal Studies SSE Social Science Education CJ Criminal Justice MAICP MA in International and Comparative Politics WMS Women s Studies AFS African and AfricanAmerican Studies MA ICP WMS 5 10 AFS 7 LS gtIlt SSEI 8 CJ 21 ISI 37 Although Liberal Studies does not list the courses approved for the major every PLS course offered could be used toward this major number of minors 62 2006 not reported for 2000 Most PLS minors have the following majors History International Studies Criminal Justice Social Science Education and Liberal Studies number enrolled in certificate program if applicable NA number of faculty 2006 20 1999 16 studentfaculty ratio average class size 2006 PLS 200 1001 RSTCST 401 upperlevel courses 351 1999 PLS 200 4001 RSTCST 901 upperlevel courses 351 balance in rank of program faculty 8 Adjuncts 3 Assistant Professors 4 Associate Professors 5 Full Professors 2006 3 Adjuncts 2 Assistant Professors 4 Associate Professors 3 Full Professors 4 Faculty from Other Departments 1999 31 sections of PLS courses were taught by adjuncts in 2006 8 sections of PLS courses were taught by adjuncts in 1999 Clearly the Political Science Department is relying much more heavily on adjuncts than it has in the past This is primarily but not exclusively due to the reduction in class size for PLS 200 and the resulting need for many more sections of that course number of staff 2006 175 Senior Administrative Specialists 1999 175 Senior Administrative Specialists diversity gender race ethnicity of majors faculty and staff Majors by race 2006 2Asian 24 AfricanAmerican 1 Foreign 1 Hispanic 1 Native American 12 unknown 119 Caucasian Undergraduate Academic Program Review Draft Template x x x Page 7 ofll 2000 1 Asian 30 AfricanAmerican 1 Foreign 0 Hispanic 1 Native American 3 unknown 133 Caucasian1 Majors by gender 2006 93 male 67 female 2000 86 male 83 female Faculty by race 2006 2 Asian 1 AfricanAmerican 17 Caucasian 1999 0 Asian 1 AfricanAmerican 15 Caucasian Faculty by gender 2006 13 male 7 female 1999 12 male 4 female Staff by race and gender 2006 2 Caucasian 2 female 2000 2 Caucasian 2 female Budget The operating budget forthe department has remained largely unchanged for the last seven years However the number of faculty and programs served through the Department of Political Science has grown as we hire adjuncts and instructors to handle more smaller sections of PLS 200 as have pressures on equipment and support staff The budget available for faculty travel has fallen over the years In some cases the lack of funding has discouraged faculty from attending professional conferences facilities and equipmentinstrumentation Most classrooms now have the electronic equipment our faculty need However the shortage of classrooms is often a problem Disruptions due to renovation are a recurring problem for faculty in some buildings technology and information resources and services Most PLS faculty members use multimedia technologies such as PowerPoint as well as electronic course reserve and Course Studio to enhance their teaching effectiveness Over the last ve years the department has begun offering some courses PLS 200 212 and CST 251 online program cost The ratio of cost to revenue generated in the Department of Political Science is among the best in the College III Program Effectiveness NCA Criterion 3 and Criterion 4 1 1999 figures for majors not available Undergraduate Academic Program Review Draft Template x x x Page 8 ofll achievement of student learning outcomes Please summarize program assessment findings for past five years and subsequent improvements to program 3A The Department of Political Science prioritizes the following learning outcomes students will be effective writers students will be able to produce policy analyses and students will have strong critical thinking skills The vast majority of Political Science courses are offered as writing intensive sections Therefore our majors get many opportunities to re ne their research critical thinking and writing skills Starting in 2007 the Department plans to collect and analyze student writing samples through the collection of portfolios for each major Although portfolios will be analyzed later this year employers of PLS graduates are increasingly reporting that our graduates demonstrate these strong writing and critical thinking skills Wright State s National Model United Nations papers are externally assessed and compared to those submitted by 225 universities Wright State s papers have won distinguished or outstanding honors every year Another source of information about the program s effectiveness is the annual assessment report An analysis of the assessment reports for the period 19992006 suggests that students are meeting the following objectives As is detailed elsewhere in this report students are securing employment in their chosen elds Students are gaining admission to law or graduate school we are sending a small but growing number of students to competitive graduate programs such as George Washington University School of Law University of Dayton School of Law University of Cincinnati Law School Miami University and Ohio State University Graduates are prepared to assume their roles as effective and informed citizens graduates report unanimously that they vote and are likely take part in other forms of political participation More than one PLS graduate has sought and won elected of ce student retention rate 3A The Department has not tracked the retention rate of its majors number of graduates annually 3A Summer 2005Spring 2006 50 Summer 1999Spring 2000 42 placement of graduates eg employment graduate study 3A Recent PLS graduates have found employment in the public and private sectors including the US House of Representatives Rep Mike Turner s of ce the US Senate Sen Mike DeWine s of ce Sen Tony Hall s office the Department of Homeland Security the Federal Bureau of Investigations LexisNexis the City of Dayton the National Air and Space Intelligence Center the US Foreign Service and the Kettering Foundation In addition many of our graduates have been successful in obtaining admission to law schools and graduate schools such as the University of Virginia Ohio State and Miami University teaching effectiveness 3B 3D Undergraduate Academic Program Review Draft Template x Page 9 ofll The Department is known for its teaching effectiveness ln student evaluation of instruction most Political Science faculty members receive scores above 45 on a scale OH to 5 Several Political Science faculty have won awards such as the Robert J Kegerreis Distinguished Professor of Teaching the Presidential Award for Faculty Excellence in Teaching the Presidential Award for Early Career Achievement and similar honors No matter the level ofteaching excellence class size matters Although it was widely expected that moving to smaller from 400 person to 100 person sections of PLS 200 would improve student learning outcomes faculty report that there has not been much change in this area PLS faculty members who teach these courses agree that more signi cant reductions in class size to 40 person sections would be necessary before we would see the desired improvement In addition attaching graduate teaching assistants to these classes to run small group review sessions is suggested faculty productivity eg publications grants 4A The department enjoys high levels of scholarly productivity All faculty members are currently writing or revising book manuscripts or scholarly articles Since 1999 PLS faculty members have authored 16 books and over 48 scholarly articles book chapters and the like interrelations of program s teaching research service activities 3AD 4AC 5 AC Our faculty members pride themselves on being scholarinstructors All are engaged in research related to the courses they offer either directly or indirectly Five current Political Science faculty members have written textbooks used in general education courses and others have written monographs or articles that complement upperlevel courses Political Science faculty members have also generously given their time presenting their research not only at conferences but working as instructors and consultants at WrightPatterson Air Force Base and for various local organizations such as the Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Dayton integration of technology into curriculum and instruction 30 Three Political Science courses PLS 200 212 and CST 251 are currently offered as webbased distance learning and more ie PLS 420 are being developed Most Political Science faculty members use multimedia technologies such as PowerPoint and electronic course reserve An increasing number are using webbased materials and Course Studio to enhance their teaching effectiveness description of how program ensures that it is always current 40 Faculty members are encouraged to do eldwork to attend national and international conferences and to work collaboratively comparative advantage eg distinctiveness in terms of students served differentiation from programs offered at other regional institutions strengths attributable to collaborativeinterdisciplinary nature of program etc WSU s Department of Political Science is distinguished by the breadth of its program offering coursework in American Politics International and Comparative Politics and Undergraduate Academic Program Review Draft Template x x 7 Page 10 of 11 Political Theory In addition nearly all Political Science classes are taught by fulltime faculty or adjuncts with JDs or PhDs Our students bene t greatly from the accessibility ofour faculty who are actively engaged in research related to their teaching Moreover undergraduates in many ofour upperlevel seminars bene t from a hybrid setting in which they mix with graduate students lfthe program is online respond to the following questions drawn from NCA Best Practices NA Is the online program taught by the same faculty as the oncampus program How do the retention and graduation rates of the online and oncampus programs compare How does the achievement of learning outcomes by online students compare with those by oncampus students How does student evaluation of instruction for online classes compare to that for on campus courses How does the online program provide for appropriate interaction synchronous or asynchronous between students and instructor and among students How does access to academic and technical support programs compare for online and oncampus students and for online and oncampus faculty How does the program provide a coherent plan for student access to all courses necessary to complete the program or provide clear noti cation of requirements not included in electronic offerings How have issues ofworkload compensation and ownership of intellectual property been addressed by the program How have issues of security of personal information been addressed IV Program NeedsAreas in Need of Improvement 7 Summarize the program needs eg personnel facilities equipment identified in this program review and the areas in need of improvement Based upon the Ohio Board of Regents staf ng models the Department of Political Science remains at least two fulltime faculty short of recommended staf ng levels Our administrative specialists are also stretched thin given the current 175 staf ng levels administering Political Science and three other programs They also need updated computers to handle the volume and variety of work that they do The addition of four to six graduate assistantships would markedly enhance the quality of undergraduate instruction and scholarly productivity Graduate assistants could help with the heavy advising load that many PLS faculty bear Offering more graduate assistantships would help to draw better students and improve the competitiveness of our graduate program V Proposed Improvement Action Plan 7 Summarize the actions that will be taken in response to the findings of this program assessment Provide a timeline that indicates how these changes will be implemented and assessed over the next seven years This committee will advise the chair of the Department of Political Science to pursue at least two additional tenuretrack positions as well as the addition of one halftime senior Undergraduate Academic Program Review Draft Template Page 11 of11 administrative specialist The committee will advise the chair to immediately seek these resources from the dean ofthe College of Liberal Arts


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